Travel Blogs from Montreal, Canada

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Are we there yet?, Montreal, Canada travel blog

Are we there yet?

A travel blog entry by awakeandreaming


"Welcome to Canadian Field Studies in Africa." Seemed a little bit anticlimatic as I rolled into a tight concrete classroom this morning, coffee in hand, sporting dark circles under my eyes, kindly reminding me each time I meet a mirror ...

Mit Moose in Montreal, Montreal, Canada travel blog

Mit Moose in Montreal

A travel blog entry by saskianeu


... 'rfelten also über den Highway, essen Lunch in einem Supermarkt (!) und landen um 17 Uhr auf dem Plateu Mont-Royal in Montreal. Auf dem Weg durch die Stadt bricht unser Gefährt zusammen. Motorschaden. In der Rushhour stehen wir also auf der Straße mit ...

✌️Montreal, Next Stop London!, Montreal, Canada travel blog

✌️Montreal, Next Stop London!

A travel blog entry by cdesnoyers


It is now 8:00pm and our flight is on the way to London! It seems surreal that this is happening...we've talked about doing it for a while now but I can't believe it's actually happening! DREAM COME ...

The Adventure begins / L'Aventure commence, Montreal, Canada travel blog

The Adventure begins / L'Aventure commence

A travel blog entry by audreyy.k.


So here it is. I finally head towards what is thought to be one of the best experiences of a lifetime. I'm very excited to start a semester abroad, even if it is only for a short period of time. Of course, so far there has been many complications and ...

Suivant, next..., Montreal, Canada travel blog

Suivant, next...

A travel blog entry by chapdeluc


À quand le prochain départ SVP... ...

In Montreal !, Montreal, Canada travel blog

In Montreal !

A travel blog entry by bouriquet

We left Paris at 13h40 and arrived in Montréal at 15h20, the fliht was great but it was a bit cold on the plane, I had to wear many layers of clothes. Here it's really nice warm and sunny. ...

Home Sweet Home!, Montréal, Canada travel blog

Home Sweet Home!

A travel blog entry by louiseland


Ce matin, nous nous sommes levés à 6h30 pour finir les valises et nous préparer pour notre départ. Nous avons déjeuner à l'hôtel vers 7h00 et le transporteur est venu nous prendre à 7h25 pour nous rendre à l'aéroport Charles de Gaulle. Notre ...

Long layover and lunch at Montreal Airport, Montreal, Canada travel blog

Long layover and lunch at Montreal Airport

A travel blog entry by davenpod

We're headed to Cuba! I wish we didn't have to start in Canada, but here we are. Our flight to Havana leaves at 350 PM. We arrive around 750 in Havana, then it's on to the warm, wonderful sights of ...

Montreal for the day, Montreal, Canada travel blog

Montreal for the day

A travel blog entry by caroline85

So I had an interview today with Kativik School Board (it's in northern Quebec: in Nunavik). Which of course was in Montreal. I must say, firstly, that taking VIA Rail as opposed to any other mode of transportation is really nice. I have not been on a ...

Frenchmen, Snoop Dogg and Cheerleader Cookies, Montreal, Canada travel blog

Frenchmen, Snoop Dogg and Cheerleader Cookies

A travel blog entry by mooskaa


... later than planned), eager to begin his first real day in Montreal. Still in the company of the famed AlexandChris, I began my Montreal journey with a real French breakfast (or so one might be lead to believe). For those of you who have heard of ...

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