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Allborg, Denmark, Aalborg, Denmark travel blog

Allborg, Denmark

A travel blog entry by nath_h


... rather interesting for the few days i was there. i arrived at Aalborg in North Jutland (the westmost and largest island of denmark) around midday on tuesday 2AUG. I had barely any sleep during the flights and having been up since the previous morning i ...

Day 17: Esbjerg. Rest., Esbjerg, Denmark travel blog

Day 17: Esbjerg. Rest.

A travel blog entry by awjsheard


... day and the wind is switching overnight to come from the NW which would make tomorrow absolute hell! The cycle trip was from England to Denmark and we have achieved that, tomorrow would only be the icing on the cake and we all know icing isn't ...

Inter-Railing: Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Denmark travel blog

Inter-Railing: Copenhagen

A travel blog entry by babytraveller


... time in Copenhagen. This was the seventh and final stop of our tour.  I had never been to Copenhagen before. I'd been to Denmark, but that was only on a small walking weekend away with my family. Coming to the Capital was an experience that all ...

Copenhagen - Day 1, Copenhagen, Denmark travel blog

Copenhagen - Day 1

A travel blog entry by t.bird


... used to have a lot of wars. They stopped when Germany became a bigger problem 5) the Danish king responsible for uniting Denmark was called Harald Bluetooth, and Siemens (the phone company, remember them) named bluetooth after him Our guide, Daniel, is ...

Tour of Taasingegade 29, Copenhagen, Denmark travel blog

Tour of Taasingegade 29

A travel blog entry by sarahindenmark


... ) doing tons of renovations. Anyways...we'll start with the bathroom...the weirdest thing I've encountered so far in Denmark as Denmark hasn't been all that weird to begin with.   Notice the drain under the sink.  That's where ...

DSE messe, Aalborg Municipality, Denmark travel blog

DSE messe

A travel blog entry by brunofriis

Jeg var i dag på DSE messe i gigantium, der mødte vi en organisation der hedder edu, de repræsenterer 40 forskellige universiteter rundt om i verden og de sagde bl.a. at de kunne få os af sted allerede til januar 2013 hvis vi ville. Umiddelbart tror ...

Worst day yet, Skagen, Denmark travel blog

Worst day yet

A travel blog entry by derek_roberts10

There is really nothing of note to report on today. It was filthy weather, torrential rain and strong winds predominated. Still, we filled the day and before we knew it, it was 17:30 and we were hosting Hornpipe 2 again! After dinner we watched an ...

Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Denmark travel blog


A travel blog entry by paula_rod

Copenhagen ...

North to Skandinavia, Copenhagen, Denmark travel blog

North to Skandinavia

A travel blog entry by radsolv

Revisiting Copenhagen after a lifetime ago. Charming and impressive city. Great weather. Made new acquaintances Isadora from Belgrade and Lena from ...

Trains & bikes, Skagen, Denmark travel blog

Trains & bikes

A travel blog entry by derek_roberts10


We aren't a million miles from midsummer’s day, surely the weather will be better by then? Still, the sun was shining and today, we’d planned a little excursion by train, to the nearest town of any size, the port town of Frederiksahvn about ...

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