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6 am flight to connect to Malta flight, Frankfurt (Oder), Germany travel blog

6 am flight to connect to Malta flight

A travel blog entry by joepace

Tiring day. At airport at 4.15am to fly to frankfurt to connect to ...

VILLAGE, Frankfurt, Germany travel blog


A travel blog entry by aaronvdb

Woke up and left. Noah and I checked out the village we are staying in. We had a look at some little shops and compared prices to Adelaide. Little things are more expensive but bigger stuff is cheaper! At night we packed for our Aunties (in Hamburg), ...

PARTY, Frankfurt, Germany travel blog


A travel blog entry by aaronvdb

Slept in: Woke up and had breakfast (usual stuff). Took tram with family in to the closest village/ town with a huge shopping complex. I bought some new clothes. Went to my step uncle's birthday party and saw step family relatives and friends. There ...

The Frankfurt Airport, Frankfurt, Germany travel blog

The Frankfurt Airport

A travel blog entry by anjaemilie


We didn't really get to stay in Frankfurt for long, but we did get to eat some authentic german prezels and landjaeger (pronounced laun-dee-eiger)at a fancy airport ...

A layover just to eat pastries, Frankfurt, Germany travel blog

A layover just to eat pastries

A travel blog entry by valaryr


... fly around French airspace... the French seem to always be striking. But we eventually took off, then landed three hours later in Frankfurt at 6 AM German time. Luckily, we were both able to sleep well on the flight, so we were not too debilitatingly ...

Der Start..., Frankfurt, Germany travel blog

Der Start...

A travel blog entry by bussi


 In Frankfurt angekommen habe ich mich noch mit dem Cousin meines Vaters, Ralph Fiermann, zum essen getroffen! Ein echtes Frankfurter Schnitzel mit Bratkartoffeln und Gruener Soss dazu zwei sauer gespritzte- das war genau die richtige letzte ...

Heimwärts über den großen Teich, Frankfurt, Germany travel blog

Heimwärts über den großen Teich

A travel blog entry by blackcars

... Ding. Aber egal, wir haben die 10 Stunden gut bewältigt und landeten 20 Minuten früher als vorgesehen in Frankfurt. Unsere Koffer warteten nach der Einreiseabfertigung bereits unversehrt auf uns, Zollkontrolle gab es keine und so waren wir schnell ...

Frankfurt Day 2, Frankfurt, Germany travel blog

Frankfurt Day 2

A travel blog entry by travis.billings


... train that we are catching tomorrow is a fast train you have to reserve your seat. We then headed down to a part of Frankfurt called 'romer' which has plenty of Christmas markets and old churches. While down there i tried a Bratwurst which basically is a ...

Last day in Frankfurt before heading to Italy, Frankfurt, Germany travel blog

Last day in Frankfurt before heading to Italy

A travel blog entry by lauren.phillips

... generous since I arrived, plus I've had the added bonus of really being immersed in German culture. When I got to Frankfurt Kornelia, Courtney and Clinton picked me up from the airport and we headed to Heidlberg to check out the castle and ...

Arriving at Frankfurt, Frankfurt, Germany travel blog

Arriving at Frankfurt

A travel blog entry by argentinien

Arrival at Frankfurt ...

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