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Dec 17, 2010, Nadi, Fiji travel blog

Dec 17, 2010

A travel blog entry by jeffmccabe


Velkommen til paradis, Nadi, Fiji travel blog

Velkommen til paradis

A travel blog entry by julia.stine


Den 12. januar ankom vi med flyveren fra New Zealand til Nadi. Det første, der møder os i lufthavnen, er tre syngende og spillende mænd med blomster bag øret. " Velkommen til paradis" står der på en stor plakat på vej mod baggagebåndet. Luften ...

Come on, it's Fiji time, Nadi, Fiji travel blog

Come on, it's Fiji time

A travel blog entry by hoconnell1904

... a storm is always good fun... So that was Fiji: short and sweet but oh so beautiful.  Things I have learnt about Fiji: - The people are sooo friendly - It is the law to chill -  you're on Fiji time, remember  - Even in ...

We're on Fiji time, Nadi, Fiji travel blog

We're on Fiji time

A travel blog entry by h.dub


... with some Austrians, my occupation is now "student" as this appears to make everyone's life a little easier. My flight from LA to Fiji was great. I was a little annoyed when I got on the plane and was told by an old lady that I should move seats. ...

Here we go again, Nadi, Fiji travel blog

Here we go again

A travel blog entry by oconnor27

Day 1 of Trip 2  After 2 days off in beautiful Fiji, it is time to go again. The 2nd boss is on for his 3 and a half week summer holiday. I can't imagine he will be as warm and appreciative as the first boss but I don't think he'll be far off. After ...

My trip in Fiji, Nadi, Fiji travel blog

My trip in Fiji

A travel blog entry by jeromeasselin


I'm really lazy at the moment, so I'll try to publish some videos and I'll write more later. I'm fine and Fiji is really nice. Finally the network suc** too much so I'll post them when I'll be in New-Zealand. Peace guys! Je suis vraiment fatigué et par ...

Suva to Nadi, Nadi, Fiji travel blog

Suva to Nadi

A travel blog entry by ahartry


... . We had all slept fairly well on the flight, so we hopped in our Avis car about sunrise and headed off around the island. "Fiji is a very beautiful island with very warm, friendly people." Very true. After a search for hot bread and coffee, our stomachs ...

Fly to Fiji, Nadi, Fiji travel blog

Fly to Fiji

A travel blog entry by robsworld

... . We flew on the 20th so we booked our first night's accommodation for the 20th forgetting that we jump international date line and Fiji are a day ahead so by the time we realised this Fiji we already on the 21st so obviously too late to cancel. We ...

Island 1: Coral View, Nadi, Fiji travel blog

Island 1: Coral View

A travel blog entry by christinalenart


... was enough to keep constant smiles on our faces. We met some other British travelers, Charlie and Alex (Rugby players who were using Fiji as a stop on their way back to the U.K. from Brisbane). The first resort we arrived at was called Coral View and was ...

Fiji, Nadi, Fiji travel blog


A travel blog entry by bugsy9219

We arrived in Fiji about 7am this morning. Stepped off the plane very tired, hungry and emotional and loved it instantly! The people are so friendly and welcoming you instantly feel at home there. We went and checked into our hotel and dumped out stuff ...

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