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FEAR, Sydney, Australia travel blog


A travel blog entry by jamiemeasures


...  the house fuse blew. I worked a little more on my entry video into the competition for 'Best Backpacker job in Australia', recording a half-assed attempt to sell myself on Iain's sofa. One take, no rehearsal. Sometimes that brings across a natural ...

Vanning down to Melbourne, Sydney, Australia travel blog

Vanning down to Melbourne

A travel blog entry by sebou

hitchhiked a ride to go to down to Melbourne  with two Welsh guys from the hostel that have just bought a Van. Two German girls have hitched a ride aswell. Dont really know if the Van will make it it looks soo shabby but hey its a freeride. :-p ...

Home!, Sydney, Australia travel blog


A travel blog entry by katta7

We had a long night to endure before we touched down.  But it's great to be home! ...

Sidney, where you need some staying power., Sydney, Australia travel blog

Sidney, where you need some staying power.

A travel blog entry by womblepeter

... there or a a large amount of staying power.   If you get a wish to seek out the history of Sydney or even Australia, (and it is quite a history), then you really are in luck because they have such detailed records. It feels ...

Sydney Sights and Surrounds, Sydney, Australia travel blog

Sydney Sights and Surrounds

A travel blog entry by laurieandjilly


... lovely coffee and cake whilst over-looking the harbour. Also in the tower complex is Oz-trek. It's a visual presentation of Australia's history culminating in the world's biggest simulation ride. It was good to learn a bit more about Aussie history ...

The Oprah House, sydney opera house, Australia travel blog

The Oprah House

A travel blog entry by aliandbryan


... the television like it was the second coming. Local people were split about it though. Some thought it was great publicity for Australia and will contribute to the american tourism. Others thought it was a waste of tax payers money, as it was funded by ...

In a Land Down Under, Sydney, Australia travel blog

In a Land Down Under

A travel blog entry by tobi


... moment, i didn't have time to arrange anything beforehand so now i need to look for a place to stay... i'll be in Australia till the end of July doing postgraduate studies at Macquarie University, the campus is about 30 min away from the city center but ...

more on Sydney`, Sydney, Australia travel blog

more on Sydney`

A travel blog entry by australblog

... trees emit a blue haze. We were lucky to get a wonderful guide.  Melanie was very knowledgeable about the history of Australia, the Aborigines, as well as the flora and fauna.  She shared with us her love of nature and the ...

Hey, we're in Sydney!, Sydney, Australia travel blog

Hey, we're in Sydney!

A travel blog entry by beckerworldtrip


... cheapness to my own kids, who have already grown to accept it. The last time I stayed in Sydney, I stayed with a friend of mine who had been Miss Australia years before. She had the distinction of having been recently married to the most famous news man ...

Sunny Sydney, Sydney, Australia travel blog

Sunny Sydney

A travel blog entry by roopa_anish


... traveling down the East Coast, we were fresh, re-energised and full of information about everything from ‘schoolies’ to popular visits to take. All in all a wonderful first experience of Australia and its capital city. Thank you The ...

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