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The Red Centre, Lombok Indonesia, Indonesia travel blog

The Red Centre

A travel blog entry by mdarvill


The Lone Dingo website seems to epitomise/symbolise what so many of us are seeking when we head outdoors. Isolation, intimacy with the environment, a simple existence a better understanding of ourselves. the motivation behind so many of the journeys of ...

Kicking Back on the Beach, Gili Trawangan, Indonesia travel blog

Kicking Back on the Beach

A travel blog entry by clochangirl


... the boat we thought we might be able to get to take us to the GIlli's (three small atolls off the north west coast of Lombok) on the plus side we did have another comedy transport adventure.  This time the bus we had been in decided not to go the ...

Senggigi, étape sur l'île de Lombok, Senggigi, Indonesia travel blog

Senggigi, étape sur l'île de Lombok

A travel blog entry by berbencitron


Une bonne heure de bus bondé de touristes jusqu'au port de Padang Bai, un ferry de quatre heure vers l'île de Lombok et une demi heure en "bemo" (taxi local) plus tard on arrive enfin à Senggigi pour la nuit,, ville étape avant les Gilis... Ouf! La ...

Phase de remission, Kuta Lombock, Indonesia travel blog

Phase de remission

A travel blog entry by bali_musketeers


Le dernier post date de la veille de notre depart pour Lombock... que de chemin parcouru depuis. Que de mer naviguee devrais-je dire! Donc je reprends du debut : Nous avions trouve un ersatz de chambre pour passer la nuit a Padang Bai, avec un extra bed ...

Asia - final leg, Lombok, Indonesia travel blog

Asia - final leg

A travel blog entry by casandstevo


... the delay in communication. We've covered many miles since Cambodia, going back into Thailand, travelling south through Malaysia and finally into Indonesia; our last stop before we fly home for a 10-day 'break'. On our last night in Cambodia, we went to ...

Trawangan, Gili Islands, Indonesia travel blog


A travel blog entry by santeria

... known to turn up and play unannounced sets. Parties are held three nights a week but are curtailed during the month of Ramadan. Read ...

Waterfall Ritual, Senaru, Indonesia travel blog

Waterfall Ritual

A travel blog entry by emmabrakes


... from Mt Rinjani.  From here you can see volcano one way and sea the other (although that is true of quite a lot of Lombok!), although whilst we were there the top of the mountain was cloud covered.  From a tourism point of view it has a couple ...

pictures indonesia, Jakarta, Yog Yakarta, Bromo, Bali, Lombok, Gilis, Indonesia travel blog

pictures indonesia

A travel blog entry by kerosine


Hey hey, here comes some photos from ...

Oct 11, 2012, Lombok, Indonesia travel blog

Oct 11, 2012

A travel blog entry by philippemueller


Lombok = chile en Sasak, Lombok, Indonesia travel blog

Lombok = chile en Sasak

A travel blog entry by 1ra_vuelta


... a un trekking de 3 días en el monte Rinjani (3,726 m), el segundo volcán y tercera montaña más alta de Indonesia. El Rinjani ocupa cerca de una quinta parte de todo el territorio de Lombok y por eso algunas de las playas de la isla ...

islas satélite, Gili Islands, Indonesia travel blog

islas satélite

A travel blog entry by 1ra_vuelta


Al noroeste de Lombok se encuentra un conjunto de 3 islas pequeñas, rodeadas de coral que se llaman las Gillis. Además de sus playas de arena blanca y aguas tranquilas y transparentes ideales para bucear o caretear, el encanto de estas islitas ...

Palau Menjangan, Uluwatu,  Padangbai,  Lombok, Lombok, Indonesia travel blog

Palau Menjangan, Uluwatu, Padangbai, Lombok

A travel blog entry by the_floyds

... (Rich now confident that we'd buy 2 as soon as back in JHB) and slept in Padangbai before catching the huge public ferry to Lombok at the crack of dawn the nrxt morning. We were totally baffled by the tourist's lack of support for the public ferry vs ...

Lombok and the Gili Islands, Lombok, Indonesia travel blog

Lombok and the Gili Islands

A travel blog entry by gilesandlaura


... and despite the hotel trying to sting us with a completely false exchange rate we would recommend a visit to anyone out in Indonesia. The return boat trip to Padang Bai and shuttle to Sanur were unremarkable and as expected we were dropped on a major ...

Not yet ready for tourism, Mataram, Indonesia travel blog

Not yet ready for tourism

A travel blog entry by eye_of_beholder

... we are not ready to throw ourselves in the midth of the Australian Mallorca yet. Luckily we could still find a way to get to Lombok that same day and from there settle over to the Gili Islands, which supposedly are some kind of insiders tip in the ...

Driving Rules in Lombok, Kuta Beach, West Lombok, Indonesia travel blog

Driving Rules in Lombok

A travel blog entry by melnbruce


... roads!  Much easier to get around here and naturally faster! It's been a fascinating time watching how the traffic works in Lombok.  I’ve been privileged being able to sit in the front seat of "transport" to get around Lombok, due to my ...

