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Back in the M.O., Montreal, Canada travel blog

Back in the M.O.

A travel blog entry by moogie

Bak home to slave and pack.  just to go home ...

C'est un départ pour l'Italie, Montreal, Canada travel blog

C'est un départ pour l'Italie

A travel blog entry by mguay


... y a quelques temps, nous avons réalisé que notre vol était réservé sur Rouge, la filiale "cheapo" d'Air Canada. Ce qu'on entend dire de ces vols n'est pas trop encourageant mais on verra bien. Par hazard, on a aussi constaté ...

En mode préparation!, Montreal, Canada travel blog

En mode préparation!

A travel blog entry by petitexpress


Quand on dit que les préparatifs sont aussi agréables que le voyage en soi, disons-le, c'est effectivement excitant!... Autant? Visas, vaccins, paquet de photos à traîner pour les visas et tout le tra-la-la, budget, assurances-voyage, permis de ...

Bail signé ! Babies happy !, Montreal, Canada travel blog

Bail signé ! Babies happy !

A travel blog entry by enjoycanada


And it's over for another year..., Montreal, Canada travel blog

And it's over for another year...

A travel blog entry by skyisblu


   That's it folks, a good 12 hours of transits and waiting and security lines and more waiting, and we are landing in Montreal and happy to be home. A nice relax dinner of Saint-Hubert BBQ with Mom and Dad and we tried to stay awake as long ...

De retour a la maison, Montreal, Canada travel blog

De retour a la maison

A travel blog entry by annecybissonet


Voila un petit arrête bien mérite pour voir nous amis et familles pour le temps des fêtes et nos anniversaires... On vous adore tous... a bientôt ...

Off-Site Activities - Montreal, Montreal, Canada travel blog

Off-Site Activities - Montreal

A travel blog entry by buckles

Jumped on the busses and drove the 4 hours to Montreal Spent afternoon doing 'rally' activity around city to see town and familiarise ourselves Stayed at a local hotel - very nice :) - and had big meal for dinner After dinner went wondering the city with ...

Off-site Activities - more fun, Montreal, Canada travel blog

Off-site Activities - more fun

A travel blog entry by buckles

Participated In main offsite activity. Involved surveying several parks around city for ability to act as emergency accommodation area in the event of flooding. Arrived back at hotel to complete activity Had dinner and were rallied for return to camp ...

at the border, Montreal, Canada travel blog

at the border

A travel blog entry by routh20

At the border...they let us in no problem...paid our 20 dollars (for what reason I am not sure). Now the fun begins as we head towards Montreal make a left and git the big road across the top of the great lakes. Stayed ...

Mariana landing to YUL airport:), Montréal, Canada travel blog

Mariana landing to YUL airport:)

A travel blog entry by melmar_qc2014


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