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Amazing experiences in Bali ( Part 2), Ubud Bali, Indonesia travel blog

Amazing experiences in Bali ( Part 2)

A travel blog entry by amazingone


Whilst there are many different ceremonies and processions annually in Bali I was fortunate enough to attend a ceremony one evening (with some new friends) appropriately named Sekka Kecak. One of the locals who we knew participated in this male only ...

The Bali bounce, Kuta, Indonesia travel blog

The Bali bounce

A travel blog entry by firefrog11


Singapore airport is a large modern impressive airport, with large green living walls, 2 story water cascades, planted trees popping out of the ground in carpeted lounge forest with seats dotted about. A butterfly dome, an orchid forest. Fantastic ...

Solo et mon pote Budi, Solo, Indonesia travel blog

Solo et mon pote Budi

A travel blog entry by 2011entong


Pas mecontente de quitter Jogja… une heure de train plus tard, me voici arrivee a Solo, a la nuit tombee… Enfin une ville a taille humaine… Meme si au premier abord, les statues ne sont pas des plus accueillantes… on y trouve ...

Raja Ampat, Papua Barat, Indonesia travel blog

Raja Ampat

A travel blog entry by ardhan


... of the photo page of your passport and 3 Copies of the passport page with the Indonesian Visa. Guide Book : Diving Indonesia (a guide to the world's greatest diving), Periplus Action Guide, Kal Muller. More Information about Irian Jaya Dive, contact: ...

Indo rastas, fit surfers and Bali orphans, Bali, Indonesia travel blog

Indo rastas, fit surfers and Bali orphans

A travel blog entry by beckerworldtrip


... Swift and her entourage, and the orphanage itself has sponsors all over the world. Mercy is a chain of orphanages throughout Indonesia; and most of the kids are refugees from past wars in Ambon and Timor, and some of them came from ...

Finding Nemo On Gili Meno, Gili Meno, Indonesia travel blog

Finding Nemo On Gili Meno

A travel blog entry by travelbuggie


It’s July 22 and we are about to have our 4th night here. The original plan was 3 nights here and then we would move on to the larger island Gili Trawangan, but we have been enjoying it so much we asked for 2 more nights. The past 4 days have been ...

Last day :(, Bali, Indonesia travel blog

Last day :(

A travel blog entry by seasia2011


March 31 Today was our last full day in Bali. We still had some souvenir shopping to do so we headed to Kuta where they have a big, new mall right on the beach. We spent a couple hours there and then headed to lunch. We have tried a lot of different ...

Day 24: Just anther day in Ubud, Ubud, Indonesia travel blog

Day 24: Just anther day in Ubud

A travel blog entry by kramertown


It is easy to see why people say days blur into weeks and weeks into months in Ubud.  Breakfast was as it was the day before. Out of the hotel around 10 to the museum in town. We toured some lovely art most of which is incomprehensibly complex with ...

Reflections of Bali, Bali, Indonesia travel blog

Reflections of Bali

A travel blog entry by helinachan

... . but there are still the loyal surfers! But beyond the beach, there seems to be lots to do... not only in bali, but Indonesia itself! In hindsight, its such a shame that I opted for the 7day visa... could easily spend a few weeks here. The weather has ...

Dragon hunting day 2: Volcano Island, Labu Bili, Indonesia travel blog

Dragon hunting day 2: Volcano Island

A travel blog entry by philandley


Day 2 A combination of alcohol and being rocked like a baby had given me a great night's sleep. The only disturbance, of which I have no recollection, was to be moved off the top bunk and onto the bottom by Leyla who had spotted a cockroach run past her ...

Enter Southern Hemisphere, Kuta, Indonesia travel blog

Enter Southern Hemisphere

A travel blog entry by operationwalrus


It was time to hit the skies once again, as we flew from Kuala Lumpur to Bali, Indonesia, and country number six on our trip! For me, it was the first time I had been to the Southern Hemisphere. We decided to stay in Kuta, a short ride away from the ...

One night in Jakarta, Jakarta, Indonesia travel blog

One night in Jakarta

A travel blog entry by emzyandjessy


After having our daily dose of Starbucks we proceeded to get on the plane where half the staff of Kuala Lumpur Airport had questioned us and double made sure we were actually going to jakarta, we finally boarded the plane. We realised why they were ...

Yogyakarta Day 120 (17th Sept), Yogyakarta, Indonesia travel blog

Yogyakarta Day 120 (17th Sept)

A travel blog entry by leehorscraft


... to meet Stu, a guy I briefly met in Jakarta, he too had plans for leaving tommorow for Gunung Bromo, the natural wonder of indonesia, so we said we should get there via public transport the next day. After my internet session I met several of Stu's new ...

Back breaker, Kawah Ijen, Indonesia travel blog

Back breaker

A travel blog entry by fergalokeeffe


... Ijen on the Ijen Plateau. This is yet another of the many volcanoes defining the spine of the island of Java and much of Indonesia but with one small difference - the is a small sulphur vent which is mined manually by local men and carried painstakingly, ...

Return to Kuta, Kuta, Indonesia travel blog

Return to Kuta

A travel blog entry by beckye

Back to Poppies Lane 1 to Taman Ayu guest house to spend our last few nights in Bali. Jenny departed and shortly Tilly followed!! Then we began our journey to ...

