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1er Mayo, Cienfuegos, Cuba travel blog

1er Mayo

A travel blog entry by alexandra1512


1st of May holiday celebration, quiet town otherwise but beautiful ...

And so it begins, Havana, Cuba travel blog

And so it begins

A travel blog entry by sihaigh


... a few times being passed pillar to post, the staff not knowing if I was international or domestic (flying to Cancun then onto Cuba). After sweating a bucket or 2, I finally check in with half an hour to make my flight. I make it but my rucksack doesn't! ...

Adios Cuba, Hola Cancun & Cozumel, Havana, Cuba travel blog

Adios Cuba, Hola Cancun & Cozumel

A travel blog entry by sham.murphy


Not a dry eye in the house when I´m leaving Maylen & Ottos for the airport but could you blame them.  There is a rather large tropical storm heading to Habana and I just want to make sure that I get out before that hits.  I love the place ...

1. meripäivä, Atlantic Ocean, Cuba travel blog

1. meripäivä

A travel blog entry by arktinen_kettu


Matkalaiset ryntäsivät laivaan muutaman tuhannen muun ihmisen kanssa. Aikamoinen jolla sanoisin. Työntekijät ovat ympäri maapallon, moni heistä kysyy, että olemmeko Turusta kun kuulevat, että olemme suomalaisia. Bulgarialainen miekkonen muistaa ...

Guanabacoa, Guanabacoa, Cuba, Cuba travel blog


A travel blog entry by nanseaj


... tumultuous US-Cuban relations from the Cuban perspective.  It was very interesting; he also touched on the strategic location of Cuba in the Caribbean. The morning was spent in Guanabacoa at a private home where a friend of the family, ...

Santiago de Cuba, May 27-28, Santiago de Cuba, Cuba travel blog

Santiago de Cuba, May 27-28

A travel blog entry by _regula_ueli


... 'hrt wurde. Im Museum konnten wir Bilder davon sehen, was der Hurrican Sandy letztes Jahr in Kuba, speziell in Santiago de Cuba angerichtet hat. Eine riesen Verwüstung und natürlich ist noch nicht wieder alles repariert. Auf Fragen zum Wiederaufbau und ...

Chapter Fifteen - Havana. Part 1, Havana, Cuba travel blog

Chapter Fifteen - Havana. Part 1

A travel blog entry by mmbcross


This great city of Havana, with a population of just over 2 million, is unique in the world. In 1959 I sailed into Havana as an apprentice on the British merchant ship "Potosi". In 2013/14 I visited Havana again with my Road Scholar groups. The skyline ...

Falling in love, Havana, Cuba travel blog

Falling in love

A travel blog entry by mistytravels


... the morning and talked about things like religion, history, food, and books.His religion is Santería which is one of Cuba's most dominant religions after Catholisism. It is basically a cult brought to Cuba with the slaves hundreds of years ...

not the real cuba, Varadero, Cuba travel blog

not the real cuba

A travel blog entry by gnargnar

anxious to see the real deal. spending christmas in la habana this year. ...

We have arrived, Havana, Cuba travel blog

We have arrived

A travel blog entry by the-malones


... up and returned to the ship. If we can't get any money then we can't spend any money! The only losers will be Cuba! About 1000 passengers left the ship and had to go through four passport controls and then through TWO security scanners. It didn't work ...

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