Travel Blogs from Copacabana, Bolivia

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Al otro lado del lago, Copacabana, Bolivia travel blog

Al otro lado del lago

A travel blog entry by vargas_soto


una parada muy rapida para ir a ver la Isla del SOl y de La ...

Isla del aol and lake titicaca, Copacabana, Bolivia travel blog

Isla del aol and lake titicaca

A travel blog entry by charlisklar

We took the bus at 2 am to puno. We didn't believe the hostel when they told us there were only 2 buses a day to copacabana. We found we could take a local bus to the border and then a short taxi ride. We had to wait over an hour for the bus but it was ...

Crazy Bolivia, Copacabana - La Paz - Potosi - Uyuni, Bolivia travel blog

Crazy Bolivia

A travel blog entry by charlie007

... so long..... So we left Peru which seems like a lifetime ago now as we left at the end of March to a little place called Copacabana but it had the best views of Lake Titicaca. We then made our way to the highest Capital in the world - La Paz, I ...

Bolivia Baby!, Copacabana, Bolivia travel blog

Bolivia Baby!

A travel blog entry by kate767

Sad to say goodbye to Peru, we set off for Bolivia.  Lake Titicaca is absolutely beautiful and the altitude makes the air very clear, as well as making it very easy to burn.  After a night at Copacobana we got on a boat to Isla del Sol.  ...

Ultimate chill on the lake, Copacabana, Bolivia travel blog

Ultimate chill on the lake

A travel blog entry by diasbuenos


... with a more reputable bus company.  No problems at the border, another stamp in the p'port, and the first noticable thing about Bolivia is that they have massive speed bumps. Our bus almost lost an axel as we flew over the border.    We ...

Good bye Peru, Hello Bolivia!!, Copacabana, Bolivia travel blog

Good bye Peru, Hello Bolivia!!

A travel blog entry by ericjon97


I got up this morning and got a taxi over to the bus terminal to get my 7:30am bus to Copacabana, Bolivia.  It’s a pretty nice bus, considering everyone had told me that all the busses in Bolivia are terrible.  This one was fine.  I ...

., Copacabana, Bolivia travel blog


A travel blog entry by trim_trimmer


... looking raft!   I feared for my backpack!   But we all made it across safely, and we continued our journey to Copacabana. The hostel was great, it had hot water, something which had become quite a treat, and I had a lovely room all to ...

Nov. 25-28, 2007: Bo-SHIBBY-a!!!, Copacabana, Bolivia travel blog

Nov. 25-28, 2007: Bo-SHIBBY-a!!!

A travel blog entry by ejmaue

... we are in Bolivia and it is so cheap and that just about everything is a good deal, thus: Bo-SHIBBY-a! We went to Copacabana, which is a very pretty town and less touristy than weŽd anticipated. Once there, we decided to book a trip to the Isla ...

Lac Titicaca et l'Isla del Sol, Copacabana, Bolivie travel blog

Lac Titicaca et l'Isla del Sol

A travel blog entry by brostrotters


Premiers pas prometteurs sur le sol bolivien ! On ne sait pas si les premiers incas sont vraiment sortis de ses eaux mais le lac titicaca est superbe et l'on y fait de bien belles rencontres: Marcella, charmante grand mère chez qui nous avons dormis ...

Dia de viagens, Copacabana, Peru travel blog

Dia de viagens

A travel blog entry by ricardoperna


... soneca, enquanto eles jogavam cartas no andar de baixo. Céu azul, calor bom, calmaria no lago, a viagem ideal... Chegámos a Copacabana e fomos fazer as últimas compras, já que a Bolívia é bem mais barata que o Perú para ...

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