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Lago de Yojoa, Lago de Yojoa, Honduras travel blog

Lago de Yojoa

A travel blog entry by pajas


Destination 286 Km148'716 Nicht mehr kommentiert (lese Eintrag Nr.45 weshalb) XXXXX Not commented anymore (read entry No.45 ...

Hello Hondouras!, Utila, Honduras travel blog

Hello Hondouras!

A travel blog entry by tsquared


It was a massive journey from Livingston to Utila, but well worth the trouble.  We left our hostel at 6am on a small 6 person Fijian style boat in the terrential downpour across large rolling waves and howling wind.  Not the most fun start ...

diving and a drink or 2, Utila, bay islands, Honduras travel blog

diving and a drink or 2

A travel blog entry by stevenfearn

so early in the morning, around 8 ish we got a taxi to the dock for the ferry to utila, the terrential rain had continued all night and was just as heavy the next morning, we got there bought tickets, waited then boarded the boat, i say boat but it was ...

Wrecked... hahaha, Jewel Cay, Honduras travel blog

Wrecked... hahaha

A travel blog entry by wallsy

The standard format over the last couple of days... a spot of diving in the morning, some chillin' in the arvo and a couple of ales in the evening. We checked out the Haliburton on one of the forays into the big blue, which is an old cargo ship they sunk ...

Dahling Danli, Danli, Honduras travel blog

Dahling Danli

A travel blog entry by ddgfraser

... week and deals are being made between the countries. We later learn that it is a regional festival involving Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala who are now known as the CA4. Globalization in action joining countries together. Eventually all ...

Coping with Copan, Copan, Honduras travel blog

Coping with Copan

A travel blog entry by ddgfraser

... so we pay a small security fee and park on the grassy patch behind the station and enjoy the afternoon visiting the museum.  We enjoyed our short meandering tour through Honduras. We had no expectations or guides, just relaxed and let it ...

Going to the Islands, Roatan, Bay Islands, Honduras travel blog

Going to the Islands

A travel blog entry by teamrees


We caught an early morning water taxi out of Livingstone on the Rio Dulce (Sweet River) near the Guatemala/Honduras border. After a fairly sweaty series of buses, and a fairly dodgy border crossing, where we got ripped off about 5 times by various people ...

The olympics comes to Cofradia, San Pedro Sula, Honduras travel blog

The olympics comes to Cofradia

A travel blog entry by brownej


Well, last Friday the Olympics came to Cofradia – our own version of them. Zan, one of the volunteers here, previously was a PE teacher back in the UK, and from the beginning planned for the kids to do an Olympics. We had 5 teams and for the past 3 ...

Honduras are mad, San Pedro Sula, Honduras travel blog

Honduras are mad

A travel blog entry by brownej


... ;..and we didn’t know until 7am if school was on!! The reason being, that Wednesday evening, there was a big football match between Honduras and El Salvador. Honduras won (and are going to the world cup) and apparently they were worried about ...

Backpacking is a tough life..., Utila, Honduras travel blog

Backpacking is a tough life...

A travel blog entry by polvo10


The Bay Islands are the cheapest place in the world to get your scuba diving license.  As you exit the ferry in Utila, you are overrun by instructors trying to sell you on their school and accommodations.  But I don't dive and no interest in ...

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