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it's been so long!, Valparaíso, Chile travel blog

it's been so long!

A travel blog entry by jrawns


Sorry to bother you but we just wanted to let you know that the weather was a little cloudy in Puerto Varas but this small town, sat on a lake with two majestic white capped volcanoes on its shores, has lots of charm. Our plans to river raft paid ...

Feb. 13, 2006 - Valdivia, Valdivia, Chile travel blog

Feb. 13, 2006 - Valdivia

A travel blog entry by fintax


... included). Like almost everywhere in Chile, it is over-rated and over-priced. If Darcy had one thing right, it's "That's Chile in high season". On a personal note, I completely shaved my beard this morning. Caroline looked at me, speechless, but with ...

In which we get settled in Santiago, Santiago, Chile travel blog

In which we get settled in Santiago

A travel blog entry by mishandlauren


... the center of the city, called Cerro Santa Lucia, its a little mountain that you can walk up to get a good view of the city. Chile is a land of volcanos, so part of this view is the closest volcano to the city in the distance. In our picture (and in many ...

First Stop, Puerto Montt, Puerto Montt, Chile travel blog

First Stop, Puerto Montt

A travel blog entry by jxcymerman


... through the barn allows us to pet some of the horses they train for the rodeo, which we are told is the national sport of Chile. Further down the road is an arena where we’re given a demonstration of the rodeo. The main goal is for two huasos on ...

The Aisen Fjord and Puerto Chacbuco, Puerto Chacabuco, Chile travel blog

The Aisen Fjord and Puerto Chacbuco

A travel blog entry by jxcymerman


... ’s handiwork in sculpting out shimmering lakes, flowing rivers and the stark windswept beauty of the Andean peaks. This is Chile’s least populated region. Another tender to shore, another search by the food police, and then a short ride to ...

In search of Hot springs and Gyzers, Parque National Peyuhue, Chile travel blog

In search of Hot springs and Gyzers

A travel blog entry by kiwi_surfer


... be frustrating at times. Often I find myself in small exciting...... towns waiting for it to change. This time is was in Orsono, Chile. Where everybody stares at your blue-ish eyes. One time a girl pushed her child's pram into a pole whilst looking. It ...

Just Chillin, Easter Island, Chile travel blog

Just Chillin

A travel blog entry by nimby


I rented a quad scooter/cycle yesterday.   Spent the whole day going around the island to check out the Moais - stone carved sculptures - out.  Here are some pics for you ...

Andean Explorer train, Canas, Peru travel blog

Andean Explorer train

A travel blog entry by robselclark


Yesterday afternoon we caught the 3hr 45min train ride from Machu Picchu to Poroy, then a 25min car ride back to the Aranwa Hotel (a room with windows, this time). Now we're on the Andean Explorer train from Cusco to Puno (Lake Titicaca), a 350km trip ...

So much sand..., San Pedro de Atacama, Chile travel blog

So much sand...

A travel blog entry by davidandem


In Pantanal, Brasil we met a couple called Thijs and Gudrun who were planning a similar route to us and we finally managed to meet up with them in Santiago. As we were booked to do the Inca Trail within a day of each other we decided to travel from ...

San Pedro De Atacama, San Pedro De Atac(k?)ama, Chile travel blog

San Pedro De Atacama

A travel blog entry by bschiller

Nothing much over ...

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