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marseille, Marseille, France travel blog


A travel blog entry by restless

and after asking to abunch of ppl we meet alain and his wife, who are heading to italy and passing by marseille and the souther coast they lead us to ...

A good week's skiing, Les Deux Alpes, France travel blog

A good week's skiing

A travel blog entry by dmp3380

We had six good days of skiing in the ...

Every story has a start... This is mine., Bethune, France travel blog

Every story has a start... This is mine.

A travel blog entry by xx__alice


... the same time I was so excited. And I was lucky it wasn't just me on the plane over there. I had everyone going to France and Switzerland from 3 districts in Victoria, and the Tasmania district, too. So all together, on my first flight, there were 18 of ...

Last drinks, ladies and gents, Collioure, France travel blog

Last drinks, ladies and gents

A travel blog entry by barry.mcdonald.


... this involving sustained wandering, looking and thorough consultation. It is a good time to remark on the easier, less macho culture in France. Women seem to hold a different more respected place and role here. There seems to be less leering and a general ...

The Louvre, Notre Dame, Arc De Triomphe, Eiffel, Paris, France travel blog

The Louvre, Notre Dame, Arc De Triomphe, Eiffel

A travel blog entry by leonardgrill


 Crazy 12 hour day.  Guided tour of the Louvre,  then Sunday Mass at Notre Dame,  a walk around the Arc De Triomphe, a ride to the second level of the Eiffel Tower, and finished with a cruise on the Seine. ...

Farewell Haselbourg - Hello Paris, Villemomble, France travel blog

Farewell Haselbourg - Hello Paris

A travel blog entry by blain_holidays


... . Today we drove to Paris, it took about 4hrs and cost 33.70 euro in tolls.  If you do plan on driving in France make sure you factor in the numerous tolls you must pay whenever you use their motorways. However, the roads are well maintained and it ...

D Day, Roissy, France travel blog

D Day

A travel blog entry by teten


Le Jour J est arrivé, départ de vannes en TGV à 5h24, arrivée à Paris 500km et 3 heures plus tard, ensuite chopper quelques métros et RER Parisiens pour enfin prendre cet avion qui me conduira au delà de la Mediterrannée. Histoire à ...

Ah School, Do we have to?, Paris, France travel blog

Ah School, Do we have to?

A travel blog entry by liz.swind


... of our orientation week so far! Versailles is absolutely beautiful and over-the-top. A must-see attraction if you plan on visiting France. It was perfect weather, sunny and mid 70s, so after the tour of the palace we spent the rest of the afternoon in ...

Srečanje prijateljev, Le Castellas, France travel blog

Srečanje prijateljev

A travel blog entry by bibka


Zjutraj najprej v Nimes, nujno opravilo, saj je Garmin v celoti odpovedal in ne preostane nama drugega kot, da kupiva novega. Po nekaj poskusih odkrijeva trgovino in za sprejemljivo ceno je nova napravica najina. Še vedno je na njej posnet isti ...

Paradise Found, Berenx, France travel blog

Paradise Found

A travel blog entry by browntravelco


Paradise Found. Maybe not for all, but as the past week has gone by we are at a point where we really feel we are where we want to be. Not physically necessarily but this kind of lifestyle! This is our 2nd Helpx and thankfully we were welcomed with short ...

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