Jungle life, Bukit Lawang, Indonesia travel blog

Jungle life

A travel blog entry by elrigster


The trek had taken it out of us and so today was to be a very much in the rest category. We got up late and had a long breakfast next to the river without any kind of rush. It was nice to just look back and see a bit of village life. Buwit Lawang, is ...

A rainy day and the Monkey Forest!, Ubud, Indonesia travel blog

A rainy day and the Monkey Forest!

A travel blog entry by mikkelgrabinski

Aujourd'hui nous nous sommes réveillés a environ 9h du matin. Sa pleuvait dehors, donc nos plans pour aller au parc d’Éléphant étais annuler. Quand je me suis réveillé, j’ai mangé un repas et je suis allé à la réception pour ...

Bali!! Derniers jours du voyage..., Kuta, Indonesia travel blog

Bali!! Derniers jours du voyage...

A travel blog entry by makistouf


Voila... On arrive aux derniers jours de notre periple. Bali est notre dernier point de chute, et Kuta notre sas de decompression avant de rentrer a Paris. On a bien tenté de s'echapper de Kuta quelques jours pour aller se balader a Ubud et ses ...

Photoz..., Lovina, Indonesia travel blog


A travel blog entry by littleboylost

I have unfortuantely lacked internet access recently so have not been able to update things very often. I am still alive though in case you were wondering, mummy. I shall try to update things in due course. The internet here is painfully slow, but i have ...

Why is Flores so bloody expensive?, Bajawa, Indonesia travel blog

Why is Flores so bloody expensive?

A travel blog entry by richierich33


The shuttle minibus left at 2pm as planned with only five of us on board which surprised me as i thought it would be full. The journey was very pleasant with rolling countryside and forest covered hills the whole way. Including stops however it took 4hrs ...

Bali good....(get it...very good)..., Nusa Dua, Indonesia travel blog

Bali good....(get it...very good)...

A travel blog entry by fatkidfrogs


The two and a half hour flight to Bali was sweet as the flight was pretty empty and we had lots of room to search out.  My mom and I were tired from the previous travel and the last minute repacking I did to make weight for the carry on luggage. ...

The not-so-big city, Mataram, Indonesia travel blog

The not-so-big city

A travel blog entry by davidandamy1

Our next stop was Mataram, Lombok's main city. It was great for a change a scenery but not a lot to say about this place. There are many small road side stalls, shops and markets, and just a couple of semi-high rise buildings. From here we planned our ...

Sengigi (Lombok), Lombok, Indonesia travel blog

Sengigi (Lombok)

A travel blog entry by france_rejean


Salut tout le monde Nous allons bien. Nous avons ete silencieux hier puisque nous n'avions pas d'internet. Nous avons quitter Ubud pour un petit village nomme Paganbai. Nous avons decide finalement de quitte notre petite place douillet ...

Exploring Bali!, Ubud, Indonesia travel blog

Exploring Bali!

A travel blog entry by mikkelgrabinski

Aujourd'hui nous nous sommes réveillés à environ 7h du matin. Ma famille à commencer a se préparer pour aller sur une marche a cote d’une rivière, mais je ne sentais mal donc j’ai resté dans notre villa. A environ 8h du matin, ...

I don't know why we are here, Lombok, Indonesia travel blog

I don't know why we are here

A travel blog entry by stephgraeme


We arrived in Lombok at about 6.30am and were anchored by 7.15am.  We didn't hurry to get off because we didn't want to go anywhere except around the port. We got off about 10.30am on one of the tenders and had a short walk around the small area at ...

A little city time, Jakarta, Indonesia travel blog

A little city time

A travel blog entry by pilgrim143


So after discovering FM7 had a fantastic pool complex & a leisurely morning we braved the traffic to downtown Jakarta; I had read many horror stories about the traffic so we left it until lunchtime & it was OK - 25k in 50'ish minutes & only ...

Mc Donalds For Dinner In Semarang For A Change, Semarang, Indonesia travel blog

Mc Donalds For Dinner In Semarang For A Change

A travel blog entry by venoth


... the journey too us 4 hours. This additional delay was contributed by the heavy flow of lorries which it seems in Indonesia, start their journey after 6 pm when it is dark. The interesting thing I observed about heavy lorries here is that unlike ...

The best #52., Karangasem, Indonesia travel blog

The best #52.

A travel blog entry by oshioshi


One of the great joys of traveling is meeting other travelers who give me tips on where to go and what to see/do. While on the liveaboard in Thailand, a few dive masters told me that I should not miss diving in Tulamben in Bali. After doing some ...

Sunset to sunrise, Lovina, Indonesia travel blog

Sunset to sunrise

A travel blog entry by pixim


... fried banana, genuinely disappointed! The restaurant we wandered to that evening was 10 minutes walk down the road. No one walks in indonesia. There are 3 main reasons for this. 1. The heat 2. Petrol is very cheap and 3. Safety. Let me expand on ...

Dirty City, tomorrow = monkeys., Medan, Indonesia travel blog

Dirty City, tomorrow = monkeys.

A travel blog entry by oandm

We took the ferry (150.00RM/ea) from Penang alll the way to the Indonesian island of Sumatra. Indonesian customs was the most disorganized I've ever seen... partway through getting our visas-on-arrival the power went out for the whole building. I ...

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