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Final walk round Tallinn, Tallinn, Estonia travel blog

Final walk round Tallinn

A travel blog entry by stevemt


After breakfast, we went for a final walk on a lovely sunny day, seeing all the things we had not seen the day before. Had the evening at the brewery pub restaurant for a VT members birthday. ...

Reisi planeerimine, Tallinn, Estonia travel blog

Reisi planeerimine

A travel blog entry by kv1982

Enne reisi oleme siis jõudnud broneerida alljärgnevad asjad: 1) lennupiletid kahele Tallinn-Milan Bergamo-Tallinn, Ryanairiga, 2 pagasiühikut, piletihind 2 inimesele kokku 217 eurot 2) autorent 12 päevaks 411 eurot. Muudkui vaatasime ja vaatasime ...

Welcome to Tallin Estonia, Tallinn, Estonia travel blog

Welcome to Tallin Estonia

A travel blog entry by bohnsack

Tallinn ...

Katastrofa jménem návrat, Tallinn, Estonia travel blog

Katastrofa jménem návrat

A travel blog entry by mechiko


Probudíme se včas 4:40. Taxík přijede včas 5:15. ...a pak to začne! Při odbavení zjištujeme, že v příručním zavazadle máme ony slavné hořčice. Musíme odbavit ...

Bussiga Riiga, Tallinn, Estonia travel blog

Bussiga Riiga

A travel blog entry by veikok

Tuli sõita Riia ...

Big winds, beauty, just wonderful!!!, Tallinn, Estonia travel blog

Big winds, beauty, just wonderful!!!

A travel blog entry by washablebeej

Tallinn: So pretty... Stayed in hostel for first night in Tallinn then moved to marina to camp next to luxury vessels and million dollar boats and massive campervans on the beach! So lovely!!! swam in the morning... looked across water to town... ...

the 'Old town' blueprint begins!, Tallinn, Estonia travel blog

the 'Old town' blueprint begins!

A travel blog entry by barryandrach

The two hour ferry to Tallinn started off shaky but ended up being a very calm trip the rest of the way. Again there were no border formalities, Rachel is starting to get annoyed she isnt collecting any stamps in her passport for this road trip. We drove ...

Booze Cruise, Tallinn, Estonia travel blog

Booze Cruise

A travel blog entry by igor2000

... 11am, and this family I got talking to had already started before even getting on the ferry. I did a spot more sightseeing in Tallinn, including the walls in the old town, before booking a coach back to Berlin, where I'd decided a few days before ...

Do you know where Tallinn is?, Tallinn, Estonia travel blog

Do you know where Tallinn is?

A travel blog entry by gter1


... leaving Russia was going to be Tallinn.  It sounded Swedish or maybe even Finnish but it's actually the capital of Estonia.   Again we were unprepared for this old heraldic city with its cobblestone streets and remnants of walled ruins.  ...

The Great Foot Rebellion Of 2011, Tallinn, Estonia travel blog

The Great Foot Rebellion Of 2011

A travel blog entry by davefremland


... 1/3, I would like to state for the record that I have nothing but the utmost respect and admiration for the people of Tallinn.  Their peacefulness, drive, artistry and gentility have impressed me in a way I can't explain. Of Tallinn itself, I can ...

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