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Singapore Sling your hook, Singapore, Singapore travel blog

Singapore Sling your hook

A travel blog entry by robnharri


... we had a walk around the marina and ventured to the top of the Marina bay resort which has a brilliant lookout point over Singapore. After that we spent a couple of hours getting lost and ended up at the famous Raffles Hotel to try a Singapore Sling. I ...

Singapore, Singapore, Singapore travel blog


A travel blog entry by andyagustorie


- ...

Tourist stuff, Singapore, Singapore travel blog

Tourist stuff

A travel blog entry by lindasmejkal


... to cortisone shots before I left home. Note to self - get in shape before beginning the next trip! Observations of Singapore: Young, very classy, high-heels, beautiful black shiny hair, everyone talking on a cell phone, polite older men giving subway ...

Dash for the border, Singapore, Singapore travel blog

Dash for the border

A travel blog entry by robjstaples


... work and get home himself, but we were hugely grateful that he did.   First impressions count - and those of Singapore were good. It's easy to be in Singapore, modern, clean and almost brutally efficient as it is.  I wouldn't ...

Singapour nous voila!, Singapore, Singapore travel blog

Singapour nous voila!

A travel blog entry by froggies


After a good start in HKG, it was time to move on and discover a new country... Singapore. Que dire??? MUCH cleaner than HKG!!! Singapore is actually a really nice small country, when you arrive there, you feel like you are in a colonial city, which it ...

Singapore, Singapore, Singapore travel blog


A travel blog entry by theklikas


Singapore was incredible as expected – full of amazing architecture, very clean, super modern... and expensive. In contrast to where we had been it felt like we had travelled into the future. We spent two nights there. We heard Christmas music and ...

Parents arrived for bdays & pre-Christmas fun, Singapore, Singapore travel blog

Parents arrived for bdays & pre-Christmas fun

A travel blog entry by fatkidfrogs


... then we do dinner outings and such all together in the evenings/weekends.  The parents have gone to Har Paw Villa, taken the Singapore boat taxis, gone to the museums/temples, tried the sandwich ice cream from the street vendors (one of them tried to ...

Singapore stopover, Singapore, Singapore travel blog

Singapore stopover

A travel blog entry by felishj

I boarded a Singapore Airlines flight at 11am from Sydney and arrived in Singapore at 5pm, local time. After taking a very fast and efficient train from Changi Airport to Bugis Mart station, I navigated my way to the Ibis hotel past hoards of people ...

Singapore, Singapore, Singapore travel blog


A travel blog entry by roli-on-tour

On my way home I made a short stop in Singapore. Flew from Perth to SIN and had 5 hours break. Took the train to the town, Clarke Quay. It's a very international place with various restaurants and bars at the river. Very hot and humid! After less than 3 ...

Paulo Ubin Island, Singapore, Singapore travel blog

Paulo Ubin Island

A travel blog entry by banj

... an hour and only costed about a quid. There was a weird guy on the bus so i would be the one stood by him lol. Got some singapore noodles form a place on the docks then got a little Jetty boat or bum boat as they call them lol. That cost 5S$ and was good ...

Big City, Big hearts, Singapore, Singapore travel blog

Big City, Big hearts

A travel blog entry by back2basics


... are fast approaching. As i type loud crashes of thunder are heard outside while a brief but intense tropical storm arises. Singapore has been fabulous thanks to my gracious hosts Jack and Maggie. Jack and Maggie have returned to Singapore for there ...

A seriously quick stop in Sinapore, Singapore, Singapore travel blog

A seriously quick stop in Sinapore

A travel blog entry by mossradden

We had originally planned on getting an overnight train from KL to Singapore, arriving first thing in the morning then exploring all day. But the train was booked up when we tried to book it! So we ended getting a bus to Singapore the same day we were ...

Monkey Business, Singapore, Singapore travel blog

Monkey Business

A travel blog entry by johnnynomad

I spent the better part of the last 2 days making my way back to Singapore after spending an amazing 9 days in Indonesia. It is early in my journey to say this but I am confident that my time in Indonesia will most likely be one of the highlight of this ...

Joo Chiat Rd, Singapore, Singapore travel blog

Joo Chiat Rd

A travel blog entry by alex.carla


Pendant le petit déjeuner nous étions assis en face d'un couple de français. Nous commençons à discuter. Lui travail pour Cogate Palmolive et est en mission à Kuala Lumpur pour 3 mois. Il est acheteur et me demande si je sais en quoi ça consiste. ...

The truth about Singaporean CCTV, Singapore, Singapore travel blog

The truth about Singaporean CCTV

A travel blog entry by a.stutman


... $200. Then he watched as the same undercover person caught some poor old lady doing the same thing. When I asked Khalis how Singapore does their census he shrugged his shoulders. "They already know everything," was his answer. You think we've got it bad ...

