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Grabbing the Bull by the Horns, Cayo Santa Maria, Cuba travel blog

Grabbing the Bull by the Horns

A travel blog entry by wareameye


... I am bringing home with friends. I crawl into bed with this unique, sweet taste still in my mouth, even after a good tooth brushing and gargle! I welcome it, and I know the sights, sounds and aromas of Cuba will linger long after we return home!   ...

polygonic fever, Veradero, Cuba travel blog

polygonic fever

A travel blog entry by findingnine


... the entry after. What can I tell you. First impressions are the strongest. OK, a little about arrival day, since I map pinned Cuba for this.  The airport was was very. Muggy, non-english, (curse my monolingualism, thats what I get ...

Beautiful old town, Trinidad, Cuba travel blog

Beautiful old town

A travel blog entry by chahan


... there, but it was just time to move again. So here I am, in Trinidad. This is a colonial city in the middle of Cuba, which is probably one of the most touristic places on the island. The reason is simple : the old Trinidad has simply a beautiful colonial ...

The adopted son, called Che, Varadero, Cuba travel blog

The adopted son, called Che

A travel blog entry by wanderlizzy


... indescribable. It was as if they were partying actually in our room! As you'll hear me complain repeatedly throughout our stay in Cuba, getting wifi is bad. So the best time, Peter found was in the computer lounge at 3 A.M. when everyone else, me ...

A Blast to the Past, Havana, Cuba travel blog

A Blast to the Past

A travel blog entry by wareameye


... bins, and more than a few precious instruments had to be checked at the last moment. The flight is a quickie -- we're over Cuba with barely enough time to down a glass of water aboard. Getting cleared into the country and collecting our luggage is a long ...

Santiago de Cuba, Santiago de Cuba, Cuba travel blog

Santiago de Cuba

A travel blog entry by coma-weltreise


Auf dem Weg in die musikalische Hauptstadt statteten wir der kubanischen Schutzheiligen "Virgen de la Caridad" in El Cobre noch einen kurzen Besuch ab und bestaunten die kleine, goldene Statue in der Kirche. Die Verkäufer am Strassenrand waren ...

Santa Clara, Santa Clara, Cuba travel blog

Santa Clara

A travel blog entry by coma-weltreise


Unterwegs nach Santa Clara legten wir im Ort Remedios einen kleinen Halt ein. Dieser wird von den Reiseführern als Geheimtipp und kleines, sehr originales Nest angepriesen. Tatsächlich ist es sehr hübsch, aber der schöne Teil ist wirklich sehr klein ...

WELCOME TO CUBA #1 of 4- LAST COMMUNIST STANDING, Havana, Cuba travel blog


A travel blog entry by hardiek


... .  Belief is crucial.  Once you stop believing, then the castles crumble.  Sound like science fiction?  Welcome to Cuba.   If you've never been to a Communist country, you should go.  But hurry; they're a dying ...

La Habana, Havana, Cuba travel blog

La Habana

A travel blog entry by coma-weltreise


Wie durch ein kleines Wunder fanden wir im Strassengewirr der Altstadt sogar an den vielen Baustellen vorbei zu unserer letzten Casa particular. Einmal mehr waren dabei die wachsamen und schnellen Augen aller Insassen beim Entdecken der spärlich ...

Santa Clara....Hi-di-hi, comrade, Santa Clara, Cuba travel blog

Santa Clara....Hi-di-hi, comrade

A travel blog entry by terryback


... 't have been wandering around the jungles of the world trying to ferment revolution through guerrilla warfare, he should have been representing Cuba at the UN, being charismatic and living up to his photo.  But no, he wouldn't be happy until the ...

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