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South Sea Island, Nadi, Fiji travel blog

South Sea Island

A travel blog entry by emoff


... a feel to it so its making us appreciate our wee town Sigatoka where the people are friendly and the area is much more scenic. We had a fun night out at one of the local clubs and we've booked a few more nights in Nadi for when we return from the ...

Fiji, Fiji, Fiji travel blog


A travel blog entry by markandsophie


... Mark was not impressed at!), we set off on the Yasawa flyer to three different islands in the yasawa islands. From reading the Fiji lonely planet's 5 best beaches, we were going to three of them -  very very happy Sophie. In general, the Fijian ...

Shark attack!!, Nadi, Fiji travel blog

Shark attack!!

A travel blog entry by lorrainemclaren


Did I mention how warm it's been, and how burnt we are? Yeh we though factor 30 would be enough but that's coming from two people who usually only spend a day in a max of 25 degree heat! Anyway today we have just spent a day in the shade as it's ...

Barefoot island goodbyes, Nadi, Fiji travel blog

Barefoot island goodbyes

A travel blog entry by lorrainemclaren


So today was our last day on our first island and it really has set the standard high for our next two. The food has been amazing, almost as amazing as our mums homecooked dinners! I hadn't realised how much I missed vegetables, and yes mum I'm being ...

Fiji....... Fiji...... Fiji!!!, Nadi, Fiji travel blog

Fiji....... Fiji...... Fiji!!!

A travel blog entry by chrisannan


lazing in the sun, crab racing and fun, fun, ...

Fiji, Nadi, Fiji travel blog


A travel blog entry by lauraontour

FIJI (in brief - you've all heard this) Well after much sitting around at the beach house drinking Fiji Gold & reading lots... we decided to take a trip out to the islands. Unfortunately it turned out that i was bitten like crazy by bed bugs at the ...

Paradise...., Nadi, Fiji travel blog


A travel blog entry by amber_darling


... LA the evening of the 26th Oct and landed in Fiji the morning of the 28th! I lost a day! The overwheleming first impression of Fiji just from the arrival area of the airport was how friendly everyone was. So many people asked if I need help and ...

Bula!, Nadi, Fiji travel blog


A travel blog entry by harry_emma


... island hopping. After a bit of research and speaking to the friendly travel agent based at the hotel we booked the rest of our Fiji stay on 3 different islands. We opted to spend a bit more than the minimum packages for nicer resorts as it wasn't much of ...

.... I'm leaving on a jet plane :(, Nadi, Fiji travel blog

.... I'm leaving on a jet plane :(

A travel blog entry by mslissy


... with Reene, Jeremy and little Hope and went to the Radisson for a light lunch and a couple of cocktails. then back on the Bula Bus to The Sheraton to buy my clock. now sitting at Nadi airport waiting for the flight home. not looking forward to the ...

Apr 25, 2012, Nadi, Fiji travel blog

Apr 25, 2012

A travel blog entry by rexinkpen


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