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Oh, Medellin, Medellin, Colombia travel blog

Oh, Medellin

A travel blog entry by mattmantle


... pools as far as the eye could see, set between impressive mountain ranges on one side and brilliant green valleys all around. Well played Colombia, well played. Getting down was far easier, and at the bottom the four of us jumped in a Tuk Tuk along to the ...

La eleccion y la seca, Bogota, Colombia travel blog

La eleccion y la seca

A travel blog entry by ness010


... intercept the goods. Obviously this put a lot of pressure on the likes of Pablo Escobar, who in response started a campaign in Colombia to get a non-extradition treaty with the US written into the constitution so that he could avoid being sent to prison ...

La Isla, whitewater, repelling, aguardiente & TEJO, San Gil, Colombia travel blog

La Isla, whitewater, repelling, aguardiente & TEJO

A travel blog entry by cgavin


... on our way. As we ventured down from 2800m Bogota to 1200m San Gil, three things became apparent to me: Colombia is absolutely gorgeous. This degree of change in altitude dramatically changes the vegetation and the temperature! (From 15 degrees in ...

Horses, Hiking, and Hills, PopayŠn, Colombia travel blog

Horses, Hiking, and Hills

A travel blog entry by jessavamyn


... ; We also toured the university,  La Universidad del Cauca, which was founded in 1827.  PopayŠn produces presedents for Colombia, a total of 17 have been born here, and the citizens (and university students) appear to have their fingers on the ...

Flying in paradise, Bucaramanga, Colombia travel blog

Flying in paradise

A travel blog entry by green_ears


Wow... Well, two out of two flyable days were spent in the air flying along side the birds called "churros"! Michel and I have pretty much perfected the afternoon flying which is very similar to the conditions found at Mont Yamaska, Quebec: a mixture of ...

Colombian Living., Cartagena, Colombia travel blog

Colombian Living.

A travel blog entry by erhodes


... quiter then usual. We got a boat one day to a small beach around the head land, where i finally found what i was searching for in Colombia, a clean beach! It was great. The night life here was still a lot of fun (even if it was a bit dead). The club we ...

Taganga: SCUBA!, Taganga, Colombia travel blog

Taganga: SCUBA!

A travel blog entry by bethany32


Food and Craziness, Medellin, Colombia travel blog

Food and Craziness

A travel blog entry by leala.colombia


The big feast in the States is coming up soon, and chances are I will not be celebrating. I have explained the significance of this holiday to my family and all the food appeals to them, so I will be making a few traditional dishes for them to try. ...

Medellin- Surprisingly Middle Class, Medellin, Colombia travel blog

Medellin- Surprisingly Middle Class

A travel blog entry by jenny2802


... we went to a sports bar in town (which has novel red and yellow cards that you hold up to get a waitresses attention). Sadly Colombia lost which was a bit of a shame as everyone seemed a bit deflated. The boys also insisted on a drink in Hooters. Apart ...

Cartagena- Melted Me, Cartagena, Colombia travel blog

Cartagena- Melted Me

A travel blog entry by jenny2802


A long bus ride north landed us in Cartagena, a wealthy Colonial town- the Spanish stored all their plundered gold here before shipping it back to Europe, which also meant that pirates used to try and seize the port a lot. I think it was the prettiest ...

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