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Getting started with the blog site, Berlin, Germany travel blog

Getting started with the blog site

A travel blog entry by cth-road


I have been asked the question too many times, hence I have finally signed up for a travel blog. Now let's see how my blogging discipline will do. 5.5 days to go before I enter the ...

Berlin.. ze Deutschland, yah!, Berlin, Germany travel blog

Berlin.. ze Deutschland, yah!

A travel blog entry by brixbrix


No time to write, but pics are ...

And so it begins, Berlin, Germany travel blog

And so it begins

A travel blog entry by coplann


I met the Kaishakunin around 10.30 AM CET at the airport (Berlin-Tegel). Nothing exciting happened really except for a very rude woman from the check-in crew. I didn't feel tired at that point even though I only got 5 or 6 hours of ...

Out of Scandinavia, Berlin, Germany travel blog

Out of Scandinavia

A travel blog entry by nmarie

... in the late afternoon. The train ride over was long but it was fun because the entire train went onto the ferry from Denmark to Germany. It was nice to get out and walk around on the ferry, they have cafes and shops much like a big cruise ship. ...

Looking for the best wurst.., Berlin, Germany travel blog

Looking for the best wurst..

A travel blog entry by bigred

never realized how much I use the y key. Here in Germany the y and z are switched, so for the following email all z's = y's. thanks So last Fridaz I made mz final farewells to mz beloved Madrid. It was strange to leave knowing it might be 10 zears ...

A new year, Berlin, Germany travel blog

A new year

A travel blog entry by myates

First of all I would just like to point out that New Year eve in Germany is called Silvester, hilarious but also quite cool! Another point is that fireworks are legal here which means from the 26th onwards kids and adults alike are out on the streets ...

Berlin, Berlin, Germany travel blog


A travel blog entry by maam


... around a really cute, diverse neighborhood of Berlin where a lot of students are and where a lot of people who have immigrated to Germany from other places live. It was fun to reconnect with her after a few months. Thanks, facebook! We also went on a pub ...

Snowing when its meant to be 15 degrees! Come on!, Berlin, Germany travel blog

Snowing when its meant to be 15 degrees! Come on!

A travel blog entry by nstarkey77


Millistopp i Bratwurst landi, Berlin, Germany travel blog

Millistopp i Bratwurst landi

A travel blog entry by gunnaringi


... sem hefdi tekid okkur til Prag. :) Thannig vid akvadum ad koma okkur eins langt og moguleg var i dag og endudum her i Berlin! Hostelid sem vid rombudum a her i Berlin er geysistort med plass fyrir um 200 manns, fritt internet, ISIC afslatt og frian ...

História, museus, wurz e cerveja, Berlin, Germany travel blog

História, museus, wurz e cerveja

A travel blog entry by jan_heineman


... com o Pedro Galvao, meu grande amigo do Rio de Janeiro. Após oito horas de desconfortavel onibus noturno, cheguei a famosa Berlin, palco de combates, injusticas, ditadores e muita história. Rumei para o albergue onde o Pedro e a Helena estavam ...

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