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Let the Wild Rumpus Begin, Paris, France travel blog

Let the Wild Rumpus Begin

A travel blog entry by micheletapiolas


Last night's little jaunt around Paris riding the metro and walking the streets felt like Day 1 even though we only ventured out for a couple of hours. It's currently 7 am and after going to bed at 9 pm I've had a well-rested 10 hours sleep. Bridget is in ...

Voltando de Paris, Paris, France travel blog

Voltando de Paris

A travel blog entry by dourado


... pra isso, mas foi bem legal ter a vista de toda uma Paris iluminada. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dia 09/09: Nesse último dia já estava ...

Museums big and small, and the last supper, Paris, France travel blog

Museums big and small, and the last supper

A travel blog entry by kcsinasia


(Not the painting, but the last night with the tour!) Today we are on our own until dinner at 7. We headed out to the Louvre a little ahead of the group, confident that we could manage the Metro. It is not unlike the Underground in London, though perhaps ...

I CAN'T BELIEVE I'M IN PARIS, Paris, France travel blog


A travel blog entry by ka.duncan


... area of Paris-so very modern. Had a break for an hour to get ready for our dinner excursion to Moulin Rouge in Paris. Very impressive seats that our guide got us-front row! We started off with a three course meal and then the show. Interesting ...

Paris, Paris, France travel blog


A travel blog entry by laurantim


We stop off at Paris and meet Myriam and Adeline while we wait for the train to Bordeaux. Petit arret a Paris pr voir MIMI et ADELINE! Merci les filles ca m a fait plaisir de vous voir ...

Paris in a whirlwind, Paris, France travel blog

Paris in a whirlwind

A travel blog entry by traciellen


... 30, exhausted but still can't sleep from all the excitement. Day 3, last day before heading home. The last day of the Tour De France with Contador assured of winning and Lance finishing 3rd. I took the kids (no stroller) with me so that Traci and Colleen ...

Hairy Chick, hairy Table, Strassbourg, France travel blog

Hairy Chick, hairy Table

A travel blog entry by skoettel

... chicken and put our napkins over it so that the French waitress wouldn't chew us out. We were finally all feeling calmed down about the hair until Jay noticed a pubic hair on the table. After that we pretty much took off. We are off to Paris ...

Versailles, Paris, France travel blog


A travel blog entry by lynnloparo


... France, who detested the power and opulence that Versailles represented, won’t hear of it. If you want to rule France, you’ll have to stay in Paris. All that biking has tired me out, and my feet are sore! But I have Camembert cheese, half a ...

Arrival in gay Paris!, Paris, France travel blog

Arrival in gay Paris!

A travel blog entry by jenfifi

We arrived in Paris this morning around nine after a much better night's sleep on the train due to working ventilation. We found our hostel next to the Lourve fairly easily although Chris got his first taste of a nasty Parisian subway attendant. People at ...

Paris, city of Paris-people, Paris, France travel blog

Paris, city of Paris-people

A travel blog entry by jamesdouglas


... I bring this up (I am getting to it), is that both Louise and I took that overnight bus through Brussels to get to the France. The question is... have we been there? Can I ratchett one more country up on my list? I expect a healthy dose of replies to ...

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