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Salar de Uyuni, Uyuni, Bolivia travel blog

Salar de Uyuni

A travel blog entry by gazwilliams


... was the possibility to see so much including Flamingos, beautiful mountains, strange coloured lagoons, Llama's, geezers and lots of snow. Bolivia is full of beauty and not the country of bland high desserts I had imagined. After returning from the trip ...

Landlocked, Uyuni, Bolivia travel blog


A travel blog entry by jimmyenroute


... often forced into tourist tours. I found myself in a jeep with folks from Switzerland, Germany and Cuba (exiled). Driving through Salar de Uyuni, you should have lots of suncream as there are - what seems like - two skies; one above, one below (see ...

The Highlight of my trip - The Salt Desert, Salar D Uyuni, Bolivia travel blog

The Highlight of my trip - The Salt Desert

A travel blog entry by tomer

The Salar is Amazing Hundred of kilometers of salt, all white! I can't explain the feeling in words, you just have to go there someday! There is a small island in the Salar with all kinds of animals and cacti, a hawk ate out of my hand which was ...

Day 91 - Is this planet Earth / Som a la Terra?, Uyuni, Bolivia travel blog

Day 91 - Is this planet Earth / Som a la Terra?

A travel blog entry by wanvigdot


... 10 meters and it contains huge amount of lithium, the mineral used for making batteries. It is believed that the Salar de Uyuni contains half of the world's lithium reserves. The Colchani cooperative miners extract, by hand, 25,000 tons of salt annually, ...

4x4 Bolliva, Laguna verde, colorado and uyuni, Bolivia travel blog

4x4 Bolliva

A travel blog entry by iwanellis


Blog i ddilyn/=Blog to follow Dim amer cael gormod o fflipin hwyl! No time having too much friggin ...

The Evil Rug Rats Fan, Uyuni, Bolivia travel blog

The Evil Rug Rats Fan

A travel blog entry by davidbowmaker

... English couple. Somehow Chilean immigration had failed to give them an exit stamp. Mr Rug Rats only allowed them into Bolivia after great persuasion. Then he warned them that they may have difficulty getting back into Chile, which had been their ...

Mmmm, salty...., Uyuni, Bolivia travel blog

Mmmm, salty....

A travel blog entry by edc


... driving between different lakes, seeing a variety of volcanos in the distance. Most impressive of which was Volcan Ollague, on the Bolivia/Chile border, and still smoking away - active on the Chilian side, dormant on the Bolivian side. We saw the stone ...

Across the wilderness, Uyuni, Bolivia travel blog

Across the wilderness

A travel blog entry by greg


... when I wanted to take a picture of a donkey! Great scenery, snow capped mountains and volcanoes in the distance. Arrived in Uyuni at 4.00pm, it was boiling hot. Explored the town which certainly has the desolate feel of something from a western movie. ...

bolivia, SALAR DE UYUNI, Bolivia travel blog


A travel blog entry by jordanblair100


iv just spent 5 days in southern bolivia in a place called salar de uyuni. the salar is basicaly a huge kinda prehistoric salt lake thats water has evaporated and left a huge thick layer of salt that covers 12000 square kmīs. we arrived in the town of ...

A pinch of Salt please, Uyuni, Bolivia travel blog

A pinch of Salt please

A travel blog entry by vmcelani


... an ex pat who went to UMASS Amherst and started a pizza joint there where he met his wife and they decided to move back to Bolivia.  Well his pizza was the best I have tasted in South America full with wood ovens and thin crust!  Amazing!  ...

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