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More pictures of arrival and around town, McMurdo Station, Antarctica travel blog

More pictures of arrival and around town

A travel blog entry by chuckjeanfl


... Discovery Expedition of 1901–1904 in 1902 and is located at Hut Point on Ross Island by McMurdo Sound, Antarctica. Visitors to Antarctica, arriving at either the US Base at McMurdo or New Zealand's Scott Base are likely to encounter Discovery ...

Antarctica 17-27 February 2009, Antarctic Peninsula, Antarctica travel blog

Antarctica 17-27 February 2009

A travel blog entry by rrdonne


... icebergs and through brash ice sitting on the surface.  Even our big ship had to "move some ice".   The sound of Antarctica is beautiful...the groaning that comes from the ice cliffs, as it calves ice off into the sea, the big splash (and ...

Drake Shake, Drake Passage, Antarctica travel blog

Drake Shake

A travel blog entry by bmtravel


Not exactly a restful night - thankfully the ship does have stabilisers, but with gale force winds (Beaufort scale 9) & an 8 m swell it was hard not to roll out of bed! Some drawers & cupboards we had not latched also created ...

Antarctica, Paradise Harbour, Antarctica travel blog


A travel blog entry by fionapine


* Epic tales of sea adventurers & miraculous survival * Clear blue icebergs the size of tall buildings * Beautiful snowy landscapes, massive glaciers, rocky mountains, delicate icicles, volcanoes * Porpoising penguins, basking seals, soaring sea ...

Happy Birthday and a Glycol Spill, Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station, Antarctica travel blog

Happy Birthday and a Glycol Spill

A travel blog entry by mesabree


January 16th marked my 23rd birthday, and another ten hour work day.  The day passed uneventfully; the same dishes, cleaning, ancient canned food, and same clock-watching.  Then, right before dinner, there was glycol spill in the second floor ...

Cuverville Island, Cuverville Island, Antarctica travel blog

Cuverville Island

A travel blog entry by lok


We are divided into 4 groups to facilitate zodiac cruising and landing. We take turn getting off the ship. My group was the last to head out this morning. We donned our layers of clothing. I even put on my balaclava for the first time, since it appears ...

Crossing The Drake, Antarctic Peninsula, United States travel blog

Crossing The Drake

A travel blog entry by dm3nace


I'm finally feeling well enough to start a new entry.  The past couple of days at sea had been pretty rough on me. The Drake Passage had been relentless and unforgiving but according to the crew, it was merely sleeping. The Drake has a reputation of ...

Antarctica, Cierva Cove, Antarctica travel blog


A travel blog entry by maxieduncan


We woke up to a gloriously calm and sunny day. Our first stop was for a Zodiac cruise at Cierva Cove where because of the pristine conditions we were able to make landing at a tiny pebble beach and set foot on the continent. Because of missed ...

getting closer, Livingston Island, Antarctica travel blog

getting closer

A travel blog entry by brettski


... first glacier. After we landed I walked over to a green patch where someone had found the two known vascular plants that exist in Antarctica. Both are flowering plants: one a grass and the other slips my mind. One of the Quark guys found the jaw of a ...

Our volcano., McMurdo Station Mount Erabus, Antarctica travel blog

Our volcano.

A travel blog entry by mike.pattison


I took some photos from my crane when I was on top of this mountain and what a view. Here is some ...

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