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What a trip.., Calgary, Canada travel blog

What a trip..

A travel blog entry by ambrose-icd

... to explore the country and all (or just a small glimpse) of the history and rich culture within. Being so different than Canada culturally, it has challenged me in relational areas that involve my neighbours and community. They have taught me the value in ...

Homeward Bound!, Calgary, Canada travel blog

Homeward Bound!

A travel blog entry by kayyendole


Reluctant to leave but very tired from living out of a suitcase. But that is the price to pay for seeing so much and we have seen a lot, this is such a beautiful country and we have been very lucky with the weather only one day of rain that stopped us ...

Damn It We Are Home Already, Calgary, Canada travel blog

Damn It We Are Home Already

A travel blog entry by recycledhippies


The trip is over All that is left is dirty clothes, an empty fridge, lots of photos and tons of memories It was a great trip, kind of hectic at times but a great time Some thoughts    if you are ever planning to see Victoria Falls, we ...

Almost ready!, Calgary, Canada travel blog

Almost ready!

A travel blog entry by curious1

Well, Packing sucks! I am slowly getting things ready to leave next week. Phone is sold, car is for sale, and house is slowly being cleaned. I am trying to fit my entire life into 2 suitcases... A tough task! I am excited but a little overwhelmed ...

Finally home, Calgary, Canada travel blog

Finally home

A travel blog entry by sandraladeeda

Finally home! Stuck on the runway until lightning ...

May 02, 2010, Calgary, Canada travel blog

May 02, 2010

A travel blog entry by jadouglas


Calgary Airport, Calgary, Canada travel blog

Calgary Airport

A travel blog entry by aandameetworld


"We are experiencing technical difficulty". Good old Air Canada! Still think we will make the flight - we ...

Grandy and Grannette redux, Calgary, Canada travel blog

Grandy and Grannette redux

A travel blog entry by r10vill9


We arrived in Calgary just ahead of a storm front that dumped rain on the city for 48 hours solid. Joc and Jay's new home was great but alas, the yard (yet to have sod) was transformed into a sea of mud, so we focused on indoor activities like bowling, ...

And we're off!, Calgary, Canada travel blog

And we're off!

A travel blog entry by denisesiemens


Jeff saw us off at the Calgary airport! (photos below) ...

Two and a half weeks to go!, Calgary, Canada travel blog

Two and a half weeks to go!

A travel blog entry by jp122163


I better learn how to update this site and upload pics BEFORE I leave, so I'm not spending valuable time doing that on the road. I have less than 3 weeks to go and I can't even sit still anymore, I'm so excited. It really hasn't sunk in yet that ...

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