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Bumming in Bordeaux, Bordeaux, France travel blog

Bumming in Bordeaux

A travel blog entry by redknob

... . On the way back we were confronted by a proud Brazilian draped in his national flag (there seems to be a lot of them around France at the moment) who laughed at us when we told him we were Australian then ran off, singing to himself. That night I had ...

Go jump in a lake., Annecy, France travel blog

Go jump in a lake.

A travel blog entry by joeljenaturner


Today was Jena's birthday, and of course everyone except Joel remembered. What a dickhead. Jena was very upset with him and his penance nearly lasted the whole day. Joel is not good with numbers and yes, he failed the test. We did our best to salvage the ...

Champagne capital of the woooorld mwhaha, Reims, France travel blog

Champagne capital of the woooorld mwhaha

A travel blog entry by rampantredhead

Now this seriously IS the best champagne I have ever tasted. The city itself is rather boring, pretty but not much bussle. Mumms champagne cellars though are pretty awesome. I also strongly suggest to check out the Notre Dame Cathedral because this is ...

The aperitif, Vidouze, France travel blog

The aperitif

A travel blog entry by hjrlancaster


... country, and it isn't just there that regional identity is very strong. When the Duke of Wellington marched through this part of France the Gascons viewed him as a liberator from the 'French'. To say 'the people are friendly' would be as patronising as ...

Paris je t'aime, Paris, France travel blog

Paris je t'aime

A travel blog entry by cestlavie


It takes all of one hour and a piece to get from Nice to Paris by airplane. We arrived in Paris on Thursday to cloudy skies, and it rained a little that evening, but then the rest of the weekend was blue skies and sunshine. We must have brought it up ...

dribble dribble drool drool, Geneva, France travel blog

dribble dribble drool drool

A travel blog entry by eskimostephie


After about half an hours sleep/snoring and dribbling session we've managed to take off. And oh my goodness what an exciting take off. After catching the last glimpses of Cheshires rural farming land we disappear into a deep cloud chamber. Every now and ...

Into the Mystic, Paris, France travel blog

Into the Mystic

A travel blog entry by misstara


On my way down to Seattle on the morning of November 14, I hit a medium with my car on the way to the Park-N-Jet; no damage to my car, I wasn't concerned though, I was on my way to Paris. I slept all the way to JFK. From there the fun started. As I ...

London ..Eurostar.. Paris...what a day, Paris, France travel blog

London ..Eurostar.. Paris...what a day

A travel blog entry by mauza


A 5am start  for the early Eurostar trip to Paris seemed like a good idae at the time.. must admit the footpaths/ station were far less crowded at that hour.. Straight through security/ border control and we were away.. In no time we were under ...

Monet's Garden & Honfleur, Honfleur, France travel blog

Monet's Garden & Honfleur

A travel blog entry by lbg.jacameron


... !  We still could not find one street sign though to let us know what road we were on!!!  I guess this is France!  The hotel has the most beautiful garden that we are sitting here writing our blog and Lee is going through 250 photos that he ...

Gay Pari, Paris, France travel blog

Gay Pari

A travel blog entry by luahn


Hi guys, This is the final piece to the trip...Paris! And for all of those who thought a proposal would come out of it....I'd just like to say....I told you so. Dave would never choose to do it in Paris! It is way too cliche!  We started off pretty ...

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