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Llegamos a Isla de Flores, Maumere, Indonesia travel blog

Llegamos a Isla de Flores

A travel blog entry by nachoandsusana


... a punto de recogerlas a pie de pista!! Mientras esperábamos a que saliese las mochilas nos dirigimos al puesto de taxi (taksi en Indonesia) para tantear precios de un coche con conductor para 4 días 3 noches. Les explicamos lo que queríamos y uno de ...

Flores: Una isla con mucho encanto, Labuanbajo, Indonesia travel blog

Flores: Una isla con mucho encanto

A travel blog entry by sonia.alcalagon


24-02-10 Desde el aeropuerto de Denpasar, Bali, repasando mi historia a lo largo de la Isla de Flores,Indonesia, desde Labuan Bajo a Maumere. Llegue en aviķn a Labuan Bajo el 19. La tarde se presento un poco fea, una tormenta anegaba todas las calles ...

Sumba is not easy, Sumba, Indonesia travel blog

Sumba is not easy

A travel blog entry by finnegan2012


It's taken me two full days to get a feel for Sumba. I have to admit, right off the bat, I was absolutely terrified. First of all, the flight: the flight attendants were hot and useless. An hour and a half flight, and these girls did nothing. They were ...

Day 8, Timor Sea, Indonesia travel blog

Day 8

A travel blog entry by nevjoan


Today we have been sailing in  a west- north-westerly course across the Timor Sea. The sea is fairly calm but got a bit choppy about lunch time. Captain announced that the motor is literally in pieces and he is waiting to be told what the outcome ...

Indonesia!, Alor Island, Indonesia travel blog


A travel blog entry by guustravels


... , a Dutch girl who I met 4 years before on the boat from Lombok to Flores. I did not even know she was back in Indonesia!!!  I stayed 4 days at Bomba, so nice, so relaxed. A bit of snorkeling, reading... On Monday the 27th of January I chartered a ...

Sampai di Maumere, Maumere, Indonesia travel blog

Sampai di Maumere

A travel blog entry by nudujohn

Sampai di Bandara Way Oti. Butuh waktu 3 jam perjalanan darat , jalan berkelok, menyusuri ...

Kupang, Kupang, Indonesia travel blog


A travel blog entry by leandroop

... it was a touristic city in the 70's or 80's as the gate to visit Flores, Alor and Rote, famous for the surfers. Nowadays y are flies to Flores and Alor and is not necessary to stay in Kupang. The surrounding landscape is beautiful, better than East ...

Enter the Dragons, Labuanbajo, Indonesia travel blog

Enter the Dragons

A travel blog entry by marciad


... to see them in the wild. The only place they roam free are Komodo Island and Rica Islands part of the Nusa Tenggara island chain in Indonesia. So naturally for this years Happy Boat Day I was on a 5 day boat trip of the area beginning on May 31st. The ...

Komodo & Rinca Islands, Labuanbajo, Indonesia travel blog

Komodo & Rinca Islands

A travel blog entry by bray


Wednesday 17th Dec I dunno how much MSG Baro put in that dinner, but it must have been a lot; I was sleep-talking all night long (the brothers, who were also sleeping on the deck, would have either found this incredibly amusing or ...

Now this feels like Sumba, Tarimbang, Indonesia travel blog

Now this feels like Sumba

A travel blog entry by finnegan2012

I've settled into life here at Tarimbang. The area is in the middle of beyond nowhere (surrounded on three sides by jungle and one side of ocean), but the camp… er… bungalows are really comfortable and the place is quiet, except for the ...

(43) Heading for Moni, Moni, Indonesia travel blog

(43) Heading for Moni

A travel blog entry by alcatrav

We were up and waiting outside for our taxi at 4:30am but there was no sign of it. We walked to the main road to watch for it or catch another but of course there were none! Frustrated, we went to back to Lavalon and woke the owner who then called for a ...

Ahhrrgghh 'Me no yummy!!', Flores, Indonesia travel blog

Ahhrrgghh 'Me no yummy!!'

A travel blog entry by buddhabing


How Do groovers....its the hapless boy Cox with a truncated update of his tall adventures to peave and sicken you all as you thrust your noses onne again toward the grindstone. Well I took the 3 day two night trip to Flores with as it turned out 10 ...

Around Ujung Genteng, Ujung Genteng, Indonesia travel blog

Around Ujung Genteng

A travel blog entry by iniakupake

I began my morning by waking up my husband around 5.00 AM & drive to the eastern beach (they call it sunrise beach). It was still dark & no light in the sandy road, so we just relied on our car lamps. The sunrise beach access we could find was ...

Nov 11, 2013, Komodo, Indonesia travel blog

Nov 11, 2013

A travel blog entry by john.leverton


De Labuan Bajo a Bajawa, Bajawa,  Indonesia travel blog

De Labuan Bajo a Bajawa

A travel blog entry by mariaythomas


Viaje desde Labuan Bajo a Bajawa: once horas de autobús. Dentro íbamos personas, sacos de trigo, baldosas, huevos y una gallina. Mañana de excursión con un guía mafioso y dos parejas de españoles y alemanes. Voyage depuis ...

