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Väljalend, Tallinn, Estonia travel blog


A travel blog entry by katublogi


Untitled, Otepää Parish, Estonia travel blog


A travel blog entry by erikale91

... After about 15 minutes there was no sign of anyone I knew. So I went out again, walking into cafes and shops. The great thing about Estonia is there is free WiFi in most every cafe or restaurant. I knew that if I could get a WiFi signal I could get on my ...

Tallinn en deux jours, Tallinn, Estonia travel blog

Tallinn en deux jours

A travel blog entry by md-monde1


  Vendredi 15 août Avouons le - nous avons fait comme les touristes scandinaves qui descendent de leur paquebot ou comme les japonais en route pour Saint Petersbourg. Tallinn en deux jours top chrono.  C'est pourtant fou ce que cette ...

Estonia, Tallinn, Estonia travel blog


A travel blog entry by soniasjourneys


... 13th century and then became absorbed into the Russian Empire after falling to Peter the Great in 1721.  Approximately 1/3 of Estonia’s million and a half population live in Tallinn. We decided to take an Architecture, Art and Music tour and ...

Oldest capital in Europe, Tallinn, Estonia travel blog

Oldest capital in Europe

A travel blog entry by tricruiser


... on the stones. None of the original are left. They were moved to make way for road work and such. There were replicas. Estonia was calmer and had a better feel than the other ports. There was lots of local art and craftsmen. There was a whole ...

Tallinn Tales, Tallinn, Estonia, Estonia travel blog

Tallinn Tales

A travel blog entry by carmaran-a-gogo


Our first view of Tallinn, Estonia felt like we had not only sailed across the Baltic Sea; but, sailed back in time. As has time has passed; Tallinn has divided it's city into three distinct districts...a very clean, modern new city center; a gray, drab ...

It’s August: time for my annual Russian Pala, Tallinn, Estonia travel blog

It’s August: time for my annual Russian Pala

A travel blog entry by timthelibrarian


... in the Song Festival Grounds, where up to 30,000 singers partake in the festival each year to commemorate the singing revolution that gained Estonia its independence from the Soviets. On the way back to the city, I could see some very, very dark clouds on ...

hakkab pihta..., Tallinn, Estonia travel blog

hakkab pihta...

A travel blog entry by nipitiri

Igaks juhuks saab üle kontrollitud, kas lennuajad ikka endised. On, aga muutunud on terminalid Moskvas. Terminalidevahelise ühenduse kohta ütleb, et kõnealuste terminalide vahel avati jalakäijate ...

Suveakadeemia 2009, Kolga, Estonia travel blog

Suveakadeemia 2009

A travel blog entry by veikok


Osalesin 1,5 päeva samuti suveakadeemial. Täiesti piisav ...

Sep 30, 2009, Tallinn, Estonia travel blog

Sep 30, 2009

A travel blog entry by hader.mito


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