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Singapore - mellanlandning och shopping, Singapore, Singapore travel blog

Singapore - mellanlandning och shopping

A travel blog entry by johast


A ...

Stopping off in Singapore, Singapore Airport, Singapore travel blog

Stopping off in Singapore

A travel blog entry by bethfisher

Stopping off in ...

Slingapore Sings!!, Singapore, Singapore travel blog

Slingapore Sings!!

A travel blog entry by dr.azz


... a feat of modern engineering – bouncing around in ones seat does nothing for ones confidence (nor a stomach full of Singapore Slings... and cabernet sauvignon... and cognac...). In half hours time, I'll touch down in my first foreign country... and ...

Die olle nervt!!, Singapore, Singapore travel blog

Die olle nervt!!

A travel blog entry by weltenbummler07

Ich hatte mich schon auf einen geruhsamen Schlaf im Flugzeug gefreut, bis sone Olle hinter mir anfing Alk ohne Ende zu ordern. Das loeste bei ihr nach jeder Silbe nen Lachkrampf aus, zum Leidwesen aller - sie hielt sich nach mehreren, netten Fragen aber ...

Safe and Sound in Singapore, Singapore, Singapore travel blog

Safe and Sound in Singapore

A travel blog entry by kyte54

We arrived safe and sound last night. Shangri-la Hotel is brilliant.  Off to do the tourist bit today and may take in the night safari later on.  Update later on ...

Wednesday & Thursday, Singapore, Singapore travel blog

Wednesday & Thursday

A travel blog entry by gatsby1


Departed Heathrow, 13 hrs to Singapore, arriving 5am Thursday morning. Checked in and straight to bed till lunchtime. The afternoon was an opportunity to see some of the sights - friends have mentioned the gardens, the architecture and the light ...

Singapore Changi Airport, Singapore, Singapore travel blog

Singapore Changi Airport

A travel blog entry by clairebr


It wasn't until the pilot announced our descent into Singapore that my stomach did a double flip about actually finally feeling like I was going travelling. I was gutted the wings of the plane obscured my view of the landing, i wanted to see something ...

Tourist Time!, Singapore, Singapore travel blog

Tourist Time!

A travel blog entry by martha.radtke


... I've never heard of before, and sunny afternoons that feel crazy good! Our tour guide shared a lot about the culture of Singapore. Things like the apparent housing quotas. They try to keep certain levels of diversity within neighborhoods - so before a ...

Fabulous Food, Delicious Drink and Cool Company, Singapore, Singapore travel blog

Fabulous Food, Delicious Drink and Cool Company

A travel blog entry by carsonsontour2


... for some reason was a little worse for wear and hadn’t woken up.  Jane and Jimmy have a fantastic house in Singapore four bedrooms, massive living area and kitchen.  They also have a wonder girl called Nanette who lives in and helps out ...

Singapore in style, Singapore , Singapore travel blog

Singapore in style

A travel blog entry by ontheroa


... . Singapore places highly in international rankings with regard to standard of living, education, healthcare, and economic competitiveness. Singapore has one of the highest per capita incomes and one of the longest overall life ...

Chinatown, Night Safari, Singapore, Singapore travel blog

Chinatown, Night Safari

A travel blog entry by mlrucker


- - 22 Aug - - I was determined to make it to Chinatown before I was here for too long. The timing was always off to go with someone and Ryan and I tried to make it there a couple of time but would usually get sidetracked with other locations, like Arab ...

Food Paradise, Singpore, Singapore travel blog

Food Paradise

A travel blog entry by rretzler


... was served there. It was right next to the "Sultan Mosque," from which loud chanting at 5am called residing Muslims to prayer. Singapore almost felt like home, if you can believe it. It is very modern and clean and everybody speaks English. The ...

The first 24/48 hours!!!, Singapore, Singapore travel blog

The first 24/48 hours!!!

A travel blog entry by karendixon


What a long day... it's 9:45pm here and started this exciting journey yesterday morning!! Flight was good, slept most of it, not a lot else you can do when your cocoomed in your sit, why are people allowed to recline, why god why!!!! Any how, stepping ...

Craig is Alex and April's 2nd visitor Yahoo, Singapore, Singapore travel blog

Craig is Alex and April's 2nd visitor Yahoo

A travel blog entry by alexapril604


... the clever one coming up with the quotes. See it's not just the food we miss, it's the slang too. We'll let's finish Singapore because we have three more cities to go. Wed night after coming home/hotel around four in the a.m. we had little time to ...

Singapur, Singapore, Singapore travel blog


A travel blog entry by serku77


Früh morgens müssen wir aus den Federn und machen uns zusammen mit zwei Spaniern auf den Weg zum Busbahnhof. Da wir wissen, dass die Suchtmittel in Singapur unanständig teuer sind, decken wir uns sicherheitshalber noch in Malaysia mit ...