Pulau Komodo & Snorkeldag 2, Komodo, Indonesia travel blog

Pulau Komodo & Snorkeldag 2

A travel blog entry by johnenannelies

Na Een frisse koele zeer winderige nacht gaan we met zonsopkomst naar komodo eiland. We krijgen een wandeling over het eiland van een info, die geen woord Engels spreekt. Het is goed dat de trainee mee moet om te vertalen. We zien weinig totdat we ...

Silvia, let's do nothing, Labuanbajo, Indonesia travel blog

Silvia, let's do nothing

A travel blog entry by johnenannelies

Op strand liggen. Met Engels oud stel, mick and carol, praten. Snorkelen. 'S avonds de stad in om te eten. Het resort heeft het nog niet op een rijtje. Trip voor morgen ...

13 juillet 2010, 1:25pm, Pulau Rinja, Indonesia travel blog

13 juillet 2010, 1:25pm

A travel blog entry by milie

Hôtel ā Labuhanbajo Belle journée aujourd'hui! J'ai dormi comme un bébé hier soir. On s'est couché un peu tard ā cause de nos péripéties de scorpion alors on était un peu crevés. Ca matin, on a rencontré le capitaine qui doit nous amener ā ...

North Sumatra, Indonesia, Lake Toba (Danau Toba), Lake Toba, Sumatra, Indonesia travel blog

North Sumatra, Indonesia, Lake Toba (Danau Toba)

A travel blog entry by edgarwouldgo

'North Sumatra, Indonesia, Lake Toba (Danau Toba) South East Asia's largest body of fresh water and the largest crater lake in the world, Lake Toba is the region's most majestic area.' We find it almost incredible to find a place like this. It's ...

gunung mas, Cisarua, bogor, Indonesia travel blog

gunung mas

A travel blog entry by dava

gunung mas adalah sebuah tempat wisata (agro wisata). terletak di puncak area. tidak hanmya sekedar untuk jalan-jalan dikebunm teh, tapi juga ada banyak yang bisa dikerjakan, seperti menewa kuda tunggangan dan out bond, jika hari libur biasanya suka ...

Stranded in Paradise, Kanawa Island, Indonesia travel blog

Stranded in Paradise

A travel blog entry by hshannon


... knows if this is a storm that will pass or a season that could linger. Several other backpackers I met had plans to travel east. They booked a car and driver to take them to see some traditional villages and hillside tribes. I don't know why, but none ...

refreshing mind and body, Cikajang, garut, Indonesia travel blog

refreshing mind and body

A travel blog entry by asri0


This has been a week for me in here, and I love to be here, in fact I don't want to go home. Its cold, surrounding by mountain, Papandayan and Cikuray. The water? Well, the water is very cold, it feels like the water come from refrigerator. My grand mom ...

Enjoying the beautiful bay, Maumere, Indonesia travel blog

Enjoying the beautiful bay

A travel blog entry by davidandmarjory

Swimming and snorkelling and relaxing! today David went for a walk up a local volcano but was a bit disappointed that he did not get to the very top peak.   The surface was very slippery and very steep and he as concerned that the decent was going ...

A few photos..., Moni , Indonesia travel blog

A few photos...

A travel blog entry by selina_and_mo


At the Ende of the world, Ende, Indonesia travel blog

At the Ende of the world

A travel blog entry by jenyd


... it’s 32 degrees outside, showering becomes one of the best parts of the day! One of the great adventures of travel in Indonesia is riding helmet-less on an ojek (motorcycle taxi), clinging to the driver as the ojek swerves around oncoming traffic, ...

Batu Karas, Java, Batu Karas, Indonesia travel blog

Batu Karas, Java

A travel blog entry by itenerant78


Went to Tsunami shaken Batu Karas for a few days of Jave Beach life. Indonesia is so beautiful!!! Saw very few toursists. Indo is very lush and green! I quickley decided this was one of my fave countries in the ...

ONE MORE REEF(OR ROCK) TO SNORKEL, Labuanbajo, Indonesia travel blog


A travel blog entry by sgaudun

Just completed a two "dive" boat trip to Castle Rock and Crystal Rock, with Dani a German girl studying Japanese at the University of Akita in Japan and a friendly Hungarian couple.  They all dived....I snorkelled.   At Castle Rock(it is a ...

The long journey to Flores, Labuanbajo, Indonesia travel blog

The long journey to Flores

A travel blog entry by martinastravels


Vi lämnade Gili Trawangan i lördags, den 3 augusti. Med planen att boka public transport från Lombok till Flores. Men först var vi tvugna att hoppa på den lokala båten ifrån Gili T till Bangsal i Lombok. Därifrån tog vi en cidomo – häst ...

Lemon Badger, Labuanbajo, Indonesia travel blog

Lemon Badger

A travel blog entry by baggywiggles


... the evening stressfully trying to decide what our next steps would be after we had foolishly gotten a bit carried away with ourselves in Indonesia, not really leaving ourselves enough time to see all we wanted to see. We now had 5 days left, before we ...

Flores, Labuanbajo, Indonesia travel blog


A travel blog entry by martinastravels


Så ni har ju kunnat läsa om vår långa resa till Flores i förra inlägget. I det här inlägget ska jag berätta om Flores och vad vi gjorde där. Flores har beskrivits som; "en så vacker ö att den grabbar tag i dig hårt”. Portugiserna gav ...

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