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Hungover In Lombok, Lombok, Indonesia travel blog

Hungover In Lombok

A travel blog entry by morpheous

... can see the fuselage from the Lion Air flight that dumped into the ocean recently. I saw that footage a few nights before leaving for Lombok. It doesn’t help my nerves that the Saffa and I have bought Lion Air tickets. What did help was that we were ...

Sasak Pottery And We Meet Our Boat, Kayangan Harbour, Indonesia travel blog

Sasak Pottery And We Meet Our Boat

A travel blog entry by reneelouise


... coconut palms and blanketed with rice terraces, but as we travelled east, the green gave way to a browner, more rugged landscape. Lombok and Bali are separated by the Wallis a line – on one side is the tropical South East Asian landscape ...

Peu de mots mais plein de photos, Senggigi, Indonesia travel blog

Peu de mots mais plein de photos

A travel blog entry by carolleturcotte


... 'sienne et à siroter mon p'tit verre de vin quotidien... quel pur plaisir !!! Aujourd'hui, après avoir réservé mon vol de retour Lombok/Bali, je me suis rendue à la piscine où j'ai passé une grande partie de la journée.  Je me suis amusée à ...

Gili Trawangan, Mataram, Indonesia travel blog

Gili Trawangan

A travel blog entry by abbytravels


... how it feels! I took the 1pm boat on Saturday from the port to which took about 2 hours to the island which is just off of Lombok. You get off the boat and then they unload the bags one by one and you just shout if it's yours which seemed a funny but ...

Gili Trawangan, Senggigi, Indonesia travel blog

Gili Trawangan

A travel blog entry by siancorbs


... and we managed to get a bit of sleep and also saw a gang of dolphins swimming alongside the boat! The boat stopped at Lombok and another Gili island before eventually getting to Gili Trawangan. The island is a typical 'paradise' with white sands and ...

Trek Volcan, booker a Mataram, avion, gunung rinjani, Indonesia travel blog

Trek Volcan, booker a Mataram, avion

A travel blog entry by ploutre


Lombok, Senggigi, Indonesia travel blog


A travel blog entry by suehindmarsh


... It took quite a while to get us out there so gave us a chance to have a good view of the towns and villages on the way out. Lombok is how Bali used to be before tourism came - so they say. Dot and George found it to be very dirty. It certainly is third ...

Last Days in Lombok, Lombok, Indonesia travel blog

Last Days in Lombok

A travel blog entry by annamerttens


...  table, Anna started to question how we might get to the nearest hospital to treat potential Dengue fever. Our final night in Indonesia was in fact spent in a hospital in Denpasar, Bali. However, this was not down to Dengue fever, but instead a ...

ke pulau gili nanggu, Gili nanggu, Indonesia travel blog

ke pulau gili nanggu

A travel blog entry by annomalay

gsg ...

Das andere Kuta, Kuta, Indonesia travel blog

Das andere Kuta

A travel blog entry by rtw-win


... . Wir kamen in einem netten englisch – balinesischen Homestay unter und erkundeten mit unserem fahrbaren Untersatz die Straende. Lombok ist wahnsinnig angenehm, da es noch nicht so touristisch und ueberlaufen ist wie Bali…nicht umsonst wird es ...

Hey Mister!!!!, Senggigi, Indonesia travel blog

Hey Mister!!!!

A travel blog entry by monstermunch


... want transport? I have good car? Motor bike?? Boat trip, gilli islands?? My friend he has good rooms, cheap price! I have Lombok necklace it very important……..all that was just one bloke! The funnier thing is that he starts to go through this ...

...relax, starting in Senggigi., Senggigi, Indonesia travel blog

...relax, starting in Senggigi.

A travel blog entry by wrangly

... rental assistant had returned. "You give me passport." "Too keep?" "Yes." "No." "I need passport." "I have been renting bikes in Indonesia for almost 2 months, nobody ever asked for my passport. I can give you a photocopy." "OK." ..... "My boss said no. ...

Gili islands, Pemenang, Indonesia travel blog

Gili islands

A travel blog entry by annalines


So the morning started with a 5.30am alarm! What is alarming though is that we are so used to early mornings now that it felt like 7 or 8 in the morning! Got the shuttle bus to Pading Bai and then on the fast boat to Gili Trawangan. Arrived at about ...

Sun, Sea and Sue-rongs, Senggigi, Indonesia travel blog

Sun, Sea and Sue-rongs

A travel blog entry by


... miss out Lombok all together, due to the cheap boat transfers to Gili T, Air and Meno, are doing precisely that - missing out. Lombok was different to what we had expected but in a refreshing way, we saw less tourists than anywhere else we have visited ...

Felt Like a Stranger, Lombok, Indonesia travel blog

Felt Like a Stranger

A travel blog entry by littleharrison


On Tuesday, I arrived in Gili Trawangan, so exhausting yet fun. When I stepped on my foot in Gili Trawangan, I was so fascinating by the scenery. The island was so beautiful.. But I felt like a stranger in my own country. Guess I was the only domestic ...

