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more on Sydney`, Sydney, Australia travel blog

more on Sydney`

A travel blog entry by australblog

... trees emit a blue haze. We were lucky to get a wonderful guide.  Melanie was very knowledgeable about the history of Australia, the Aborigines, as well as the flora and fauna.  She shared with us her love of nature and the ...

Hey, we're in Sydney!, Sydney, Australia travel blog

Hey, we're in Sydney!

A travel blog entry by beckerworldtrip


... cheapness to my own kids, who have already grown to accept it. The last time I stayed in Sydney, I stayed with a friend of mine who had been Miss Australia years before. She had the distinction of having been recently married to the most famous news man ...

Sunny Sydney, Sydney, Australia travel blog

Sunny Sydney

A travel blog entry by roopa_anish


... traveling down the East Coast, we were fresh, re-energised and full of information about everything from ‘schoolies’ to popular visits to take. All in all a wonderful first experience of Australia and its capital city. Thank you The ...

Mardi Gras, Sydney, Australia travel blog

Mardi Gras

A travel blog entry by whereisandrew


Jim and I travelled back up to Sydney for the weekend on the 4th march to go to Mardi Gras. Everyone had gone on about how great it was so we decided since we probably wouldnt be here again now would be a good time to check it out. Since $$$ was an issue ...

Hi thought all this was too good to last ..., Sydney, Australia travel blog

Hi thought all this was too good to last ...

A travel blog entry by rickblyth

... it down here, worse than home. Waterproofs out. Within an hour of landing we were drenched and had one bag stolen - "Welcome to Sydney"!!! Flight was good though and ended up watching 'A Beautiful Mind' which was OK but nowt special. If I was you I'd ...

Coastal Walk, Sydney, Australia travel blog

Coastal Walk

A travel blog entry by rubin


... of time to meander and socialize for a change. Ellen:  Compared to the lushness of New Zealand, most of our views in Australia have been city-scapes or dry landscapes.  So I was quite surprised today by the beautiful coastline on the city's edge ...

exchange rate, beer, and sydney, Sydney, Australia travel blog

exchange rate, beer, and sydney

A travel blog entry by moss1823


... Schooner- Pint of beer Midi Schooner- beer glass for girls Rubbish- trash or garbage Mate- friend Uni- College Holiday- Vacation OZ- Australia Super Dry Beer- Crap   So to the main story of the day... The exchange rate has reached an all-time high = ...

Fluro party/Maya's leaving do, Scary Canary, 469 Kent Street - Sydney, Australia travel blog

Fluro party/Maya's leaving do

A travel blog entry by froggies


... while since we gave you some news... To be honest, the reason why is because nothing special's been happening to us here in Sydney, as we said before we keep on having fun and i'm sure you would just get borred hearing about all our party ...

Stinkefrucht und Schweinebauch, Sydney, Australia travel blog

Stinkefrucht und Schweinebauch

A travel blog entry by karophil


Wir melden uns auch mal wieder… Unsere zweite Wohnung in Sydney hatten wir wie die erste (Oscars Wohnung) über Airbnb gefunden. Sie lag direkt im Zentrum, im Stadtteil Chippendale, in einem großen Studentenwohnheim mit eigenem Pförtner, Pool und ...

Australien, Sydney, Australia travel blog


A travel blog entry by ditte

G'day Denmark Saa har jeg vaeret i Australien et par dage og nyder det virkeligt. Har modt det meste af familien da de allesammen bor mere eller mindre ved siden af hinanden. Bedsteforaeldrene er rigtig sode og jeg faar super god mad:)  Jeg har ...

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