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Airport Tour in Germany, Frankfurt, Germany travel blog

Airport Tour in Germany

A travel blog entry by dabaer


Stopped at the Frankfurt airport in Germany on our way to ...

Start ins Abenteuer

Start ins Abenteuer "Hochzeitsreise"

A travel blog entry by basti_linda

Am 29.12.2011 geht's los. Hier werden wir unsere Erlebnisse und Bilder einstellen.  Wir alle können gespannt sein.  ...

Am 29. Juli: Auf nach Stockholm :), Frankfurt, Germany travel blog

Am 29. Juli: Auf nach Stockholm :)

A travel blog entry by connie.damian


Am 29. Juli um 21:40 Uhr geht's los :) ...

First Stop... Dazed and Confused, Frankfurt, Germany travel blog

First Stop... Dazed and Confused

A travel blog entry by andrea.l.stone


... out but i got off the train on the first stop instead of the second stop and ended up in the industrial/residential area of Frankfurt. It wasnt all bad afterall i got to see all the cute german houses that most likely date back to the 1700. I walked ...

Made another friend., Frankfurt, Germany travel blog

Made another friend.

A travel blog entry by johahn


Was taking photos on the streets near the Christmas Markets when I was approached by another photographer, asking me whether I am using the X-E1. We chatted for sometime and turns out he's a pro with a history of M6s and was carrying 2 XPro1s with ...

The Hitcher, Frankfurt, Germany travel blog

The Hitcher

A travel blog entry by funkymonk

... a ride I casually strolled over for a chat. The driver was Slovakian and spoke basic English. He wasn't going to Frankfurt but he was at least going into Germany and could drop me off somewhere on the correct side of the border. So I threw my bags in the ...

Home again, Frankfurt, Germany travel blog

Home again

A travel blog entry by pmk123

So, we navigated the length and breadth of Frankfort airport and caught a shower. We slept on a flight to JFK in New York and battled the long lines at immigration on the American Thanksgiving holiday ( the biggest travel day of the year in the US). I ...

6 am flight to connect to Malta flight, Frankfurt (Oder), Germany travel blog

6 am flight to connect to Malta flight

A travel blog entry by joepace

Tiring day. At airport at 4.15am to fly to frankfurt to connect to ...

VILLAGE, Frankfurt, Germany travel blog


A travel blog entry by aaronvdb

Woke up and left. Noah and I checked out the village we are staying in. We had a look at some little shops and compared prices to Adelaide. Little things are more expensive but bigger stuff is cheaper! At night we packed for our Aunties (in Hamburg), ...

PARTY, Frankfurt, Germany travel blog


A travel blog entry by aaronvdb

Slept in: Woke up and had breakfast (usual stuff). Took tram with family in to the closest village/ town with a huge shopping complex. I bought some new clothes. Went to my step uncle's birthday party and saw step family relatives and friends. There ...

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