MATARAM, Mataram, Indonesia travel blog


A travel blog entry by dannyleonisrael


... like a comedy routine, and on each occasion, there successful ploys were only short-lived. PURA SURANDI Address: Near Mataram, Lombok, Indonesia, ID Enjoying a scenic countryside setting, the Pura Surandi is an important holy temple, and known not only ...

Gili up go!, Gili Trawangan, Indonesia travel blog

Gili up go!

A travel blog entry by wijnaaienum


... , fotoduik, bouyancyduik en een Nitroxduik, en zijn na drie dagen Advanced Open Water duikers!!! Goed bezig dus. De meiden van Lombok komen ons nog opzoeken en we maken er een gezellige weekend van met veel iets te duur eten en overheerlijke toetjes, ...

Breathe deeper in Gili Air, Lombok Utara, Indonesia travel blog

Breathe deeper in Gili Air

A travel blog entry by amelm


... the ride more enjoyable. An hour and a half later, we were already on Gili Air, a small island a few minutes away from Lombok. We chose Gili Air since it was a good compromise between party Crazy Gili Trawangan and dead Gili Meno. We checked in our ...

Gili T., West Lombok, Indonesia travel blog

Gili T.

A travel blog entry by bigma


The island was pretty cool and quite beautiful. White sandy beaches no motor vehicles and very chilled out. Went swimming and snorkelling everyday. The water was clear and had lots of marine life including green sea turtles which I was lucky enough to ...

Start the 4 day trek, Rinjani, Indonesia travel blog

Start the 4 day trek

A travel blog entry by jomynard

Tough climb up a volcano. More ...

Back to Sengiggi, Sengiggi, Indonesia travel blog

Back to Sengiggi

A travel blog entry by jomynard

Very relaxing. More later. Have to fit another massage ...

Rock bottom, Lombok, Indonesia travel blog

Rock bottom

A travel blog entry by beritjansen


... salesman who told me Coral Trout is local and fresh is, because shortly after, I had food poisening. (Coral trout is not local to lombok) I stopped at the internet and if you read my last few tags for the photos of the last entry, this is me entering a ...

Days 6 - 8 : Trek Mount Rinjani, Mount Rinjani, Indonesia travel blog

Days 6 - 8 : Trek Mount Rinjani

A travel blog entry by shmeim


Mount Rinjani National Park Trekking Lake Program  03Days / 02 Nights Day 1. SENARU - SENARU RIM Pick up at your hotel at 06.00 am ,Transfer by Car to Senaru, arrive in Senaru village around 08.00 am, We give you quick light breakfast and after ...

Een beetje te druk, Mataram, Indonesia travel blog

Een beetje te druk

A travel blog entry by marit-nico

Vandaag zijn we vertrokken met de boot naar Lombok, met als doel Tetebatu. Niet zoals gepland de gili islands, er wordt veel regen voorspeld en we hebben er daarom voor gekozen om de binnenlanden in te trekken. We hebben de langzame boot genomen, deze ...

Gili Trawangan - Festön, Pemenang, Indonesien travel blog

Gili Trawangan - Festön

A travel blog entry by lifeiscalling


Att Gili T är känd som "festön", säger nog mer om de andra öarna än om själva Gili T. Vi skulle snart förstå varför. Från Senggigi körde en mini-van oss till en hamn, där vi sedan tog en ...

Beautiful Bali, Bali, Indonesia travel blog

Beautiful Bali

A travel blog entry by stella762


Bali I arrived in Bali on Tuesday march 6th. I met up Melissa and her family at the airport. I was over joyed to see them. I was very excited to have the next week to spend with them. Melissa and her family are vacationing in Bali for ...

Back to Gili Air, Gili Air, Indonesia travel blog

Back to Gili Air

A travel blog entry by junglebelle


From Nusa Lembongan we arrived on Gili Air, another special spot in the world. I was excited to be able to show Chris Gili, and I loved showing him around, but Gili Air has changed probably just as much as Ubud, if not more! For those who have been to ...

Day 9 Gili Trawangan, Indonesia, West Lombok, Indonesia travel blog

Day 9 Gili Trawangan, Indonesia

A travel blog entry by kimberleeb76

Today was my American birthday! Today we decided to head out to the snorkel area to do some snorkeling. It took me a minute to get all my snorkel gear together but when I did off we went! Water was quite warm and very shallow to start then dropped off a ...

Visite en bateau des îles Gillis ( comme Margie), Senggigi, Indonesia travel blog

Visite en bateau des îles Gillis ( comme Margie)

A travel blog entry by cormor


...  et on y voit la destruction des habitats naturels de la faune et de la flore puisque certaines des montagnes de Lombok sont assez pelées merci. Bref, on oscille entre l'émerveillement et la déception. Sylvie-Chantal et Pierre P.S. Demain ...

Beautiful beach, seeing a friend,leaving Lombok, Kuta Beach, Indonesia travel blog

Beautiful beach, seeing a friend,leaving Lombok

A travel blog entry by wandering_man


... breakfast. That and Kuta Bay Homestay are both recommended. The latter is a startup rung by an expat Californian and his Lombok wife.  Prices are introductorily low, and the place is spotless with nice local art decorating the rooms. Funny story. WM ...

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