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Khiva, Uzbekistan, Khiva, Uzbekistan travel blog

Khiva, Uzbekistan

A travel blog entry by 13weeks13years


... After a fun filled day hiking and climbing in the desert we headed back to the city for our third petrifying flight on Uzbekistan Airways. Along the way we found an outdoor warehouse filled with TONS of cotton. You could easily see how dependent the ...

Escaping Uzbekistan, Tashkent, Uzbekistan travel blog

Escaping Uzbekistan

A travel blog entry by agnetasherborne


Still bad in my tummy this morning but i had at least slept well on this hard rock narrow bed. Taxi to airport and chaos. Very unpleasant environment with a randomness over it eg i had no faith that we would actually make it onto the flight. Especially ...

Tomb of the Emir - Timur's Gold Mausoleum, Samarkand, Uzbekistan travel blog

Tomb of the Emir - Timur's Gold Mausoleum

A travel blog entry by londone7


  Today was my first full day exploring the famous Silk Road city of Samarkand. This is probably one of the most fabled cities and conjures up images of dusty bazaars and passing caravan merchants.  Unfortunately for me I could only come in ...

Noble Bukhara, Bukhara, Uzbekistan travel blog

Noble Bukhara

A travel blog entry by nalia_ong


Bukhara is amazing. The architecture is incredible. The Kalyan Minaret and the Ismail Samani Mausoleum are very impressive. I can't help but wonder in awe of how much time, effort, and money went into those buildings. However since I spent so much time ...

Steaming East, Fergana, Uzbekistan travel blog

Steaming East

A travel blog entry by silk_travels4nz


... in remission for some days now and we've travelled 1000's of Km's thru Georgia, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan. Now we are almost thru Uzbekistan. We have travelled so far so fast it's hard to focus on anything else and unfortunately most of us have been sick ...

KHAVA IN KHIVA, Khiva, Uzbekistan travel blog


A travel blog entry by mek1


... train we got up this morning and had a fairly good breakfast of Kefir and Blintz. This afternoon we arrived in Urgench, Uzbekistan.  A local band greeted us at the very modern train station.  The whole city of Urgench is under ...

Savitsky Museum,amazing art - terrible location, Khiva, Uzbekistan travel blog

Savitsky Museum,amazing art - terrible location

A travel blog entry by silkroad2012

This morning we headed to the Savitsky Museum to check out the incredible collection of late 19th and 20th century Soviet Art. The collection was out together by Igor Savitsky, who offered a home away from the Soviet power centers for Russian art that ...

Samarkand, Samarkand, Uzbekistan travel blog


A travel blog entry by beccywebb


We arrived in Samarkand by night train at stupid o'clock in the morning and had to wait for a good few hours for the city to wake up before making our way to the centre and our hostel. Things don’t get going until about 8am here and breakfast ...

Hjelp, vi reiser med propellfly til Nukus, Khiva, Uzbekistan travel blog

Hjelp, vi reiser med propellfly til Nukus

A travel blog entry by turida


Klokka 3.45 om morgenen ble vi vekket. Og alle møtte til frokost kl 4.15. Så  bar det avgårde klokka 5 til den lille innenriks flyplassen hvor vi sjekket inn til avreise til Nukus i Karakpakstan. Det lille propellflyet vi skulle reise med var en ...

Ein Traum in Blau, Khiva, Uzbekistan travel blog

Ein Traum in Blau

A travel blog entry by pf.dickhaeuter

Die Fahrt nach Khiva war den Taxis sei dank nicht ganz so holprig wie erwartet, und wir sind gut in unserem Hotel in der Altstadt von Khiva angekommen. Als erstes mussten wir an Geld herankommen. Das ist in Usbekistan nicht ganz so einfach, wie ...

Tashkent to Shanghai, Tashkent To Shanghai, Uzbekistan travel blog

Tashkent to Shanghai

A travel blog entry by farmersmart


   From Tashkent I flew back to Beijing with Uzbekistan Airlines. On my first day in Beijing I walked around Tian'anmen Square again & the spent most of the day walking around the Forbidden City, which is just across the road from the ...

Wall-less City of Samarkand, Samarkand, Uzbekistan travel blog

Wall-less City of Samarkand

A travel blog entry by brandonpham369


July 2, 1251 Another tiring trek along the Silk Road with my now-annoying friends led us to the city of Samarkand.  Well my friends weren't actually annoying, but Melissa's llama is since I still can't figure out what kind of merchant Melissa ...

May Alpiniad in Cimgan mountains, Tashkent, Uzbekistan travel blog

May Alpiniad in Cimgan mountains

A travel blog entry by centralasia

... of Big Chimgan mountain (3309m) and Okhotnichy peak (3099m). What does it mean - May Alpiniad in Chimgan mountains in Uzbekistan? May Alpiniad in Chimgan mountains is: - long-expected opportunity to leave noisy and problematic City and to reload Your ...

Under the sky of Orient, Tashkent, Uzbekistan travel blog

Under the sky of Orient

A travel blog entry by centralasia

... nature, and - the most great think – from flights above boundless expanse of Western Tien-Shan… Paragliding for Uzbekistan is relatively young kind of the extreme tourism, but the pace of its popularity increasing is just unbelievable. The ...

The Great Horses of Fergana Valleys, Fergana Valley, Uzbekistan travel blog

The Great Horses of Fergana Valleys

A travel blog entry by dvnguyen

(128 B.C.E.) Packing up from Kashgar meant that it was finally time to leave the desolate deserts of the Tarim Basin and on toward the richly green acres of the Fergana valley. After about 5 days of desert travel, we finally arrived in the green jungles ...

