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The last night, Tartu, Estonia travel blog

The last night

A travel blog entry by luggage06z

Well, I'm about to sleep for the last time in Tartu (at least for now). I have an early start tomorrow morning, getting up around 8 to make sure I have everything packed. Then I have to see if the security guard downstairs needs to check my room or not, ...

Dag 13, Mustvee, Estonia travel blog

Dag 13

A travel blog entry by marrik


Vandaag weer vroeg op moeten staan, gisteren namelijk de boot overtocht geregeld van Helsinki naar Talinn (Estland!). En gezien onze ervaringen met bootovertochten tot nu toe, willen we dat dit gewoon goed gaat, met een beetje geluk zelfs zonder drama ...

kolmas päivä ja vierailu Maijella, Tallinn, Estonia travel blog

kolmas päivä ja vierailu Maijella

A travel blog entry by marjap

Herään aamuun kattohuoneistossamme; aivan upea aamu. Huoneistoomme paistaa nouseva aurinko ja sänkyyn asti näkyy ikkunasta oranssinkeltainen "viiva" taivaanrannassa turkoosin sinisellä pohjalla. Aurinko nousee ja valaisee maan ja maailman upeasti ...

Estonia Eesti, Kiviõli, Estonia travel blog

Estonia Eesti

A travel blog entry by 53465382

Estonia ...

arengud, Tallinn, Estonia travel blog


A travel blog entry by nipitiri

Passid välisreisidelt edukalt koos viisadega tagasi. Jalgrattaretk bukitud ja scheduled departures'ide all kirjas: (Dragon's Tail) :) Ja paistab, et meiega võivad liituda veel neli inimest... Nüüd ...

Suomenlinna Island, Tallinn, Estonia travel blog

Suomenlinna Island

A travel blog entry by 2tillbrooks


... we arrived and ready to start our walk, the rain instantly stopped and the sun came out. Enjoyed the island and was even able to sit out side on the return ferry trip. Now we sit on the big car ferry on our way to Estonia, should arrive around ...

Pärnu, Pärnu, Estonia travel blog


A travel blog entry by jameslawler


... contains lots of exercise / playground equipment. One interesting piece was for a "sport" called kiiking. The sport was invented in Estonia and there were quite a few setups on the beach. Basically it is a giant seesaw but instead of sitting down you ...

Visiting Tallinn in Estonia, Tallinn, Estonia travel blog

Visiting Tallinn in Estonia

A travel blog entry by bahramjan

We took a ferry (Linda Line Express) to Tallinn, because it is not far from Helsinki, we bougth a daytrip Ticket which was 29 Euro. Tallinn was very beautifull, it took 90 min to get there, and we were in 15 min in the old city part, and visited Olde ...

Tallinn old town, Tallinn, Estonia travel blog

Tallinn old town

A travel blog entry by arks-abc


Tallinn is a town full of old buildings and cathedrals.  They have a rich history and have a large glass statue of a cross symbolising ...

In praise of Europe, and the bears, Tallinn, Estonia travel blog

In praise of Europe, and the bears

A travel blog entry by thesunroseclear


Although we visited only the capital cities, the three Baltic nations were a highlight of our trip.  All three old towns are well preserved, have very little traffic and are great for strolling.  Outside the walls, Tallinn has an edgier port ...

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