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A Layover Communist Style..., Havana, Cuba travel blog

A Layover Communist Style...

A travel blog entry by dockerills

... of a forum that we found re overnight accommodation "near the airport".  Basically the taxi was as expensive as going into downtown Cuba, the place was a dump and we nearly missed our flight as the usless hotel did not book our taxi for the morning ...

Kubadan sonraki ulke belli oldu, Havana, Cuba travel blog

Kubadan sonraki ulke belli oldu

A travel blog entry by tugbaemregezide


Bugun hem Trinidad ve Varaderoya gitmek icin otobus biletlerimizi hem de Caracas'a gitmek icin ucak biletimizi alicaz. Ucak biletimizin tarihiyle Kuba'da toplam kalis suremiz de netlesmis olacak. Epeydir ilk defa bir ucak biletini internetten degil ...

Havanna, Havana, Cuba travel blog


A travel blog entry by geert-sa


... optie. Ook goed om je spaans te oefenen want engels spreken ze niet. Na 2 dagen Havanna had ik het eigenlijk alweer gehad met Cuba en de cubanen. Alles wordt in het werk gesteld om geld uit een tourist te halen. Alle bonnen goed nalopen, vooraf de prijs ...

Adios y Viva la Cuba!, La Habana, Cuba travel blog

Adios y Viva la Cuba!

A travel blog entry by ckingnfinding


... 't that bad in comparison to the residents of a country that live and breathe salsa/ dance. Culture fail Australia. There's a sad side. The Cuba we see, is the result of years of suffering and hunger. We, tourists, see the novelty of an old world. Olexis ...

Érkezés Kubába, Havana, Cuba travel blog

Érkezés Kubába

A travel blog entry by lindamatyi


Cancun - Havana Reggel első utunk a Cubana légitársaság cancuni irodájába vezet, szerezni valami papírt arról, hogy megvan a repjegyünk Havanába. Amikor 20 perc várakozás után a koszos irodában sorra kerülünk és a Commodore 64 ...

Varadero, back to the Caribbean, Varadero, Cuba travel blog

Varadero, back to the Caribbean

A travel blog entry by danijon


... to Cuban`s is 1 week. And we thought NZ was bad with 3. We didn`t get too much more information about the system in Cuba, as the locals are forbidden to discuss (and Diane`s boyfriend was not that happy about her talking so she changed the topic everytime ...

Musical Mojitos, Havana, Cuba travel blog

Musical Mojitos

A travel blog entry by mardow


... as Revolution Square where tall buildings had massive metal framed outlines of Fidel Castro and Che Guavara on the sides.  Yes, definately Cuba!    Our casa particular was in the Vedado area of Havana, a better area to stay in than the old ...

Che, Gay, Gray and Ballet, Cayo Santa Maria, Cuba travel blog

Che, Gay, Gray and Ballet

A travel blog entry by wareameye


Our first visit of the day is to the Che Guevara Memorial in Santa Clara. There is a huge line to get inside, and after waiting for a while and realizing that this delay will impact the rest of the day, we opt to leave without going inside the museum. We ...

Relaxing in Varadero, Varadero, Cuba travel blog

Relaxing in Varadero

A travel blog entry by vermaakjeanne


... , which included a few Grease moves. Good entertainment value!! After the show had finished, we made ourselves comfortable at the bar drinking Cuba Libres and Pina Coladas, and got to know the barman, Gustavo and a few of the other people at the hotel. It ...

Bring tissue, Veradero, Cuba travel blog

Bring tissue

A travel blog entry by findingnine

... way. Some of the days start to blend  for me at this point. If I did it again, it would involve fewer Mojitos and Cuba libres. One of the absolute best meals I had was on my trip into Veradero. I was going back and forth between walking on the ...

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