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MONDAY: What the heck do I do today?, Paris, France travel blog

MONDAY: What the heck do I do today?

A travel blog entry by hsb


... to get out at Solférino, near the Musée d'Orsay, and walk the rest of the way. Another late night stroll by myself in Paris... It was, again, a gorgeous evening. The skies had cleared, the winds had died down, and the stars were shining. I stopped in ...

Lovin' the Louvre., Paris, France travel blog

Lovin' the Louvre.

A travel blog entry by redknob


The stale crossaints I have for breakfast each day are beginning to bore me. At least the big pot of coffee they give me is good, making it all worthwhile. I made it to the Louvre early enough to avoid any long waits to get a ticket. It's relatively ...

The City of Lights, Paris, France travel blog

The City of Lights

A travel blog entry by lesleyweston11


... I should date them, and 2 proposals. Pretty happy with that, as I've had none of that in Australia!   Before going to France, I had been told by plenty of people that the French are rude and arrogant. Besides one of our hotel chaps being a bit sour, ...

Tandem Touring, Paris, France travel blog

Tandem Touring

A travel blog entry by joshnadeau


... streets. The church is a few blocks away from the station, and a tad bit uphill, but Renata promises a fantastic view of Paris. Though brought up as a Latina Catholic she's informally parted ways with the Church - which makes me realize that if she wants ...

Lehmänhermot kadoksissa, Paris, France travel blog

Lehmänhermot kadoksissa

A travel blog entry by sannakoo


Syy: ranskalainen liikennekulttuuri ja opastusjärjestelmä. Taas ei pieni pohjoismaalainen voi ymmärtää, miksi esimerkiksi ohituskaistan alettua itse ohitukseen havahdutaan vasta noin 200 metriä ennen kaistan päättymistä. Ymmärrys ei myöskään ...

Paris, Paris, France travel blog


A travel blog entry by janterry


... . We follow the instructions to the letter. Bad mistake. Bad letter. Can't turn round. You may consider driving around a busy section of Paris in a long, wide camper van at a very busy time of day, looking for a road that is not on the map, while ...

Goodbye Paris....  :(, Paris, France travel blog

Goodbye Paris.... :(

A travel blog entry by jonandheidi


... we said our goodbyes and went our separate ways. I am still amazed by the fact that our European adventure matched up in Paris with Emily and Colin's honeymoon around the world and Dyani and Brice's trip to Paris.  Seriously though, what are the ...

PARIS!!!!!!!!, Paris, France travel blog


A travel blog entry by bekstaarr


... actually missed the entering of the Channel tunnel - only to wake up on the other side, with an announcement saying 'welcome to France'. I must say though, i wasn't expecting the Nord train station to be quite so big - didn't realise how big it was until ...

Bonjour Paris!, Paris, France travel blog

Bonjour Paris!

A travel blog entry by waynedale


... much fun I'd forgotten how sick I was for a few hours. The next morning (Sunday) I had breakfast and walked though the streets of Paris. I stumbled across a museum and decided it'd be a good idea to go in and have a look. The Musee de Grevin is not far ...

Paris, C'est Magnifique!, Paris, France travel blog

Paris, C'est Magnifique!

A travel blog entry by fero_vrskovy


... walks down, no up Avenue Champs Elysees and as the week wore on, the Avenue got longer. A few general observations about Paris and France: First, the food is amazing! From the ubiquitous bread, cheese and pate to the crab ravioli, canard and crème ...

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