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Oct 21, 2012, moni flores, Indonesia travel blog

Oct 21, 2012

A travel blog entry by philippemueller


Klar for seiltur!, Benoa, Bali, Indonesia travel blog

Klar for seiltur!

A travel blog entry by kinemichelle

Jeg befinner meg paa Bali, igjen! Jeg liker virkelig dette stedet! Blir her frem til Tursdag, og da starter seilturen for alvor. Kom hit paa Tirsdags kvelden, Bobby kom og motte meg paa flyplassen, det var veldig koselig aa se ham igjen. Vi bodde paa ...

Baby sharks, Kanawa island, Indonesia travel blog

Baby sharks

A travel blog entry by terryandlauren


We arrive on kanawa island off the coast of Flores after a nice if a little choppy 1 hour 20 mins boat ride. Kanawa is famed for it's snorkelling and when we walk down the jetty we spot a huge trigger fish and reef sharks which are great to see. We check ...

Komodo island - best diving ever, Labuanbajo, Indonesia travel blog

Komodo island - best diving ever

A travel blog entry by andreasontour


 Ohne Worte... einfach nur ...

Valentines in Flores, East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia travel blog

Valentines in Flores

A travel blog entry by yvan.huppe


We boarded our small plane from Bali to Flores and arrived less than two hours later. It was hot in Flores, but very clear and nice. Inside the airport we were approached by two men who were offering to take us anywhere we wanted for 5$ Canadian. We ...

Isla de Komodo, Komodo, Indonesia travel blog

Isla de Komodo

A travel blog entry by leandroop


Tras una noche perfecta en el barco, viendo murcielagos gigantes sobrevolar las cubierta, entramos en Komodo. Aquí también vimos varios dragones en libertad y pudimos hacer un paseo acompañados de un guía. Las vistas son fabulosas y el encuentro ...

Ruteng 2, Ruteng, Indonesia travel blog

Ruteng 2

A travel blog entry by setyandari


Start of the return trip, Labuanbajo, Indonesia travel blog

Start of the return trip

A travel blog entry by padraicop


The boat arrived at Rinca Island. We did a 2 hour trek on the island, but only saw 6 Komodo Dragons at the rangers station. We did snorkelling off Gili Laba Island, and saw some turtles. ...

Livet paa sjoen er herlig!, Kupang, Indonesia travel blog

Livet paa sjoen er herlig!

A travel blog entry by kinemichelle

... . Et ganske lost sted, gikk i land der og spiste lunsj paa restaurant, Nasi Goreng (stekt ris med gronnskaer), smaker aller best i Indonesia..mmmm! Det var en veldig Muslimsk by, saa jeg maatte kle meg anstendig, men selv da saa stirret folk veldig, de er ...

Jul 25, 2011, Bajawa, Indonesia travel blog

Jul 25, 2011

A travel blog entry by renzo59


Jul 25, 2011, Riung, Indonesia travel blog

Jul 25, 2011

A travel blog entry by renzo59


Jul 27, 2011, Labuanbajo, Indonesia travel blog

Jul 27, 2011

A travel blog entry by renzo59


Dankesbrief, Labuan Bajo, Indonesia travel blog


A travel blog entry by jacqueline-k

Liebe Tigerbalsam, liebs Eukalyptusöl, Mit dem Brief wett ich euch gern mini Dankbarkeit usspräche, für das, dass ich immer uf euch zähle chan. Ihr sind rund um d'Uhr für mich da und wenn immer ich mich ned guet fühle, sorged ihr mit nur ...

On the bottom of the beautiful briney sea, Labuan Bajo, Indonesia travel blog

On the bottom of the beautiful briney sea

A travel blog entry by ablo

Met rest of Komodo Dive Centre cast and crew at 0720 and headed out on boat, which was much better equipped than previous (with between dive doughnuts..yum!). First site after 2 hours 15 was Lighthouse Rock, which was a drift dive, my first, and ace! I ...

Zwavel voetjes, Oost-Nusa Tenggara, Indonesië travel blog

Zwavel voetjes

A travel blog entry by lien_huysmans


Busje richting bajawa via warme zwavelbronnen, stinken zé - dus enkel met de voetjes erin, trouwens anders worden de witte bollen van men bikini geel. Ondertussen dus in Bajawa aangekomen en op naar de lokale markt opzoek naar lekker vers ...

Did I really take two buses to get here?, Waikabubak, Sumba, Indonesia travel blog

Did I really take two buses to get here?

A travel blog entry by finnegan2012

So I'm now in Waikabubak, the ugliest little town I’ve ever seen. I’m at the Aloha Hotel, scheduled to check out in about 45 minutes and Mr. Marten, the owner of the homestay at Tarimbang, is coming to pick me up and drive me down there. I ...

Day 3 Batu - Malang - Kertosono, Batu, Indonesia travel blog

Day 3 Batu - Malang - Kertosono

A travel blog entry by edo.halim


Hari ini adalah hari terakhir untuk trip kali ini ke Batu. Setelah sarapan, kita bersantai, bercanda, karaoke, makan camilan, foto-foto. Liburan lebaran kali ini sangat mempererat tali persaudaraan. Setelah check out, kami berangkat ke Malang hanya ...