The Red Centre, Lombok Indonesia, Indonesia travel blog

The Red Centre

A travel blog entry by mdarvill


The Lone Dingo website seems to epitomise/symbolise what so many of us are seeking when we head outdoors. Isolation, intimacy with the environment, a simple existence a better understanding of ourselves. the motivation behind so many of the journeys of ...

Kicking Back on the Beach, Gili Trawangan, Indonesia travel blog

Kicking Back on the Beach

A travel blog entry by clochangirl


... the boat we thought we might be able to get to take us to the GIlli's (three small atolls off the north west coast of Lombok) on the plus side we did have another comedy transport adventure.  This time the bus we had been in decided not to go the ...

Senggigi, étape sur l'île de Lombok, Senggigi, Indonesia travel blog

Senggigi, étape sur l'île de Lombok

A travel blog entry by berbencitron


Une bonne heure de bus bondé de touristes jusqu'au port de Padang Bai, un ferry de quatre heure vers l'île de Lombok et une demi heure en "bemo" (taxi local) plus tard on arrive enfin à Senggigi pour la nuit,, ville étape avant les Gilis... Ouf! La ...

Phase de remission, Kuta Lombock, Indonesia travel blog

Phase de remission

A travel blog entry by bali_musketeers


Le dernier post date de la veille de notre depart pour Lombock... que de chemin parcouru depuis. Que de mer naviguee devrais-je dire! Donc je reprends du debut : Nous avions trouve un ersatz de chambre pour passer la nuit a Padang Bai, avec un extra bed ...

Asia - final leg, Lombok, Indonesia travel blog

Asia - final leg

A travel blog entry by casandstevo


... the delay in communication. We've covered many miles since Cambodia, going back into Thailand, travelling south through Malaysia and finally into Indonesia; our last stop before we fly home for a 10-day 'break'. On our last night in Cambodia, we went to ...

Trawangan, Gili Islands, Indonesia travel blog


A travel blog entry by santeria

... known to turn up and play unannounced sets. Parties are held three nights a week but are curtailed during the month of Ramadan. Read ...

Waterfall Ritual, Senaru, Indonesia travel blog

Waterfall Ritual

A travel blog entry by emmabrakes


... from Mt Rinjani.  From here you can see volcano one way and sea the other (although that is true of quite a lot of Lombok!), although whilst we were there the top of the mountain was cloud covered.  From a tourism point of view it has a couple ...

pictures indonesia, Jakarta, Yog Yakarta, Bromo, Bali, Lombok, Gilis, Indonesia travel blog

pictures indonesia

A travel blog entry by kerosine


Hey hey, here comes some photos from ...

Oct 11, 2012, Lombok, Indonesia travel blog

Oct 11, 2012

A travel blog entry by philippemueller


Lombok = chile en Sasak, Lombok, Indonesia travel blog

Lombok = chile en Sasak

A travel blog entry by 1ra_vuelta


... a un trekking de 3 días en el monte Rinjani (3,726 m), el segundo volcán y tercera montaña más alta de Indonesia. El Rinjani ocupa cerca de una quinta parte de todo el territorio de Lombok y por eso algunas de las playas de la isla ...

islas satélite, Gili Islands, Indonesia travel blog

islas satélite

A travel blog entry by 1ra_vuelta


Al noroeste de Lombok se encuentra un conjunto de 3 islas pequeñas, rodeadas de coral que se llaman las Gillis. Además de sus playas de arena blanca y aguas tranquilas y transparentes ideales para bucear o caretear, el encanto de estas islitas ...

Palau Menjangan, Uluwatu,  Padangbai,  Lombok, Lombok, Indonesia travel blog

Palau Menjangan, Uluwatu, Padangbai, Lombok

A travel blog entry by the_floyds

... (Rich now confident that we'd buy 2 as soon as back in JHB) and slept in Padangbai before catching the huge public ferry to Lombok at the crack of dawn the nrxt morning. We were totally baffled by the tourist's lack of support for the public ferry vs ...

Lombok and the Gili Islands, Lombok, Indonesia travel blog

Lombok and the Gili Islands

A travel blog entry by gilesandlaura


... and despite the hotel trying to sting us with a completely false exchange rate we would recommend a visit to anyone out in Indonesia. The return boat trip to Padang Bai and shuttle to Sanur were unremarkable and as expected we were dropped on a major ...

Not yet ready for tourism, Mataram, Indonesia travel blog

Not yet ready for tourism

A travel blog entry by eye_of_beholder

... we are not ready to throw ourselves in the midth of the Australian Mallorca yet. Luckily we could still find a way to get to Lombok that same day and from there settle over to the Gili Islands, which supposedly are some kind of insiders tip in the ...

Driving Rules in Lombok, Kuta Beach, West Lombok, Indonesia travel blog

Driving Rules in Lombok

A travel blog entry by melnbruce


... roads!  Much easier to get around here and naturally faster! It's been a fascinating time watching how the traffic works in Lombok.  I’ve been privileged being able to sit in the front seat of "transport" to get around Lombok, due to my ...

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