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Padangbai, Indonesia, Padangbai, Indonesia travel blog

Padangbai, Indonesia

A travel blog entry by aaronpolarbear


... think it will be cool if I manage to grow them in some type of indoor environment.  Although we have been traveling around Indonesia for over a month now, I have only seen this fruit once so I suspect not many people back home have heard of it (mind ...

Mein Weihnachten in Amed, Amed, Indonesia travel blog

Mein Weihnachten in Amed

A travel blog entry by doro


[24.12.] Ich kann es nicht glauben. Heute ist Heiligabend. Ich fühl mich überhaupt nicht so. Das Aufstehen von der Luftmatratze fehlt nach einer Nacht, die sich anfühlt, als ob ich in einer Hängematte geschlafen hätte - oder als ob ich wieder 16 ...

Back to civilisation, Denpasar, Indonesia travel blog

Back to civilisation

A travel blog entry by thejones187

Very quick blog this time. We arrived at the airport around 10.30am and feeling like zombies due to lack of sleep we managed to sort out a taxi to Ubud, whilst hijacking a French couple so share the cost.  I have also never been so pleased to see a ...

Dates For Your Diary, Padangbai,  Indonesia travel blog

Dates For Your Diary

A travel blog entry by stortney


... the time taken for the moon to rotate around the earth; (29 days 12 hours 44 minutes) x 12 = 1 lunar year, if anyone's interested. Bali's Wuku system is based on the weekly cycle. There are 30 weeks in one cycle, or "oton". And two otons in one year, ...

Kuta town and beach, Bali, Indonesia travel blog

Kuta town and beach

A travel blog entry by jade_and_rob


The next day we got on the free shuttle bus to take us to Kuta town. (Although after we realised this was just after the waterpark so would have only taken us 10 mins to walk to anyway). The town has loads of surf shops- very much aimed at tourists. ...

Zweimal am gleichen Ort?, Gianyar, Indonesien travel blog

Zweimal am gleichen Ort?

A travel blog entry by sibyllejuerg


Heute geht's nach dem Frühstück in unserem Tempelbungalow mit Velos los. Wir sind froh, konnten wir Mountainbikes mieten - die Gegend um Ubud ist nirgends wirklich flach. Für Amon wurde eigens ein Gepäckträger montiert, den wir ...

Wonderful Bali, Bali, Indonesia travel blog

Wonderful Bali

A travel blog entry by yantisoaman


... Airport, I could feel the relax..leisure.. atmosphere  in Bali. Bali is difference with other provinces in Indonesia. In Indonesia language we call Bali as "Pulau Dewata" meaning the Island of Goddess. Everyone who ever been in Bali for the 1st time ...

South Bali, Kuta, Indonesia travel blog

South Bali

A travel blog entry by mauddespoisse


... people, the scenary, the weather, the sites... everything!!! and we only had a week to see it all, it's not enough!! In South Bali, we spent 2 days: one in Kuta (and that was enough) and one visiting the south peninsular. We rented a car, it was the ...

Arriving in Bali, Denpasar, Indonesia travel blog

Arriving in Bali

A travel blog entry by lazycaravan

... guy ahead of us to get through we scope out the posters all over the walls. Variations on the same theme: Death Penalty for bringing drugs into Bali. OK, so looks like they take the "just say no" idea a bit farther. Cool, we get it. Good thing we're not ...

On to Ubud, Ubud, Indonesia travel blog

On to Ubud

A travel blog entry by lazycaravan


... so we take off towards Ubud.   Some background on Bali Denpasar is Bali's capital and largest city. Bali is one of 33 provinces in the country of Indonesia. Indonesia is made up of more than 17,000 islands; it's the 4th most populous country in the ...

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