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Battambang, Battambang, Cambodia travel blog


A travel blog entry by yushim

5 hour bus ride to ...

Bat-tambang Cave, Battambang, Cambodia travel blog

Bat-tambang Cave

A travel blog entry by ensio

Parilla dollarilla päästiin bussiasemalle, jolta reilun viiden tunnin bussi matkusti Battambangiin. Saapuminen Battambangiin oli yksi helpoimmista. Rinkat bussista ulos suoraan tuktukiin, jonka kuski oli tarjonnut ilmasen kuljetuksen ja huoneen ...

Sammy and more, Siem Reap, Cambodia travel blog

Sammy and more

A travel blog entry by dbrainard


... introduces us as his American parents. From that meager beginnings, Sammy  owns or manages several businesses in Cambodia. In addition to the corn project, Sammy is involved with an export business that exports workers to Thailand and ...

Packing Bags for Paradise, Sihanoukville, Cambodia travel blog

Packing Bags for Paradise

A travel blog entry by ensio

HELLO SIR, TUKTUK!? Hieman kärsivällisyyttä koettelevan matkan jälkeen, vieläkin punasena kun paprika, ihmisten tullessa naaman eteen tätä mantraa hokien huomasin rinkkani olevan hävinneen sieltä minne sen laitoin. Katsoessani hätäisesti ...

Not A Happy Hour, A Happy Day!, Siem Reap, Cambodia travel blog

Not A Happy Hour, A Happy Day!

A travel blog entry by rbdiorio


... , you could go online and make a small donation to one of the Cambodian organizations that help land mine victims or orphans in Cambodia.  Just a few dollars from us goes a long way for them. Here are a few charities worth considering: ...

Rebecca Finnin:  Tomb Raider, Siem Reap, Cambodia travel blog

Rebecca Finnin: Tomb Raider

A travel blog entry by rebshark


So this is the big day - and the Wonder of the World I've really been waiting for:  Angkor Wat!!!  We rethought the bikes and ended up hiring a Tuk Tuk, basically a moped with a cart on the back.  We hit three major sights in the complex - ...

cambodia, Siem Reap, Cambodia travel blog


A travel blog entry by darrensemailuk


... happens its pretty simple just to walk in somewhere that looks good. It would be nice to have a pool again as there werent any in cambodia. Ill update more once I can find another opc that works as well as this one, although this one is 5 quid an ...

Loving Cambodian Chairs!, Phnom Penh, Cambodia travel blog

Loving Cambodian Chairs!

A travel blog entry by aliciautyj


... nice. He sponsored AIESEC Cambodia a few times previously and he is also really passionate about doing non-profit projects and making Cambodia a better place. The most amazing thing was he had a book-raising event before and he has over 500 books stocked ...

Angkor, Siem Reap, Cambodia travel blog


A travel blog entry by jennifer.boyes


... tourists were near (and they made up a high proportion of the visitors), all the vendors would effortlessly switch to Mandarin. Cambodia is extremely poor by any standards, but we rarely felt hassled like in other countries - everyone was too busy being ...

Return to Phenom Phen, Phenom Phen, Cambodia travel blog

Return to Phenom Phen

A travel blog entry by snakey


... the amount of wealth housed there and with nothing more than a security guard sitting there to watch it! Things really are different in Cambodia, they will happily steal your bag and camera within the blink of an eye, but when there is a jewell encrusted ...

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