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Chengdu, Chengdu, China travel blog


A travel blog entry by robertbeddow


... 't bore you with the details though, you'll just have to accept it was a sensible decision. We then proceeded on to Chengdu via a particularly stressful journey. There is a high speed boat link from Hong Kong to Shenzen airport. However, in reality there ...

Lazy Days, Chengdu, China travel blog

Lazy Days

A travel blog entry by mikeyv

... spoke to Eoghun and Gareth about it because I knew they wanted to go too. We went back and organised our tickets to fly out of Chengdu on the 17th. We went to the bank to get money to pay for this since paying by credit card carries a surcharge. I went ...

Praise You, Chengdu, China travel blog

Praise You

A travel blog entry by mikeyv

After last night's drinking session, I awoke about 11 a.m and dived straight into a nice fried breakfast. Fortunately I wasn't feeling too bad, which is a surprise since last night I felt really unwell after drinking those cocktails. Trish soon ...

Un peu de temps a moi, pour vous, Chengdu, China travel blog

Un peu de temps a moi, pour vous

A travel blog entry by feilipu


Le temps est une precieuse commodite diront les petits aimants philosophiques de frigidaires avec des images d'anges qui supporte une femme au foyer lorsqu'elle marche sur une longue plage deserte (Pas si deserte me diront ceux qui se branlent en lisant ...

The End of my Asian Adventures, Chengdu, China travel blog

The End of my Asian Adventures

A travel blog entry by irelandish


... to see close up. I could have paid to hold on but it would have cost about £100 so that was not going to happen. Chengdu is in the Shenzhen region of China which is famous for its spicy food, so a crowd of us from the hostel all headed out for the famous ...



A travel blog entry by feilipu

Je suis en brainstorm pour trouver des activites pour faire parler des jeunes. J'ai deja penser "Preparer vous a l'apocalypse des zombies" Il me reste juste 15 autres activites a trouver. Les blogs des 2 prochaines seront cours. Paix et amour. PS: C'est ...

Fallait que ca arrive..., Chengdu, China travel blog

Fallait que ca arrive...

A travel blog entry by feilipu

ET C'EST ARRIVE. Un autre compatriote est apparu, yeah yeah yeah!   Et en plus, surprise (dans ton lit ca bouge) c'est le genre de personne qui connait plein de monde que je connais!   Tout d'abord, petit Lareau, il se tenait avec ton frere, ...

Stimulation visuelle (POUR MARC OSTI), Chengdu, China travel blog

Stimulation visuelle (POUR MARC OSTI)

A travel blog entry by feilipu


J'imagine que là que j'ai l'internet pis que j'ai accès a mon blog, et j'ai découvert quelques sites ou des filles se font sodomiser pour de l'argent, ça serait honteux de pas mettre des photos (Note de l'Éditeur : Tes idées sont confuses et ta ...

Kids with Cameras, Chengdu, China travel blog

Kids with Cameras

A travel blog entry by mikeyv

The train arrived in Chengdu about 7:10 a.m and I walked the short distance to the bus station and got on a bus. Fortunately, I had a map from the hostel I wanted to stay at, given to me by Nick back in Lijiang. I got off the bus, and walked for a while ...

Chengdu, China, Chengdu, China travel blog

Chengdu, China

A travel blog entry by chrisstambo


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