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Maximum City, Mumbai/Bombay, India travel blog

Maximum City

A travel blog entry by dazzla


Greetings from the Land of a Million Call Centres. I've just got to the city formally known as Bombay, but now called Mumbai - by most people anyway. I imagine most of you are reading this at work, so to make you feel less guilty about skiving you may as ...

dec 30 checking out of Plaza Grove, Mumbai, India travel blog

dec 30 checking out of Plaza Grove

A travel blog entry by sneakytrees


dec. 30 Juhu Beach (Mumbai) this morning I did a preliminary purging of my bags and I took the cooking pot, a pocket knife (one of three--what the hell was I thinking?), a few superflous zip lock bags and went to the beach. At 9 a.m. it was ...

That's a wrap!!!, Mumbai (Bombay), India travel blog

That's a wrap!!!

A travel blog entry by wanderkate


... many great, old buildings still in use. The central train station is one of the most beautiful buildings I've ever seen. Mumbai (Bombay) is on the coast and has great sidewalks along the waterfront with people hanging out or selling things, ...

Not India, Mumbai (Bombay), India travel blog

Not India

A travel blog entry by martin84

... wrote it at the time so there is some truth in it if only for that reason. Actually I have come to realise that Mumbai is much like India as any other place in India. Each place is completely different to the last, but also has lots of things in common. ...

Maximum city!, Mumbai, India travel blog

Maximum city!

A travel blog entry by shehnal


... at the length of time it should take to change a tyre, but at this point just shrugged as the mantra 'this is india', repeated itself for the umpteenth time in my mind.   Something that resonated deeply with me was Vision Rescue's mission not ...

Here we go..., Mumbai, India travel blog

Here we go...

A travel blog entry by wallsy

... ... I just test rode an Enfield Bullet, now I can't concentrate on this typing nonsense. But we'll get to that later *** Anyway something, something, blah, blah, Mumbai's complete chaos, crazy hot, Emma got groped on train, Kingfisher, Leopold's, the end. ...

I'm so India, I'm so India!, Mumbai, India travel blog

I'm so India, I'm so India!

A travel blog entry by the_tardifs


... kids on field trips. Maybe their "weekends" also follow different days, like in Dubai. The Gateway of India is a large basalt archway opening out to Mumbai Harbour and is known as Mumbai's icon. Practically running away from the touts trying to sell us ...

Elephanta Island - Elephanta Caves, Elephanta Island, India travel blog

Elephanta Island - Elephanta Caves

A travel blog entry by indianature


... .com/india/elephanta-caves.htm The trip: Aiming to beat Mumbai's infamous November heat, we arrived at the Gateway of India at 0745 only to find out that the first ferry to Elephanta would depart at 0830hrs. We ...

Mumbai, Mumbai (Bombay), India travel blog


A travel blog entry by olavandtove

Hei alle sammen. Naa har vi endelig faatt laget en reiseblogg! Siden sist har vi naa vert i Mumbai, hvor vi ankom 24.01.08. fra Goa i India. Etter en taxitur paa 1,5 time var vi endelig fremme ved hotelet i denne store og kaotiske byen paa ca 18 000 ...

Great city: gotta come back here for longer, Mumbai (Bombay), India travel blog

Great city: gotta come back here for longer

A travel blog entry by nadine_india

11.30am: Overnight train rolls into our station in Mumbai. Another hours taxi drive through the thick mumbaian traffic and we're at the hotel. It looks quite nice from the outside and the rooms are basic but clean, which is a relief. The neighbourhood ...

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