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Motherīs Day and More, Cofradia, Honduras travel blog

Motherīs Day and More

A travel blog entry by claudiacfavre


... .  What a day! I canīt help but make observations about the way that a culture feeds and eats.   In Honduras, it is the motherīs job to watch the weight of her family.  She dishes up each personīs plate, giving different ...

Tegucigalpa, Tegucigalpa, Honduras travel blog


A travel blog entry by damnfunkin


Hi from Honduras!! We arrived in the capital of Honduras, Tegucigalpa after 7 hours on two buses - although we were lucky to get the first one! Woke early, knowing we had to get a 7am bus, or wait until 2pm for the next one, so as we sat in the ...

Emmanuel, Guiamaca, Honduras travel blog


A travel blog entry by trula.kinseth

... ! I have not seen an entire country so empoverished before. It is shameful that when there is a disaster, the USA will give Honduras millions of dollars but will not make the officials accountable! The people of Honduras never see or feel the effects of a ...

Por Los Niņos, Catacamas, Olancho, Catacamas, Olancho, Honduras travel blog

Por Los Niņos, Catacamas, Olancho

A travel blog entry by cmnaylor


... me that sometimes you just have to say "NO!  The bag stays with me."  He's had more experience with stupidities and rigmarole of Honduras than I have, about 3 or 4 years more.  He says you have to have a lawyer for everything.  And when they were in a ...

Roatan Island, West End, Honduras travel blog

Roatan Island

A travel blog entry by tphilip75


Ahhhh, tropical paradise!!! It took a day and a half to get from Copan to Roatan, but it was worth it! We stayed in the town of West End in lovely little cottages with hammocks out the front and sea views. Unfortunately there is no beach where we are, ...

More random things about Central America, Roatan, Honduras travel blog

More random things about Central America

A travel blog entry by jenbenz

Sorry I don't have any new photos -- I will try to get some up as soon as I find someone who can burn my photos onto a cd. It might be a few weeks, when I'm back in Antigua. In the meantime.... three months in Central America (mostly Guatemala) and ...

Weīve come a short way, La Ceiba, Honduras travel blog

Weīve come a short way

A travel blog entry by charding


Well, we finally made it off Utila and as far as the ferry would take us - about 18 miles. Not a lot to say about La Ceiba as we only stayed a night whilst in transit. Its your typical Central American town, a bit rough around the edges with a nice ...

Another day, another city, Tegucigalpa, Honduras travel blog

Another day, another city

A travel blog entry by charding


Carrying on our slog from La Ceiba, we had a 9 hour bus ride via San Pedro Sula to reach the Honduran Capital of Tegucigalpa. And as the guide book says, there really isnt a lot to see here. The city is crumbling apart and looks much like war torn ...

Comayagua, Honduras, Comayagua, Honduras travel blog

Comayagua, Honduras

A travel blog entry by c4corey


Well I must say the weirdest thing happened to me on the bus ride to Honduras. After sitting next to a girl for about a day and a half I found out in the last couple of hours that she is Adventist! But it gets better, then about an hour later I found ...

The Bay Island Adventure!, Utilla, Honduras travel blog

The Bay Island Adventure!

A travel blog entry by rayganmsol


I am actually going to cover January 15 - 20 in this entry... On the morning of the 15th, we took a very early bus to La Ceiba, on the Honduran coast. We were lucky and managed to catch the last ferry to Utilla, one of the Bay Islands. We had ...

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