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Corcovado, Corcovado, Costa Rica travel blog


A travel blog entry by chiel_maas


I had heard great stories about Corcovado. My sister and her husband have been there before me and really liked it. They told me you can see lots of scarlet macaws and toucans flying around, and that there still are jaguars and tapirs walking around. A ...

White water rafting, Pacuare Reserve, Costa Rica travel blog

White water rafting

A travel blog entry by ditch

... up early this morning at 5am to go white water rafting on the Pacuare River which is situated in the central highlands of Costa Rica. Though I have been rafting before in Chang Mai (northern Thailand) I have never been white water rafting so I was ...

Amigos + Cloud forests + Tarzan swing, Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve, Costa Rica travel blog

Amigos + Cloud forests + Tarzan swing

A travel blog entry by pablo_salma


Well what a blessing to meet Macushla and Matt in Costa Rica. We hadn't planned to hit Costa Rica, but with the opportunity to meet up, we were in! We met in Montverde, a place famous for it’s wildlife and 'Cloud Forest’. The perfect place to ...

Todo Bien, Playa Hermosa, Costa Rica travel blog

Todo Bien

A travel blog entry by kmaitlan


Hi it´s been a long time since I last wrote, sorry!  I have been quite busy with school and doing my overseas assignments.  Ah... where to begin...let´s see since I last wrote I can think of a few things that I have been doing.  ...

Week 3, San Jose, Costa Rica travel blog

Week 3

A travel blog entry by bell.costarica

... ; After that we went to the national museum, which was an old fort on a hill.  It has alot information on the history of costa rica.  Honestly the museums aren't that great, however it had good views of the city. Later that night we went to see ...

The day the Clown came to work.., San Joaquin de Flores, Costa Rica travel blog

The day the Clown came to work..

A travel blog entry by georgiemoule


... bizarre hand actions,, because he didn't realise we speak Spanish. Eventually, after a painful 3 hours he left, along with Rafa the hairless Costa Rican. Turns out the clown was there because it was Rafas last day at the centre. I think we'll both feel a ...

Brake, brake, brake!!!!, Monteverde, Costa Rica travel blog

Brake, brake, brake!!!!

A travel blog entry by jay_and_joann


    If you are looking for big adventure in Monteverde, then zip lines are the way to go.  Our host, Ronnie, booked us a canopy tour through 100% Adventura, and they guarantee total satisfaction.  For $25 per person we were ...

zip line tour, Nosara, Costa Rica travel blog

zip line tour

A travel blog entry by smylazar


Wednesday -- Zip line tour  We took a tour with the Miss Sky zipline ticos. These cats definitely loved the ladies.... A zipline is essentially a metal cable (think finger width) strung between 2 concrete posts sunk into mountain peaks set about 1/2 a ...

Rafting To Our Hotel, Siquirres, Costa Rica travel blog

Rafting To Our Hotel

A travel blog entry by tdv95


... powers-that-be change their minds (the nearby majestic Reventazón River was lost to a dam project so even eco-focused Costa Rica is not beyond messing with natures works of art). The Pacuare River, or the Río Pacuare, flows approximately ...

Vamonos!, San Jose, Costa Rica travel blog


A travel blog entry by littlesthobo


God these buses are killing me - 5 more hours of sweaty barfy travel yesterday to get us back to the capital. Turns out that during those 5 hours, my backpack was resting in a large puddle of fish guts in the luggage hold under the bus. Later on, dogs ...

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