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Honduras we are, La Cieba, Honduras travel blog

Honduras we are

A travel blog entry by danno0


... first and only time). After getting some food and visiting an ex-pat bar, sleep soon took over. If anyone out their is visiting Honduras, I would suggest skipping La Cieba or getting their in time to catch a boat the same day. It's a lousy place. It ...

No More Boats!, Utila, Honduras travel blog

No More Boats!

A travel blog entry by danno0


I went to Utila to learn to dive and within 5 hours of being on the island, I was in a diving class. Unfortunately about 3 days after that I suffered a common diving injury (an ear squeeze) and had to drop out of the course. People I told about it were ...

Riding Honduras, Gracias a Dios, Honduras travel blog

Riding Honduras

A travel blog entry by veromarcos


... . In any case the 4 hour ride was very relaxing (once we gave up on trying to get any trotting or galloping), and the Honduras country side here is delightful. The "real Honduras" as every town around here tries to sell to tourists. The rest of the ...

Meeting Maya, Ruinas de Copan, Honduras travel blog

Meeting Maya

A travel blog entry by veromarcos


Well, after quite too many days in Honduras, we finally reached a place that satisfies our desires to see interesting things and learn a bit. To be sincere the rest of Honduras up to today has been "el dumpo" of a trip. Someone needs to shake these people ...

La Ceiba Northern Honduras, La Ceiba, Honduras travel blog

La Ceiba Northern Honduras

A travel blog entry by underwater


Im now in La Ceiba Northern Honduras, a coastal town on the Caribbean Sea-36 degrees and very humid! What I like about this way of travelling is you never know whom you are going to meet or what u will be doing day to day. Yesterday I teamed up with ...

Politics in Cofradia, San Pedro Sula, Honduras travel blog

Politics in Cofradia

A travel blog entry by brownej

... government here just seems to impose country-wide curfews when it wants to. Yesterday, former President Zelaya made his way back to Honduras and is hiding in the Brazilian Embassy in the capital (hours away from here). To stop any protest for or ...

The end is near., Cofradia, Honduras travel blog

The end is near.

A travel blog entry by claudiacfavre

I got accepted to the University of Tennessee in Knoxville!  I will be doing my dietetic internship and graduate school.  I am really excited but also really nervous about the looming dept and commitment of another 2 or more years of ...

A challenging day in Cusuco National Park, Cusuco National Park, Honduras travel blog

A challenging day in Cusuco National Park

A travel blog entry by brownej


Well, I have just been having a normal week again, but on Saturday, Madi and I were invited to Cusuco National Park with 4 other volunteers. We went with 2 Honduran teachers, Miss Gladys and Miss Betty and their families and we had a great day. The day ...

Chillin in Copan, Copan, Honduras travel blog

Chillin in Copan

A travel blog entry by kerry_andrew

This is a top pick!

Monday morning we had a 4am start as we departed for Copan in Honduras. But before we could even get out the door we were already laughing at Ioannis. Everyone was in the lobby ready to go just before 4am, except for Ioannis. As we knew he'd been out ...

My seed has sprouted, Copan, Honduras travel blog

My seed has sprouted

A travel blog entry by mikedolan


I am now in Copan, Honduras.  This is a small town in the hills by the border of Guatemala.  There are famous Mayan ruins here named Copan.  At one point there were as many as 20000 people living in the ruins.  There are many ...

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