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Sushi time!!!!!!!!!!!, Vienna, Austria travel blog

Sushi time!!!!!!!!!!!

A travel blog entry by beautiful_life


... " of the world and I hope by now, more people know that Singapore is not part of China!  I don't really understand why I like Vienna so much, but I know I'll like it even before I arrive. Full of music and cultural histories.... I'm loving it - by ...

Viennaa, Vienna, Austria travel blog


A travel blog entry by eurotrip


Welcome to Vienna, more expensive, tid bit warmer and not as accommodating as the last hostels we've been staying at. This hostel room that we currently in has only three bed's for us, which is good, the only good aspect I see. First they kick us out from ...

Get'n Some Culture, Vienna, Austria travel blog

Get'n Some Culture

A travel blog entry by chicasarita


... for. It was done in a 'modern' style- with minimal costumes and no scenery. The dancing was good, and the music by the Vienna Philharmonic was wonderful. However, we couldn't tell what the story was supposed to be, and it was a long time on our feet. We ...

A quick trip through Europe, Vienna, Austria travel blog

A quick trip through Europe

A travel blog entry by nickandjulie


... 0.3L to drink once the foam goes away. That's how they get their numbers so high, cheeky Czechs. Today it was a 4 hour bus to Vienna for one night. If Amsterdam is the city of bikes and Prague the city of beer, Vienna is the city of statues.  They ...

15th January - Vienna, Vienna, Austria travel blog

15th January - Vienna

A travel blog entry by penny71


... , an old traditional Kaffeehaus, where we had a "large" Mocca, an even smaller coffee (they all have different names in Austria), and Darren had a Sachertorte and Penny an Apfelstrudel. It was very nice. We kept on walking, with frequent photo breaks, ...

A REALLY Big Church, Vienna, Austria travel blog

A REALLY Big Church

A travel blog entry by theflipside


... on the look out for the chef who will go the distance and reach for something other than broccoli on a plate. So, coming to Austria, a country of meat eaters, we thought we were doomed.  Fact is, though, there are more vegan friendly places to eat ...

New Jersey in Vienna, Vienna, Austria travel blog

New Jersey in Vienna

A travel blog entry by theflipside


A week ago, Stacy and I saw in a magazine that Bon Jovi was playing in Vienna today.  After about two seconds of thought and a quick call to our babysitter, we were buying our tickets.  For two people who grew up in New Jersey in the 1980s, Bon ...

Vienna, Vienna, Austria travel blog


A travel blog entry by bern54


... capital’s architectural masterpieces, including the Opera House, magnificent Hofburg Imperial Residence and Parliament houses. We continued up through the Vienna Woods which is really just a lot of bush on a hill, a bit like Sugarloaf. It was very ...

Ah Vienna!, Vienna, Austria travel blog

Ah Vienna!

A travel blog entry by bachcj


... , perfect. If you've had a nice beer in Wisconsin you've probably tasted similar. We really had no expectations going into Vienna and have been wonderfully pleased with it. The people have all been very friendly and all speak English (which is great, ...

Day four, Vienna, Austria travel blog

Day four

A travel blog entry by celincline


    Today we started classes. We had class from 9:15 to 12:30 and then from 1:45 to 2:30 or so. It's been like 5 or 6 weeks since I've had any classes so it was interesting to start up again. After lunch was our German class, which was ...

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