Singapore - Hit the Ground Eating, Singapore, Singapore travel blog

Singapore - Hit the Ground Eating

A travel blog entry by mikeandjill


... ;and yet it's still very very Asian.  The result of a little neo-totalitarianism and social engineering that took Singapore from a malaria-ridden flop of an English colony to an incredibly diverse, cosmopolitan Asian melting pot in a matter of ...

Singapore, Singapore, Singapore travel blog


A travel blog entry by moonboots79

Singapore ...

And we're off!, Singapore, Singapore travel blog

And we're off!

A travel blog entry by warrenswanders


... too much. Quite an achievement (and I'm sure they were grateful!). Arrived late afternoon to a hot and sticky Singapore - blissful warmth. Hilary and I have both been to Singapore before but had totally different experiences. It was cool to compare ...

But we aren't even staying!, Singapore, Singapore travel blog

But we aren't even staying!

A travel blog entry by boatubia

... we weren't staying and it was just a layover. It was because we had to walk 30 steps outside the building on Singapore soil from the arrival hall to the departure hall. Seriously, couldn't a tunnel have been built? Something? Ironically this was ...

Social circles, Singapore, Singapore travel blog

Social circles

A travel blog entry by charliek85

With my Singapore budget pretty much spent (even with the theatre ticket cost aside, Singapore is not a cheap place by any means) I chose a day of wandering, revisiting the beach, and general nothingness. I leave tomorrow, and I honestly don't feel as if ...

Slinging through Singapore, Singapore, Singapore travel blog

Slinging through Singapore

A travel blog entry by eshortworldwide

... of my trip to India. Even so, I almost feel like I'm wasting my traveling time, and that's not a good thing (duh!). Singapore. It's hard to describe. It's supposedly the most expensive country in S.E. Asia, but that seems hard to grasp that when my ...

Farewell Singapore, Singapore, Singapore travel blog

Farewell Singapore

A travel blog entry by lanef11


... after dinner and we got a few drinks down by the water and enjoyed live music and beautiful weather. I must say, I really enjoyed Singapore. It is a super wealthy city, so no surprise we saw a crazy amount of Ferrari, Bentley, Lamborghini, you name it! ...

Airport in Singapore, Singapore, Singapore travel blog

Airport in Singapore

A travel blog entry by jentoth


... actually felt how tiny I's hard to decribe acurately I guess...) In short, my size has varied a lot on this trip I guess. Singapore Airlines and the airport are the nicest I've ever seen by far btw. On the plane there was free pay-per-view-esque ...

Layover thoughts., Singapore, Singapore travel blog

Layover thoughts.

A travel blog entry by tworedshoes

Surviving through the flight to Singapore with both Sinuses intact, our hero takes some time out to inspect Changi Airport for the next 5 hours. Not much available in the way of duty free, but it did give him an opportunity to buy a watch that keeps time ...

Fumigating, Singapore, Singapore travel blog


A travel blog entry by trainsnotplanes


Our SE jouney begins...Singapore, Singapore, Singapore travel blog

Our SE jouney begins...Singapore

A travel blog entry by fatkidfrogs


... attire. I was in slippers, my "Lil' Miss Aloha" shirt and a pink mini-skirt that didn't really project a corporate image! When in Singapore, do as the Singaporeans do. Since I'd been here before, briefly, I knew to pack my nicer clothes so I'll have to ...

Vvvvvodka....Ssseafooood..... and more Vvvvvodka, Singapore, Singapore travel blog

Vvvvvodka....Ssseafooood..... and more Vvvvvodka

A travel blog entry by jimstephkrueger


... ; I then gave the driver the physical address...then for the next five minutes he kept explaining how he knows all the streets in Singapore but doesn't always pay attention to the landmarks.  He would never make it in Costa Rica!!!  What a cool ...

Roaming and Night Safari, Singapore, Singapore travel blog

Roaming and Night Safari

A travel blog entry by wbeardsl


... different shopping centres. We then rested up in the afternoon in preparation for going on the Night Safari. If you ever come to Singapore I would suggest you do the night safari. It was really great! We travelled on a tram around the park and saw many ...

Two Docs and a UFO, Singapore, Singapore travel blog

Two Docs and a UFO

A travel blog entry by alan.kidd.522


... left the clinic. Outside we were about to make for the bus stop when the heavens opened up and we had to shelter from another Singapore downpour near the hospital outside a 'Subway' shop. The temptation was too much and we had to treat ourselves to a ...

Singapore, Singapore, Singapore travel blog


A travel blog entry by heinvm

Singapore ...

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