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A travel blog entry by leala.colombia


... were both asleep with in minutes.  This morning has been a slow one with a delicious eggs, queso, and arepa for breakfast. At a leisurely pace we are getting ready to go to Grandma's for tamales and family time. Weekends in Colombia are like a ...

Colombia: mountains, hiking and Culture, Bogota, Colombia travel blog

Colombia: mountains, hiking and Culture

A travel blog entry by paulandton


... months we wanted something different. So the decision was easy! We're heading for the mountains. We quickly realized that traveling in Colombia takes time as the distances are a lot bigger here than we were used to and it is a lot more mountainous here! ...

Chance encounters in enchanting Cartagena, Cartagena, Colombia travel blog

Chance encounters in enchanting Cartagena

A travel blog entry by gregsbigshimmy


See pictures here Cartagena   I liked Cartagena immediately. The heat, old town, architecture and atmosphere. I found it a little odd to have police every 300m on the ...

I'm Mistaken for a Piasa, Medellin, Colombia travel blog

I'm Mistaken for a Piasa

A travel blog entry by leala.colombia


Highlight of my day; another American thought I was a "piasa" (native to Colombia). I must be getting some color and speaking beautifully!  My new friend's name is Bruce and he has been in the city for nine months and also taught at Denver West for ...

Rumba y Moto!!, Medellin, Colombia travel blog

Rumba y Moto!!

A travel blog entry by leala.colombia


... he recently moved to New York he was living in Vail. It is because they are together that I knew someone I could live with in Colombia.  After I finished lunch we hopped on the "moto" (more like a scooter) and the two of us rode of to see Abuelita. ...

Taking risks in Colombia, Cartagena, Colombia travel blog

Taking risks in Colombia

A travel blog entry by mark_kate


... and promptly broke down stranding all the passangers, the correct bus arrived and we got back! An interesting and adventurous day in Colombia! We also went on a boat trip to the Islas del Rosario, a group of tropical islands just off the coast. Initially ...

¿Tomb Raider? Nada!, San Andrés, Colombia travel blog

¿Tomb Raider? Nada!

A travel blog entry by usupandaway


... . The last sunlight was to be used to explore the village and the famous church which is one of the only ones in Colombia with a thatched roof and a lovely traditional entrance. They as well used it very effectively as a music hall as well and all ...

Walled City, Cartagena, Colombia travel blog

Walled City

A travel blog entry by tdv95


For years Columbia has been something of a no-go zone for travelers. Between armed-to-the-teeth drug cartels, FARC rebels, corrupt police, heavy-handed military, and right wing paramilitary groups there was the potential for the sort of unplanned ...

Oh, Medellin, Medellin, Colombia travel blog

Oh, Medellin

A travel blog entry by mattmantle


... pools as far as the eye could see, set between impressive mountain ranges on one side and brilliant green valleys all around. Well played Colombia, well played. Getting down was far easier, and at the bottom the four of us jumped in a Tuk Tuk along to the ...

La eleccion y la seca, Bogota, Colombia travel blog

La eleccion y la seca

A travel blog entry by ness010


... intercept the goods. Obviously this put a lot of pressure on the likes of Pablo Escobar, who in response started a campaign in Colombia to get a non-extradition treaty with the US written into the constitution so that he could avoid being sent to prison ...

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