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Hanging out round  Kokkola, Kokkola, Finland travel blog

Hanging out round Kokkola

A travel blog entry by mumnrina


Arriving back in Finland from Copenhagen on Friday we met Andrew in Helsinki and then took a 5 hour train trip to Kokkola on the west coast to begin our two weeks of visiting relatives many of whom live in Pohjanmaa. This is the area to the mid north and ...

Picture Perfect Naantali & Narvi, Naantali , Finland travel blog

Picture Perfect Naantali & Narvi

A travel blog entry by mumnrina


After Liisa & I  dashed  back to pick up our two sleeping beauties we drove to a beautiful seaside location which is also home to  Moomiland - home of the much loved Moomi characters in Finnish childrens stories.  Neither Ashley ...

BEHIND THE CURVE, Helsinki, Finland travel blog


A travel blog entry by ohiolair

BEHIND THE CURVE Thursday, July 24, 2008 Ok, Ok, I have been having too much fun to keep up with the blog, but you will get to see and hear about all of our adventures, I promise.  I will be uploading the rest of Helsinki later today, and ...

Tom of Finland, where are you??!!!!, Helsinki, Finland travel blog

Tom of Finland, where are you??!!!!

A travel blog entry by ohiolair


... we are in the town square and walking over to the tourist information office.  And what do I see, but Tom of Finland sailors, only they're not Tom of Finlandesque.  No grand physiques and monumental qualities, but they have the uniform.  ...

A Day in HEL, Helsinki, Finland travel blog

A Day in HEL

A travel blog entry by kteam


Our last day in Europe and we are spending it in HEL!! It was the opposite of hot when we arrived though in fact it was one of the dreariest days of our entire trip with fog and cloud so thick we only saw the runway just before touching down. Outside we ...

Yay! Back in Helsinki!, Helsinki, Finland travel blog

Yay! Back in Helsinki!

A travel blog entry by sonia72


Temp. -7°C So happy I'm back! Perfect way to end the trip, unfortunately it is nearly finished :( WOW! WHAT A TREAT! My last hotel for the trip is by far the ultimate best! It's so plush I want to move in here permanently. The photos will ...

ill salami, Ilsalmi, Finland travel blog

ill salami

A travel blog entry by beautiful_freak

Where in the hell in Ilsalmi??? Your guess is as good as mine. We went to this small town in central Finland as an idea to get to the World Wife Carrying Championships. This town is the closet town to where it happens. Apparently there are no buses on ...

The Love Bus, Jyväskylä, Finland travel blog

The Love Bus

A travel blog entry by liamharte

... and as such there was a little bit of confusion as to why breakfast was being served so late. Today we continued south through Finland and, as it was a long driving day, we took part in an interesting activity on the bus where we were randomly given the ...

I'm probably getting a lump of coal for this, Rovaniemi, Finland travel blog

I'm probably getting a lump of coal for this

A travel blog entry by beautiful_freak

This is the furthest north that I have ever been in my life!!! So, we arrived in Rovaniemi in the early morning hours to as usual, bright sunshine. We stored our bags for the day and set out into the world to try and figure out how to get to the ...

Taste of Finnish hospitality, Rautalampi, Finland travel blog

Taste of Finnish hospitality

A travel blog entry by mumnrina


A four hour train journey from Jarvenpaa to Suonenjoki  took us through the Finnish countryside past farming communities, lakes and forests. We went to visit  a retired  cousin and his wife who  picked us up from the train and we ...

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