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Copenhagen to Singapore, Copenhagen, Denmark travel blog

Copenhagen to Singapore

A travel blog entry by mejergrip


From Copenhagen to Singapore Så er vi på vej.....kl. 0430 står vi op og klarer de sidste ting inden afgang. Vi bliver hentet 5.30 Ses I ...

Denmark 1, Copenhagen, Denmark travel blog

Denmark 1

A travel blog entry by ullanlinna

Beautiful ...

HammerPants in full forse!!, Copenhagen, Denmark travel blog

HammerPants in full forse!!

A travel blog entry by crossin_oceans


... water, by the cafes, bought some fruit and finally made our way back to the metro and back to the hostel... Overview... I LOVE COPENHAGEN... Beautiful, beautiful place... and to top it off they drive on the proper side of the road!!! Like Us!!! I should ...

Goodbye Iceland, hello Denmark! :), Copenhagen, Denmark travel blog

Goodbye Iceland, hello Denmark! :)

A travel blog entry by theshis

... We checked in the hotel, which turned out to be rather disappointing, and headed to stroll the lovely (yet empty) streets of Copenhagen (Easter time, I guess). Of course, we did not miss the Little Mermaid and severa; other main attractions in the city. ...

"What Rhymes With 'Hygge'?"

A travel blog entry by sql_spice


... and viewed the crown jewels and royal regalia. We still hadn't had our fill of castley goodness, so we visited ANOTHER Copenhagen castle- Christianborg Castle. It really is stunning to have these gorgeous castles just plunked in the middle of the city. ...

Transfer, Copenhagen Region, Denmark travel blog


A travel blog entry by royston4040

Transfer went ok ...

Day one in Copenhagen on the On and Off Bus, Copenhagen, Denmark travel blog

Day one in Copenhagen on the On and Off Bus

A travel blog entry by rviaucar


... we took the canal boat tour.  The photos were much better because we were out in the fresh air. So thoughts of Copenhagen so far.  Everyone rides bikes, folks are not stressed.  Lots of good looking folks, Brian says plenty of ...

Tea & Amarula, Copenhagen, Denmark travel blog

Tea & Amarula

A travel blog entry by helcanen


Green tea after lunch. Never take alcool during flight, but they proposed this kind of Baileys. Maybe I could sleep after this ^^ Thé vert et Amarula. Je ne prends jamais d'alcool durant un vol, mais ils proposaient un pousse-café genre Baileys. ...

Tivoli Park and Leaving Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Denmark travel blog

Tivoli Park and Leaving Copenhagen

A travel blog entry by dcdave100


... nbsp;One of the days we spent in Copenhagen we walked on over to the Tivoli Amusement Park that is located right in downtown Copenhagen.  Tivoli was founded in 1843 when it opened with a horse drawn carousel and a roller coaster.  I thought this ...

The Little Mermaid, Lego & bloody French Rap, Copenhagen, Denmark travel blog

The Little Mermaid, Lego & bloody French Rap

A travel blog entry by xplorersarah


... I'm very grateful and has made for some excellent photos. The boat tour started from the Nyhaun canal, which is Copenhagen's typical postcard image, lined with many brightly painted town houses. The author Hans Christian Anderson, who wrote The Little ...

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