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2008-05-26 Brussels, Brussels, Belgium travel blog

2008-05-26 Brussels

A travel blog entry by jv3117


... at all! We are lucky as places north are getting it. We got to our hotel after fighting construction work all over Brussels also were the closures for pedestrians and other construction work- just like home during Stampede!!! We got a room with a view ...

Belgique, Brussels, Belgium travel blog


A travel blog entry by rogerdamour


Mise à part Paris, Bruxelles est la seule ville, située très loin de chez moi, où j'ai posé les pieds deux fois. En 2001, lorsque j'ai été rejoindre Robert chez lui à Londres, nous en avons profité pour passer le week-end dans sa ville ...

An introduction to Contiki.., Ixelles, Belgium travel blog

An introduction to Contiki..

A travel blog entry by nicoleguyer


... Our tour manager alex gave us an Introduction and went through all the safety procedures and boring stuff. And then we were off! First stop Brussels! I can already tell this is going to be a fun 18 days.. While we were driving on to the boat to cross the ...

Apr 04, 2008, Brussels, Belgium travel blog

Apr 04, 2008

A travel blog entry by rana_d


Jun 11, 2007, Brussels, Belgium travel blog

Jun 11, 2007

A travel blog entry by rana_d


Art Beer-tum, Brussels, Belgium travel blog

Art Beer-tum

A travel blog entry by gemsandmalc


... ;) - tried some gorgeous local recipes at a restaurant around the corner from Rich's place (malc ate all the mussels in brussels) - had a nice impromptu-ish acoustic show in a cellar of a friend's friend's place (until his mum came down and threw us out ...

Belgian Indulgence!!!, Brussels, Belgium travel blog

Belgian Indulgence!!!

A travel blog entry by ka_travels


... see a few sights! Compliments of Thomas and Peggy, we relished in a private walking tour with included narration all over Brussels and Antwerp! Both cities have impressive central market squares which echo the constant hum of activity off their encircling ...

Brussels, Brussels, Belgium travel blog


A travel blog entry by trendnd

de ...

Day 1, Brussels, Belgium travel blog

Day 1

A travel blog entry by misneach

Our first day here has been pretty miserable, cold and dark.... We walked in to town, past some lovely old buildings but had difficulty capturing the beauty due to the overcast nature of the day and lack of tripod.  Tried to find the Christmas ...

Waffles....Belgian or Potatoe, Brussels, Belgium travel blog

Waffles....Belgian or Potatoe

A travel blog entry by airhorn


... place is way nicer. Back to the main topic. On the nifty map there was a note about the cheapest and most awesome falafel place in Brussles and we were starving and 3.50 for a falafel is unheard of. So we find Mr. Falafel (great name for a store right!) ...

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