The Glorious Bactrian Camels, Samarkand, Uzbekistan travel blog

The Glorious Bactrian Camels

A travel blog entry by dvnguyen

(128 B.C.E.) As our group left with the lame horses, we looked onward to try and find more civilizations of the west. Moving on for 4 days we came upon a civilization that would later help the silk road prosper and grow. The city we arrived was Bactria. ...

Bukhara and Khiva, Khiva, Uzbekistan travel blog

Bukhara and Khiva

A travel blog entry by silkroadstu


... Samarkand, Bukhara and Khiva offer a further insight into the history of Central Asia and the three cities could be considered Uzbekistan's triple crown. Bukhara was another victim of Genghis Khan’s savage sojourn into the region, while Khiva was an ...

Border Scrums, Tashkent, Uzbekistan travel blog

Border Scrums

A travel blog entry by silkroadstu


If you ever want to get up close and personal with the local people when travelling, try crossing a land border between two Central Asian countries. You will get to experience firsthand the free-for-all that is the border crossing and a chance to rub ...

Bukhara, Bukhara, Uzbekistan travel blog


A travel blog entry by southasia08

Bukhoro in central ...

En varm dag - og søte bestemødre, Bukhara, Uzbekistan travel blog

En varm dag - og søte bestemødre

A travel blog entry by turida


Etter frokost var hele gruppen på tur. Første stopp var Sufienes gamle moske. Den var beregnet på pilgrimer og hadde også hotellrom. Vi var i et teppeveveri der vi ble vist de skjønneste tepper bl.a. i silke. Deretter dro vi på ...

Aufbruch nach Uzbekistan, Bukhara, Uzbekistan travel blog

Aufbruch nach Uzbekistan

A travel blog entry by helmut-und-rolf


Wir verlassen Turkmenistan in Richtung Grenze zu Uzbekistan. Tags zuvor hatten wir wieder einen neuen Guide, Mohamed, zugewiesen bekommen. Unser Resümee über Turkmenistan: Turkmenistan ist kein Land in dem Tourismus gewünscht ist. Es gibt entweder nur ...

Arrival Tashkent, Tashkent, Uzbekistan travel blog

Arrival Tashkent

A travel blog entry by londone7


... flight which was supposed to arrive 10pm in Tashkent now arrived midnite local time with the two hour delays in Seoul. Added to this Uzbekistan is -4hours from Korea time so it's actually 4am for me now.  The group of off duty stewardesses in the ...

Final Destination!, Bukhara, Uzbekistan travel blog

Final Destination!

A travel blog entry by cmnguyen117


8. May 1st, 652 AD  I arrived at Bukhara not too long ago this week.  I took a look at the trading domes that were here. Before going to the trading domes, I wanted to try out some Indian cuisine around here. I stopped by a restaurant, and they ...

Just shut it Syd, Bukhara, Uzbekistan travel blog

Just shut it Syd

A travel blog entry by katiemconroy


This is the second town we've hit in the lovely year of 1227, but its a lot smaller than the next place we'll visit, Samarkand. Since we're taking the main route along the Silk Road, I've met tons of other merchants. One of them, a man named Trinh, had ...

Entry 5: Bukhara, Bukhara, Uzbekistan travel blog

Entry 5: Bukhara

A travel blog entry by katiegreen


We passed by the Caspian Sea and are now in Bukhara. Here, we learned more about our religion that we share. We discovered that Islam in Bukhara is different that Islam back home in Constantinople. My sister and I were fascinated with the cultural ...

Carpet & Gold Bazaars, Kalon Ensemble, Bukhara, Uzbekistan travel blog

Carpet & Gold Bazaars, Kalon Ensemble

A travel blog entry by londone7


... into the Madrassa which is now used as a girls school and is closed to the public. Of the dozen practicing Madrassa's in Uzbekistan today only two are for girls.  I could only walk in the entrance archways which were very gothic like European ...

Pendant Stan là..., Tashkent, Uzbekistan travel blog

Pendant Stan là...

A travel blog entry by worldkerros

Salut à tous, Fin d'une mission touristique dont je reviendrai bien avec mes deux genoux, et durant laquelle j'aurai finalement pu apprécier de ne pas me retrouver dans des situations insensées, loufoques, ou cocasses comme quand j'étions jeune. Sauf ...

Mosque-itos, Samarkand, Uzbekistan travel blog


A travel blog entry by asianguyen


Journal Entry 412 JAN700 C.E.Location: Samarkand, UzbekistanIt’s a lovely day today in Samarkand, Uzbekistan, the second most important trading cities of the Silk Road and I’m told that there are new methods of wool and flax processing ...

Exploring Khiva, Khiva, Uzbekistan travel blog

Exploring Khiva

A travel blog entry by carlosherbane


Last night we boiled in the room without the air conditioning. I got up early and went straight to a wonderful breakfast. Central Asia's answer to tapas. Egg, bread, cold cuts, fruits, raisins, coated peanuts and tea. A great start to the day. I then ...

Quelques impressions de Tashkent, Khiva, Uzbekistan travel blog

Quelques impressions de Tashkent

A travel blog entry by malfhm


Somptueux petit déjeuner, plus occidental qu'asiatique, dans une salle de restaurant démesurée, à l'aune des bâtiments soviétiques. Nous expérimentons le métro, ses stations majestueuses à la russe; il est ...

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