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Vienna... home of the Weenershnitzle, Vienna, Austria travel blog

Vienna... home of the Weenershnitzle

A travel blog entry by bisoder

Dude, I kinda like Amy Winehouse... not gonna lie .. 2nd of all.. Bret Favre is a Jet!?  Thats kinda big news.. maybe the jets will win 1/2 their games this year?? ugh.  Oh, sorry about the no pictures.... hopefully our next hostel will let us ...

Glandouille, parc et cine, Vienna, Austria travel blog

Glandouille, parc et cine

A travel blog entry by emeric.bensaci


On glande le matin, l'apres midi un peu aussi, puis on se balade a Augarten, puis le soir on va au cinema voir Grand Hotel Budapest. Pas mal, loufoque, un peu du style Amelie... Soiree a la maison.. ...

The Never Ending Story., Vienna, Austria travel blog

The Never Ending Story.

A travel blog entry by erin_smolders


As we pick up our story we travel from Venice, Italy to Vienna, the capital of Austria. It is early evening by the time we arrive and set straight off to the Schoenberg Palace enjoying the cool fresh air, warm sun and beautiful place gardens. The lovely ...

The train trip from hell, Munich,Salzburg, Vienna,, Austria travel blog

The train trip from hell

A travel blog entry by reecoops77

I have learnt a very valuable lesson never assume anything!!!!!!!! Tash and i Traveled from Freiburg to Budapest reserved some seats but not a sleeper on the 9hr Munich to Budapest leg as we have been so spoilt by the trains in Germany, the seats are ...

Ahhh Vienna, Vienna, Austria travel blog

Ahhh Vienna

A travel blog entry by jcastellan


... available in Europe. Tried an Absinthe cocktail which wasn't great, but green. Went for an evening walk through the city to take some night time photos. I really enjoyed Vienna and would come back here again and spend more time than one day in this ...

Diner chez Seb et Denise, Vienna, Austria travel blog

Diner chez Seb et Denise

A travel blog entry by emeric.bensaci

Ce soir tres bon diner chez Seb et Denise, qui encore une fois nous cuisinent un bon diner.. Alessa aide Denise en cuisine pendant que je suis avec Seb a ecouter de la musique et parler.. Une excellente salade, accompagne d'une specialite autrichienne, ...

Wieners, Kaesekrenner and Brats, oh my!, Wien, Austria travel blog

Wieners, Kaesekrenner and Brats, oh my!

A travel blog entry by danschedler


... list. Great concept.   Instead of dessert, both Kari and I opted for the Käse Duell (cheese duel) pitting Austria against France. I have a sneaking suspicion they selected poor French cheeses in a deliberate attempt to fix the bout. No matter - ...

Finally made it to Vienna, Vienna, Austria travel blog

Finally made it to Vienna

A travel blog entry by corr


This is where our bike trip ends and my Dad heads back home. The bike trip was great and we booked through Bike Tour Direct, I highly recommend them. Mike met up with me in Vienna and we spend one more day here before we head out to Salzburg by ...

Ich moche ein beer bitte!, Vienna, Austria travel blog

Ich moche ein beer bitte!

A travel blog entry by dresdenfae

Just because I mentioned it before my bienvenue went well. It was good practice for speaking in a group. Right now I am in Vienna. When the plane touched down it really hit me, I will be going home soon. I also felt a huge gush of excitement to be ...

Vienna (or: the Orange Goodwill Ambassador), Vienna, Austria travel blog

Vienna (or: the Orange Goodwill Ambassador)

A travel blog entry by connieyc


We left Prague on Saturday morning for Vienna, Austria.  The train was very clean, modern, inexpensive, and provided beautiful views of the countryside.  The only downside was the man sitting in our carriage with the worst body odor ...

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