Food, Glorious Food, Singapore, Singapore travel blog

Food, Glorious Food

A travel blog entry by nick.furmston


... across to Bintam. Is lovely little place where you hire bikes to make you sweat. To be honest, although unusually cool for Singapore, I really didn't need any help as I was doing pretty well all by myself.   Whilst working out the quickest route ...

Singapore, Singapore, Singapore travel blog


A travel blog entry by kstubbs97


... as arranged and we got his taxi to take us on to Sentosa where he'd booked us into a skydiving simulator called ifly Singapore. After a 30 minutes lesson learning the basic body position and instructor's hand signals we suited up and entered the chamber. ...

Singapore at its best!, Singapore , Singapore travel blog

Singapore at its best!

A travel blog entry by 123donal


... sublime harp playing made for a great evening's entertainment. There is a lot to be said for spontaneity!   Like Malaysia, Singapore shares its streets with many other cultures and it's actually very difficult to define a true Singaporean. For this ...

Lost luggage!, Singapore, Singapore travel blog

Lost luggage!

A travel blog entry by daveandnat


After some very last minute packing (it was always going to be that way!) we made it to our flight to Singapore, unfortunately Dave's luggage didn't make it to Singapore.  It should be arriving tomorrow hopefully (for the time being he has matching ...

Earthquakes and evacuations, Singapore, Singapore travel blog

Earthquakes and evacuations

A travel blog entry by guyandvicki


... then they moved us to a room on a miltary base for the night. We went back yesterday morning, packed our bags and flew to Singapore, where we are now. The hotel was so pretty before and such a mess afterwards. The pools were a mass of sludge, there was ...

Last Bits of Singapore, Singapore, Singapore travel blog

Last Bits of Singapore

A travel blog entry by martha.radtke


As I approached my last final days, there was one place left that I hadn't checked off my Singapore bucket list: MacRitchie Reservoir. A nature park in Singapore, it's a great place to go hiking through the thick forests.  I went with another ...

more moving!, Singapore, Singapore travel blog

more moving!

A travel blog entry by timizere


... the cushtyest coach weve been on. reclining chairs, footrests, the works. actually got a pretty good nights kip. finally got a hotel in singapore at 12 today after clearing singapores intense customs. so we'd been on the road for 28 hours. owch. soo we're ...

Day 25: Working in Singapore, Singapore, Singapore travel blog

Day 25: Working in Singapore

A travel blog entry by theepan

Nothing exciting today, unless you want to know about the work I did in Singapore..I just took the evening to chill out and recover from the exhausting ...

Singapore....In A Breeze, Singapore, Singapore travel blog

Singapore....In A Breeze

A travel blog entry by venoth


... be at my doorstep at 5 am. With that, I was at the airport by 6 am and in time form my early morning flight out to Singapore. Arrived at the office in Singapore at 9 am and it was indeed a very long day. I had bought the return ticket for 7 pm today ...

Jurang Bird Sanctuary to finish it off, Singapore, Singapore travel blog

Jurang Bird Sanctuary to finish it off

A travel blog entry by jonclark2000


... 2 people for 2 weeks in Borneo and a night in Singapore in AUS$ Flight to singapore $639 flight to sabah $262 transit hotel in singapore - $121.42 SI Tours - $1,517.90 ATM - $500 x 2 $300 x1 Mt. Kinabalu $426 Mt. Kinabalu extra night $144.31 ...

Drinken in India en eten in China., Singapore, Singapore travel blog

Drinken in India en eten in China.

A travel blog entry by flight-mode


... grote voordeel van reizen per metro is, dat het totaal niet duur is. Per rit ben je gemiddeld 1-2 S$ kwijt. Little India Singapore heeft veel te maken gehad met (arbeids)migranten. De stad is opgedeeld in verschillende wijken met hun eigen bewoners. ... the airport, Singapore, Singapore travel blog the airport

A travel blog entry by neverold


... across the centre of Australia and got some great Outback pictures including Ularu and The Olgas from 30000 feet. We arrived at Singapore for a seven hour stopover.  As last time we got on the Skytrain and headed for the swimming pool in the ...

Just like home, Singapore, Singapore travel blog

Just like home

A travel blog entry by andiontheroad


... have another sample of Singaporean food. The food here has influences from all the different cultures that come together in Singapore, Chinese, Malay, Indian, a bit of Indonesian and Thai. The food courts are the best (and cheapest) way to ...

Singapore - 31 hour days..., Singapore, Singapore travel blog

Singapore - 31 hour days...

A travel blog entry by david_simo88


After travelling for over 19 hours and being awake for 24, we couldn't go to sleep at 3pm, could we? Well anyway after a ten minute lay down and unpacking a few items, the room was a mess! We decided to have a walk about to check the area out, and ended ...

Exploring Singapore!, Singapore, Singapore travel blog

Exploring Singapore!

A travel blog entry by david_simo88


... for $13. Rather than ONE SMALL bottle for $18, like everywhere else. It even tasted better!! We got talking too a young lad from Singapore and China left me on my own with the guy, so we talked about football. He supported Man United (glory supporter) and ...

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