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Loving Melbourne, Melbourne, Australia travel blog

Loving Melbourne

A travel blog entry by chrisgclark


... and Asian dumplins with Rowe, Dave and Rowe's boyfriend.     Have been spoilt with fantasic company in Melbourne, especially hanging out with my friends Rowe and Dave.  Enjoying Melbourne so much have decided to stay ...

Police, art, sharks and towers, Melbourne, Australia travel blog

Police, art, sharks and towers

A travel blog entry by lilyloves


... and I just looked at things, like funny photos, old fashioned photo-fits and learning about what detectives really do. Next visit was the Melbourne Museum and it was again a very modern Museum. We have been to quite a few now, so I'm getting a little ...

It's scary in Gaol..., Melbourne, Australia travel blog

It's scary in Gaol...

A travel blog entry by lilyloves


... shop, some beautiful buildings and lots of books in the library. Later on, the grown-up decided that she wanted to visit then Old Melbourne Gaol... I was a little bit scared as it was at night and very dark. We got to the Gaol with all the other grown-ups ...

Victoria, Melbourne, Australia travel blog


A travel blog entry by duffyj


... parents to stay with us for the duration of our travels instead! I did think about it as we saved loads of money in Melbourne! ---------- The second trip to Victoria was in the van. This was a bit nerve racking as we were worried that it might break ...

Wine Wine Wine aka Goon, Melbourne, Australia travel blog

Wine Wine Wine aka Goon

A travel blog entry by whereisandrew


We love Flinders Station hotel in particular Simone and Ro who work there! And they Love us! So much that Simone arranged a free day trip for herself, Ro, me, Jim, Rachel (not Jennings) and Jody! We were all excited but had to get up at 7am!!! Not easy ...

Happy passover, everybody!, Melbourne, Australia travel blog

Happy passover, everybody!

A travel blog entry by liorusii


... , I found out - 'cause the planner of the city was from there, and actually he never visited australia! Here are some pics from the place. MELBOURNE now I'm in Melbourne, OZ's second largest city. It looks a lot different from sydney at first glance ...

Want to by a van?, Melbourne, Australia travel blog

Want to by a van?

A travel blog entry by sjw_uk

On our way back from Phillip Island, we stopped at a town to see a dealer who was interested in buying our van.... but that was a 'No Deal'... So to cheer us up, we went to the cinema and saw 'Blood Diamond'.... I liked this film, it kept me on the ...

Fedex me to Melbourne, Melbourne, Australia travel blog

Fedex me to Melbourne

A travel blog entry by cccd


... we head to Melbourne one of them appears.  I knew you wouldn't lie to us Millie. So to the airport to fly to Melbourne to see the tennis Australian open.  We had a 5 day pass but with nowhere to live in Sydney a controversial decision was ...

War Horse, Melbourne, Australia travel blog

War Horse

A travel blog entry by foozleq


... about going, quit thinking and buy a ticket - you will not regret it. Since I didn't even know I was going to be in Melbourne two weeks ago, I didn't buy my ticket until earlier this week. The best seat I could get was the second row right on the aisle, ...

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggety Jig, Melbourne, Australia travel blog

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggety Jig

A travel blog entry by cookcorn


... ) and 'that holiday feeling' has well and truly worn off. The weather has been fine, dry and cold. In all the years I've lived in Melbourne I've never had to scrape I've from my car more than one or twice a winter - 5 days of ice in the past 7, but global ...

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