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1st Stop, Helsinki, Finland travel blog

1st Stop

A travel blog entry by allie_rtw_2014


Flew from Heathrow Terminal three to Helsinki to transfer to my flight to Hong Kong - I am so ...

I've got another confession to make...., Joensuu, Finland travel blog

I've got another confession to make....

A travel blog entry by kati

... . It was a nice week in Joensuu. I believe this is what will remind me of it the most. Maybe this will be one of those memories of Finland that will pop up first, when I'll think of it. This week my 'gods' are red hot chilli peppers. And with a drop of ...

Sunny Helsinki by the Sea, Helsinki, Finland travel blog

Sunny Helsinki by the Sea

A travel blog entry by tofor85


Another beautiful day on the Baltic. Up around 9, to blue skies, no wind and pleasant sunshine. No tour today, so we disembarked the boat and set off on foot towards the city centre. Rather than take the direct route, we elected to make the most of the ...

Ankkarock, Helsinki - Korso, Finland travel blog


A travel blog entry by kati


... already. and then in tampere. But nothing could compare to Ankkarock. That was all above all. Perfect ending of travelling in Finland. It started with Apulanta and Mitä kuuluu, went on with Sonata Arktica on Saturday and then wrapped up partially in the ...

Exciting Helsinki, Helsinki, Finland travel blog

Exciting Helsinki

A travel blog entry by christian-ro


On arrival in Helsinki it did not take Christian and I very long to realise that there was not much to do here and that everything was very expensive (especially for me coming from Thailand, just a big mac is 8 dollars) - this belief was reinforced by ...

Sightseeing in Helsinki, Helsinki, Finland travel blog

Sightseeing in Helsinki

A travel blog entry by herbguhl


We knew Helsinki was going to be a rather cool and cloudy 12 degrees in the morning, but we weren't quite prepared for the strong wind when we disembarked. But this is our most northerly port of call on the cruise, at about 60 degrees latitude, same as ...

Tammerfest, Tampere, Finland travel blog


A travel blog entry by kati


and we did it...arriving to Tampere this morning, still a bit tired from last night, and not yet used to the midnight sun and constant daylight. when we were walking back from Rockperry, it felt like walking back at 6 in the morning, when the sun is just ...

Finland at last, Vaasa, Finland travel blog

Finland at last

A travel blog entry by kati


... Niinu's place. she's a member of Hospitality Club ( and she told us many new and interesting things about Finland. and i'm starting to like this country more and more. not only the music and the countryside, but also the living. i ...

traces of history, Savonnlinna, Finland travel blog

traces of history

A travel blog entry by kati


"I think i have just found my favourite place in Finland." i said to my sister, as we approached the fortress of Olavonlinna. And i think there is nothing more to say to this sentence except that at that time i was not sure if that was completely true. ...

Finland, Helsinki, Finland travel blog


A travel blog entry by erin_and_paul


... in various parks around Helsinki just hanging out and soaking up the sun. We have met most of the Rotary exchange students who are in Finland this year and had a great time getting to know a few. Last Friday we went to meet them on an island for a ...

Mummin luota maailmalle, Salo, Finland travel blog

Mummin luota maailmalle

A travel blog entry by pihla

Salon mummi tarjosi taas majapaikan yli viikonlopun, jotta maanantaina saimme virkeinä ja levänneinä lähteä ...

Suomenlinna Fortress, Finland, Suomenlinna, Finland travel blog

Suomenlinna Fortress, Finland

A travel blog entry by modernnomad67


... skerries in Helsinki's outer harbor. It was built by the Swedes in the mid-18th century during their era of control of Finland.  The old military buildings now house historical museums and are a UNESCO World Heritage Site, as well as one of the most ...

Ho ho ho, Overnight train to Helsinki, Finland travel blog

Ho ho ho

A travel blog entry by touring-taurean


I've a whole day in Rovaniemi before my train departs this evening to Helsinki. Rovaniemi is famous for one thing......Santa Claus. There are two Santa Clause themed "attractions". The original 1950s Santa Clause Village and the recent upstart, the ...

26 Hour Ferry and Beyond, Helsinki, Finland travel blog

26 Hour Ferry and Beyond

A travel blog entry by barber.timothy


... was a fairly dull ferry, practically empty too! I can't understand why the demand for travel between northern Germany and southern Finland isn't higher! The gym/health center was a bonus, paying only 6 Euros for exercise bike, treadmill, jacuzzi and sauna ...

Helsinki, Helsinki, Finland travel blog


A travel blog entry by heathalessleofo


... certainly didn’t hurt.  Even though it’s summer it still seems strange to be enjoying such warm, sunny days in Finland, a stone’s throw away from the Arctic Circle.  A rather large throw, to be sure, but fairly close all the ...

