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Roadtrippin, Cairns, Australia travel blog


A travel blog entry by boatubia

... one evening and saw thousands of dark objects flying through the night sky. Sure enough - bats! Creepy! We picked up the campervan and are off to explore the east coast of Australia! Roadtrippin'!!!! A tape player???? How old is this ...

Meat is murder., Cairns, Australia travel blog

Meat is murder.

A travel blog entry by hottubtour


... like it's been a while. well at least a week which can be a long time travelling. To put you in the picture, I'm in Cairns, Australia, I've sepnt the last two hours in a hammock staring at the underside of two palm trees. I think laid back is the ...

It's not every day you dive the Great Barrier Reef, Cairns, Australia travel blog

It's not every day you dive the Great Barrier Reef

A travel blog entry by followingmyfeet


... got blown of face of the earth when we went to Bondi, we arose at 3am and headed to the airport to catch our flight to Cairns. I really enjoyed the magic of our first evening in this iconic city but once we had a few days here I began to think I had been ...

diving the great barrier reef and the S.S yongala, Cairns, Australia travel blog

diving the great barrier reef and the S.S yongala

A travel blog entry by robertcaraher


... . I feel very priviledged to say i have seen it. Said good bye to the crew and fellow divers and jumped on the bus to cairns, stayed with vicki Moss and russ for a few days. Vicki took me shopping and suprise the visa came out and surprise i spent $100 ...

East Coast adventures..., Cairns, Australia travel blog

East Coast adventures...

A travel blog entry by kath_and_per


... and showered under a huge waterfall. Now that's a way to start a day. To finish our time on the east coast, we stayed at Cairns and took a boat trip out to the Great Barrier Reef. There's something so relaxing about being out on the water, isn't there? ...

Another Airport Lounge.............., Cairns, Australia travel blog

Another Airport Lounge..............

A travel blog entry by nickyfinn

... i GET INTO (Ooops was shouting then !) I will do a proper proper roundup in the stylie of Judith Chalmers..... Anyway currently at Cairns airport...but of a pants airport but hey it has TINTERNET so I wont moan. So the last few days in a nutshell - ...

Last few days in Oz, Cairns, Australia travel blog

Last few days in Oz

A travel blog entry by helinachan

... quicky I'm afraid as I have to catch the bus to Cairns Tropical Zoo. Mum's right, I can't visit Oz without seeing a Koala! Cairns is ok, another town/city! nothing special, but this is prob cos I'm not going diving. My hostel is ok but faaar from ...

Cairns Walkabout, Cairns, Australia travel blog

Cairns Walkabout

A travel blog entry by olinorwell

... has revealed to me that they are not something else under a different name, they are a precious stone known universally as Opals. Australia apparently produces 97% of the worlds opals, in Europe they’re rare and only found in a few places. These ...

Cairns Museum / Sunburnt Again, Cairns, Australia travel blog

Cairns Museum / Sunburnt Again

A travel blog entry by olinorwell

... I think when she dies she’ll probably be put in the museum herself! I half thought about asking her what it was like when Australia was first settled by the Europeans, as I’m sure she was a teenager at the time! (Okay maybe not, as that would ...

Johns 2nd police encounter, Cairns, Australia travel blog

Johns 2nd police encounter

A travel blog entry by kazjohn


... was suprised to see some lovely, intelligent, beautiful and extremely sexy (he he) people, so he warned John and let us go. Cairns is currently hosting the pacific nations conference - security is beafed up around town and John and I think we might go and ...

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