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Rio, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil travel blog


A travel blog entry by guyandcalum

We landed in Sao Paolo and hadn´t heard great things about it,got on a bus straight to Rio.Portuguese is actually really different to spanish, and having been in spanish speakingcountries for 8 weeks, we consider ourselvespretty competent speakers. So ...

Recovery in Florianopolis, Barra da Lagoa, Brazil travel blog

Recovery in Florianopolis

A travel blog entry by

I arrived in Floripa late on Monday afternoon. The bus journey turned into an ordeal I would rather not repeat. Latin American time keeping struck well and kept me on the bus for 27 hours. It was indeed a semi-cama bus with no service; therefore we ...

Africa in Brazil, Salvador de Bahia, Brazil travel blog

Africa in Brazil

A travel blog entry by tomandbecky


... were more terrorist attacks in the UK and Egypt ... We are writing from Salvador the Bahia, the colonial capital of Brazil, famous for its colonial architecture, gilded churches and African lifestyle. No other place in Brazil has kept the roots and ...

Characters on Tour, Brazil, Brazil travel blog

Characters on Tour

A travel blog entry by daryll

... as the next Michael Flatley with his horrendous dance moves. Zorro got off to an early start with his master swordsman skills in Brazil, as expected. Falls in love far too easily though, and becomes a text pest. In fact the only reason he brought his ...

Klappstühle und Paranoia in der Wildnis, Fazenda Barranco Alto, Brazil travel blog

Klappstühle und Paranoia in der Wildnis

A travel blog entry by lybie


Müde. Sehr müde. 20:45 Uhr, Ricarda liegt schon im Bett. Ihr letzter Abend hier auf der Farm. In weiser Voraussicht hatten wir unsere Abschiedssause schon gestern Abend gemacht, so ist sie nicht ganz so mitgenommen auf der Reise. Die Abschiedssause ...

Two nights in Praia do Forte to see the turtles, Praia do Forte, Brazil travel blog

Two nights in Praia do Forte to see the turtles

A travel blog entry by clarasudamerica


The turtles were a bit of a disappointment...I was expecting to see baby turtles roaming the beach, based on this article I read in the American Airlines magazine during my flight to Quito. Instead, there were some huge and baby turtles in ...

Sleeping it Off in Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo, Brazil travel blog

Sleeping it Off in Sao Paulo

A travel blog entry by murdock

Figured I'd share what I wrote on a scrap of paper written in Sao Paulo Hospital, where I took a taxi to get treated for exhaustion and dehydration after my trip to Iguazu (my first days in the tropics): "Dizzy, the fall-over kind. Couldn't type ...


The "Mother of the Gods"

A travel blog entry by bumihills


Big city but not very charming.  The Portuguese settled it and gave it its name which means "Mother of the Gods"...kind of an ugly mother in my estimation. The area approaching the city has lots of favelas.  George heard that the color of the ...

Heaven on Earth: Jericoacoara, Jericoacoara, Brazil travel blog

Heaven on Earth: Jericoacoara

A travel blog entry by theblakes


... a portable Caipirinha bar - 'nuf said. Once again, no words. See pics. One cool thing to note is that very few places in Brazil have a sunset over the ocean due to the fact that most of the coast faces East. Jeri being the little slice of heaven that it ...

Swimming with Fish, Bonito, Brazil travel blog

Swimming with Fish

A travel blog entry by glassmerchant


  Bonito is on the edge of the Panatal. We are here to go swimming. In the reserve there is the Rio Plata, Silver River and they run  snorkelling  trips.  To go swimming in the river you have to be clean. No suntan cream, no insect ...

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