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Veliko Tarnovo, Veliko Turnovo, Bulgaria travel blog

Veliko Tarnovo

A travel blog entry by benzai


... y de donde la vista es excepcional y que en la noche ésta es iluminada de diferentes colores. También descubrimos que los vinos en Bulgaria son muy buenos y los duraznos riquísimos ! Mas al sur, des pues de los montes Balcanes esta el valle de las ...

Black Sea Coast, Sozopol, Bulgaria travel blog

Black Sea Coast

A travel blog entry by amaddocks

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BULGARIA, Sofia, Bulgaria travel blog


A travel blog entry by vinkor


... beautiful and long white sand beaches. The place is very nice and for me is the best place for a summer holiday in Bulgaria, together with Primorsko, another beautiful town nearby with a long and natural beach and also the next  little towns before ...

veliko turnovo, Veliko Turnovo, Bulgaria travel blog

veliko turnovo

A travel blog entry by jordanblair100

im sat here in the hostel in veliko waitin to be taken to the train station so thought mite as well do a quick update while iv got nowt to do. arrived here 2 nights ago into the deepest snow iv seen, and its fuckin freezin to boot. i know it generally is ...

Black and White, Varna, Bulgaria travel blog

Black and White

A travel blog entry by dynamo


With only 50km still to go I arrived in Varna just after midday. Nonetheless, by the time I'd found a hostel and organised my life it was dark outside. This was at least partly due to the Flag Hostel being run by British people who had their own supply ...

hospital stay, Malko Tarnovo, Bulgaria travel blog

hospital stay

A travel blog entry by dynamo


... So i arrived in Malko Tarnovo just after dark. I found a tiny cafe- four tables and a log stove- and asked for coffee and directions to the hotel. The directions were clear and it seemed very unlikely that there would be no rooms left, so I didn't ...

Sofia... Not quite as splendid as la  Loren, Sofia, Bulgaria travel blog

Sofia... Not quite as splendid as la Loren

A travel blog entry by bebabui


... , which is a cold summer soup made of yogurt, cucumber and dill. We shared a shopska salad which is covered in Bulgaria's other national cheese, the sirene, which is a white cheese reminiscent of but actually more tasty than the feta.  Bulgarian ...

To Sofia, Sofia, Bulgaria travel blog

To Sofia

A travel blog entry by grenzenlos

... owner of the hostel about his business, which he complained was slowly being invaded by travelers who really didn't care about Bulgaria or learning something new. "A victim of our own sucess" he said, although I assured him that they type of travelers I ...

Vacationing in Varna, Varna, Bulgaria travel blog

Vacationing in Varna

A travel blog entry by karana


... ; Varna has the largest shopping centre in Bulgaria.  Varna's population has doubled in the last decade.  Bulgaria exports clothes, shoes, cosmetics, medicine, and petroleum products.  Tourism and wine producing and bottling is also very ...

Bulgaria Capital City, Sofia, Bulgaria travel blog

Bulgaria Capital City

A travel blog entry by amaddocks

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