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Santorini, Santorini, Greece travel blog


A travel blog entry by angie_molly2011


We had another amazing day on this island. We were up for the breakfast buffet around 930. They fry these little doughnuts and cover them with powdered sugar. We ate enough of those for sure. Watermelon, yogurt, lemon cake everything was great. Then we ...

Dodging Donkey Sh*t, Santorini, Greece travel blog

Dodging Donkey Sh*t

A travel blog entry by wynnek

Well, now that we knew where the bag was, relief...Our flight to Santorini was leaving Athens at we hopped over to the airport at about 1.30 in the morning to ensure that we could pick up the back and check in with plenty of time to spare...My ...

Sunshine at last!!!!!!!!, ThÝra, Greece travel blog

Sunshine at last!!!!!!!!

A travel blog entry by leahymatth

... It wasnt funny at the time but it is now we look back! We scooted back to Oia to hopefully see the "magical Santorini sunset" that everyone was carrying on about and guess what.... it was bloody cloudy again, there hadn't been a cloud in ...

Santorini Sun, Santorini, Greece travel blog

Santorini Sun

A travel blog entry by paigefielding


1:00pm- 25th July 2014 Earlier today, I realised its no surprise that Santorini is the top destination that combines comfort with adventure, relaxation with exercise and mountains with sea view. I successfully completed a 3.35 miles (5.39 km) hike from ... awesome, Santorini, Greece travel blog awesome

A travel blog entry by joecool10

... volcanic ash. The view from this island (and especially the sunset at OIA) is breath taking... The main island of Santorini is crescent shaped with four other small islands surrounding it. Today I joined one day tour of Santorini and the highlight ...

Windy Scenic Santorini, Megalochori, Greece travel blog

Windy Scenic Santorini

A travel blog entry by explorethewrld


... the settlements are located at the top with spectacular views of the Aegean Sea and several small islands.  Santorini is essentially what remains after an enormous volcanic eruption that destroyed the earliest settlements on a formerly single ...

2 nd full day in Satorini, Thira, Greece travel blog

2 nd full day in Satorini

A travel blog entry by vivo

... doing That, we told her no, ( we really didn't want a dessert) but she insisted, a lovely gesture!!! Where we are at Santorini the Greeks are happy, friendly and are happy to help you, they know how detrimental the tourists our to their survival. Every ...

At Sea on the way to Israel, At Sea, Greece travel blog

At Sea on the way to Israel

A travel blog entry by punters


 Rest day today. Spent most of the day eating, exercising, more eating and updating the travel pod.    Had another great night. First of all went to the “Insolent” bar where the euros were ballroom dancing. Quickly ditched ...

Honeymoon - Pt. 5, Santorini, Greece travel blog

Honeymoon - Pt. 5

A travel blog entry by amyanderson


Santorini was an amazing island!  Again, we did a tour -- first we visited the gorgeous village of Oia, then we went wine-tasting of some local wine, and finally we were able to explore the capital city of ...

I'm on a Boat, Perissa, Greece travel blog

I'm on a Boat

A travel blog entry by tannermarshall


An eight hour ferry ride from Athens to Santorini, stopping at several other Greek isles along the way, Naxos and Ios being some. Upon our arrival we took a crazy-scenic drive to our hotel/hostel, where David and myself share a romantic triple room to ...

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