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Canada, Vancouver, Canada travel blog


A travel blog entry by ppatterson13


... returning to a place that remains unchanged to find the ways in which you yourself have altered." - Nelson Mandela Landing in Vancouver was beautiful. The mountains, the city landscape, the ocean, the trees. Homecoming was sweet for me. Dad picked ...

Back in the Northland, Vancouver, Canada travel blog

Back in the Northland

A travel blog entry by angelaincanada

... back to Canada, I was so happy to be back in the country. Timmies! Scotiabank! Colourful Money! What more can you want, really? Vancouver is very beautiful, a lot more beautiful than Toronto. I can see why people always ask me why I don't go and live out ...

Vancouver International Airport, Vancouver, Canada travel blog

Vancouver International Airport

A travel blog entry by elias_jen_japan


Konichiwa! It didn't take much to repack our bags for Japan.. lose a few pairs of pants, add a few pairs of shorts and call it good.   Add more than a handful of hours for hotel and flight accommodation and we're off.  Honestly, Jen took ...

Vancouver brennt! - Beautiful British Columbia?, Vancouver, Canada travel blog

Vancouver brennt! - Beautiful British Columbia?

A travel blog entry by biancanada


... 200 Verletzte Das ist das Ergebnis der Hockey Niederlage Vancouvers im 7ten und entscheidenden Spiel des Stanley Cups. Vancouver im Ausnahmezustand - jeglicher öffentlicher Transport wurde abgebrochen. Polizei in dicken Schutzanzügen überall. Menschen ...

Granville Island, Vancouver, Canada travel blog

Granville Island

A travel blog entry by louiseandblake


We headed for a walk in the morning to have a look around Vancouver city. We first walked through the Yaletown area to the sports arenas. First we came acroos the BC centre which was quite impressive. This stadium is home to their soccer and football ...

Ava in Vancouver, Vancouver, Canada travel blog

Ava in Vancouver

A travel blog entry by pauloandab


Here are pics of my little niece Ava (9 months old) when she visted us recently in ...

Family vacation!, Port Renfrew, Vancouver Island, Canada travel blog

Family vacation!

A travel blog entry by csimpson


Vancouver Island is big - really big. From the southern port city of Victoria, we drive a bumpy, pot-hole-filled road for 2 hours north through dense conifer forest to Port Renfrew, a teeny-tiny end-of-the-road town where Vancouverites go to get away from ...

We was evicted!!!, Vancouver, Canada travel blog

We was evicted!!!

A travel blog entry by pandcjs_travels


... who was born in the same hospital I was... She felt the same about Irish drivers as I do about Toronto drivers.. Arrived Vancouver... Usual thing... sit and watch everybody elses luggage going round on the carousel... Taxi to hotel.. well nearly... got ...

Smuggler's Cove to Lesqueti Is., False Bay, Canada travel blog

Smuggler's Cove to Lesqueti Is.

A travel blog entry by erickandrachel


In the morning we took a walk in the marine park at Smuggler's Cove. There were some beautiful spots with great views. We then stopped by Secrete Cove to grab some basics and a few new fishing lures. (I'm becoming obsessed with fishing lures.) After a ...

Victoria, Vancouver Island, Victoria, Canada travel blog

Victoria, Vancouver Island

A travel blog entry by mtrm


... 269;eský překlad dole EN: Once we reached US westcoast we took a ferry from the port Anacortes to Vancouver Island, back to Canada. We arrived to Victoria, the biggest city in Vancouver Island and also the capital of British Columbia, in the ...

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