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I saw travelers again!, Samarkand, Uzbekistan travel blog

I saw travelers again!

A travel blog entry by metoindia

When I reached Smarkand with the train and found my nice B&B hotel, I was pretty surprised, because I finally met another traveler again. The last time I saw one was in Georgia, so it's pretty rare. Unfortunately, he wasn't that interesting because ...

TIMUR'S MAUSOLEUM, Samarkand, Uzbekistan travel blog


A travel blog entry by tezzatravels


... brush was replaced in due course by crops. The country is not nearly as pretty as Kyrgyzstan but for this leg history [Uzbekistan] and curiosity [Turkmenistan] will prevail. Must do some heel pampering, fellow GAMEr Tom. Both are cracking a bit and need ...

The Modern Silk Road, Samarkand, Uzbekistan travel blog

The Modern Silk Road

A travel blog entry by ahartry


After breakfast (which we had in the courtyard this morning), we met our driver and started out of town. We had a long drive to Samarkand, mostly along a straight stretch of highway through towns and agricultural fields. We spent the day spotting what ...

Uzbekistan In The Fall of 2003, Qarshi, Uzbekistan travel blog

Uzbekistan In The Fall of 2003

A travel blog entry by kenneycan25


This will be ongoing as I recall the details....  I spent two weeks in Qarshi, Uzbekistan. Originally my customer was reluctant to send any of us "westerners" here fearing that we may be in danger. But we encountered no problems during our ...

The hell is in Turkmenistan at Darvaza Crater, Darvaza, Turkmenistan travel blog

The hell is in Turkmenistan at Darvaza Crater

A travel blog entry by groundhopper


May be update ...

Destination Uzbekistan, Tashkent, Uzbekistan travel blog

Destination Uzbekistan

A travel blog entry by ian_ringer

Three days, three countries, a very long train jounrney and I've made it to Uzbekistan. This is possibly the furthest that I will be away from anywhere all trip double landlocked and the middle of central Asia. I was pretty worried about the 3 day train ...

Bukhara and the Silk Road, Bukhara, Uzbekistan travel blog

Bukhara and the Silk Road

A travel blog entry by ldhensel


... era of Amir Timur (also known as Tamerlane), a Tartar, whose kingdom stretched from Mongolia to India and Persia. He ruled from Uzbekistan and is one of their national heroes. He established caravansaries every 35 km since that was the distance of a day's ...

Boukhara, Boukhara, Uzbekistan travel blog


A travel blog entry by surledep


Salam aleikum,      Je viens de passer 1 semaine dans une guesthouse du 19eme siècle où les murs sont décorés de vieilles fresques, avec une petite cour intérieure ombragée où il fait bon de prendre un thé et une ...

tashkent, Tashkent, Uzbekistan travel blog


A travel blog entry by ahamill


tashkent again! more ...

Uzbekistan is Brilliant!!!, Samarkand, Uzbekistan travel blog

Uzbekistan is Brilliant!!!

A travel blog entry by scruffy.alex


... . Blue tiles and minarets everywhere. All in all great day spent ambling around. The people are definitely friendlier, food good and besides the ridiculous currency (1000 Sum bills the largest, equivalent to 35cents) Uzbekistan has been brilliant so far. ...

We need some fuel for this muel., Bukhara, Uzbekistan travel blog

We need some fuel for this muel.

A travel blog entry by scruffy.alex


... and start the drive back north the following day. Not ideal but considering we've wasted so much time on the detour to Uzbekistan we don't have much to spare. The town itself was a slightly smaller more authentic version of Samarkand. Highlight of the ...

Silk Rd Samarkand, Samarkand, Uzbekistan travel blog

Silk Rd Samarkand

A travel blog entry by globalwanderers


... of children and Muslim men all seated in rows who were very keen to have the pictures taken. It is our last stop in Uzbekistan and we are looking forward to new adventures in the land of curry munchers, India, and not to be carrying around stacks ...

Last days, Tashkent, Uzbekistan travel blog

Last days

A travel blog entry by svenhermans


Terug in Tashkent als laatste tussenstop op weg naar huis. Heb nog een beetje rondgelopen in de stad, maar niet meer met de bedoeling om zoveel mogelijk monumenten te bezoeken. Het was dan ook zeer aangenaam om wat tijd te kunnen doorbrengen met enkele ...

