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Terracotta Warriors and Pandas, Xi'an and Chengdu, China travel blog

Terracotta Warriors and Pandas

A travel blog entry by wombles5050


... a visit to a Chinese opera show in the evening...I'll let Rachel tell you about that and the rest of our time in Chengdu! Rachel here:-) I had totally forgotten the coffee saga. It was so good to be amongst others who needed caffeine and thankfully for ...

Walking Jinnin N Qingyang Districts, Chengdu, China travel blog

Walking Jinnin N Qingyang Districts

A travel blog entry by eddakath

This is a top pick!

Well, the last day in Chengdu has arrived. We were supposed to be on the bus and out of here to Songpan today but the bus station we needed to go to get tickets was way over in the north western side of the city and would have been closed last ...

Going to Emeishan, Chengdu, China travel blog

Going to Emeishan

A travel blog entry by becks

... or something. Hilarious, see it if you get the chance! Even better is the new 'Chengle' expressway between Chengdu and Leshan, traffic moving fast in China!!!! When we got to Baoguo, the delightful village at the bottom of Emeishan mountain, we got off ...

Preparing to be a Western tourist, Chengdu, China travel blog

Preparing to be a Western tourist

A travel blog entry by kevinmarkbrown


... personal questions to be avoided. Thought they might stop when the kids got over 16 or something, but no. Evening flight to Chengdu trouble-free, although delayed. My hosts (and the teachers at school) are very worried (perplexed) about me travelling both ...

Money money money is all I need!, Chengdu, China travel blog

Money money money is all I need!

A travel blog entry by feilipu

... tudiants. Elle m'a pas trouvé d'étudiant. Heureusement pour moi, je peux lui tendre un piège grâce au deuxième Québecois de Chengdu, qui est souvent en contact avec elle. Chance de ravoir mon argent : Si je la joue cool, plutôt bonne. Ou je me fait ...

Coincidence, Chengdu, China travel blog


A travel blog entry by feilipu

... des marches comme Chris, le seul autre Quebecois de Chengdu.   Oh vous avais-je parler du seul autre Quebecois de Chengdu? Ben il est moitie-conscient et moitie-inconscient a l'hopital, parce que pour representer le Quebec il faut boire beaucoup. Et ...

Chengdupin, Chengdu, China travel blog


A travel blog entry by feilipu


Fallait que ca arrive, j'ai trouver du beau monde, et la capaciter de ressentir la douleur avec mon pied. C'est une grande et pimpante victoire. Prenez un verre pour moi. Si c'est le matin, un cafe irlandais suffira a m'appaiser. Mon courroux sera ...

Humidite relativement relative, Chengdu, China travel blog

Humidite relativement relative

A travel blog entry by feilipu

Humide   Et fret. Je crois que la temperature commence a vouloir que je quitte. Dieu merci j'ai pas encore de rhumatisme, mais bonyeu que ca donne la sniffette.   C'est pour ca en fait qu'ici ca mange tellement epice. Quand il fait chaud et ...

Quand la vie te donne des citrons..., Chengdu, China travel blog

Quand la vie te donne des citrons...

A travel blog entry by feilipu


... suicide toi!   Certes, la recherche d'emploi va pour le mieux, considerant que mon visa expire bientot... en fait avant mon depart de la Chine. La morale de cette histoire est essentiellement : Quand vous demandez 3 mois a l'agence de voyage, ...

Chengdu, Chengdu, China travel blog


A travel blog entry by robertbeddow


... 't bore you with the details though, you'll just have to accept it was a sensible decision. We then proceeded on to Chengdu via a particularly stressful journey. There is a high speed boat link from Hong Kong to Shenzen airport. However, in reality there ...

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