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Antarctic Peninsula, Ushuaia, Antarctica travel blog

Antarctic Peninsula

A travel blog entry by keithandshelley

Woke to find sea had calmed right down and spectacular scenary either side of ship.  Today we are hoping to go to Useful Island this morning - a site that sees very few landings.  Then this afternoon we are due to do a Zodiac cruise in Paradis ...

Whale Tales (or tails!), Antarctic Peninsula, Antarctica travel blog

Whale Tales (or tails!)

A travel blog entry by hopskipandajane


I won't go on too much about the whales as I realise I got a little carried away by the whole thing in the Kayaking entry... Truth be told I think this is the one thing we missed out on a bit by being the last trip of the season... but if what we saw was ...

Sealing the deal, Antarctic Peninsula, Antarctica travel blog

Sealing the deal

A travel blog entry by hopskipandajane


Of all the wildlife experiences I had, I think my most special were all with seals... somehow it was always my kakak that they popped up right underneath, little noses appearing from nowhere delivering an equal dose of excitement and nerves... ...

Coverville Island, Antarctic Peninsula, Antarctica travel blog

Coverville Island

A travel blog entry by blairn99


Day 7 Coverville Island The dive This is our second dive of the trip and it was in a little protected by at Coverville Island, the vis today is a much more pleasant 8m or so and the water temp is 1¢ªc we were missing a diver in Joanne as she did ...

Stairway to the moon, Neko Harbour, Antarctica travel blog

Stairway to the moon

A travel blog entry by staeven


Over last few days we have experienced sun and snow or both at same time. Now in blizzard, just back from frolicking with penguins, up close and personal with leopard seal, cormorants and iridescent blue icebergs on and around fish islands - not sure ...

Zügelpinguine, Half Moon Island, Antarctica travel blog


A travel blog entry by tommysaw


Nach dem Verlassen der Arctowski Station segeln wir rund 4.5 Stunden zur Half Moon Insel, einer.  2km langen, sichelförmigen Insel im Schatten der spektakulären Berge und Gletscher der nahegelegenen Livingston Insel. Die zerklüftete kleine Insel ...

Leopard Seals in action, Antarctic Peninsula, Antarctica travel blog

Leopard Seals in action

A travel blog entry by cathy_bianchini


Morning in Paradise Bay  - zodiac cruising. Saw a weddel seal, a crab eater seal, and a very friendly sea leopard seal who entertained us for quite a while.  Heaps of penguins, of course.  Afternoon landing on Fuerza Aerea de Chile ...

The weather improves, South Shetland Islands, Antarctica travel blog

The weather improves

A travel blog entry by mtbrown


... staff go to their offices in Colorado and spend the six winter months (summer in Colorado) preparing for the next summer in Antarctica.  The contract staff presumably have other jobs to go to while they are off station.  Someone asked if anyone ...

Run Silent, Run Deep, Peterman Island, Antarctica, Antarctica travel blog

Run Silent, Run Deep

A travel blog entry by nicole.duncan


Our final day of excursions was as breath-taking a the first. Our wake-up call came early this morning so we could go up on deck to watch the boat maneuver through the ice of the Lemaire channel. This is the first time this season that the boat has been ...

Gothul, Grytviken, Antarctica travel blog


A travel blog entry by hans.francis


Tuesday 26th of November 2014 This morning we arrived at Gothul (Good Cove). And had a nice zodiac cruise for 1:30-2:00h. Tea break afterwards and then it was lunch time. The Austrian chef prepared together with the crew a party BBQ at ...

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