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Kuressaare Castle, Kuressaare, Estonia travel blog

Kuressaare Castle

A travel blog entry by alcatrav


We caught a Sebe bus this morning which was not as fancy as the Lux. We also had a man sitting behind us in sandals and his feet smelt really bad! Before getting on the bus we bought some pastries for breakfast and noticed a young couple kept staring at ...

City-cycling, Rummu, Estonia travel blog


A travel blog entry by tommmartens


Tere! Kuidas se elad? As we were in such a cosy and welcoming town as Tallinn, we decided to explore it! And until today we did. Not much cycling so far, we know... Tallinns medieval centre feels very much like Gent (though ofcourse nothing ...

start, Tallinn, Estonia travel blog


A travel blog entry by nipitiri

Sadamasse suundun Järve keskuse kaudu - seal on ühendatud nii Matkasport, ehituspood, toiduvarumine kui ka võimalus raha vahetada. Key Ehituskaubad osutub küll kohaks, kus on ainult õhukest kattekilet, mis telgi alla panekuks ei kõlba. ...

Lahemaa Park, cullato dalle onde, Loksa, Estonia travel blog

Lahemaa Park, cullato dalle onde

A travel blog entry by girodeuropa


... lingue di terra che, delimitate a sud dalla autostrada 1 per Tallin, si allungano nel mare che bagna la costa nord dell'Estonia. Io ho scelto di esplorare la lingua centrale, che ha per base il villaggetto di Loksa. Lasciata la superstrada, la striscia ...

New Zeland, Tallinn, Estonia travel blog

New Zeland

A travel blog entry by eesti.traveling


... friends, finally we can go on a trip that's been in our dreams/minds a long time. This is the beginning of a dream. Bye Estonia, friends for a while. But we gonna keep in touch by this blog. We will post some pictures along the way so thatyou'll feel ...

Still dirty, but now also thirty, Kuressaare, Estonia travel blog

Still dirty, but now also thirty

A travel blog entry by pwong


Today I turn 30 ... NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Oh well, what do you do?  At least I'm turning 30 while doing what I love to do.  And I must admit that celebrating a birthday in Europe for the 3rd year in a row is pretty cool.  ...

The Baltic Adventure Begins, Tallinn, Estonia travel blog

The Baltic Adventure Begins

A travel blog entry by craigandlauren


... as a prison from 1920 – 2005. The history of this prison being used by the Soviets during their occupation of Estonia was of particular interest, although it was a prison for criminals as opposed to political prisoners. The tour started at 5pm, and ...

Everything Estonian, Tallinn, Estonia travel blog

Everything Estonian

A travel blog entry by loneyjel


... I buy all around Europe. We spend the morning on the Hop-On Hop-Off bus to see Tallinn and its outskirts. Estonia’s more recent history of Russian and German occupation is also evident with Soviet style buildings and military artifacts in the area ...

Tallinn, Tallinn, Estonia travel blog


A travel blog entry by ashortle


Estonia for New ...

Tallinn - Day 3 - Rain and Museum, Tallinn, Estonia travel blog

Tallinn - Day 3 - Rain and Museum

A travel blog entry by blackie_me


Tere ohtust (TEH-reh HOOKH-toost)!  Good evening! Day 3, breakfast #2 at Telegraaf Hotel, Tallinn. I woke up to the sound of rain and felt lost; did not know how to proceed with my day.  For that reason, after breakfast, I went back to bed and ...

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