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The Ruins: Chapter 1, Mayan Edition, Copan, Honduras travel blog

The Ruins: Chapter 1, Mayan Edition

A travel blog entry by garrettgetschow


(11/2)  Seeing the ruins from the ancient American cultures throughout Latin America is an important part of this trip. I wanted to see other Mayan ruins, including Tikal in Guatemala, but due to logistical issues this is my first one. Marshal and I ...

Cayos Cochinos, Islas de la Bahía, Honduras travel blog

Cayos Cochinos

A travel blog entry by florentv


Le vendredi, réveil 5h40 pour un départ à 6h direction Cayos Cochinos avec le groupe de construction. Cayos Cuchinos, c'est un groupement d'îles paradisiaques à 40 minutes de route d'El Porvenir suivit d'une heure de bateau. Les ...

Honduran cuisine, San Pedro Sula, Honduras travel blog

Honduran cuisine

A travel blog entry by brownej


Honduran Cuisine I haven’t been up to anything special these last few days – still working on the science curriculum. Another volunteer, Madeline from the US, appeared yesterday, but has taken off for a week and will be back next week. We are ...

Arrivée El Povernir, Atlántida, Honduras travel blog

Arrivée El Povernir

A travel blog entry by florentv


... après avoir cuisiné. Plutôt basique ! A noter quand même : la douche est bien sûr froide, et au Honduras on ne jette pas le papier toilette dans la cuvette mais dans une poubelle a côté, les systèmes ...

Roatan The Bay Islands Honduras, Roatan, Honduras travel blog

Roatan The Bay Islands Honduras

A travel blog entry by underwater


Just returned to the Honduran mainland after 8 days in Paradise on Roatan, the largest of the Bay Islands. Just as the Red Sea is the diving mecca for brits and europeans, the Bay Islands are the diving mecca for Canadians and Americans. Roatan is ...

At least you can say its big, Tecucigulpa, Honduras travel blog

At least you can say its big

A travel blog entry by delfuegoproject


This is a capital city unlike anything you want to believe. There is hope, since we opted to not stop in this megapolis, there is a gentle, more lovable side of this city we didn't experience. However, from one's first view over this valley city, to ...

La Tigra National Park, Tegucigalpa, Honduras travel blog

La Tigra National Park

A travel blog entry by dane


Here's my email home regarding this lovely day: So I planned this hike at La Tigra. Itīs my first morning in Honduras. My guide book tells me where to catch the only bus that goes out there. Itīs a school bus that goes to this village nearby. I go ...

into Honduras, Honduras, Honduras travel blog

into Honduras

A travel blog entry by 1life

no ...

Tegucigalpa, Tegucigalpa, Honduras travel blog


A travel blog entry by anywherebuthere


... spoke English and they were not prepared to listen to my Spanglish. I was hoping to by a bus ticket out the next morning. Being Honduras it was raining again. so I went back to the hotel and barricaded my self in my room. The lonely planet told me that ...

Semaine du 27 janvier, La Ceiba, Honduras travel blog

Semaine du 27 janvier

A travel blog entry by florentv


... ! J'étais assez déçu par le nombre de personnes présentes, mais Anne, une canadienne expatriée au Honduras depuis 15ans et qui est beaucoup impliquée dans l'association m'a dit que c'était un beau succès par ...

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