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Sonderausgabe--Special Edition, Bamberg, Germany travel blog

Sonderausgabe--Special Edition

A travel blog entry by travelink


Today is Europawahl 2014 in Germany and many other countries in the European Union. It is the day when the 751 members of the European Parliament area elected. Some countries started voting on Thursday. You can read more about this ...

The Sweetest Thing, Berlin, Germany travel blog

The Sweetest Thing

A travel blog entry by meghanwithanh


Imagine, if you will: awakening to someone calling you Morgan and firing rapid instructions at you in a language you can't even begin to make heads or tails of in a conscious state, let alone when you've only just nodded off to the gentle rocking of ...

Koln Cathedral....600 years in the making...., Cologne, Germany travel blog

Koln Cathedral....600 years in the making....

A travel blog entry by jklezok


Day 1 The drive was a little tiring...I'm still not up to par. Probably about 50%. The drive was bright and sunny and with no major problems. The roads here are pretty well marked and traffic runs smooth. People here just seem to know how to ...

Day 6 - Leaving for Dachau, Dachau, Germany travel blog

Day 6 - Leaving for Dachau

A travel blog entry by nikolich


Today was that day that me and Mary decided to take a day trip to another German city, and we chose to visit Dachau. It is not that far away so we rented a car and are staying at the Dachau Hostel, it only costs about 23,00E per night, which isn't bad ...

And it begins ------------------------- ..., Munich, Germany travel blog

And it begins ------------------------- ...

A travel blog entry by 3_canadians


... culture backed by thousands of years of history. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Part One: The re-unification of the troops... Munich, Germany ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Finally we meet up here, in Munich for the biggest and best beer festival in the ...

Uni Town, Heidelberg, Germany travel blog

Uni Town

A travel blog entry by indiajan


The old medival town of Heidelberg. Home to Germany's oldest university.. I had an instant affinty with this city. Also this is where I first witness the total and utter madness of the Germans and the World ...

Pleasant Time in Bavaria, Munich, Germany travel blog

Pleasant Time in Bavaria

A travel blog entry by h_hurst


... pretzel with sweet mustard and a weiß beer - quite common fare in Bavaria, though not as common throughout the entirety of Germany or even as a regular everyday thing of course, so don´t make the mistake of making that broad generalization. Anyway, ...

Walking around Stuttgart, Stuttgart, Germany travel blog

Walking around Stuttgart

A travel blog entry by carita


... people are doing a lot better here than in Eastern Germany or in Berlin - probably because they have more money in Southern Germany.. more money, less worries? Anyway, at least people are not complaining the whole time as in Berlin. I think people here ...

Neuschwanstein, Füssen, Germany travel blog


A travel blog entry by gustn


A ...

Eastern German Invasion, Mannheim, Germany travel blog

Eastern German Invasion

A travel blog entry by gavin.edgley

Last night a few of us went out to a proper traditional german restaurant. it was awesome, we had proper traditional food and a couple of drinks. we headed home by about 11 because of the exam the next morning. when we got home, the jugantherberge was ...

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