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Bali good....(get it...very good)..., Nusa Dua, Indonesia travel blog

Bali good....(get it...very good)...

A travel blog entry by fatkidfrogs


The two and a half hour flight to Bali was sweet as the flight was pretty empty and we had lots of room to search out.  My mom and I were tired from the previous travel and the last minute repacking I did to make weight for the carry on luggage. ...

The not-so-big city, Mataram, Indonesia travel blog

The not-so-big city

A travel blog entry by davidandamy1

Our next stop was Mataram, Lombok's main city. It was great for a change a scenery but not a lot to say about this place. There are many small road side stalls, shops and markets, and just a couple of semi-high rise buildings. From here we planned our ...

Sengigi (Lombok), Lombok, Indonesia travel blog

Sengigi (Lombok)

A travel blog entry by france_rejean


Salut tout le monde Nous allons bien. Nous avons ete silencieux hier puisque nous n'avions pas d'internet. Nous avons quitter Ubud pour un petit village nomme Paganbai. Nous avons decide finalement de quitte notre petite place douillet ...

Exploring Bali!, Ubud, Indonesia travel blog

Exploring Bali!

A travel blog entry by mikkelgrabinski

Aujourd'hui nous nous sommes réveillés à environ 7h du matin. Ma famille à commencer a se préparer pour aller sur une marche a cote d’une rivière, mais je ne sentais mal donc j’ai resté dans notre villa. A environ 8h du matin, ...

I don't know why we are here, Lombok, Indonesia travel blog

I don't know why we are here

A travel blog entry by stephgraeme


We arrived in Lombok at about 6.30am and were anchored by 7.15am.  We didn't hurry to get off because we didn't want to go anywhere except around the port. We got off about 10.30am on one of the tenders and had a short walk around the small area at ...

A little city time, Jakarta, Indonesia travel blog

A little city time

A travel blog entry by pilgrim143


So after discovering FM7 had a fantastic pool complex & a leisurely morning we braved the traffic to downtown Jakarta; I had read many horror stories about the traffic so we left it until lunchtime & it was OK - 25k in 50'ish minutes & only ...

Mc Donalds For Dinner In Semarang For A Change, Semarang, Indonesia travel blog

Mc Donalds For Dinner In Semarang For A Change

A travel blog entry by venoth


... the journey too us 4 hours. This additional delay was contributed by the heavy flow of lorries which it seems in Indonesia, start their journey after 6 pm when it is dark. The interesting thing I observed about heavy lorries here is that unlike ...

The best #52., Karangasem, Indonesia travel blog

The best #52.

A travel blog entry by oshioshi


One of the great joys of traveling is meeting other travelers who give me tips on where to go and what to see/do. While on the liveaboard in Thailand, a few dive masters told me that I should not miss diving in Tulamben in Bali. After doing some ...

Sunset to sunrise, Lovina, Indonesia travel blog

Sunset to sunrise

A travel blog entry by pixim


... fried banana, genuinely disappointed! The restaurant we wandered to that evening was 10 minutes walk down the road. No one walks in indonesia. There are 3 main reasons for this. 1. The heat 2. Petrol is very cheap and 3. Safety. Let me expand on ...

Dirty City, tomorrow = monkeys., Medan, Indonesia travel blog

Dirty City, tomorrow = monkeys.

A travel blog entry by oandm

We took the ferry (150.00RM/ea) from Penang alll the way to the Indonesian island of Sumatra. Indonesian customs was the most disorganized I've ever seen... partway through getting our visas-on-arrival the power went out for the whole building. I ...

In the City, Jakarta, Indonesia travel blog

In the City

A travel blog entry by mel_strang

We met Renee in Jakarta, so nice to see her! We went to Plaza Indonesia for a look around the shops, laura and i are completely sick for the cloths we brought with us, so on a mission to find something new haha. Went to the National Monument, it was a ...

Ubud- Eat, Pray, Monkeys., Ubud, Indonesia travel blog

Ubud- Eat, Pray, Monkeys.

A travel blog entry by kyley


I took a bus from Sanur to Ubud, which was hot and slow but short, so painless. At the bus terminal I met a motorcycle taxi driver named Ketut who drove me to my hostel, plus I booked a tour with him for the next day. I don't usually do tours, I had ...

An Evening That Introduced Minangkabau Culture, Bukittinggi, Indonesia travel blog

An Evening That Introduced Minangkabau Culture

A travel blog entry by venoth


... The driver fetched us at the hotel and we head to one of the famous local restaurants. Once again, like my previous trips to Indonesia, this restaurant was filled with Malaysians, many of which travelled on the same flight in. As usual, the food here was ...

Day 24 - Bali, Kuta - Surf's up!, Kuta, Indonesia travel blog

Day 24 - Bali, Kuta - Surf's up!

A travel blog entry by dru_tim

... to the hotel for the much awaited hot shower. After the splurge on the fast boat, we wanted a cheap meal and so found Warung Indonesia and noodle soup (about $5 in total for us both). We then went to find the club where One said he worked (well we think ...

