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Street pizza, Sacher torte, and a day of royalty, Vienna, Austria travel blog

Street pizza, Sacher torte, and a day of royalty

A travel blog entry by jojorockstar


I enjoyed another comfy railjet to Vienna complete with power outlets, free OJ and mini kornspitz snacks. I got to my Vienna hostel safely - a Meininger Hostel rather than an International Hostelling Association hostel. While the location was near a strip ...

Home of the Schnitzel! Sat, Sun, Mon, Vienna, Austria travel blog

Home of the Schnitzel! Sat, Sun, Mon

A travel blog entry by sozrox


... winery tour. We got picked up by a bus at 0900 at our hostel and went to the beautiful Wachau wine reigon here in Austria. There we tried 5 different types of wines at the first winery (including an 'ice' wine which is really really sweet). We then ...

Schubert The Restaurant, Vienna, Austria travel blog

Schubert The Restaurant

A travel blog entry by beautiful_life

It's my 2nd last day in Vienna (and also in Europe I would say), I had dinner at Schubert near where I live. It had a bowl of soup for 4 and a plate of linguini for 10. It was an outdoor area along a driveway/ walkway……where I could see some ...

Vienna for a Moment, Vienna, Austria travel blog

Vienna for a Moment

A travel blog entry by sarge


... Italy. Resolute in my craziness I set off for Venice where I spent just the day before catching the night train to Vienna. When I awoke I was in Austria but I had only two hours before my train left for Prague so I exited the station to see whatever I ...

Where is my mind?, Vienna, Austria travel blog

Where is my mind?

A travel blog entry by ilari


31032011  Vienna. Vienna. Austria. No eipä sitten lennettykkään mihinkään Frankfurtiin vaan Wieniin! Niin sitä joskus käy ettei itsekään tiedä mihinkä on menossa.. Aamu heräys 04:30 -> Aamupala hotellilla -> Kyyti lentokentälle ...

Adventure, Culture, Nightlife, Vienna, Austria travel blog

Adventure, Culture, Nightlife

A travel blog entry by shomscenes


... 8217;ll keep it short. Maybe he’ll skip straight to the photos anyway. Peter and I continued our road trip around Austria on Thursday morning by departing Salzburg for the ice caves in Dachstein (Obertraun). When we left Vienna on Tuesday, the plan ...

A busy day, Vienna, Austria travel blog

A busy day

A travel blog entry by jcastellan


... started with a very early flight to Bratislava in neighbouring Slovakia. From that airport we caught a bus to the city centre of Vienna. Once we correctly read the map we were able to find our hostel. Jess and I set off sightseeing while Dee went ...

Sushi time!!!!!!!!!!!, Vienna, Austria travel blog

Sushi time!!!!!!!!!!!

A travel blog entry by beautiful_life


... " of the world and I hope by now, more people know that Singapore is not part of China!  I don't really understand why I like Vienna so much, but I know I'll like it even before I arrive. Full of music and cultural histories.... I'm loving it - by ...

Viennaa, Vienna, Austria travel blog


A travel blog entry by eurotrip


Welcome to Vienna, more expensive, tid bit warmer and not as accommodating as the last hostels we've been staying at. This hostel room that we currently in has only three bed's for us, which is good, the only good aspect I see. First they kick us out from ...

Get'n Some Culture, Vienna, Austria travel blog

Get'n Some Culture

A travel blog entry by chicasarita


... for. It was done in a 'modern' style- with minimal costumes and no scenery. The dancing was good, and the music by the Vienna Philharmonic was wonderful. However, we couldn't tell what the story was supposed to be, and it was a long time on our feet. We ...

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