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Golden Panties - j, Santiago, Chile travel blog

Golden Panties - j

A travel blog entry by los2gringos

... , but bright yellow panties. Intriguing. Why would Chilenos prefer to buy their undergarments from street vendors? And shouldn’t Chile, the richest South American country, be able to provide their citizens with white panties just like the rest of ...

Back to Puerto Natales, Puerto Natales, Chile travel blog

Back to Puerto Natales

A travel blog entry by alistravels

vvvvvvv ...

its a jungle out there, San pedro de atacama, Chile travel blog

its a jungle out there

A travel blog entry by twjthornton

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... cities... So i am here in Uyunu, a small town that is in the south west corner of the largest salt lake in the world. I can smell Chile which is close and i know that whilst a week ago i wanted only my bed, my couch, my tunes, as soon as i have finished ...

Puerto Chacabuco, Chile, Puerto Chacabuco, Chile travel blog

Puerto Chacabuco, Chile

A travel blog entry by oneluckygirl

We actually didn't get off at this port. It was a super tiny town, and we read online that there was nothing to do anyways. Instead, we ate and typed up some more of our ...

Chilling out in Chile.....16-18 Nov, Valparaiso, Chile travel blog

Chilling out in Chile.....16-18 Nov

A travel blog entry by samphilpott

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... did the tasting with us was only in his 3rd week, but he was lovely. What a great way to end to our time in Chile, I want to comeback. The people here seem to be much happier, friendlier and nicer than in Argentina... It is the 5th anniversary of losing ...

We are OK, no eruption here, Santiago, Chile travel blog

We are OK, no eruption here

A travel blog entry by alohagypsies


... is filled with so much smog who can tell if it's volcanic ash or not! It's a trip. I read there are 2,000 volcanoes in Chile. Wow! and I climbed one of them last week! We arrived in Santiago on Saturday. We actually had driven to Vina Del Mar, but once ...

It seems that i have wandered into a season ..., Castro, Chiloe, Chile travel blog

It seems that i have wandered into a season ...

A travel blog entry by twjthornton

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... , about 20 or thirty foot at a time, beating an cajoling the straining animals. Luckily for the bulls, divorce is illegal here in Chile, so it only happens once in each persons life. The festival was in an ampitheatre, set next to the beach, surrounded ...


The "W" Trek

A travel blog entry by ciaralang


... and we were drenched! When we got inside there were so many people huddled around one small fire trying to dry everything! The great Chile wine with all the hikers cheered us up! Day 4: Thankfully the rain stayed away and we hiked up past Lago Grey where ...

Day 1 on Ferry Evangelistas, Puerto Aguirre, Chile travel blog

Day 1 on Ferry Evangelistas

A travel blog entry by foreignx


... about 40 minutes and if you miss it, that is it until the next meal time!  Breakfast is identical to everywhere in Chile-bread, jam, fruit, yoghurt and scrambled eggs.  There is also a platter of sliced cheese and cold cuts.  Coffee is the ...

Certainly not chilly in Chile...., Santiago, Chile travel blog

Certainly not chilly in Chile....

A travel blog entry by thefletchers


Well we've been in Santiago for a week relaxing in the sunshine by the pool in our hostel Casa Roja. We decided to take some time out and give Bruce's knee a chance to properly recover. So i dont have much exciting news for you but its been a very ...

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