"City of the Sea"

A travel blog entry by newtoa


... capital and largest city in Finland. It was founded by King Gustavus Vasa of Sweden as a trading post in competition with Tallinn. Finland has been governed by both Sweden and Russia but declared its independence in 1917. It is one of very few European ...

Where is washroom?, Rovaniemi, Finland travel blog

Where is washroom?

A travel blog entry by touring-taurean


... your grandmother used to have. The twisty Norwegian coastal roads give way to straighter Finnish roads and the best way to describe northern Finland, indeed, most of Finland, is that it's basically a large Center Parcs. Millions of trees, loads of ...

Going to Finland, Helsinki, Finland travel blog

Going to Finland

A travel blog entry by eileenj

... I decided I wanted to watch some decent hockey and I had two opportunities. First there was the women's world championships in Finland and the men's world championships in Switzerland. My favourite hockey team in the entire world is the Canadian women's ...

Doing Porridge, Helsinki, Finland travel blog

Doing Porridge

A travel blog entry by touring-taurean


A very, very comfortable night on the train. The best sleeping carriage I've ever been on. Supremely quiet and fantastic suspension. So much so, that I struggle sometimes to determine if the train is moving or not. I forgot to mention that in the bar ...

Helsinki, Helsinki, Finland travel blog


A travel blog entry by gorbalsontour

Got up at 7:30 and headed to the port to catch the ferry to finland. Being a sunday the next one was at 10:30 so that was the one we got. Boat was a superseacat and took less than 2 hours to get across the Baltic Sea. Helsinki was much more touristy ...

finland, Finland, Finland travel blog


A travel blog entry by bitchee

nothing ...

Finland, Finland, Helsinki, Finland travel blog

Finland, Finland

A travel blog entry by johnnym


After what wasn't the best night's sleep, I woke for the last time around 9 and figured it was about time to have a look-land should be visible within an hour of docking. The ship is more like a floating hotel so, unlike on board the train, I could at ...

Moikka Suomi (Goodbye Finland), Inari, Finland travel blog

Moikka Suomi (Goodbye Finland)

A travel blog entry by sonia72


... as birch trees became more common. Even the house designs changed slightly. Also as we are close to the Russian border, signs are written in both Norwegian & Russian. I'm going to miss Finland but luckily I go back to Helsinki before I return ...

Der achte Tag / 2, Lappeenranta, Finland travel blog

Der achte Tag / 2

A travel blog entry by die_eberhards


E.D.: ...unser netter Begleiter winkt und weg ist er, der war wirklich Rettung in höchster Not. Und wir sind jetzt auf der großen Überland Straße Richtung Finnland. Diese Straßen sind zwar nur 2-spurig, aber mit relativ breitem Seitenstreifen, auf ...

Leaving 4 star to go to 2 star, Helsinki, Finland travel blog

Leaving 4 star to go to 2 star

A travel blog entry by sonia72


My last morning in Hotel Scandic Simonketta. Don't want to leave this plush den of luxury & relaxation but I'm staying one night closer to the train station to officially start my tour. Decided not to bother with a taxi & walked to new hotel. Glad I ...

Exhausted but happy, Turku, Finland travel blog

Exhausted but happy

A travel blog entry by sonia72


Concert didn't end until after midnight & then was so buzzed I couldn't fall asleep til 3am. Lucky hotel checkout wasn't til 12pm. But in the end got my act together & decided to do the long walk to Turku Castle. Really long walk. Quite an impressive ...

Summer cottage by the sea, Pyhämaa, Finland travel blog

Summer cottage by the sea

A travel blog entry by mumnrina


Thursday afternoon, after packing and cleaning,  we did the Finnish thing and headed off to our host family's summer cottage about an hour away by the sea. Birgith and I had been there earlier in the week so because Rina & I had some idea, as ...

Oud en nieuw op een station midden in Finland, Tampere, Finland travel blog

Oud en nieuw op een station midden in Finland

A travel blog entry by opzoeknaardekou


Best gezellig in de sneeuw bij -12C Finnen vieren oud en nieuw in de sauna en ze gieten gesmolten tin in water om het komend jaar te kunnen voorspellen aan de hand van de gestolde vormen. Een bootje betekent bijvooreeld dat je v veel gaat reizen. Bij ...

First Helldone concert, Helsinki, Finland travel blog

First Helldone concert

A travel blog entry by sonia72


Helldone is the festival that HIM headline from 28-31 December. It's held in a club called Tavistia which has being a music venue since the 1940s. Fortunately my hotel is literally 5mins away, all I have to do is walk around the corner. Super handy ...

Aulanko, Toijala, Finland travel blog


A travel blog entry by mumnrina


Another day out with Tero & Matias found us at Aulanko which was established between 1883-1910 by  Colonel Hugo Standertskjöld, who made his money by manufacturing arms in Russia. He created an English style garden with  ponds, pavilions ...

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