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Une journée de gros luxe !!!, Senggigi, Indonesia travel blog

Une journée de gros luxe !!!

A travel blog entry by carolleturcotte

... car j’ai pris du retard… Demain, farnéante totale… je reviendrai lundi voir ce qu’il y a à visiter ici mais surtout réserver le vol Lombok/Bali pour le retour car le bateau, j’ai fait une croix là-dessus !!! Carolle ...

Gili Air - Lagomön, Pemenang, Indonesien travel blog

Gili Air - Lagomön

A travel blog entry by lifeiscalling


Gili Meno sa farväl till oss och gjorde klart att vi nu var klara här - för den här gången. Helgens gäster hade anlänt, samtidigt som strömmarna hade vänt och fört med sig maneter som förstörde ...

Yoga Retreat on Gili Air (March 1-9), Senggigi, Indonesia travel blog

Yoga Retreat on Gili Air (March 1-9)

A travel blog entry by lizg65


Seven days of yoga begin by mini bus and ferry transport out to Gili Air, one of the three Gili islands off the coast of Bali. The island is beautiful and serene. Still very quiet and old school because of its small size and access to fresh water. And ...

Sunrise, sunset, Pemenang,  Indonesia travel blog

Sunrise, sunset

A travel blog entry by toddmchenry


... god luck to our tattooed friend and headed back to our hotel. We watched Men in Black and then slept. Today also marked the Prophets Ascedion for te muslims is Indonesia do a call to prayer went on from 9:30 till well past midnight. Tomorrow - Gili ...

Meno sun, Pemenang,  Indonesia travel blog

Meno sun

A travel blog entry by toddmchenry


Mari and I caught the 9:30am boat to Meno. It was cramped and crowded but by chance it still took afloat and got us over to the island in 20 minutes. We got off and instantly the beaches looked more appealing, the island life quieter. We were offered ...

senggigi onnthe coast, Mataram, Indonesia travel blog

senggigi onnthe coast

A travel blog entry by nooshee


finally, lombok. Senggigi is also not that pretty but i Had the bestest reflexology foot massage ever. Very ouchy, but my bladder has been behaving itself ever since. Chris is worried about drinking ice and getting typhoid n stuff, so we drink the local ...

Anecdotes from Indo Part II, Pantaikute, Indonesia travel blog

Anecdotes from Indo Part II

A travel blog entry by jbwoods


... couple/few bottle of rice wine each night, mixed with orange juice and ice, very refreshing and cheap cheap. Next we scootered across Lombok to the next island east, Sumbawa and down to a surf spot called YoYo's.  Again we were greated by big swell, ...

Gili Trawangan, Trawanga, Indonesia travel blog

Gili Trawangan

A travel blog entry by leandroop

Islas ...

Indonezijski prvak v barantanju, Senggigi, Indonesia travel blog

Indonezijski prvak v barantanju

A travel blog entry by kimamis


Hitre ladje niso obratovale zaradi napovedanega slabega vremena in velikih valov. Ok, torej bomo nasli nek drug nacin. V hostlu so ponujali nek paket, dokaj poceni 9 evrov, da te iz Kute pripelejo v pristanisce,kjer presedes na trajekt in izstopis v ...

Advance diving!, West Lombok, Indonesia travel blog

Advance diving!

A travel blog entry by

Yey! Finally feeling better and ready for some more diving! Victor is sick again though. Think we passes the same virus between each other. No we can't blame any kisses anymore. Must stop sharing the same water bottle instead. I feel great so started my ...

Si on aurait su on aurait pas du, North Lombok, Indonesia travel blog

Si on aurait su on aurait pas du

A travel blog entry by coeurdegaia


Aujourd'hui on se dit tient: et si on faisait le tour de l'île en vélo?! Très bonne idée dis donc, allez hop on en loue et on part en direction de la clinique locale chercher des crèmes anti démangeaisons pour Roxanne, ni ...

Another beautiful island, Sengiggi, Indonesia travel blog

Another beautiful island

A travel blog entry by griffig1


... ferry it left quickly and we were soon steeming across the Bali strait. The boat took four hours and by the time we arrived in Lombok it was evening and almost dark. After another hour on the bus we arrived in Sengiggi and found a place to stay which was ...

End of a big term, Senggigi, Indonesia travel blog

End of a big term

A travel blog entry by reneelouise


... for such a short journey later, we were checked in at terminal one just in time to wait for 90 minutes….  Lombok is the close, southern neighbour of Bali and a ninety minute flight from Jakarta.  The flight was really turbulent, and I was ...

HOT! HOT! HOT!, Gilli Trangwang, Indonesia travel blog


A travel blog entry by timandjensmith


Well not much new we are still on Gilli T and our villa still doesn't have internet. I either forget or don't want to bring my computer out every time to upload pictures. We are in an internet cafe right now. We just got done eating dinner on the beach ...

Onto Lombok where the magic continues..., Lombok, Indonesia travel blog

Onto Lombok where the magic continues...

A travel blog entry by dmj33

... Indonesian villages buying petrol in bottles along the way. It’s amazing to see how basically these people live – this is real Indonesia. We ask a guy on a scooter if we’re going the right way. We’re not but he’s a guide ...

