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Frankfurt to Hyderabad, Frankfurt, Germany travel blog

Frankfurt to Hyderabad

A travel blog entry by thillix

This leg of the journey was pretty uneventful.  I finished my client memo in the airport lounge and caught up on about eight hours of email.  In between snoozing a little bit, I watched two movies - "Twilight" and "The International."  I ...

Getting ready for Africa, Frankfurt Am Main, Germany travel blog

Getting ready for Africa

A travel blog entry by choyccs

Looks like my flight to Tanzania is taking shape. If everything falls in place, I should be leaving for Nairobi next Wed. Looking forward to it. I am still struggling a little in getting familiarized with creating a blog for this trip, but hopefully this ...

Frankfurt book fair, Frankfurt/Main, Germany travel blog

Frankfurt book fair

A travel blog entry by elohim


The biggest book fair going on in town. Weekends, many hobby readers come. It strikes me to see the modern youth. Nothing new that they want to go unconventional ways and signal so by behavior and clothing. But the hype about "Tokio Hotel" has swapped ...

hello!, Frankfurt, Germany travel blog


A travel blog entry by segun_coco

hello! how are you today? What is your name? my name is Natalia, You frequently are on this site? I today wanted to talk to you in a chat, but you have already left a chat, Ithink that in the near future we with you shall talk, how you consider? You have ...

meanwhile... back in Germany, Frankfurt, Germany travel blog

meanwhile... back in Germany

A travel blog entry by yvo


... took the day off in light of his big day and we toured the city and went to the Frankfurter Dippe Mess (Frankfurt Pottery Fare). Originally this annual event served the pottery makers to sell their merchandise.  I can actually picture the women in ...

Nicole arrives in Frankfurt Germany, Frankfurt, Germany travel blog

Nicole arrives in Frankfurt Germany

A travel blog entry by bodymod


For the week of Thanksgiving, Nicole came to visit Europe for the first time. She arrived in Frankfurt (which is about a 4 hour express train ride away from Berlin), so I headed down to meet her and run around the town for the day before heading back to ...

Wir werden uns wiedersehen!, Frankfurt, Germany travel blog

Wir werden uns wiedersehen!

A travel blog entry by wandertroete

Es ist 4 Uhr morgens am Samstag, dem 15. September 2012. Der Wecker -nervtoetend, wie zu Schulzeiten- reißt mich nach nur 3 Stunden Schlaf aus den schoensten Traeumen. Der Tag ist Da! Aufstehen! Es ist Dunkel draussen! Die letzten Reste in den Rucksack ...

Germany, Frankfurt, Germany travel blog


A travel blog entry by wakingdream

Drove to Germany, traveled around the ...

Last day in Frankfurt, Frankfurt, Germany travel blog

Last day in Frankfurt

A travel blog entry by elly903

We woke up late today and our feet were still aching. It was our last day in Frankfurt but we decided to just hang around the hotel and airport. Our Musikmesse tickets wouldn't work on the train today as the trade show was over plus we didn't feel like ...

Bundesrepublik Deutschland, Frankfurt, Germany travel blog

Bundesrepublik Deutschland

A travel blog entry by ana_sharma

Bundesrepublik ...

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