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Istanbul to Santorini, Santorini, Greece travel blog

Istanbul to Santorini

A travel blog entry by scatabout

... nbsp;  Arrived at Istanbul airport, which is a little bigger than Tauranga, checked ourselves and our bags right through to Santorini, and eventually found where our flight went from.       Up the stairs or escalator, if ...

Santorini = white and blue!, Santorini, Greece travel blog

Santorini = white and blue!

A travel blog entry by mia.rose

... 17 hrs! When I woke up I felt yuck, Like coming out of a coma! I was really dozy! So the girls were travelling by ferry to Santorini so I arrived forst and they were going to meet me that night so I decided to check out the town. I did a full day tour and ...

Santorini, Jewel of the Aegean, Santorini, Greece travel blog

Santorini, Jewel of the Aegean

A travel blog entry by friesendm


... this magical, volcanic island in the Aegean, but she destroyed much of what I thought I knew about the story of Santorini. Recent discoveries here by archeologists have altered the timing of the massive volcanic explosion that occurred here shrouded in ...

Athens to Santorini, Oia, Greece travel blog

Athens to Santorini

A travel blog entry by simplyb


... hard for them to understand while strangers start kissing and cuddling them on a bus... Anyway... Took the 5 hour superfast 6 boat to Santorini, squeezes into the bus that took us to the islands capital, Fira and had a super good Greek lunch: lamb in ...

A day at the pool, Oia, Greece travel blog

A day at the pool

A travel blog entry by simplyb


Day 12 Did I ever say, staying in Greece is cheap, did I ??? Well, I meant everywhere in Greece, EXCEPT Santorini... We had shock of a lifetime when we went for dinner to Oia town last night - first of all, quadrillionth of people are pushing themselves ...

wedding bells!, Santorini, Greece travel blog

wedding bells!

A travel blog entry by magicace003

Today was the day of the wedding.  chaotic but well worth it.  THis by far had the prettiest town building and mountainside views!  Indescribable!  didn't see much of the town due to time but i did hike the whole way down the mountain ...

Welcome to Paradise Island, Santorini, Greece travel blog

Welcome to Paradise Island

A travel blog entry by deeptiandron


... ;  If you're not familiar with Santorini or its landscape, a brief history lesson might provide some meaningful context. Santorini, named by early Venetians in honor of Saint Irene, forms a circular group of islands belonging to the Cyclades island ...

2 Weeks with Mom and Dad - Italy and Greece, Athens, Santorini, Paros, Nafplio, Rome and Florence, Greece travel blog

2 Weeks with Mom and Dad - Italy and Greece

A travel blog entry by nomad_chad


... Nafplio feeling very fortunate. Our next destination after driving back to Athens was to the Greek Island of Santorini.  With over 1,400 islands in Greece, it's difficult to know what to visit, but nearly every tourist review suggests Santorini is ...

In a postcard?, Santorini, Greece travel blog

In a postcard?

A travel blog entry by natstuff


Today we arrived on the island of Santorini. Holy crap, if you are scared of heights this is not the place for you. Basically the island and all buildings sit on top of a massive cliff. We arrived at the bottom of the cliff and drove zig zags 20 minutes ...

Two days of relaxing, Santorini, Greece travel blog

Two days of relaxing

A travel blog entry by supalen

I having a bit of a rest from sightseeing for now. The past two days have been heaven. All I've done is lounge by the pool at the hotel, reading, swimming and talking with the tourists staying at the hotel. Quite a mixture really, Canadians, Italians, ...

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