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Vancouver und Victoria, Tofino, Canada travel blog

Vancouver und Victoria

A travel blog entry by pmarnitz


... abweichenden Meinung verkünde ich daher hiermit: auch für mich überraschend ist meine kanadische Lieblingsstadt nicht Vancouver, sondern Montreal! Eine Meinung, die mittlerweile ja auf einer recht breiten Erkenntnisgrundlage beruht - besuchte ich doch ...

Overlanders at last!!, Vancouver, Canada travel blog

Overlanders at last!!

A travel blog entry by jill.and.manuel


So a week after leaving Pirton (and after a most ridiculous pantomime yesterday afternoon which culminated in us arriving to take delivery of the van from a warehouse with the only entrance/exit four feet above ground level - more on that later - see ...

One-way ticket blues, Vancouver, Canada travel blog

One-way ticket blues

A travel blog entry by cathonaventure


... this moment causing me some anxiety. I write this post at 35,000 feet over the Pacific Ocean, about half-way to Shanghai from Vancouver, but according to the China Eastern Airlines agent who checked us in at YVR, it is not clear that we’ll be ...

Flying Adventures, Port Hardy, Canada travel blog

Flying Adventures

A travel blog entry by miss.chris

... had plenty of time between my 3 flights so that getting to the various was not a problem. The problem would be once I got into Vancouver there would only be 1-1/2 hours to go thru customs, pick up my check in bag, get on a shuttle to the next terminal ...

VC with JoJo, Vancouver, Canada travel blog

VC with JoJo

A travel blog entry by ebenbolter

May 15th, 2007 Jolene, walking around, food shopping, stranger than fiction May 16th, 2007 Granville Island? Walking around, meeting friends in Yaletown, May 17th, 2007 Rollerblading, lunch, beach, mountain May 18th, 2007 ...

Bad time to be a Canadian, eh, Vancouver, Canada travel blog

Bad time to be a Canadian, eh

A travel blog entry by captnoindustry


... it was outstanding.  On the way out the door, some plaques on the wall caught my eye.  They were last year's Vancouver Magazine winner of  "Best Formal Chinese" and "Best Dim Sum" awards, and they were listed as the 14th best restaurant in ...

Of Buddha, Douglas Firs, & Swimming in the Pacific, Tofino, Canada travel blog

Of Buddha, Douglas Firs, & Swimming in the Pacific

A travel blog entry by babadon


... the coast of Canada.  Up to that point I had only made it to Saltair (yesterday)  and before that to Vancouver (c. 1974).  I immersed myself 3 times: one for each aspect of the Living One: Creator, Preserver, and Changer.  The fourth ...

I Should Be So Lucky, Vancouver, Canada travel blog

I Should Be So Lucky

A travel blog entry by philippajane86


... structures to keep me in one piece was the aim of the day on a camp excursion to Playland, an amusement park in Vancouver.  As I was back with senior campers by then the counsellors were free to enjoy the rides once the campers were safely inside, ...

Gastown and Quarter Finals UEFA Champions League, Vancouver, Canada travel blog

Gastown and Quarter Finals UEFA Champions League

A travel blog entry by ihf


... temprano de casa con destino al centro, acompańe a marcela a su trabajo en Gastown, la galería de arte de Vancouver fue fantastica en realidad, esqueletos de ballenas hechos con sillas de plastico de jardín, mascaras tribales de las "First Nations" ...

crunch time, Vancouver, Canada travel blog

crunch time

A travel blog entry by belize2008

well here we are, just two days left before we take off on the trip of a lifetime! after a year of exhasting planning, monthly and weekly meetings, and time-consuming fundraisers - we did it! Thanks to God, we raised above and beyond our goal, so we ...

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