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Pucon, Chile, Pucón, Chile travel blog

Pucon, Chile

A travel blog entry by oliontour


Als ich am dienstag nach Pucon kam, hatte ich gar nicht mehr so lust, länger als eine nacht hier zu sein. Nicht weil es nicht schön wäre oder so, sondern weil es ähnlich ist wie in der Schweiz - ausser dem Vulkan Villarrica im ...

Lakes, lava and lack of tarmac, Pucon, Chile travel blog

Lakes, lava and lack of tarmac

A travel blog entry by lucywhitehead


... up is Santiago and then onto Rio for Carnival. What tickled my sense of humour - the difference in the customs control between Chile and Argentina. Having been through the boarder 4 times now, its comedy. Chile does a full search of the bus, with sniffer ...

Lican Ray, Pucon, Chile travel blog

Lican Ray

A travel blog entry by segun_coco


from lakes to volcanoes - AND a kettle, Pucon, Chile travel blog

from lakes to volcanoes - AND a kettle

A travel blog entry by burke1961


... ! I love the town itself which sits in a bowl surrounded by the majestic Andes.  You see the Andes everywhere in Chile, funny that.  Pucon not only has its volcano, it has a casino, a beach (black sand on the shores of Lake Villarica) hot ...

Darker than blue, Pucon, Chile travel blog

Darker than blue

A travel blog entry by acidnam


In Pucon we climbed a snow covered volcano. We are frequently doing amazing things like this as we head further and further south. The country side is amazing and is a magnet for hikers and other outdoor adventurers. The Andes are tall and magnificent. ...

I have issues taking tests, Pucón, Chile travel blog

I have issues taking tests

A travel blog entry by hadleykmcc


When I was in high school and not doing well in school my parents had me tested to see if I had a learning disability. Turns out there is not a name for it, but basically I have anxiety when it comes to tests. So I had a doctor's note to take tests ...

Dec 03, 2013, Pucon, Chile travel blog

Dec 03, 2013

A travel blog entry by lukeandbec2014


Columbia & Chile, Pucon, Chile travel blog

Columbia & Chile

A travel blog entry by tomwillems


... , based on the many recommendations from other travellers i decided to spent a couple of days in Columbia before flying out to Chile. Stayed 5 days in the beautiful historic town of cartagena. Unfortunately I did not get to enjoy the scenery and the ...

Pucón by

Pucón by "Bike"

A travel blog entry by kellysutton


Last night we went to the local pub.  The dj started playing music around 1:00, and we danced until the sun came up.   We went back to the hostel to sleep for a few hours in hopes of doing something active during our last day in Pucón.  ...

Pucon, Pucon, Chile travel blog


A travel blog entry by matnkat

... hot springs and the cultural richness of the area turn Pucón into one of the most visited cities in southern Chile. This variety of environments invites visitors to practice waters sports, mountaineering, horseriding, flora and fauna watching, ...

Pucon, Pucon, Chile travel blog


A travel blog entry by guycann

n ...

Volcanic terror, Pucon, Chile travel blog

Volcanic terror

A travel blog entry by ash-anna


First impressions of Pucon were great, really lovely little town with a 3000 metre snow-capped volcano in the background. Apparently it is possible to climb it, but we didn´t think we´d be doing anything ridiculous like that. Anna was in a panic ...

Pucón & Temuco (7 dagen), Pucón, Chile travel blog

Pucón & Temuco (7 dagen)

A travel blog entry by harroraquel


De laatste stop op onze tour in het lake district van Chile was Pucon. Een gezellig toeristen dorp aan het Villarrica meer waar ontzettend veel te doen blijkt te zijn. Hier slapen we vier nachten omdat we daarna de auto in Temuco weer in moeten leveren ...

Auf den letzten Drücker nach Pucon, Pucon, Chile travel blog

Auf den letzten Drücker nach Pucon

A travel blog entry by haeschendoktor


... erlebnisreich gewesen, doch nun freuten wir uns auf etwas Wärme und Sonnenschein im Seenland im 'Kleinen Süden‘ von Chile. Auf dem Flughafen waren wir zwar ausreichend früh aber haben gleich mal einen Schreck bekommen: eine Mega-Schlange an ...

Finally leaving Pucon, Pucon, Chile travel blog

Finally leaving Pucon

A travel blog entry by nomadicduo

... experienced and vastly better than the prospect of having to walk back down on our weary legs. Yesterday, on our final full day in Pucon, we were able to hike around the national park on the other side of the volcano. We walked just up the road from ...

Hoch auf den Vulkan Villarrica, Pucon, Chile travel blog

Hoch auf den Vulkan Villarrica

A travel blog entry by dunudeldu


... die Busfahrten, so hatte man Zeit zu lesen, schlafen, stricken oder einfach die vorbeiziehende Landschaft zu geniessen. Pucon ist ein kleines Dörfchen, welches in den warmen Jahreszeiten von vielen Touristen heimgesucht wird. Hochsaison war es auch, als ...

