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from maumere to moni, Ende, Indonesia travel blog

from maumere to moni

A travel blog entry by renzo59


we travelled from maumere to moni and stop at sikka beach and ende for lunch on another beach ...

Ende - Moni - Mt.Keimutu, Moni, Indonesia travel blog

Ende - Moni - Mt.Keimutu

A travel blog entry by ladabruky

By ...

Kelimutu, mercado de Moni y viaje a Maumere, Ende,  Indonesia travel blog

Kelimutu, mercado de Moni y viaje a Maumere

A travel blog entry by mariaythomas


Hoy nos hemos levantado a las 4:00 para ver amanecer desde el volcán Kelimutu. El volcán tiene tres lagos donde van las almas: los jóvenes al azul, los viejos al marrón y los políticos al negro. A las 8 estábamos en el ...

Mozzie pit, Labuan Bajo, Indonesia travel blog

Mozzie pit

A travel blog entry by kenanddonna2005


Once on shore, Don ran off to find us the best bed she could for the night. Unfortunately the only bed available was in a pretty grotty hotel, with a room that seemed to be the home to a billion mozzies. Normally we expect to get one or two, and with a ...

Finally in Flores, Labuanbajo, Indonesia travel blog

Finally in Flores

A travel blog entry by burty

... , we had a kip on a bench for a bit, then went to check in. Little did we know, even though we're still in Indonesia just on different islands the clocks were an hour forward! We were sitting waiting for boarding and over the speaker phone came "would ...

2 daagjes maumere, Maumere,  Indonesia travel blog

2 daagjes maumere

A travel blog entry by lien_huysmans


Hèhè, het leven kan hier toch zwaar zijn ;) zo twee halve daagjesg lekker genieten van zon zee en strand. Lekker eten (bbq) en drinken (plaatselijk gebrouwen 'arak') ook weeral op strand natuurlijk, de batterijen zijn volledig opgeladen en ...

Last day in Komodo, Komodo, Indonesia travel blog

Last day in Komodo

A travel blog entry by surban


We kayaked and snorkeled on our last day at the resort. We saw some interesting sea life including a scorpionfish and manta ray.  It's great to see things on a shallow reef that you would normally just see when diving.  We also finally found ...

Labuan Bajo, Labuanbajo, Indonesia travel blog

Labuan Bajo

A travel blog entry by dpcw

... with Wicked Divers 110 dollars each for 3 dives, not bad considering its supposed to be diving of another level & some of the best diving in Indonesia because the Pacific and Indian Ocean meeting. Went to the Corner for dinner, nice Rendang ...

Surfing Contest in Srau Beach Pacitan, Pacitan, Indonesia travel blog

Surfing Contest in Srau Beach Pacitan

A travel blog entry by mdp_pangky


This beach contain the beauty of ancient Indonesia with the wave of hawaiian beach. Placed for about 30 Km from the center of the Pacitan City, this beach have a beautyfull white sand with coconut tree among the shore, the big wave which is coming along ...

Trn Flores HighWay, Ende, Indonesia travel blog

Trn Flores HighWay

A travel blog entry by waterboy

Reans Flores ...

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