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Medellin - National Park, Medellin, Colombia travel blog

Medellin - National Park

A travel blog entry by vamosbenhoran


Its a late start today after the efforts of last night but we still have bread and cream cheese left so at least we have a yummy breakfast again.  Gavin (who was the drunkest of everyone last night) somehow managed to get up after 2 hours sleep and ...

Sun and statues, San Agustin, Colombia travel blog

Sun and statues

A travel blog entry by dunjica

... ! We'll see in London if it's real, but it's pretty... He also offered to take me on a 1 hour horseride for free the day after tomorrow but I think that's when I'll be going to Tierradentro. We went for an arepa with cheese - the best I've had in ...

Famous coffee and amazingly unique landscapes, Salento, Colombia travel blog

Famous coffee and amazingly unique landscapes

A travel blog entry by marie-line


... for directions, and they are so sincerely friendly. Honestly, I have never felt so safe in South America than here in Colombia, up till now. And although I encountered many very friendly people, and had countless chitchats in the streets with locals, ...

Die Ruhe nach dem Sturm, Cartagena, Colombia travel blog

Die Ruhe nach dem Sturm

A travel blog entry by haeschendoktor


Heute ging es erst mal geruhsam los: zumindest habe ich etwas länger geschlafen als sonst, dann folgte ein langes, ausgedehntes Frühstück, Abhängen im Liegestuhl (inkl. eines kleinen Nickerchens) und den Herrgott einen guten Mann sein lassen... Bei ...

Little beachy place, Taganga, Colombia travel blog

Little beachy place

A travel blog entry by desandem


... our Ciudad Perdida trek, which, according to the lonely planet, is a little beachy fishing village that is the worst kept secret in Colombia. Well, we can report that its pretty much true, but it is none the less a cute little place. Some of the food ...

It's Slinky, it's Slinky! Fun for a girl or a boy!, Santa Marta (Distrito Turístico Cultural E Históri, Colombia travel blog

It's Slinky, it's Slinky! Fun for a girl or a boy!

A travel blog entry by jhenley87


We didn't know it when we set out this morning, but today was the day we would reach Tayuna, the Lost City. It was a long journey in getting there though, and the trail rewarded us again and again for all our hard work. Once you've accepted the physical ...

Lazing in Tolu, Tolú, Colombia travel blog

Lazing in Tolu

A travel blog entry by sainty1

Said goodbye to lovely pipster and wandered off to the Colombian holiday resort of Tolu. What an absolute s$%&hole. Luckily we found a (slightly overpriced) lovely place to stay which was very useful for recovering from the illness I´d picked up in ...

Aimless wandering round Bogota!, Bogota, Colombia travel blog

Aimless wandering round Bogota!

A travel blog entry by hansieryder


I changed my mind and was actually pretty unhappy with my hostel last night. It seemed fine at first, though the room was quite bare, but once I got into bed it became apparent that someone very hairy had slept in there before me. I spent a good few ...

The timbucktoo of South America, Punta Gallinas, Colombia travel blog

The timbucktoo of South America

A travel blog entry by jled


Hi I am Jessie - Josh's guest blogger for the week. We just got back from Punto Gallenas - the northernmost point of South America, and the infamous Tumbucktoo of the Americas, due to it's extreme remoteness. Getting there was a bitch. and a half. Up ...

Cartagena - great colonial city, Cartagena, Colombia travel blog

Cartagena - great colonial city

A travel blog entry by yfjell


The morning (late that is) after an evening with too much rum and cigars, I jumped on the minibus to get into Santa Marta, hoping to find a bus towards Cartagena. Bang, bang, smack, smack and 25 minutes after I was heading in the right direction. ...

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