Shakhrisabz - Tamerlanes Birthplace, Shakhrisabz, Uzbekistan travel blog

Shakhrisabz - Tamerlanes Birthplace

A travel blog entry by jolyonp


Samarkand , Afrosiab -free time & final meal, Samarkand, Uzbekistan travel blog

Samarkand , Afrosiab -free time & final meal

A travel blog entry by jolyonp


Back to Tashkent via Kazakhstan, Tashkent, Uzbekistan travel blog

Back to Tashkent via Kazakhstan

A travel blog entry by jolyonp


JALAL, YOU TALK TOO MUCH, Bukhara, Uzbekistan travel blog


A travel blog entry by tezzatravels


... the number doubled in the reflection of water in front of it] 1,000 US was the site for a little lecture on Uzbekistan and Islam. Anything remotely fundamentalist is cracked down on in the country. The mosques in Uzbekistan are generally not stunning to ...

Bus Bukhara Samarkand, Samarkand, Uzbekistan travel blog

Bus Bukhara Samarkand

A travel blog entry by agnetasherborne


After another nice breakfast at Hotel Fatima we took the bag and day packs and wandered down the lane to where we could catch a taxi to the bus stop. We didn't end up at the bus top from yesterday but there were big buses and we immediately got hassled ...

Found a cute house to live in, Tashkent, Uzbekistan travel blog

Found a cute house to live in

A travel blog entry by ahamill


House hunting is not the easiest thing to do anywhere, but I think I had a satisfying experience. Our logistics folks do much of the work, but in the end it has to be the expat who goes out and looks at the option and makes the list of requirements and ...

Seidenstrasse, Samarkand, Uzbekistan travel blog


A travel blog entry by timon_richiger


In Samarkand ist der vergangene Reichtum der Staedte an der Seidenstrasse wohl am besten zu sehen. Dies hat auch zur Folge, dass dies wohl die tourististe Stadt von Usbekistan ist. In der Hauptsaison kommen hier wohl Busladungen fast im Minutentakt an. ...

Jul 12, 2011, Khiva, Uzbekistan travel blog

Jul 12, 2011

A travel blog entry by kennethj


Jul 16, 2010, Bukhara, Uzbekistan travel blog

Jul 16, 2010

A travel blog entry by kennethj


THE GATES OF HELL, Darwasa, Uzbekistan travel blog


A travel blog entry by tezzatravels


Up twice for a slash and more. Good banter amongst the Team Terry members. Rachel had said the bags would go up at 0745, CC standing there like a dork waiting for the appointed moment rather than just getting the job done. We would have been off by 0805 ...

What a difference!, Samarkand, Uzbekistan travel blog

What a difference!

A travel blog entry by scruffy.alex


... the complete lack of requests for 'souvenirs' and money, money, money by the Uzbek border officials. A good start in Uzbekistan. It was however, quickly followed by a hilariously bizarre moment at the police checkpoint leaving the border area. Well I ...

A WALK ALONG THE WALL, Khiva, Uzbekistan travel blog


A travel blog entry by tezzatravels


... . We continued our shade tour of Khiva, a dense heat already in the air early. Ben asked how I was. His role is odd in Uzbekistan, not only due to the passport mess but also the presence of Anna, his girlfriend, as a paying passenger. He referred to the ...

I'm going to LA, Tashkent, Uzbekistan travel blog

I'm going to LA

A travel blog entry by shakhruz

planning the ...

Into Uzbekistan !, Khiva, Uzbekistan travel blog

Into Uzbekistan !

A travel blog entry by mollyquul


... ones tend to be still standing and are pilgrimage sites, so we see local tourists there. We then crossed the border into Uzbekistan. The process was a "trip". Their requirement is to cross the border on foot. They provided a vehicle for one woman who ...

Khiva majd utazás a sivatagon át Buharába, Khiva, Uzbekistan travel blog

Khiva majd utazás a sivatagon át Buharába

A travel blog entry by uton


Reggel embertelen korán kelni kellett, ráadásul a hotel küzdött nemi közmű kihívással: a víz nyomás annyira kicsi volt, hogy a klotyoba papírt egyáltalán nem lehetett dobni, es hat ...

Samarkand - Chanoq, Chanoq, Uzbekistan travel blog

Samarkand - Chanoq

A travel blog entry by antonunterwegs


Das war ja wohl ein Satz mit x. Der etwa 50 km von Samarkand entfernt liegende Grenzübergang ist nicht für Trucks zugelassen. Wir müssen etwa 200 km nach Norden um einen passenden Grenzübergang zu finden. Die Mittagspause nutzt Will um ein paar ...

Bazaars, Photo Gallery, Rug Museum, Bukhara, Uzbekistan travel blog

Bazaars, Photo Gallery, Rug Museum

A travel blog entry by londone7


Leaving the Emir's Summer Palace we drove back to the old town beside close to the Kalon Tower. We then walked a few blocks east to two Madrassas where I began exploring last night when I first arrived in Bukhara There were a lot more tourist stores ...

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