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Met de vikings in de sauna, Tallinn, Estonia travel blog

Met de vikings in de sauna

A travel blog entry by hdendekker


... in een dagje en rond vijf uur was het dan ook tijd om weer terug te gaan richting het schip. In Tallinn zelf hebben we verschillende kerken, middeleeuwse gebouwen (waaronder het stadhuis en de apotheek) en ook het bezettingsmuseum gezien. ...

Talinn, Talinn, Estonia travel blog


A travel blog entry by traveltragic


Morning walking tour - Old Town, Toompea Hill, Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, Dome Church, St Nicholas Church, Medieval Town Hall, Town Hall Square, Guild Houses. Coffee in cute cafe to escape rain, then our own walking tour - souvenir & present ...

sissejuhatus, Tallinn, Estonia travel blog


A travel blog entry by nipitiri

Kaks suve järjest edasilükatud käik Ahvenamaale on nüüd lõpuks päevakorras. Ahvenamaa: ca 6500 saart, autonoomne piirkond Soome koosseisus, ametlik keel on rootsi, pealinn Mariehamn, rahvast umbes 28 000 inimest. Miks kuulub punt rootslasi ...

Don't be surprised, Tallinn, Estonia travel blog

Don't be surprised

A travel blog entry by cariverga

There is no love more sincere than the love of food George Bernard Shaw Абсолютный номер один ...

Sep 15, 2013, Tallinn, Estonia travel blog

Sep 15, 2013

A travel blog entry by bake33


Start from Tallinn by ship, Tallinn, Estonia travel blog

Start from Tallinn by ship

A travel blog entry by jaaksirp

From Tallinn we ...

Tallink to Tallinn, Tallinn, Estonia travel blog

Tallink to Tallinn

A travel blog entry by haydenmoyle


In August, we took the Tallink ferry 'Baltic Queen' from Stockholm to Tallinn, Estonia. The trip was pleasant and our stay in Tallinn was fascinating. We spent our few days wandering about the picturesque streets of the medieval Vanalinn (old town), ...

Último día en el Báltico con ó, Tallin, Estonia travel blog

Último día en el Báltico con ó

A travel blog entry by ateosinfrontera


Último día completo de viaje y último día también en Tallín, esta encantadora ciudad de fáciles y agradables paseos entre evocaciones tardo-medievales. Ayer nos dejamos parte del paseo recomendado por la Lonely por dar, ...

Day Trippin' to Tallinn, Estonia, Tallinn, Estonia travel blog

Day Trippin' to Tallinn, Estonia

A travel blog entry by f.goldthorpe


... I continued toward the old church spires several hundred meters away.  After the architectural uniformity of downtown Helsinki, Tallinn's buildings seem chaotic. New glass and steel structures are mixed with older stone block warehouses and even some ...

Tallinn old town, Vanalinn, Estonia travel blog

Tallinn old town

A travel blog entry by jacobcir


... Houses were very old but nicely renovated and painted in bright colors and streets were made of gobble stones. The old town of Tallinn dates back to 13th century. We stepped inside a really old Lutheran church and also Russian Orthodox church, just to ...

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