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Beautiful City, Budapest, Hungary travel blog

Beautiful City

A travel blog entry by aliceandmac


From Alice's diary " After breakfast where you can eat whatever you want, bacon and eggs, sausages, fruit, cereal cold meats you name it, it is there we met in the lounge and our cruise director told us what we could do for the day.  In the morning we ...

Sopron, Sopron, Hungary travel blog


A travel blog entry by jpandshaz


Sopron words to ...

Szentendre Day Tripping, Szentendre, Hungary travel blog

Szentendre Day Tripping

A travel blog entry by kateb75


Today I headed out to Szentendre which is a town around 15km's from Budapest and is known as a touristy artsy town. It was both. It was nice in the morning as I beat most of the tourists, especially those that arrive by the boatful (it's right on the ...

Budapest, Budapest, Hungary travel blog


A travel blog entry by lindsaym


Tue 29 May My plan to catch the 7:30 train was quickly vetoed when my alarm went off. I got up, ready, packed and fed and headed out to catch the 11:30 train for Budapest. A couple hours watching the scenery and I was in Budapest. Found my way to the ...

Free urination... win!, Budapest, Hungary travel blog

Free urination... win!

A travel blog entry by wallsy


Nothing too amazing today... just a solid day on the road, enjoying the cruise, taking in the sights. Points of interest... - It's getting hot... 35°C. - With a ball-tearing 1.8L engine throwin' down 85 kW, Blanche will do 200 km/h on the autobahn. - ...

Hungary for Spas, Héviz, Hungary travel blog

Hungary for Spas

A travel blog entry by doodlebugs


After going from capitol to capitol we decided we needed a break. Since we were in Hungary and Hungary is known for spas and thermal baths we thought it would be a great place for a break. More ...

Wine time!, Eger, Hungary travel blog

Wine time!

A travel blog entry by lyndshane


... . With most of the available accommodation in Eger being expensive and outside of our price range - likely because Eger is in one of Hungary's wine regions – we only had a few options to chose from. The first, and we thought our best, option turned ...

Budapest, sitting in Thermal baths, not bad at all, Budapest, Hungary travel blog

Budapest, sitting in Thermal baths, not bad at all

A travel blog entry by mike81


So I finished up my time in Germany finally. In total I have spend almost 4 weeks touring the fine country but I am offically done with beer and brautwurst for the next little while. I had to take a night train from Munich to Budapest because the ...

Pecs, Pecs, Hungary travel blog


A travel blog entry by lrh002


... museum I actually enjoyed.  It was called the Csontvary Museum, which exhibits the work of Tivadar Kosztka Csontvary, one of Hungary's most famous artists.  He did mostly religious and wilderness paintings.  Some of which were massive.  Our final stop ...

Saga on getting to hotel, Budapest, Hungary travel blog

Saga on getting to hotel

A travel blog entry by dueduedue


31 AUG 2007    Eger to Budpest The problem today was to get to the SE part of Budapest from the NE quarter without going into the center of Budapest and back again.  We got out of Eger successfully in spite of missing one turn, but ...

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