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Overnight in Calgary, Calgary, Canada travel blog

Overnight in Calgary

A travel blog entry by ozray


... look at the Rockies and we got to the airport at 9:30 pm. Seems most of the hotels have free shuttles and the Travelodge Calgary Airport was no exception. The bus bays have free phones with direct connections to each hotel, so you simply dial the code and ...

time going FAST!, Calgary, Canada travel blog

time going FAST!

A travel blog entry by shelblog


OOOO my... i kinda missed the 4 weeks left marker! now only 3.5 weeks.....yowsa! time is flying. still dragging myself through school....8 more shifts! then final evals....i'm still making quick trips to stores for those last minute things i probably ...

The Anticipation Stage, Calgary, Canada travel blog

The Anticipation Stage

A travel blog entry by itchy_feet

Here I sit, randomly searching for travel blog sites to use during my trip. I have finally finished the arm jabs, and am hoping my face doesn't swell from the JEV vaccination yesterday. This is always a precarious time for any traveler. I leave in ...

Time for Summer!, Calgary, Canada travel blog

Time for Summer!

A travel blog entry by emstreeter


... for Canadian Nationals - was involved in my first NHL playoff draft and did terribly - looked after a lot of kids - went to a Calgary Roughnecks lacrosse game - caught up with old friends and made new friends - became an Aunty again twice! - went to my ...

About two months left in Canada, Calgary, Canada travel blog

About two months left in Canada

A travel blog entry by cazacaza

... in the Cowboys Club and stayed longer than 1.30am so I could not get home by public transit. Too bad there are no night buses in Calgary. I walked home. It took about 90 minutes. Never again. On the way back I met some people who were going to a pub to ...

Arrival, Calgary, Canada travel blog


A travel blog entry by kplante53


... this before driving off in the rental car.  While we thought this was rather funny, the other Air Canada passenger did not!  After a 3 hour drive from the Calgary Airport we arrived at Moraine Lake Lodge at 10:30 PM and quickly fell ...

Off to London.......kinda, Calgary, Canada travel blog

Off to London.......kinda

A travel blog entry by sshmalone


... up the stairs, and trying to move quickly through security, and I was just in time to make my flight! I am now arriving in Calgary, and hour earlier than expected, and now have to figure out how to spend the next 4 hours before my flight is  to ...

Back in Alberta, Calgary, Canada travel blog

Back in Alberta

A travel blog entry by restlessness

... all the slutty little girls and redneck jerks at the concert, it was really, really fun.  I think I had forgotten how much fun Calgary can be.  How much fun it can be to with a hard drinking, hard partying redneck.  How much fun their ...

Job hunting and gas prices, Calgary, Canada travel blog

Job hunting and gas prices

A travel blog entry by loz189

So started job hunting finally. Having been trying all that hard to find a job though. So fuel went up 12 cents a litre here this week. Yup, 12 cents. Which brings it up to about $1.40 a litre. Naturally everyone's complaining. Kinda sux but they have ...

It's Cowboy time in Calgary, Calgary, Canada travel blog

It's Cowboy time in Calgary

A travel blog entry by judencharlie

... who said that Calgary was pretty good cause the warm Chinook winds blow through to moderate the temperature - I hate to think! Calgary must have something going for it though cause the construction work etc going on and the city sprawl was considerable ...

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