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The Foodie in me, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia travel blog

The Foodie in me

A travel blog entry by phungster


I can't visit a country without sampling its cuisine. Food hygiene is lacking here, but it doesn't stop me from sampling some of the local cusine.  I am sticking to cooked food... so far so good. Just feast with your eyes, enjoy! ...

The Cradle of Civilization, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia travel blog

The Cradle of Civilization

A travel blog entry by wkatsande

Ethiopia 7 - 13 MarchI am now in the cradle of civilization - Ethiopia - the land of Salem and Lucy (the first humans baby and adult) and Haile Sellasse who embraced Rastafarianism and welcomed all Africans home - as long as you have your visa of course ...

Life in the Operating Room, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia travel blog

Life in the Operating Room

A travel blog entry by braindoc21


Hands down it is in the OR here where I get frustrated the most.  I know it is in part because I feel like I operating half blind with one hand tied behind my back.  Most of the OR equipment is a hand me down of a hand me down.  Right now ...

ETHIOPIA, Somewhere in, Ethiopia travel blog


A travel blog entry by et_3


  Ethiopia is one of the states which are found at the horn Africa. These state embraced a 3,000 years history…including the African iconic relic (the cradle of man kind…Lucy), well known by the historical, the natural, the wildlife and ...

First Impressions of Ethiopia, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia travel blog

First Impressions of Ethiopia

A travel blog entry by kstephens


... amaze me how much more wonderful, welcoming, enjoyable a new place (especially a foreign one) seems when you know someone there. Ethiopia was no exception to the rule - or perhaps I should say, strongly reinforced this point. It is definitely a feeling ...

Harar, Harar, Ethiopia travel blog


A travel blog entry by antonunterwegs


Wir schauen uns mit einem Führer, natürlich begleitet von Kindern und Ferenji Rufen, den ganzen Tag in der Altstadt um. Ziemlich deprimierend ist, dass wir viele Männer sehen, die bereits am frühen Morgen, berauscht von den Chat Blättern, die wohl ...

Arriving in Bahar Dar, Bahar Dar, Ethiopia travel blog

Arriving in Bahar Dar

A travel blog entry by imalone

... are specaular and I wish I'd taken more pictures but I lose my camera in around 4 weeks so it doesnt matter. I think Saturday must be Celine Dion night in Ethiopia as her album gets a good few succesive plays. Ace of Base feature heavily ...

We've arrived safely!, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia travel blog

We've arrived safely!

A travel blog entry by cbctrips

Endured long flight to Frankfurt and then enjoyed cool airbus cruise during daylight over Egypt following the Nile down river into Ethiopia for 9PM arrival local time (7 hours ahead of Kentucky).  Little sleep during 22 hours of travel but the team ...

Ancient churches carved into rocks, Lalibela, Ethiopia travel blog

Ancient churches carved into rocks

A travel blog entry by laura1


Back to some bright colors, Harar, Ethiopia travel blog

Back to some bright colors

A travel blog entry by laura1


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