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The One Where The Project Starts, Iguazu Brazil, Brazil travel blog

The One Where The Project Starts

A travel blog entry by 3trippers

Ja Hallo da sind wir wieder. bei uns luft immer noch alles gut. Vor 2 Wochen hat uns Joels Bruder, Leon, besucht. Er kam am Freitag sehr frueh an und hat in unserem Zimmer gewohnt. Wir haben eine Matratze auf den Boden gelegt, ...

Sugarloaf, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil travel blog


A travel blog entry by mlcmimi


Naomi woke me up early so we could catch the tour bus to Sugarloaf Mountain. We got changed into shorts and T-shirts, grabbed our water bottles and walked down to the tourist centre at 7:30am. After waiting twenty minutes for the bus, it finally came at ...

Afternoon walk home, Ouro Preto, Brazil travel blog

Afternoon walk home

A travel blog entry by oreydc


After a very weird day at work, I took a lotao downtown, had some ice cream and walked home past the old neighborhood and then on up the hill... ...

Evening / Fim De Tarde, Ouro Preto, Brazil travel blog

Evening / Fim De Tarde

A travel blog entry by oreydc


A few snaps from on my way to dinner with ...

Nova Friburgo dzien 2, Nova Friburgo, Brazil travel blog

Nova Friburgo dzien 2

A travel blog entry by marcos1230


Dzisiaj po sniadaniu podczas ktorego Rafal wkurzyl sie na mnie i poszedl wczesniej do pokoju (nie chce mi sie tu opisywac dlaczego ale zaczelo sie od...dzemu), wyszlismy sobie na lezaki przed basenem i troche sie opalalismy. Pogoda byla super, a gorskie ...

Road to French Guiana, Oiapoque, Brazil travel blog

Road to French Guiana

A travel blog entry by glassmerchant


... the day was the great lunch stop with a river swim. The bridge to cross the river is built but not open. On the Brazil side the roqd is not complete and there are numerous small bridges still under construction. With any luck it will be open for ...

Pantanal, Pantanal, Brazil travel blog


A travel blog entry by jon_lyall


Pantanal - After Rio I flew to the Pantanal, which is on the border of Bolivia and Paraguay. It is one giant wetland, the size of Wales. It is one of the best places to see wildlife in South America. I was hoping to be lucky and see a jaguar. ...

Alta Floresta, Alta Floresta, Brazil travel blog

Alta Floresta

A travel blog entry by jon_lyall


Amazon - From the Pantanal I flew upto the Amazon on a small plane. I spent 4 days doing some hiking in the forest. There is a great contrast with trying to see animals here compared to the Pantanal, as they easily hide in the vegetation. Where I ...

Another lazy day, Belo Horizonte, Brazil travel blog

Another lazy day

A travel blog entry by mattyjordan

I got up nice and early to go the gym this morning and that was about the extent of the things I did today. Most of my housemates are away on holidays back in their home towns for the weekend because everyone has Monday off. I did a little bit of study ...

Tender Moments, Florianopolis, Brazil travel blog

Tender Moments

A travel blog entry by floripaman


Good Morning Sunshine!  Life says Hello! Well remember me talking about "having a good cry" earlier?  Well I think this cry just kicked the other cry's butt.  And accompanying it, pretty hefty lows, but as always, a cushy, marshmallow ...

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