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Chapter 20:

Chapter 20: "Saaaailing, takes me away..."

A travel blog entry by easyread

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... a small river (rocky stream, really), and on the way back I had my first real close-up dangerous snake encounter in Australia! There was a five-foot black snake (red-bellied black snake?) making his way through the woods between the trail and the ...

All Packed Up, Melbourne, Australia travel blog

All Packed Up

A travel blog entry by eatdessertfirst

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Over the last week we have had the enormous task of packing up our whole house and trying to CRAM it all into storage. Finally it's finished, we have moved in with Rick's parents and are finishing off all the little tasks that need to be done before we ...

Noosa, Noosa, Australia travel blog


A travel blog entry by anatkramer

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... in many places , their trees are being chopped down , the Koalas get depressed and are more susceptive to disease. Now , in Australia , the numbers have declined from about 12 million to less than one million so you gotta pity these little guys. We got ...

Sailing in the Whitsundays, Airlie Beach, Australia travel blog

Sailing in the Whitsundays

A travel blog entry by carolandthomas

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We arrive in Airlie Beach on 22nd June ready to head off sailing around the Whitsundays the following day. Staying at Reefos which is a bit out of the way but does offer $5 dinners - nice. We had been feeling paranoid about getting a bunch of weirdos ...

Snail Massacre of Phillip Island - Awww Penguins!, Melbourne, Australia travel blog

Snail Massacre of Phillip Island - Awww Penguins!

A travel blog entry by martinandkate

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Key in ignition. Car into 'D' (stands for 'Drive' apparently). And turn key... Shummdddddddddidddddddd grrrrrrrrrrr pffffft. Try again... pfffft. and again... pfffft. Damnit. We've been given a duffer. The car is refusing to start. Panic begins and Kate ...

Fishburgers but  'sno  pasta, Bay of Fires to Cradle Mountain via Mole Creek, Tasmania, Australia travel blog

Fishburgers but 'sno pasta

A travel blog entry by dazzla

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After a hearty fried breakfast at St Mary's - a first for the Italians and probably the last - we hit the dirt road again and continued north. Just before Christmas this area had been caught in a serious bushfire which had come within a couple of ...

The Reef, Great Barrier Reef, Australia travel blog

The Reef

A travel blog entry by alasdairm

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Today was meant to be the best day for weather this week with blue skies and light winds predicted so inevitably it was pissing down in the morning. Check-in down at the harbour with Down Under Dives was onto a bigger dive boat than I'd been on before ...

A Rocking Bridge, Sydney, Australia travel blog

A Rocking Bridge

A travel blog entry by alasdairm

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Sunny morning = straight down to harbor for 'postcard' shots racing down before the clouds reappeared to then almost have to stand in line behind bus loads of Japanese posing identically one after the other. With that ticked off it was back for a ...

Brisbane Heat, Brisbane, Australia travel blog

Brisbane Heat

A travel blog entry by amy_michael

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... in the Queensland Art Gallery (the museum being shut), and enjoyed feeling thoroughly cultured - check out Daphne Mayo's sculptures all over Australia. A smooth ride to the airport later, and we were all ready for our flight to our new home, New Zealand, ...

The Samurai, Shogun Dessert Beast, Melbourne, Australia travel blog

The Samurai, Shogun Dessert Beast

A travel blog entry by jackdrury

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... Pierre created a heavenly signature ice cream for the Connoisseur Gourmet Ice Cream folks which is now available at your local supermarket (Australia only). Just for the drool of it check out his website at Elenka and I did a ...

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