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Hell-stinki, Helsinki, Finland travel blog


A travel blog entry by beautiful_freak

Another long train ride is done and we are in Helsinki. We nicknamed it Hell-stinki, not because it smelled or was bad but simply because we could. We arrived in Helsinki and quickly found our way to the hostel and some food and some great company in ...

Helsinki Day Trip, Helsinki, Finland travel blog

Helsinki Day Trip

A travel blog entry by amaddocks


Caught ferry over to Finland for the day! Only takes and hour and a half and then had 8 hours to walk around and check out Helsinki. More European than Tallinn and a bigger city, yet still quite small. They also use the Euro over here unlike Estonia. Got ...

Awe inspiring Arctic Circle, Inari, Finland travel blog

Awe inspiring Arctic Circle

A travel blog entry by sonia72

Kemi to Rovaniemi to Inari Temp -10°C to -15°C Started off the day with a two hour train journey to Rovaniemi, the gateway to the Arctic Circle. The train is called Santa Claus Express because Rovaniemi is the official home of Father Christmas. ...

Helsinki Harbour & trendy shopping district, Helsinki, Finland travel blog

Helsinki Harbour & trendy shopping district

A travel blog entry by sonia72


Did a final walk around parts of Helsinki that I hadn't been too. I have to catch my train in the morning very early so this is my last walk around Helsinki for quite awhile. The main area I walked around was the harbour. Really bizarre to see a harbour ...

Sightseeing in Helsinki, Helsinki, Finland travel blog

Sightseeing in Helsinki

A travel blog entry by herbguhl


We knew Helsinki was going to be a rather cool and cloudy 12 degrees in the morning, but we weren't quite prepared for the strong wind when we disembarked. But this is our most northerly port of call on the cruise, at about 60 degrees latitude, same as ...

finland, Helsinki, Finland travel blog


A travel blog entry by bfadventure

port ...

Rapola Hillfort, Toijala, Finland travel blog

Rapola Hillfort

A travel blog entry by mumnrina


From Toijala we did a few days of local sight seeing.  The first day was to Rapola near Sääksmäki - a  hillfort dating back to the 13th and 15th centuries. It was partly constructed on a natural hill and was eventually  fortified with ...

There's a what kind of festival????, Koupio, Finland travel blog

There's a what kind of festival????

A travel blog entry by beautiful_freak

... in all we packed up a lot dryer then we did the previous night. Another long walk back to the train station which is no problem now as I seem to be in better shape then ever. next stop is somewhere in Finland, who knows where we will make it to ...

Stupid moment No.4, Kemi, Finland travel blog

Stupid moment No.4

A travel blog entry by sonia72

After being on these trains constantly the last few days, including a 7 hour trip, I've just realised I can access Free WI-FI internet on the train. DOH! Internet to the last 2 hotels was extremely slow so I couldn't really blog, whereas this one is ...

Hanging out round  Kokkola, Kokkola, Finland travel blog

Hanging out round Kokkola

A travel blog entry by mumnrina


Arriving back in Finland from Copenhagen on Friday we met Andrew in Helsinki and then took a 5 hour train trip to Kokkola on the west coast to begin our two weeks of visiting relatives many of whom live in Pohjanmaa. This is the area to the mid north and ...

Picture Perfect Naantali & Narvi, Naantali , Finland travel blog

Picture Perfect Naantali & Narvi

A travel blog entry by mumnrina


After Liisa & I  dashed  back to pick up our two sleeping beauties we drove to a beautiful seaside location which is also home to  Moomiland - home of the much loved Moomi characters in Finnish childrens stories.  Neither Ashley ...

BEHIND THE CURVE, Helsinki, Finland travel blog


A travel blog entry by ohiolair

BEHIND THE CURVE Thursday, July 24, 2008 Ok, Ok, I have been having too much fun to keep up with the blog, but you will get to see and hear about all of our adventures, I promise.  I will be uploading the rest of Helsinki later today, and ...

Tom of Finland, where are you??!!!!, Helsinki, Finland travel blog

Tom of Finland, where are you??!!!!

A travel blog entry by ohiolair


... we are in the town square and walking over to the tourist information office.  And what do I see, but Tom of Finland sailors, only they're not Tom of Finlandesque.  No grand physiques and monumental qualities, but they have the uniform.  ...

A Day in HEL, Helsinki, Finland travel blog

A Day in HEL

A travel blog entry by kteam


Our last day in Europe and we are spending it in HEL!! It was the opposite of hot when we arrived though in fact it was one of the dreariest days of our entire trip with fog and cloud so thick we only saw the runway just before touching down. Outside we ...

Yay! Back in Helsinki!, Helsinki, Finland travel blog

Yay! Back in Helsinki!

