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Sprechen sie Deutsch?, Berlin, Germany travel blog

Sprechen sie Deutsch?

A travel blog entry by fendall


... several selections of breads.  At 8:15, we were on our way. A little over an hour on our journey, we crossed into Germany, making it the 5 country along our way (England, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, and now Germany).  At 12:45 we stopped ...

German hospitality - gotta love it, Nuernberg and Altdorf, Germany travel blog

German hospitality - gotta love it

A travel blog entry by d.matheusik


German hospitality is something you won't actually believe until you are here. Last weekend a friend and I went to Nuernberg (and Altdorf) to visit a friend of my professor and we were treated unbelievably well. We were fed until we were bursting, we ...

Berlin Day 1, Berlin, Germany travel blog

Berlin Day 1

A travel blog entry by benbauchet


... also known as Fronklis, FrankyB and of course Shrek but I'm just sticking to Dad for the moment). So anyway when we got to germany we checked into the hotel and slept like drunken guy on sleeping pills.  Berlin. And we had more fun than the Car! ... of beer and dancing, Berlin, Germany travel blog of beer and dancing

A travel blog entry by roamingpirate


Though my little couchette was hot and a little stuffy, I survived the night sleeping on the train and awoke to Germany! Berlin is lovely...very green, clean, and interesting although I am feeling a little overwhelmed with the language. But fortunately ...

You Are Still the One, Berlin, Germany travel blog

You Are Still the One

A travel blog entry by whk2006

... ... the area in Berlin I stayed is also in former Eastern Bloc - East Berlin). So off I go to the Baltics. -------------------------------------------------- For more info about Berlin, you can click the following links: In Your Pocket Guide ...

Tour and Potsdam, Berlin, Germany travel blog

Tour and Potsdam

A travel blog entry by brendanava


... of a Gate similar to the Brandenburg Gate. It is dedicated to the Russian soldiers that entered during WWII and liberated Berlin. I really enjoyed going to the SS and Gestapo headquarters because there I saw the Topographie des Terrors, an ...

Das ist Verboten!!!, Berlin, Germany travel blog

Das ist Verboten!!!

A travel blog entry by bradthebard


... for the whole meal.   On to the Neus museum, filled with artifacts from Egypt, some were amazing, especially Nefertiri, Berlin's pride piece. Downstairs was recreated tombs and sarcophagus (coffins). The upper 2 levels were filled with more Greek and ...

I am a Doughnut, Berlin, Germany travel blog

I am a Doughnut

A travel blog entry by eriklang


... width and height, creating cavernous alleys in between.  Across the street, just inside the titanic Tiergarten (Berlin’s version of Central Park) is another monument dedicated to the Holocaust’s homosexual victims.  It is ...

Dresden to Berlin, Berlin, Germany travel blog

Dresden to Berlin

A travel blog entry by wareameye


... they slept on the bus.  Most of us were awake and more than eager to engage Thomas in conversation.  Upon arrival in Berlin we checked into the hotel and had just enough time for lunch before our city tour of Berlin.  During the city tour ...

Boerwoers and beer...for three hours, Berlin Ostbahnhof station, Germany travel blog

Boerwoers and beer...for three hours

A travel blog entry by gordy_gopher

We revved in on the super comfy Express from Warsaw, and made our penultimate Brussels on the overnight train. Three happy hours were passed fuelling up on German sausage on lager, watching the Winter Olympics. The night train was a ...

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