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Sofia - Bulgaria, Sofia, Bulgaria travel blog

Sofia - Bulgaria

A travel blog entry by hannah_louise

Today we left our beloved Turkey behind and headed towards Bulgaria we had another border crossing and the silly lazy border man that stamps the passports missed 9 free pages and stamped the 14th page I was like that is just silly! It was a very LOng day ...

Day 44: Best Free Tour!, Sofia, Bulgaria travel blog

Day 44: Best Free Tour!

A travel blog entry by ryan.lee


... longer. Our tour showed us a lot of Religious buildings, Roman ruins, and structures built during the era of communism in Bulgaria. One of the most fascinating things was how they incorporate the ruins in the underground subway stations.  Lunch was ...

Plovdiv, Bulgaria, Plovdiv, Bulgaria travel blog

Plovdiv, Bulgaria

A travel blog entry by tigereye


Chilled. ...

Kazanluk, Bulgaria, Kazanluk, Bulgaria travel blog

Kazanluk, Bulgaria

A travel blog entry by tigereye

Went for the Rose Festival but missed ...

Rila Monastery, Rila Monastery, Bulgaria travel blog

Rila Monastery

A travel blog entry by mimekote


Un peu plus loins dans notre promenade à travers le Mont Rila nous nous retrouvons dans un des lieux les plus sacrés de Bulgarie; une vallée où sied le Monastère de Rila, fondé au 10e siècle par Saint Jean de Rila. À travers les âges, le lieu a ...

The inbetweener, Sofia, Bulgaria travel blog

The inbetweener

A travel blog entry by adamandmandana

... Sofia it starts to sink in what a big leg of the journey this is: 24 hours, 4 countries (Austria/Hungary/Serbia/Bulgaria), 2 passport stamps, and endless train configeration changes until it was just our sleeper carriage and 2 'commuter' waggons.  ...

Monastère de Rila, Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria travel blog

Monastère de Rila

A travel blog entry by benzai


Nous avons choisit de dormir deux nuits dans la ville de Blagoevgrad, non loin du fameux Monastère orthodoxe Rila. La première nuit, nous avons peu dormi, puisque très tôt le matin nous nous sommes fait réveiller par des secousses séismiques, une ...

Best campsite ever!, Bulgaria, Bulgaria travel blog

Best campsite ever!

A travel blog entry by nikkistravels


... last few blogs coz they were typed on a hungarian keyboard argh! Alright, i'm in Turkey now but a bit of an update on Bulgaria... We had a few relaxing days at the campsite playing cards, sleeping and reading. With a glimpse of sun out, but still about ...

Sofia, Bulgaria, Sofia, Bulgaria travel blog

Sofia, Bulgaria

A travel blog entry by tigereye


Nice town, fun ...

Are we there yet???!, Sofia, Bulgaria travel blog

Are we there yet???!

A travel blog entry by bebabui


... matter, we're on vacation so who cares?!  Yahoooooo!!!  This time, we've decided to go to Turkey with a quick pit stop in Bulgaria.  What's in Bulgaria, you say?  Kashkaval, I say !  No one makes a kashkaval like a ...

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