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Paris, Paris, France travel blog


A travel blog entry by thee25


To be ...

Day 1, Aix-les-Bains, France travel blog

Day 1

A travel blog entry by adisyl


... at a cost of £2 on oyster is the cheapest way I know of to travel across 6 zones in London BA jets off to Lyon in France, the trip is short and painless, passport control in Lyon is easy as pie The team is Stuart, Kristin, Gavin and Adrian aka ...

Arrived safely and speaking French, Dordogne Valley, France travel blog

Arrived safely and speaking French

A travel blog entry by chrisanddot


... at our cute little b&b in the Dordogne Valley. It was a killer travel day. We left St Louis yesterday at 10am. Arrived in Toulouse, France at 9:30 am the next morning. Waited for Mary to arrive at 11:30, then rented a car and started for Dordogne. Of ...

To the Loire!!, Angers, France travel blog

To the Loire!!

A travel blog entry by browntravelco


Was a late start for us as we pottered around, in no great hurry! And eventually got to the lovely Angers. Was a really beautiful and imposing Castle/Fortress in the centre of town and gorgeous winding streets with pretty little shops! Dan is loving ...

Les Vacances, Part II, Saint-Jean-d'Arves, France travel blog

Les Vacances, Part II

A travel blog entry by pardonmyfrance


As promised, I will deliver on the ever humorous adventures of a “Texan in the mountains” as Sylvie jokingly proclaimed every time I did something funny.  You need a bit of background on my lack of skiing experience to understand my ...

First Day, Lacoste, France travel blog

First Day

A travel blog entry by dgookin


... ." Yeah. I would say it's the best French highway system in the world. It's probably the best French highway system in France, though that's pushing it. Tonight we shared some of what the locals consider to be the best cheese in France. It's called ...

Last day in Provence!, Lacoste, France travel blog

Last day in Provence!

A travel blog entry by dgookin


... . Health care is free to anyone paying French taxes. Unlike the British or Canadian systems, socialized medicine works well in France and there are few horror stories of waiting or being denied treatment. * Tax and tip is always included. Every café ...

No Time for Travel Blog, Pau, France travel blog

No Time for Travel Blog

A travel blog entry by wlwilkin

I'd write in this thing more if I had the time. Yesterday, I was just about finished writing an entry complaining about how awful the computers are in Pau when my server suddenly crashed. Tomorrow I leave to spend five days in Rome. I'm quite ...

La Defense, Paris, France travel blog

La Defense

A travel blog entry by kcossin


We chose to journey out to the business district on the far west side of Paris called "La Defense." It is a very state of the art business district, the largest business district in all of Europe. At the center of the area is a square building, ...

Bonjour!, Paris, France travel blog


A travel blog entry by coblentz


Greetings from the city of light and love, Paris.  My travel companion, Casey, and I, arrived here early Tuesday morning after a long flight from Seattle.  It was an adventure from the moment we stepped on the plane from our connection in the ...

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