A travel blog entry by sonia72


Temp. -7°C So happy I'm back! Perfect way to end the trip, unfortunately it is nearly finished :( WOW! WHAT A TREAT! My last hotel for the trip is by far the ultimate best! It's so plush I want to move in here permanently. The photos will ...

ill salami, Ilsalmi, Finland travel blog

ill salami

A travel blog entry by beautiful_freak

Where in the hell in Ilsalmi??? Your guess is as good as mine. We went to this small town in central Finland as an idea to get to the World Wife Carrying Championships. This town is the closet town to where it happens. Apparently there are no buses on ...

The Love Bus, Jyväskylä, Finland travel blog

The Love Bus

A travel blog entry by liamharte

... and as such there was a little bit of confusion as to why breakfast was being served so late. Today we continued south through Finland and, as it was a long driving day, we took part in an interesting activity on the bus where we were randomly given the ...

I'm probably getting a lump of coal for this, Rovaniemi, Finland travel blog

I'm probably getting a lump of coal for this

A travel blog entry by beautiful_freak

This is the furthest north that I have ever been in my life!!! So, we arrived in Rovaniemi in the early morning hours to as usual, bright sunshine. We stored our bags for the day and set out into the world to try and figure out how to get to the ...

Taste of Finnish hospitality, Rautalampi, Finland travel blog

Taste of Finnish hospitality

A travel blog entry by mumnrina


A four hour train journey from Jarvenpaa to Suonenjoki  took us through the Finnish countryside past farming communities, lakes and forests. We went to visit  a retired  cousin and his wife who  picked us up from the train and we ...

Happy New Year!, Helsinki, Finland travel blog

Happy New Year!

A travel blog entry by sonia72


Sorry family that I've been super slack with my blogging but it had been a crazy busy week with many very late nights. Promise to update properly soon. xxx Pretty lazy day spent mainly in bed. I know that sounds bad but I seriously needed to recover. ...

Castle, lakes and more lakes, Sulkava, Finland travel blog

Castle, lakes and more lakes

A travel blog entry by mumnrina


... not to be. Not long after Rina came in for the night a very destructive electrical storm had worked its way across southern Finland including the district in which we were camped. I have never felt thunder send vibrations through the ground as during this ...

Tankari, Kokkola, Finland travel blog


A travel blog entry by mumnrina


Sunday  we took a ferry to  nearby Tankari Island with cousin Elsi.  This island has a long sealing history and was a base for fisherman during the season. So much history and really enjoyed the walk around this island  covered in a ...

Stupid moment No.3, Helsinki, Finland travel blog

Stupid moment No.3

A travel blog entry by sonia72


Went to Stockmann today to buy a tripod for the camera. Garry's great suggestion so I can take successful photos of Northern Lights. The store was packed & I had just bought CDs & a memory card without the need for assistance. Finding a tripod would be ...

Ryttylä, Ryttylä , Finland travel blog


A travel blog entry by mumnrina


... home of a Mission College and some years later became what it is today.  For me personally it was very interesting to see where many of the overseas mission workers are trained and I'm surprised at the number that Finland has for its small size. ...

Historic city of Turku, Turku, Finland travel blog

Historic city of Turku

A travel blog entry by sonia72


Very cold wind blowing today which made it difficult to walk around for long amounts of time. Alleluia for hot coffee, although not as good as home because it's a but weak. Being Boxing Day many things were closed so I really only walked around and ...

Sfeervolle Sneeuw, Turku, Finland travel blog

Sfeervolle Sneeuw

A travel blog entry by opzoeknaardekou


goede rustige overvaart van stockholm naar turku. fijn geregeld in dit land, kom je aan om 7 uur kan je toch al je hotelkamer in. en de hele dag donker is niet zo, dat moeten we dan maar in het noorden ondervinden. het maritiem museum is groot en heeft ...

Cross country skiing.   Caroline, Karesuvanto, Finland travel blog

Cross country skiing. Caroline

A travel blog entry by wrightsofnapier


So I've discovered I am no better at cross skiing than down hill ...

Snowmobiling.    Caroline, Karesuvanto, Finland travel blog

Snowmobiling. Caroline

A travel blog entry by wrightsofnapier


Well I wasn't sure whether to go onto the back of Tim 's snowmobile or try to ride one myself. I managed to sort out ( thanks Jeff ) to get my drivers license e mailed over and therefore it seemed meant to be. I have never driven a moped or motorbike ...

My day in Helsinki, Helsinki, Finland travel blog

My day in Helsinki

A travel blog entry by bloomie


... the city - we will miss it as we leave on a plane at 16:50. I got a new badge today too - it is a reindeer sign with Finland on it - it is pretty.  I got to see reindeer skins too - they sell them here like they sell sheep skins at home - daddy C ...

I've arrived, Helsinki, Finland travel blog

I've arrived

A travel blog entry by sonia72


Finally arrived in beautiful white Helsinki. Flew with Finnair, excellent airline with new aeroplane, very swish, & service brilliant. Arrived at 3.30pm to -10°c & heavy snowfall. Very cool in both meanings of the word. Took the easy option of a taxi to ...

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