En Route, Lembar, Indonesia travel blog

En Route

A travel blog entry by crayonchameleon


... 't overnight on Lombok; I was only en route to Gili Meno. But it was still an essential part of my last few days in Indonesia. So it is worthy! I originally planned to spend my last few nights on Nusa Penida but couldn't get there easily (or cheaply) from ...

Mergulho, Senggigi, Indonesia travel blog


A travel blog entry by joyflatrip


Segundo dia na ilha, acordamos e tomamos um belo café para se preparar pro dia de mergulho. Fomos fazer um passeio ao redor das 3 ilhas Gilis. Um mergulho no meio dos corais com direito a tartaruga, nemo e entre outros peixes exóticos. Durante ...

A Very Different Kuta, Kute, Indonesia travel blog

A Very Different Kuta

A travel blog entry by rob_the_ladd


After the Gili's, we took a van down to the south coast and Kuta Lombok. This was nothing like Kuta Bali, very quiet with a lot less tourists. Whilst Kuta wasn't anything special, it did work out as a great base for exploring the area. We hired a bike for ...

Gilis - thousand shades of blue, Gili Air, Indonesia travel blog

Gilis - thousand shades of blue

A travel blog entry by andorinha


Die Gili islands sind eine kleine Inselgruppe in der Balisee vor der Nordwestküste der Insel Lombok. Gili Tranwangan ist die grösste der drei Inseln, auch als Partyinsel bekannt. Gili Meno ist die kleinste der Inseln, hier ...

Kuta, Lombok, Indonesia, Central Lombok, Indonesia travel blog

Kuta, Lombok, Indonesia

A travel blog entry by colchar


... local boat back over to Sanur in Bali then got a taxi to another port called Padangbai. We then caught another local ferry over to Lombok for less than half of what the tourist boats were charging, and it was a lot of fun. The ferry over to Lombok took 5 ...

Bali 20 years ago, Lombok, Indonesia travel blog

Bali 20 years ago

A travel blog entry by mizmelodia

Bali proved to be a bit too tourist infested for my liking so we set out for the Lombok, which is the next island over in Indonesia.  It is described as the Bali of 20 years ago and since I don't have a time machine my choice was made.  After an ...

Happy New Y-air, Gili Air, Indonesia travel blog

Happy New Y-air

A travel blog entry by theroamingsloth


... loads of big turtles!  I spent my last afternoon in the Gilis sat in a bar overlooking the beach, the sea, Lombok and Gunung Rinjani, and drinking milkshakes which gradually turned into beers as the sun went down! That evening we ate a delicious ...

Wow, Gilli Trangwang, Indonesia travel blog


A travel blog entry by timandjensmith


Sorry we haven't updated in a while we have been enjoying everything Gilli T has to offer. Today we went scuba diving in the strongest currents we have ever seen. The boat dropped us off at one point and picked us up at another and we just drifted with ...

Another day of travel, Senggigi, Indonesia travel blog

Another day of travel

A travel blog entry by kenanddonna2005

It took forever to wake someone up, so we could pay them before we left. We had tried to pay the day before, to avoid the situation we were now in, and had been told not to worry about it because we could do it in the morning with no problems … ...

Braid, snakes & other adventures, Senggigi, Indonesia travel blog

Braid, snakes & other adventures

A travel blog entry by umaisarah


... again it lacked the excited buzz you get with crowds. I don't know if that's bad or good but I found it kinda boring. Sorry, Lombok! We had dinner at Yessy Cafe which I remembered the guy from Windy recommending to us. Food was so-so, it seems hard to ...

Sorry about the rat poison, Gili Air, Indonesia travel blog

Sorry about the rat poison

A travel blog entry by benandmartin


... to leave the sanctuary of Sanur and head to Gili Air, one of the three islands that constitute the Gili Islands just off the coast of Lombok. The ferry from Bali to the Gili Islands took just over an hour and as it was a nice day we decided to go on the ...

Salamat Hari Raya Idul Fitri, Sapit, Indonesia travel blog

Salamat Hari Raya Idul Fitri

A travel blog entry by emmabrakes


... along the road.  At the pass we stopped to take in the view, all the way to the sea, and drink a delicious Lombok coffee.  On the other side of Mt Rinjani we scooted through several very pretty villages, getting tired arms and sore faces from ...

Being silly in Gilli, Pulau Terawangan, Indonesia travel blog

Being silly in Gilli

A travel blog entry by jamesandgwen


We had a terrible time entering Indonesia.  In all the kafuffle coming through the arrivals hall, Gwen managed to get her visa stolen, having just paid $25 for it.  We know it was stolen as, much later on, half of it was found discarded on the ...

Gaugin's dream, Senggigi, Indonesia travel blog

Gaugin's dream

A travel blog entry by wandering_man


The pics tell the story. ...

And they call this camping....bring it on!, Tanjung Ringget, Indonesia travel blog

And they call this camping....bring it on!

A travel blog entry by davidandmarjory


An amazing location, fabulous beruga and great staff. This a great place for our Anniversary treat!   Just 5 berugas and only 4 occupied so just 8 guests. What more could we want?   At dinner we are presented with a cake and a greeting from all ...

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