Travel Blogs from Copacabana, Bolivia

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trip on lake titicaca, Isla del Sol, Bolivia travel blog

trip on lake titicaca

A travel blog entry by christinabowyer

... doing lots more     sailings in reed boat. On to La Paz. for the night. Large open plains. Houses in Bolivia are larger and less one room simple as in the rural Peru. Still made of mud bricks, available locally and cheap. Farms look ...

Le Lac Titicaca, souvenir d'écoliere, Copacabana, Bolivia travel blog

Le Lac Titicaca, souvenir d'écoliere

A travel blog entry by stephvoyage


... les bancs de l'école, le moment est arrivé de faire connaissance avec le fameux lac Titicaca. Je séjourne à Copacabana, cette ville qui porte le même nom que sa petite soeur brésilienne, en bordure du lac. Quasiment 7000m2 ...

Back to the mainland, Copacabana, Bolivia travel blog

Back to the mainland

A travel blog entry by davidandmaria


... 3pm. It was still sunny but cold enough on the deck for a windproof jacket. The boat made good time and we were back in Copacabana within 90 minutes. We checked in to Hostel La Cupula, got our bags from the storage and the clean laundry within minutes and ...

Mi viaje a Copacabana con los Huancas, Copacabana, Bolivia travel blog

Mi viaje a Copacabana con los Huancas

A travel blog entry by jcorde


... elegida por Felipe no podía ser mejor para el ciclismo: Huarina – Achacachi – pueblitos y comunidades – Tiquina – Copacabana: total 108 km de recorrido en tres tramos: Huarina – Achacachi: 20 km, Achacachi – Tiquina: ...

Luilekker land in Copacabana, Copacabana, Bolivia travel blog

Luilekker land in Copacabana

A travel blog entry by martheenjo


Goed, Copacabana aan het Lake Titicaca klinkt dan misschien exotisch en uitbundig: het is een shit-hole zoals reizigers zeggen. Goed, er is een strand, maar daar komt wel het riool op uit en je kan er zwemmen, maar dat is ook nog eens steenkoud. Wat je ...

Lazy Day at Las Olas, Copacabana, Bolivia travel blog

Lazy Day at Las Olas

A travel blog entry by davidandmaria


... to eating in La Cupula restaurant again. Service was really slow once again but the food was not bad, it's definitely not gourmet in Bolivia, that's for sure.   After dinner, we went back to the room and lit a fire. There was a small wood burner ...

Lac Titicaca cote Bolivie, Copacabana, Bolivia travel blog

Lac Titicaca cote Bolivie

A travel blog entry by philaf


Toujours aussi magnifique cote bolivien. Hier passage de frontiere a pied... toujours tres amusant de changer de pays par la petite porte. J'ai utilise les petits bus locaux cote peruvien puis marche de 2km pour la frontiere avant de reprendre un ...

The stinge and the splurge, Copacabana, Bolivia travel blog

The stinge and the splurge

A travel blog entry by amanda_escapes


... . (He has a very delicate little stomach, it catches everything). But on we pressed to bus saga #3! The bus from Copacabana to Puno was fine. Immigration and customs were made easy, since the bus waited and the driver explained everything. The official in ...

Copacabana and Isla del Sol by Judith, Copacabana, Bolivia travel blog

Copacabana and Isla del Sol by Judith

A travel blog entry by weemcd


Copacabana in Bolivia has a beach of sorts. Although it cannot rival the Copacabana beach in Brazil, Bolivian holidaysmakers doggedly make the best of its' strip of dirty sand and 12 degree centrigrade Lake Titicaca waters. Walking along the lake front, ...

Copa, Copa-ca-bana..., Copacabana, Bolivia travel blog

Copa, Copa-ca-bana...

A travel blog entry by downtocl


... saw a parade go past the restaurant, so i went to investigate and found it was the navy parading the Statue of the Virgen of Copacabana.  The parades are to bless the town i believe.  There was a brass band, and so many people in uniform.  ...

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