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Happy New Y-air, Gili Air, Indonesia travel blog

Happy New Y-air

A travel blog entry by theroamingsloth


... loads of big turtles!  I spent my last afternoon in the Gilis sat in a bar overlooking the beach, the sea, Lombok and Gunung Rinjani, and drinking milkshakes which gradually turned into beers as the sun went down! That evening we ate a delicious ...

Wow, Gilli Trangwang, Indonesia travel blog


A travel blog entry by timandjensmith


Sorry we haven't updated in a while we have been enjoying everything Gilli T has to offer. Today we went scuba diving in the strongest currents we have ever seen. The boat dropped us off at one point and picked us up at another and we just drifted with ...

Another day of travel, Senggigi, Indonesia travel blog

Another day of travel

A travel blog entry by kenanddonna2005

It took forever to wake someone up, so we could pay them before we left. We had tried to pay the day before, to avoid the situation we were now in, and had been told not to worry about it because we could do it in the morning with no problems … ...

Braid, snakes & other adventures, Senggigi, Indonesia travel blog

Braid, snakes & other adventures

A travel blog entry by umaisarah


... again it lacked the excited buzz you get with crowds. I don't know if that's bad or good but I found it kinda boring. Sorry, Lombok! We had dinner at Yessy Cafe which I remembered the guy from Windy recommending to us. Food was so-so, it seems hard to ...

Sorry about the rat poison, Gili Air, Indonesia travel blog

Sorry about the rat poison

A travel blog entry by benandmartin


... to leave the sanctuary of Sanur and head to Gili Air, one of the three islands that constitute the Gili Islands just off the coast of Lombok. The ferry from Bali to the Gili Islands took just over an hour and as it was a nice day we decided to go on the ...

Salamat Hari Raya Idul Fitri, Sapit, Indonesia travel blog

Salamat Hari Raya Idul Fitri

A travel blog entry by emmabrakes


... along the road.  At the pass we stopped to take in the view, all the way to the sea, and drink a delicious Lombok coffee.  On the other side of Mt Rinjani we scooted through several very pretty villages, getting tired arms and sore faces from ...

Being silly in Gilli, Pulau Terawangan, Indonesia travel blog

Being silly in Gilli

A travel blog entry by jamesandgwen


We had a terrible time entering Indonesia.  In all the kafuffle coming through the arrivals hall, Gwen managed to get her visa stolen, having just paid $25 for it.  We know it was stolen as, much later on, half of it was found discarded on the ...

Gaugin's dream, Senggigi, Indonesia travel blog

Gaugin's dream

A travel blog entry by wandering_man


The pics tell the story. ...

And they call this camping....bring it on!, Tanjung Ringget, Indonesia travel blog

And they call this camping....bring it on!

A travel blog entry by davidandmarjory


An amazing location, fabulous beruga and great staff. This a great place for our Anniversary treat!   Just 5 berugas and only 4 occupied so just 8 guests. What more could we want?   At dinner we are presented with a cake and a greeting from all ...

diae ruhig...., Gili Meno, Indonesia travel blog

diae ruhig....

A travel blog entry by stina.cili


mitaem insael-hoppaer boetli simmaer vo Trawangan uf Meno durae ghoettaerlaet. Gili Meno isch diae chlinscht und ruhigscht vo daenae 3 Inslae. mit haend grad mol 4 Restis und ein Bar gfundae... daefuer haets do jede menge nervigi chatzae gha! wills kei ...

Gili Islands, West Lombok, Indonesia travel blog

Gili Islands

A travel blog entry by charlottequick


All About Nothing, Gili Air, Indonesia travel blog

All About Nothing

A travel blog entry by packingitin


... I stopped whenever and wherever I felt like it, and then carried on. I stood waist-deep in the ocean and stared out at the mountains of Lombok and willed my mind to empty. I swung on a tree swing on the beach. I lost track of time. I stood out front on ...

Lovely Lombok, Lombok, Indonesia travel blog

Lovely Lombok

A travel blog entry by abudebbie


... What we did get was a lovely sunset and a few glimpses of interesting rock formations. Next day we were on to Lombok. This is a small island in Indonesia, next to Bali, which calls itself, "the unspoiled Bali". It has not yet had the 'benefit’ of ...

Indonesia - TeteBatu: Town Tour, Lombok, Indonesia travel blog

Indonesia - TeteBatu: Town Tour

A travel blog entry by canadiansmiley

After breakfast I head out for few tours with my friend Sasmito. We went to the Manis Waterfall with the motorbike first. It is around 10Km out of town. The entrance fee to the National park is around 25,000Rp. Very nice trek before getting to the ...

Party on the Gili Islands, West Lombok, Indonesia travel blog

Party on the Gili Islands

A travel blog entry by jeff.mann


... early morning. Grab a few hours sleep, then it is time to go diving again. Most Australians like visiting Bali in Indonesia. However for those who visited Bali in the 1980's (or earlier) Bali is now over commercialised and unattractive to those looking ...

Happy Birthday Mr Phil, North Lombok, Indonesia travel blog

Happy Birthday Mr Phil

A travel blog entry by inhovea


Today was Phil's birthday and our last full day. Our program consisted of a meeting with the pearl seller and not much else. We had a long, late breakfast and then headed down to the bale on the beach. This is a large cushioned space that we can all ...

