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Sausage Heaven, Panjim, India travel blog

Sausage Heaven

A travel blog entry by pollyandmikey

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Once again we forgot to turn off the alarm so by the time I had battled my way out of the mosquito net to switch it off, I was fully awake at 6.45.Nevermind - I spent a lovely hour reading on the balcony overlooking the sea and wishing we could stay ...

Trekking and stuff, Rishikesh, India travel blog

Trekking and stuff

A travel blog entry by mikeandheather

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Scantily-clad dreadlocked ascetics, some in the traditional orange garb, others in not much at all, mingle with Pilgrims and the occasional western hippy as the Hindi music echos off the banks of the Ganges river in this holy city of Rishikesh, where we ...

Un-Indian, Chandigarh, India travel blog


A travel blog entry by byrnedm

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... of the past, and an expression of the nation's faith in the future," so waffled the then Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru, India's first post-British leader. Construction of the ground-breaking experiment in town planning began in 1952, but the city, ...

Gone for the Holidays, Bodhgaya, India travel blog

Gone for the Holidays

A travel blog entry by philthy

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... blow the whistle but it was still way cool! With Sarah's health returning we headed north again to Sikkim, the newest state of India tucked between Nepal and Bhutan. After a brief stay in Gantok, the capital of Sikkim, we headed to the small town in ...

Ranthambore National Park, Eastern Rajasthan, India travel blog

Ranthambore National Park

A travel blog entry by roseyben

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The journey to Ranthambore National Park took most of the day. We stopped half way for lunch at a road side café. My mobile isn't working so I phoned home to let everyone know we are alive and well. At the side of the café there was a stall selling ...

Vijayanagar, the City of Victory, Hampi, India travel blog

Vijayanagar, the City of Victory

A travel blog entry by lraleigh

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... different ways. In the end, Vijayanagar, which means "City of Victory" experienced defeat, and the capital sits abandoned as testimony to Southern India's rich history. From here, I will begin exploring India's south, so this was a good place to ...

The magical madness, Delhi, India travel blog

The magical madness

A travel blog entry by mimmik

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... going on all around them. cow watches world passing by After years and years of saying I would come, I've finally made it to India!! And after only a few days spent in Delhi, I've got a good dose of what I'm in for in this country: masses of ...

The Pondi Experience, Pondicherry, India travel blog

The Pondi Experience

A travel blog entry by mxharris

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... in at one of the local French joints to have a couple beers and some water, and then continued on.     India is nothing if not a huge juxtaposition. Mere blocks away from the French quarter we ran into Mahatma Gandhi (MG for short) Road, ...

Hard Travel, Lumbini-Delhi, India travel blog

Hard Travel

A travel blog entry by barrettbingley

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... station. Getting cold. No train. Was talked to by an Indian engineering student who was convinvced all Muslims are bad people and India will soon overtake China in GDP growth. At 330am I am delerious with exhaustion and chill. I put my bags between ...

India is hot, Mumbai, India travel blog

India is hot

A travel blog entry by eatdessertfirst

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We are currently in Mumbai heading tonight to Aurangabad by bus. Should be about 10 hours and should be a very interesting experience. India so far has been an eye opener, our purchase of the Lonely Planet guide has so far been a winner. The cultural ...

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