(45) The Windy Road to Bajawa, Bajawa, Indonesia travel blog

(45) The Windy Road to Bajawa

A travel blog entry by alcatrav

We got a taxi to the bus station this morning as both the bus stations are a few kilometers out of town. On arrival however our driver offered us a driver all the way but at 600,000 for two of us which was far too much for a 4 hour journey that would ...

The King of Ponorogo, Ponorogo, Indonesia travel blog

The King of Ponorogo

A travel blog entry by sjlevaughn


We arrived in Ponorogo, Indonesia from Pucon, Chile. Once we landed, we exited the airport to find a mass of people clad in the most colorful and detailed outfits. As we continued we found thousands of people dancing around and waiting for . The ...

How much stuff can fit in one bus?!?, Bajawa, Indonesia travel blog

How much stuff can fit in one bus?!?

A travel blog entry by kenanddonna2005


We waited for nearly forty five minutes in the dark for the bus to arrive and, when it did, I had rather it hadn’t. It looked like it was due to break down at any minute from the outside, and once we tried to get inside, even though we had been ...

Flores, Labuanbajo, Indonesia travel blog


A travel blog entry by mariemelis


Wij zijn in Labuan Bajo, een stadje op de tip van Flores. Morgen nemen we van hieruit de boot naar Komodo, thuis van de komodovaraan ( voor wie zich afvraagt wat dat is, zoek maar eens op google :) ). We zijn hier geraakt na een hele trip doorheen het ...

The Compromise, Flores, Indonesia travel blog

The Compromise

A travel blog entry by meganfisher


... small periods of somewhat less than amazing moments. Lach and I took a flight to the island of Flores which is just a bit further east than Lombok and started the trip with a less than amazing moment. We thought it would be cost effective to walk to town ...

Boat Trip to Flores - Rinca Island, West Manggarai, Indonesia travel blog

Boat Trip to Flores - Rinca Island

A travel blog entry by mattey


Up nice and early again and I find myself on the hunt for a snorkel, the water is so clear from the boat I can see sooo many fish and even little schools of squid! In for a dip and swim to the beach where the sand is a pinky colour due to a certain type ...

Study Day, West Manggarai, Indonesia travel blog

Study Day

A travel blog entry by kennethq


Well today is not going to be very exciting... Just had my breakfast and now it's time to eat the books for the day. The main reason I'm studying is to eventually leave Korea in 2016 and pursue a full time career in the media or PR. I've got a few more ...

Komodo seikkailua, Rinca Komodo tour, Indonesia travel blog

Komodo seikkailua

A travel blog entry by jais


Kävin tutun pariskunnan kanssa päiväreissun Rinca saarella ihmettelemässä Komodoja (suuria kekkoja). Toimiston alueella oli muutama Komodo lemmikki joita pääsi valokuvaamaan läheltä. Reissu oli onnistunut kun nähtiin luonnossakin kaksi villiä ...


The "MIGHTY" Komodo dragons!

A travel blog entry by kenanddonna2005


On the third day, not long after breakfast, we pulled up next to Komodo Island. One of the main reasons for doing this trip in the first place was to see the Komodo dragons and everyone was getting excited. That was until our guide explained that if ...

Pigs, Chickens and Flat Tires (Indonesia), Ende, Indonesia travel blog

Pigs, Chickens and Flat Tires (Indonesia)

A travel blog entry by usatexan


... lakes, depending on their age and character while alive. The 3 lakes are high on a mountain in the less traveled island of Flores, Indonesia. After a few days in Labuanbajo, I want to leave and go to Moni, Indonesia to visit Kelimutu Lake. To go by small ...

Tresna Art, Bangkalan, Madura, Madura Island, Indonesia travel blog

Tresna Art, Bangkalan, Madura

A travel blog entry by adrianizulivan


Agenda hari ini, dari Surabaya menyeberang ke Pulau Madura. Untuk menyeberang hanya dibutuhkan waktu sekitar 10 menit, dengan jembatan yang agak-agak takut melewatinya akibat kencangnya hembusan angin laut. Dari pusat kota Surabaya ke jembatan ini perlu ...

Climbing Mt. Bromo- JAVA, Mount  Bromo, Indonesia travel blog

Climbing Mt. Bromo- JAVA

A travel blog entry by itenerant78

Went to the Highland of Indonesia to climb Mt Bromo. Bromo was an interesting place and reminded me of being in Chile or Peru. It was very cold.  We had an excellent climb of one of Indonesias most famous ...

1 jour à LABUANBAJO (08/11/10) FR, Labuanbajo, Indonesia travel blog

1 jour à LABUANBAJO (08/11/10) FR

A travel blog entry by nbandamarl


Après une réflection assez intense sur notre prochaine destination (nous laissons les BANDA ISLAND derriere nous, trop loin et peu accessible, dommage), nous avons peu visité cette ville port ou les gens vivent au jour le jour, dans des maisons ...

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