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kodus, Tallinn, Estonia travel blog


A travel blog entry by nipitiri

Kodus. Palav on siin. At home. It's hot here. ...

Somebody's got a case of the Mondays, Tallinn, Estonia travel blog

Somebody's got a case of the Mondays

A travel blog entry by pandasphere


... years of Estonian history as narrated by a famous Estonian poet, the first Estonian president, some German bishop who presided over Estonia, the Estonian spirit, and... the northern frog. Yep, some random amphibian. We didn't really get it either. Turns ...

La collocation, Tallinn, Estonia travel blog

La collocation

A travel blog entry by teten

Cette nuit c´est Olivier qui est malade comme un chien, il n´ira meme pas travailler, moi ca va et je continue mon aventure vers le port... d´ou mon ferry decolle a 11h30. 2h30 de traversée de la mer Baltique et me voila en Estonie, dernière ...

Estonia and the Singing Revolution, Tallinn, Estonia travel blog

Estonia and the Singing Revolution

A travel blog entry by rachel21601


... bus is pleasant with conifers and birch trees, signs for moose crossing and a stork's nest. With its shorter growing season, Estonia is less agricultural than Lithuania and Latvia, relying more on industry and technology; Skype was invented in Estonia. We ...

2nd Stop- Tallinn, Estonia, Tallinn, Estonia travel blog

2nd Stop- Tallinn, Estonia

A travel blog entry by dbworld2see


The second port stop brought us to the medieval town of Tallinn, Estonia. Since Bree had been before on a trip with her parents she served as our tour guide and we set out to enjoy the city.  The town is broken into two main parts, at the center is ...

1. päev, 30,16 km, Altja-Nõmmeveski, Nõmmeveski, Estonia travel blog

1. päev, 30,16 km, Altja-Nõmmeveski

A travel blog entry by nipitiri


I fall asleep with sound of the sea and wake up with it. It rained during the night but sun is partly out in the morning. Swans swim across the bay. Beautiful morning, 8:11 the walk begins. The first part of the trail goes along quiet pine forest, some ...

Mer et forêts, Käsmu, Estonia travel blog

Mer et forêts

A travel blog entry by md-monde1


Samedi 16 août   Encore un orage impressionnant qui terrorise la pauvre May au volant de la voiture lors de notre départ matinal. Nous avons fait des provisions au supermarché du coin, sachant que notre périple nous mènera aujourd'hui vers des ...

Mission to St.Petersburg, Tallinn, Estonia travel blog

Mission to St.Petersburg

A travel blog entry by dumballdukes

... mission to St.Petersburg andd trying to get over the Russian border. I think we were all expecting that with the issues with the Estonia Police, the V5 docs and the cart alteration... Russia could be tough to crack. We set off from Tallin at about 9.15 ...

To the Baltics!, Tallinn, Estonia travel blog

To the Baltics!

A travel blog entry by tmason29


... , and then then Russian again and so on. Now they are all independent, Lithuania share close ties with Poland and Estonia likes its ties with Finland and the Nordic countries. Well tomorrow we are off to Russia, we though getting our Visa's was ...

Traipsing round Tallinn, Tallinn, Estonia travel blog

Traipsing round Tallinn

A travel blog entry by anni.porter


Well as you might expect we were both a bit slow to start this morning! Definitely some rather heavy heads.  But you can't keep a good tourist down and so we were up and at it (albeit somewhat slower than usual!!)  We docked in Tallinn at 7am ...

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