Horse Riding near Pucon, Pucon, Chile travel blog

Horse Riding near Pucon

A travel blog entry by eelcoyrongrong


... so desired. Ofcourse we jumped at the opportunity. We got picked up in the afternoon and taken to the ranch just outside of Pucon for a nice ride through the forest and along the rivers. Our guides turned out to be volunteers from the States and Germany ...

Getting used to Chile, Pucon, Chile travel blog

Getting used to Chile

A travel blog entry by duchesne


... and enjoyed the local beer. Pucon is totally different from Santiago.Pucón is a major centre of adventure tourism in Chile. During the summer, tourist attractions include hiking, rafting, horse back riding, birdwatching, fishing. Due to its privileged ...

Extreme adventure, Pucon, Chile travel blog

Extreme adventure

A travel blog entry by duchesne


... we climbed to the summit of volcano Villarrica! It is the same volcano in the pictures below.One of the most active volcanoes in Chile, the Villarrica has had 82 historical eruptions so far. The climb is about 1,500 meters in elevation to 2800m at the ...

You don´t do that everyday, Pucon, Chile travel blog

You don´t do that everyday

A travel blog entry by pmsmith2005


... . It doesn´t seem like a long time, but we overtook 5 groups on the way and were the first up on the day. The reason,....Chile were playing football that evening and the guides were anxious to watch it!! At the top the views were amazing, as was the ...

Volcano Villarrica and the thermal spas, Pucon, Chile travel blog

Volcano Villarrica and the thermal spas

A travel blog entry by rob_o_neill


So we got the bus from Bariloche in Argentina to travel to Pucon in Chile, this was to be our first border crossing of many and probably one of the strictest. So as per any border crossing we had to wait almost one hour to get our passport stamped to ...

Vague de froid!, Pucon, Chile travel blog

Vague de froid!

A travel blog entry by doudou_78370


... Pucon afin de savoir si le lendemain, on aura l'opportunité de fouler un volcan. Visiblement, ça parait faisable...   Dernier jour à Pucon et quelle journée! Réveil à 5h et des brouettes, rendez-vous à 6h15 pour aller sur le volcan Villarica. ...

Monstrous volcanoes and divine blue lakes, Pucon, Chile travel blog

Monstrous volcanoes and divine blue lakes

A travel blog entry by laurapiebinga


... . Ontzettend mooi, een serie vulkanen die bijna ontdeugend hun kop boven het wolkendek aan de horizon uitsteken!   Nu zit ik in Pucon, een dorpje aan de voet van de vulkaan Villarrica. Er komt gewoon rook uit de vulkaan! Ookal is mijn plan nog ...

Pucon, Pucon, Chile travel blog


A travel blog entry by vincentico


... Villarrica ressemble au Mont Fuji au Japon, le soir on peut voir au somment la lumiere rouge de la lave dans le cratere... Pucon c'est egalement les riches chiliens, c'est LE lieu ! Maisons enormes, terrains de golfs, Palaces, restaurants de luxe ! ...

Hanging off the side of a volcano-mountain, Pucon, Chile travel blog

Hanging off the side of a volcano-mountain

A travel blog entry by shazbattical


... have not yet completed the first cd out of 8 in my Spanish lessons but the good news is that at least i have started).  Pucon itself is appparently a very popular holiday spot for Chilenos both in the summer and winter and it sits at the base of the ...

Volcanoes, Pucón, Chile travel blog


A travel blog entry by brett_and_fi


... a good volume of profanity on this steep walk) to where the glaciers began at the top where there were stunning views out over Pucon. We were supposed to trek the glaciers to the rim of the volcano however the winds were 100km/hr and it was deemed ...

frape la route jacques, Pucon, Chile travel blog

frape la route jacques

A travel blog entry by frdrick

... de bus a ne rien voir a cause des nuages et de la brume. mais bon, ca fait partie des imprevues. maintenant je suis a pucon, dans une auberge pleine a craquer, ca fait different des derniers jours.  j'espere avoir la meteo avec moi ici a pucon, car ...

Lake District, Pucón et Puerto Varas, Chile travel blog

Lake District

A travel blog entry by mimicracra


Et c'est parti direction le sud du Chili et la Patagonie. Pour ne pas faire trop de bus d'un coup on décide de faire une petite halte a Pucón. On y arrive le matin, il fait gris mais déja c'est le dépaysement dans un petit village tout en bois, on se ...

Ojos De Caburgua, Caburgua, Chile travel blog

Ojos De Caburgua

A travel blog entry by ajm56


... path, where we gratefully cheat and accept a lift offered to us back to the main road, where we can take the bus back to Pucon. Its the kinda day where moving is then difficult and painful for the rest of the day but well worth it. Its definitely a good ...

Blue blue waters, Pucon, Chile travel blog

Blue blue waters

A travel blog entry by catchwanderlust


On our last day in Pucon we rented a car with the Kiwis and drove around to various waterfalls and points of interest around Pucon.  We had played with the idea of doing various tours to the waterfalls and the surrounding areas, but we realized it'd ...

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