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Le Fabuleux Destin d'Angela Poulain (Chisolm), Quimper, France travel blog

Le Fabuleux Destin d'Angela Poulain (Chisolm)

A travel blog entry by angielajolie123


Salut tout le monde! Je vais très bien et j'ai pas beaucoup à écrire... mais, je vais vous donner une sommaire de ma journée. Today was a very good day! I started off on my journey after a certain roommate of mine encouraged me to take some pictures ...

Land Tour, All Over France, France travel blog

Land Tour

A travel blog entry by voyageuse


... scary to realize how high up you are. We spent the last day in the city of Lyon, the second biggest city in France and, most importantly, the gastronomic capital of the country. It definitely lived up to its name...I had gnocchi worthy of being from ...

Hitchhiking from Paris To Portugal, Bordeaux, France travel blog

Hitchhiking from Paris To Portugal

A travel blog entry by sg2oo3

... side of the the freeway so we can keep going and not worry about getting back to it. so we ended up staying in bordeaux france because we ended up going there instead of Talouse since that´s where our ride was going we decided we would figure out how to ...

A love/hate relationship, Paris, France travel blog

A love/hate relationship

A travel blog entry by tania3


Ah Paris. The city of romance, of culture of... cigarette butts, homeless people, blaring sirens and rude transport employees. Yes folks, my impression of Paris is love it one minute and despise it the next. We arrived in Paris after a short train ride ...

Palm Tree, Montpellier, France travel blog

Palm Tree

A travel blog entry by joshnadeau


Let's go to the beach, beach!  -Nicki Minaj After the final "we'll come back to do more research." After one last glance at our basilica/mosque/train station. After our chuckling host charms the breakfast Euros from our pockets. After having ...

Birthday in Versailles, France, Versailles, France travel blog

Birthday in Versailles, France

A travel blog entry by globetrotters


... rain was romantic. We found a small restaurant in Montparnasse to dine. I was determined to try a few items that I associate with France -- French fries (of course) and quiche.  Both were delicious, as was Michael's salmon.  For dessert, the ...

Much to Discover in Beautiful Paris, France, Paris, France travel blog

Much to Discover in Beautiful Paris, France

A travel blog entry by globetrotters


With our walking shoes on and a light breakfast of strawberries and chocolate croissant to get us going, we started on our way to visit the Louvre, a masterpiece in architecture and one of the largest museums in the world.  A few twists and turns ...

Narbonne and Carcassonne, Languedoc, France., Narbonne, France travel blog

Narbonne and Carcassonne, Languedoc, France.

A travel blog entry by erinkats


Narbonne is about two hours south of Avignon in and area where the Spanish and French cultures start to meld. We woke up early enough to get espressos and croissants at the cafe across the street. There was a large group of locals starting their day ...

Les chevaliers Cathares pleurent doucement..., Tuchan, France travel blog

Les chevaliers Cathares pleurent doucement...

A travel blog entry by emiglia

Tautavel is a relatively small village in Aude, in Southwestern France, close to the Spanish border. Like all small French villages, it retains a lot of charm, even with the summer invasion of English tourists and homeowners that the Common Market ...

Die Fabrik der Abschlüsse (IV), Paris, France travel blog

Die Fabrik der Abschlüsse (IV)

A travel blog entry by yellowdragon

Die Fabrik der Abschlüsse (IV) Hinter ihm schloss die Tür geräuschlos und luftdicht. Ventile bliesen Dampf in die stillstehende Luft des kugelförmigen Raumes, in dessen Mitte der Verwunderte nun auf einer schmalen stählernen Brücke stand. An den ...

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