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5 Countries in 1 day!, Lille, France travel blog

5 Countries in 1 day!

A travel blog entry by markwilliams84


... on a ferry on Lake Malawi in Central Africa, who I had stayed in touch with and planned to meet as he just happened to be in Europe at the same time) we set off for a long days driving. We drove though France, Holland, Belgium, Germany and in to ...

Nice et Villefranche, un beau jour!, Nice, France travel blog

Nice et Villefranche, un beau jour!

A travel blog entry by kmmccall


... exploring the old city of Nice, and saw the Marche aux fleurs, the largest fruit and flower market in Europe (or maybe France, I can't remember). Then we climbed up La Colline du Chateau, which is a really old fortress-type castle that overlooks the port ...

Paris in the wintertime, Paris, France travel blog

Paris in the wintertime

A travel blog entry by winston


The alarm woke us at 7:00am and we tried out the shower that was located directly opposite the door to our room. There was plenty of hot water but there was no where to hang up the shower head. Having negotiated this minor inconvenience, we headed out ...

Montmartre, Paris, France travel blog


A travel blog entry by nat_and_ant


So Nat is on strike for the duration of our stay in France (much like a large portion of the french work force). But she will be back for Spain. That leaves me to fill you all in. The day started typically for a couple of english speakers getting ...

Last Day in Paris, Paris, France travel blog

Last Day in Paris

A travel blog entry by musiclvr272


      Today we got up and had to do laundary again. We went to this little self service place but all the signs were in French. Luckily a nice lady there helped us figure out how it all worked. Then we hurried back to the hostel ...

Annecy wrap up, Lyon, France travel blog

Annecy wrap up

A travel blog entry by concon3546


... was all good - but the requirement for the males to wear speedos was not going over well with the boys. It turns out that France has a rule that males can't wear burmuda shorts as they are afraid they will make their pools dirty .....? The next two days ...

A lot of walking and waiting...all worth it!, Paris, France travel blog

A lot of walking and waiting...all worth it!

A travel blog entry by brandonandryan


... ;nice french dinner, but were too tired and late to go McDonalds is just down the street. We both agree that France McD's is better, especially chicken nuggets and curry dipping sauce. Then we went back to our cozy hotel.  Today started ...

So after all that, here is where we are at., Rouen, France travel blog

So after all that, here is where we are at.

A travel blog entry by brandonandryan


We flew into Paris Beauvis Airport and took a shuttle bus the rest of the way into the city. Onto the metro to connect with the main line trains. The metro is awesome and very easy to use. It would be totally idiot proof if I spoke a bit more French and ...

The Travel Jinx, Bergerac, France travel blog

The Travel Jinx

A travel blog entry by french_rhubarb


... just has to be REALLY in demand to run during a strike.  So, now I feel as if I have really experienced France - I have been affected by a strike.    But Bergerac did arrive, and off we did get.  The ...

Kids Say the Darnest Things, Grenoble, France travel blog

Kids Say the Darnest Things

A travel blog entry by alyssaglawe

If you have ever been around children, or at least seen a movie with cute child actors, you know that some of the things that come out of their mouth can be absolutely surprising. Now working as an English language assistant and teaching French primary ...

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