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Oh Canada!, Lethbridge, Canada travel blog

Oh Canada!

A travel blog entry by strayerfamily


Yes, we have finally gone international.  We left Bozeman, and drove north.  Olivia and Lauren were both nervous about crossing the border: "What are the going to ask me?  Will they inspect everything? How long will we have to ...

.... a half hour later in Newfoundland, Port au Basque, Canada travel blog

.... a half hour later in Newfoundland

A travel blog entry by sanmutsch


Once we were done with the Puffin Boat tour, we hauled out the ferry schedule to make our decision about when to head to Newfoundland.  It was 2:30 p.m.  The next ferry left at 4:30 p.m.  The earliest ferry on Friday was leaving at 4:30 ...

Mauzy or what!!, Rocky Harbour, Canada travel blog

Mauzy or what!!

A travel blog entry by sanmutsch

Well, if the welcome to Newfoundland was rather windy and wet, the good morning greeting was an extention of that!  The view as we opened our windows was mountains - with snow! The sweet lady at the campground (who had waited up for us, btw) said ...

Auf dem Mont Royal in Montréal, Montreal, Canada travel blog

Auf dem Mont Royal in Montréal

A travel blog entry by elli78


Auch heute wird vom Hostel wieder ein Stadtrundgang angeboten, den ich gerne mitmache. Wieso soll ich mir alleine durch die Straßen Montréals einen Weg suchen, wenn ich hier mit netten Leuten den halben Tag verbringen kann, dabei nicht mal überlegen ...

Almost there!, Toronto, Canada travel blog

Almost there!

A travel blog entry by coffeegirl


Just a quick entry before I finish packing, tidying up and heading to the airport.  My friend Kathryn, in San Francisco, is eagerly awaiting my arrival, which will be around midnight San Fran time (by the time I get my luggage and clear customs), ...

Back in cowtown, Calgary, Canada travel blog

Back in cowtown

A travel blog entry by skye


Of course two weeks in Calgary has flown by. The highlights: seeing more friends and my Dad, a huge Christmas dinner, a trip to Eckville, movies, more shopping, more eating, and surviving court! We are finally completely done with all things associated ...

The Eagles have landed!, Montreal, Canada travel blog

The Eagles have landed!

A travel blog entry by strosequebec


Our travel went as smoothly as we could wish. Our flights were on time and our students were well-behaved ( of course!) We made our connection in Winnipeg and got straight on to our flight to Montreal. In Montreal we were met by our Uniropa tour ...

Beaverlodge, Beaverlodge, Canada travel blog


A travel blog entry by sepp


Momentan bin ich in Beaverlodge am farmern. Es gibt viel zu tun, wir machen Feldarbeit und die Beef Kuehe muessen auch versorgt werden. Momentan regnet es, darum hatten wir Zeit in die Stadt zu gehen. So kann ich nun wieder mal was schreiben hier. Wobei, ...

A fort and a fiddle, Louisbourg, Canada travel blog

A fort and a fiddle

A travel blog entry by sanmutsch


After a very late night getting off the ferry, finding a Wal-mart and settling in, we slept in this morning.  Today was Chloe's 7th birthday.  She had expected to be woken up to "Happy Birthday to You" singing, but since we all slept in, she ...

If a Dentist Farts in the Woods..., North Sydney, Canada travel blog

If a Dentist Farts in the Woods...

A travel blog entry by elopfamily


... in some Wal-Mart parking lots, we were on our way. Now we just had to decide exactly where to go, considering the East Coast of Canada is a pretty big place.  It seemed like a reasonable idea to start as far east as we could go, and work our way ...

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