North Bali, Lovina, Indonesia travel blog

North Bali

A travel blog entry by mauddespoisse


After the morning dive in Amed, we took the car to Lovina with a few stop along the way. There was nothing especially wonderful to stop for apart from a few black sand beaches. It's always good to stop whenever you want to, just for a quick dip and carry ...

ankunft bali, indonesien, Kuta, Indonesia travel blog

ankunft bali, indonesien

A travel blog entry by lemmyf

... - lemmy macht seine freiwassertauchgänge ubud toya bunkah, batur see, ev. batur besteigung lovina und optional: bratan see amed nachbarinsel nusa lembongan hotel in kuta: Fat Yogi Poppies Lane I, Kuta, Bali, INDONESIA Tel.: ...

Singapore to Bali, Bali, Indonesia travel blog

Singapore to Bali

A travel blog entry by mag

Few days ago, i was wondering if i should go home or go to the beach somewhere for a week before heading back to Canada. Surfing all day on the net, i finaly found a cheap flight to Bali for 100 cdn round trip! 2 weeks to enjoy the best that Bali has to ...

Island off of Bali - Scuba Diving and Manta Rays, Nusa Lembongan, Indonesia travel blog

Island off of Bali - Scuba Diving and Manta Rays

A travel blog entry by missiaaron


We have arrived in Bali, Indonesia and it is very different than any of our stops so far.  Neither of us have been here before and it is Missi's first time in Asia. Both of us are very happy to have made this a stop on our world travels! Although ...

A date with Pacut!, Jungutbatu, Indonesia travel blog

A date with Pacut!

A travel blog entry by oshioshi


Pacut has always been very special to me. He was the dive master who took me on my very first scuba diving trip 4 years ago. I had no idea what I was doing then, and he guided me under water holding my hand the entire time. He also took me around the ...

A new home., Jungutbatu, Indonesia travel blog

A new home.

A travel blog entry by oshioshi


I have been traveling for 4 months now. At this point, I have absolutely no desire to return to the life in the States. I am not interested in our politics, our lifestyle, the consumerism and materialism, media brainwashing, etc. I want peace and ...

Desolation, Gili Meno, Indonesia travel blog


A travel blog entry by alanhopkins

We woke up still pretty drunk at around 8:30. Theres only two boats a day off the island so looks like we are getting the 3pm one to Meno. The toilet doesn't have a flush so instead you have to scoop water up with a plastic pan and throw it down the ...

Christmas day, Anturan, Indonesia travel blog

Christmas day

A travel blog entry by leandglenn


Well we were woken early by children in one of the rooms screaming because Santa had come.....oh dear. So we make coffee and give our daughter a couple of little gifts and her usual christmas cash so she can buy her own things in KL...I don't think it ...

Ubud, Ubud, Indonesia travel blog


A travel blog entry by peterconnor


Hi Friends and Family  Our local driver experience from Jimbaran to Ubud improved dramatically compared to that of our arrival. Off in a comfy air conditioned SUV he kindly went via Kuta to give Julie her first view of the tourist area. I won't harp ...

More Shopping and an Afternoon with Made, Seminyak, Indonesia travel blog

More Shopping and an Afternoon with Made

A travel blog entry by lisabraz


... coffee and catching up on world news before heading out for breakfast. Note:  Of all the places we've ever stayed in Indonesia, this expensive splurge we're in is the only one that does not include breakfast in the room rate. And the only one that ...

Billy's work trip to Bali, Kuta, Indonesia travel blog

Billy's work trip to Bali

A travel blog entry by holland.wheaton


... is often steeped in problematic neo-colonial initiatives and or an excuse for self-gratification.  But, as I've never been to Indonesia, a trip to Bali sounded amazing. Having spent quite a bit of time skyping with Easky Brittan (big wave surfer and ...

Sidemen et la découverte des coteaux du volcan Agu, Sidemen, Indonesia travel blog

Sidemen et la découverte des coteaux du volcan Agu

A travel blog entry by ericetmanu


Apres la frénésie culturelle d'Ubud, il nous fallait un peu de calme et on s’est orienté vers l’est de Bali et on a pose nos valises 2 jours á Sidemen qu’on a rejoint après avoir loue 2 scooters a Padangbai (qui sera notre port de ...

Kuta, Woulda, Shoulda..., Senggigi, Indonesia travel blog

Kuta, Woulda, Shoulda...

A travel blog entry by gascon


... to park, and relatively quiet.  In fact it’s common to find a family of four or five cruising around in Indonesia. Disappointed we didn’t get to see more of Lombok, we decided to check out more of Sengiggi for dinner and cruised around ...

Ikat & Sonket weaving - Sidemen, Mt Batur , Indonesia travel blog

Ikat & Sonket weaving - Sidemen

A travel blog entry by bruceontour


Morning broke and the distant hills were blanketed in a misty haze. The quietness and an enforced rest till our really late 10 am departure for a morning walk around Sidemen with local guide Nyoman. He explained how the mounds of earth had growing all at ...

Chilling out in Bali!, Bali, Indonesia travel blog

Chilling out in Bali!

A travel blog entry by lauzc87


... It's hard to describe, but I will go back and take some photos if I can locate a plug for my camera charger (UK to Indonesia)... I'll be gutted if I've come to Bali with two uncharged batteries for my camera and no adapter to charge them! I'd read what ...

plateau de Dieng, Dieng, Indonesia travel blog

plateau de Dieng

A travel blog entry by marco-2010


Ca y es me voilà parti pour un village paumé à 2000m d'altitude ! Après 10h de transport avec un grand nombre de bus me voilà arrivé dans ce village avec comme consolation de magnifiques paysages en chemin. Petit rencontre avec un guide ...

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