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Aimless wandering round Bogota!, Bogota, Colombia travel blog

Aimless wandering round Bogota!

A travel blog entry by hansieryder


I changed my mind and was actually pretty unhappy with my hostel last night. It seemed fine at first, though the room was quite bare, but once I got into bed it became apparent that someone very hairy had slept in there before me. I spent a good few ...

The timbucktoo of South America, Punta Gallinas, Colombia travel blog

The timbucktoo of South America

A travel blog entry by jled


Hi I am Jessie - Josh's guest blogger for the week. We just got back from Punto Gallenas - the northernmost point of South America, and the infamous Tumbucktoo of the Americas, due to it's extreme remoteness. Getting there was a bitch. and a half. Up ...

Cartagena - great colonial city, Cartagena, Colombia travel blog

Cartagena - great colonial city

A travel blog entry by yfjell


The morning (late that is) after an evening with too much rum and cigars, I jumped on the minibus to get into Santa Marta, hoping to find a bus towards Cartagena. Bang, bang, smack, smack and 25 minutes after I was heading in the right direction. ...

The found city, Ciudad Perdida, Colombia travel blog

The found city

A travel blog entry by jled


I'm back! I found the Lost City and was glad I did. Where to start... Payed 500,000 COP (set price) for 5 to 6 days (we did 5) to hike up mountains, across rivers, through native land to get to the famous Ciudad Perdida. The city itself was built ...

2.5 million, Medellin, Colombia travel blog

2.5 million

A travel blog entry by riege


Yes, that is the number of inhabitants Medellin has. It is a huge, modern city with lots of highrise buildings and a metro. What did I do?: Botanical Garden with beautiful orchids and butterfly house City center with some lovely new buildings, some ...

Vallenatos y Calor, Valledupar, Colombia travel blog

Vallenatos y Calor

A travel blog entry by arango


... people standing along the roadside, once again, selling pimpinas of gas from Venezuela at half the price you can get it here in Colombia.  Just before Valledupar we stopped in the small town of San Diego, for water and just to say we stopped in San ...

sun sea & sand in Taganga, Taganga, Colombia travel blog

sun sea & sand in Taganga

A travel blog entry by ristohannah


... Santa Marta, detoruing to show us around the town centre, main plaza, seafront, and even pointing out the house where Colombia's favorite footballer, Carlos 'El Pibe' Valderrama, was born, near the old railway line. We checked into the beautiful ...

In Medellin- catching up on an Ecuadorian trip!, Medellin, Colombia travel blog

In Medellin- catching up on an Ecuadorian trip!

A travel blog entry by allisonakemi


I love, love, love this hostal here in Medellin and have decided to stay at least another day because of it!  :) This place is so tranquilo and I am enjoying simply "chilling out" and doing a bunch of nothing.  I was hoping to be inspired ...

Bogota - a serious contender to Buenos Aires, Bogota, Colombia travel blog

Bogota - a serious contender to Buenos Aires

A travel blog entry by yfjell


Short and pleasant flight with LAN Peru from Quito to Bogota, watching the Simpsons and not doing much. Ate so much in the lounge at the airport. Took a taxi to Platypus in La Candelaria, where I had made a reservation. Luckily I did reserve, because ...

Pit stops in Pasto & Popayan, Popayan, Colombia travel blog

Pit stops in Pasto & Popayan

A travel blog entry by ristohannah


... night's kip and another 7 hours on a bus, the four of us arrived in Popayan, an old colonial town nestled between Colombia's western and central mountain ranges. Fortunately it was still just about daylight so we had a quick scoot around the ...

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