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New Years In Montreal, Montreal, Canada travel blog

New Years In Montreal

A travel blog entry by zmx2k

3...2...1... ...

notre deuxième journée, Montreal, Canada travel blog

notre deuxième journée

A travel blog entry by nicolasetsophie


la sécu c'est ...un petit tour au ...

Discover Montreal!, Montreal, Canada travel blog

Discover Montreal!

A travel blog entry by johannahoerner


... 3 hours to Montreal. Like every time no Problem, it was a borring landskape, because it is the southeast of Canada, so I could sleep. As I arrived in Montreal, I got picked up by Hannah J., a friend of Iris k., she lives in Montreal and had time for me ...

Visite au Québec, Montreal, Canada travel blog

Visite au Québec

A travel blog entry by marco


... . Bargain! And very happy that storm Sandy, who kept me in Haiti one more day than planned before leaving, spared Montreal. It would have been rather unpleasant be hit twice by the same hurricane! Higlights: Richard's 50th anniversary (check preceeding ...

Old Port, Montreal, Canada travel blog

Old Port

A travel blog entry by roamas


... ! When we decided to make a move on the day (2pm), we headed out to find the 'old town' – Old Port of Montreal. We walked unexpectantly along a blatantly gay part of town which had very explicit pictures on the shop fronts .. hard to explain to the ...

VORSELAAR – QUEBEC, Montreal, Canada travel blog


A travel blog entry by monchhichi


... van Annelies volgen en eetgelegenheden uitkiezen. Ik mis ze nu al en zal ze nog missen. De vlucht van Brussel naar Montreal was gelukkig weinig spectaculair. Ze deed wat ze moest doen en plantte me op het afgesproken uur neer op mijn bestemming, ...

Départ cette nuit!!!, Montreal, Canada travel blog

Départ cette nuit!!!

A travel blog entry by gabyetpatasie

Nous sommes dans les préparatifs de notre départ pour la Floride! Gaby vide sa garde-robe à la recherche de vêtements qui la feront paraître grande, mince et pas enceinte... Moi qui s'occupe des fils, ordis, appareils photo et du blog. C'est à ...

Oh how I wish I could speak French!, Montreal, Canada travel blog

Oh how I wish I could speak French!

A travel blog entry by skahasharon


... French and everyone answers in English. I knew I would be in trouble if I had to rely on my non-existence French. We are in Montreal for 3 nights.  The first day we found our way by bus to St. Joesph's Oratory. It's high up on a hill. The dimensions ...

Le retour, Montréal, Canada travel blog

Le retour

A travel blog entry by clajac

Ouf quel voyage de retour. D'abord Vienne - Amsterdam tout a bien été sauf le service à l'aéroport qui laissait à désirer. Ensuite Amsterdam -Montréal qui est devenu Amsterdam - Islande - Montréal . En effet, ...

Montréal, Liebe auf den ersten Blick, Montreal, Canada travel blog

Montréal, Liebe auf den ersten Blick

A travel blog entry by kerstina


Diese Stadt hat mich vom ersten Moment an umgehauen! Mit einer Mitfahrgelegenheit bin ich von Québec nach Montréal gefahren und hatte ja auch schon viele tolle Dinge gehört, sie aber ein bisschen als Hype abgetan. Aber die Stadt ist tatsächlich ...

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