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The holy city, Varanasi, India travel blog

The holy city

A travel blog entry by hayleymarsh


... Being greeted at Varanasi airport by my pre arranged transfer, we began the hour long drive to the hotel. First impressions of Varanasi were not great. Everywhere seemed to be really dirty, massively over crowded, smoggy and with very few women in sight ...

Leg 6- Varanasi, India (Part 1), Varanasi, India travel blog

Leg 6- Varanasi, India (Part 1)

A travel blog entry by aubrie.ibasco


... is known as Ganapati and Vinayaka. -Has an elephant head. -Usually honored before ceremonies start. Victorian Memorial: -Large marble building in India in Kolkata. -Was built between 1906 to 1921. -Is dedicated to Queen Victoria and is now a museum ...

Its as busy as they say.., Varanasi, India travel blog

Its as busy as they say..

A travel blog entry by alexcooper

... and go well into the night each day. I find that amazing, people come from all over to have their family members cremated in Varanasi. We floated calmly back down the river and got out at the 2nd burning ghat and walked up the steps the streets, the ...

Driven Mad, Varanasi, India travel blog

Driven Mad

A travel blog entry by free_range_hen


... midnight. This did mean we made it all the way to Varanasi, but was a long and hard to endure journey. We reached Varanasi at about 10pm, precisely when they allow lorries to pass through and a lot of lorries wanted to drive though. There is extensive ...

Varanasi Valentines, Varanasi, India travel blog

Varanasi Valentines

A travel blog entry by jamesandgwen


... blaring of a horn or the urgent ringing of a bicycle bell, it will instantly transport us back to India, and most particularly Varanasi.  The noise is constant, insistent and deafeningly loud.  With no concern for anyone's eardrums, drivers of ...

Returning to the Motherland, Varanasi, India travel blog

Returning to the Motherland

A travel blog entry by ipalo

I: Indeed it was nice to come back to India - even if it took us 24h to get from Kathmandu to Varanasi. Fortunately we'd made an agreement to meet the Belgians whom we traveled with before - so they had a room booked for us when we arrived in Varanasi ...

Benares, Varanasi, India travel blog


A travel blog entry by asci

... altstadt. Leider gibt es net mehr als die architektur (ja gut, die leichenverbrennungen am fluss), was mich interessierte. Das Varanasi die heiligste stadrt indiens ist habe ich net gemerkt. Hampi war heilig... Deswegen verschwinde ich morgen schon nach ...

So far since last time, Varanasi, India travel blog

So far since last time

A travel blog entry by meking


... in future some sense of the feeling of it.   I feel I should stop this section there, but I need to mention Varanasi before I head to the train station for our last collective journey.  During the wait at the Agra train station, we played ...

Varanasi boat excursion - Bharat Mata Temple, Varanasi, India travel blog

Varanasi boat excursion - Bharat Mata Temple

A travel blog entry by vija


DAY 5 - Friday, October 24, 2014: Varanasi (B,L,D) ITINERARY: Early morning boat excursion on the river Ganges, a ferry pilgrimage from ghat to ghat. People bathe early in the morning to offer the prayers to the rising sun. The two cremation ...

Life changing, Varanasi, India travel blog

Life changing

A travel blog entry by trav4life


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