Aujourd'hui, on découvre un peu de Lombok !, Senggigi, Indonesia travel blog

Aujourd'hui, on découvre un peu de Lombok !

A travel blog entry by carolleturcotte


... Alors ce sera 3 jours de farnéante totale à la plage, suivis du sprint de retour : 4 avions différents, 5 aéroports (Lombok, Denpasar, Taipei, Los Angeles, et finalement Montréal), plus de 20 heures de vol et je retraverse la ligne du temps, ...

Lombok, alas no chili peppers, Lombok, Indonesia travel blog

Lombok, alas no chili peppers

A travel blog entry by gter1


... and other Pacific islands? Well, we had arrived to be in the picture. The air conditioned tour bus took us to Central Lombok, the home to Sade-Rambitan, a traditional Sasak village and en-route got to see beautiful rice paddies and palm trees. ...

Hilijasta Lombokissa, Lombok, Indonesia travel blog

Hilijasta Lombokissa

A travel blog entry by miksujakaro


Ola vaan. Jätetiin paratiisisaaret taaksemme, ja tultiin viereiselle Lombokin saarelle kolme päivää sitten. Otetiin kalastajapaatti Gili Menolta suoraan Lombokille, hypättiin pois kyydistä jollain rannalla, otetiin taksi ja etittiin asumiset.  ...

Gili, Noord-Lombok, Indonesië travel blog


A travel blog entry by go4itbe


... is het grootste, drukste en meest toeristische eiland van de 3 Gili eilanden. We zitten op een steenworp van het eiland Lombok en de godsdienst is dus terug islamitisch. Gemotoriseerd verkeer is verboden, dus allemaal gebeurt per fiets of per paardje en ...

Onward and Upward, Lombok, Indonesia travel blog

Onward and Upward

A travel blog entry by alinabaker


... in Lombok for the sun thirsty. Having had my fill of beach for a couple days I booked a trek from here to mount Rinjani, Lombok's highest peak, whose summit sits at a dizzying 2700m. To get up to the crater rim and back down is a full day of hiking each ...

Remote area, good for surfing!, Kuta Lombok, Indonesia travel blog

Remote area, good for surfing!

A travel blog entry by klabautz

surfsurf ...

Rembok, Gili Islands, Indonesia travel blog


A travel blog entry by andiegriffiths


We arrived at the first of the Gili Islands (Gili T) to be greeted by horse and cart with the only other form of transport being bicycles. Our hotel rooms had an outside bathroom with a very awesome bath, good for sitting in and drinking beer! The next ...

Kuta Lombok, Kuta Lombok, Indonesia travel blog

Kuta Lombok

A travel blog entry by kiko59


Kuta lombok est une petite ville cotière située au sud de Lombok. Nous nous attendions à trouver une mini version de kuta Bali mais ca en est loin. Le village n' est composé en fait que d' une seule rue autour de laquelle deux-trois resto et quelques ...

Rinjani trekking dag 3, Senaru, Indonesia travel blog

Rinjani trekking dag 3

A travel blog entry by johnenannelies

2:30 uur de wekker gaat. John gaat op om voor zes uur op de summit te zijn. Gepakt met meerdere lagen (tshirts, longsleeve, trui, jas en buff) en feteris hoofdlamp de tent uit, de kou in. Na thee en kaakjes en uitgezwaaid door Annelies, met de andere ...

Padang Bai - Lembar - Senggigi, Senggigi, Indonesia travel blog

Padang Bai - Lembar - Senggigi

A travel blog entry by ssmatkat

Paatimme edellisena iltana siirtya toiselle saarelle jossa toivottavasti olisi vahemman turisteja.  Maaranpaaksi valikoitui Senggigi, ainoastaan sen takia etta tarvitsimme paikallista valuuttaa. Saimme tietaa etta Senggigilla pankit vaihtavat ...

Paradise observations, North Lombok, Indonesia travel blog

Paradise observations

A travel blog entry by


Spent almost a week here in Gili Trawangang and starting to get a good picture over this lovely place. The island is small enough to bike around in an hour. It got white sandy beaches all around and in the middle rises a hill from were you can get an ...

Searching for the perfect sunset, Mangsit (Sengiggi), Indonesia travel blog

Searching for the perfect sunset

A travel blog entry by jon-lisa


... or flushing toilet. We got extremely good accomodation in Thailand and other Asian countries for half the price we were paying in Indonesia. We suggest you avoid this hotel if you want comfort and cleanliness. We arrived in Sengiggi on a Sunday and the ...

Day 97 - Senggigi, Lombok (Indonesia), Pemenang, Indonesia travel blog

Day 97 - Senggigi, Lombok (Indonesia)

A travel blog entry by cullenjones


As predicted, a tough day spent reading by the pool. In the afternoon we were able to watch the locals surfing before a spectacular sunset over the ocean, complemented nicely with an ice cold ...

Kuta Lombok, Praya, Indonesia travel blog

Kuta Lombok

A travel blog entry by ssmatkat

Hankittiin heti aamusta kyyti Lombokin Kutalle, hinnaksi tuli noin 10e ja matka ajaksi lupailtiin kahta tuntia. Matka alkoi bussikyydityksella paakaupunkiin, vieruskavereina oli kaasupullo ja jonkulainen sahkolaitos joka toimi hajusta paatellen bensalla. ...

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