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Lake Balaton, Balatonudvari, Hungary travel blog

Lake Balaton

A travel blog entry by twoteachers


We spent the past few days at the beautiful, famous Lake Balaton. At 594 square kilometers it is Central Europe's largest lake. We stayed in Balatonudvari, a village on the Northern side of the lake, where my aunt and uncle own a summer home.  ...

Summer University Days..., Debrecen, Hungary travel blog

Summer University Days...

A travel blog entry by twoteachers


We went running together this morning at 8:30. It is so much better running earlier in the day, I hardly even had a headache afterwards! We also didn't get lost, hit by a car, or bitten by a dog—so altogether it was a terrific success. Later we met ...

In Budapest, Budapest, Hungary travel blog

In Budapest

A travel blog entry by crystal

So, it's Suday in Budapest. Not much to do here on Sundays. We're going to go exploring in a few minutes and in our next couple of days here we should have some very cool adventures to share with ...

In the forest, Miskolc, Hungary travel blog

In the forest

A travel blog entry by twoteachers


Today we went for a hike.  Kinga's aunt Marcsa took us out to the Bukk mountains where we walked on the train tracks for hours.  We collected blue glass-like rocks that Kinga's been talking about for years now, how she's found these odd ...

Hungary, Budapest, Hungary travel blog


A travel blog entry by helenandeoghan


"Oh, you'll LOVE Budapest. It's such a meeting of the East and West". Thus spake our American companion in Bulgaria, who promptly set us off imagining streets where mosaic'd mosques jostle for supremacy with the golden onion domes of orthodox churches ...

Hungarian Airlines the 1970 Star Trek Crew!, Budapest, Hungary travel blog

Hungarian Airlines the 1970 Star Trek Crew!

A travel blog entry by charlotte

... travel story, ok not so as exciting as just personal travel or is it? ***Insert scanned pic of hungarian hostess here*** Hungary, former communist country, but what was with the air stewardess looking more like a 1970s star trek crew, I noticed the ...

Its raining in Budapest..., Budapest, Hungary travel blog

Its raining in Budapest...

A travel blog entry by moviejcd

I had forgotten what rain felt like, after all that time in the middle east. However, stepping off the plane in the central european city of Budapest delivered a shocking 14C degrees (58F) and a strong rainy wind. I am loving it. Two hours earlier it was ...

Birthdays with relatives, Miskolc, Hungary travel blog

Birthdays with relatives

A travel blog entry by twoteachers


Today was our first day in Miskolc, the city. We visited my uncle Istvan and his family—it was his wife's, Kati’s, birthday celebration, as well as Suni's daughter Klara's nameday celebration (nameday is like a birthday, it is more commonly ...

Hungary hairy hangabouts., Lake Balaton, Hungary travel blog

Hungary hairy hangabouts.

A travel blog entry by combieandsarah


... food, accommodation and drink we could stomach. Jon, for those of you who don't know him, is to Kingston-on-Thames (and allegedly Hungary) as Cagney and Lacey are to New York, i.e. icons of their era. Well, we asked the train driver, the barmaid, the ...

Day 310 - Shifting Seasons in Siofok, Balatonfured, Hungary travel blog

Day 310 - Shifting Seasons in Siofok

A travel blog entry by everett.butler


After parting company with Kitti and her family, we decided to stay rural and explore the rest of the Hungarian countryside.  Heartfelt goodbyes and longing looks were exchanged even though we knew we'd see each other again soon.  Splitting ...

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