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Victoria, Vancouver Island, Victoria, Canada travel blog

Victoria, Vancouver Island

A travel blog entry by mtrm


... 269;esk překlad dole EN: Once we reached US westcoast we took a ferry from the port Anacortes to Vancouver Island, back to Canada. We arrived to Victoria, the biggest city in Vancouver Island and also the capital of British Columbia, in the ...

On my way home!, Vancouver, Canada travel blog

On my way home!

A travel blog entry by rjharper78


... nice beds that night, especially after taking a walk around part of Stanley Park in the fresh air!!! Our first day in Vancouver I went for a bracing walk along the seafront down to a tiny pier where tiny boats come and shuttle you across the bay to ...

Our 1st day, Vancouver, Canada travel blog

Our 1st day

A travel blog entry by sd42france


Left Vancouver at 3:35 flying to Frankfurt then to Nice, our 1st stop. ...

still in Victoria, What's going on...., Victoria, Canada travel blog

still in Victoria, What's going on....

A travel blog entry by magmax

Hi, for those who don't know, we are still in Victoria!!! Yes, we got our flight rebooked and cancelled 5 times to the weather (too much fog). The plane couldn't land in Seattle and Victoria. We were kind of stuck in the airport for 12 ...

I have unfriended Tom..., Vancouver, Canada travel blog

I have unfriended Tom...

A travel blog entry by pandcjs_travels


... role in the tourist industry... Then it was back to the highway with a lot of expletives about bears... In no time we reached Vancouver... It was at this stage that Tom and I started to have our falling out.. It is not that things go pear shaped ...

Whistling in Vancouver, Vancouver, Canada travel blog

Whistling in Vancouver

A travel blog entry by v1213


... it was already midday. I got myself sorted and headed out on foot to explore the vicinity of the hotel. Canada Place and the Vancouver/Coal Harbour waterfront were close by and afforded good views of the departing and arriving floatplanes. I checked ...

Welcome!, Vancouver, Canada travel blog


A travel blog entry by jjwong


Welcome! Click on links below for specific entries. My most popular stories: Istanbul, Turkey Cappadocia, Turkey Jaiselmer, India Segovia, Spain Naples, Italy Budapest, Hungry What is in my backpack? Survival Guides: * Surviving ...

The longest day ever!, LA/Vancouver, Canada travel blog

The longest day ever!

A travel blog entry by gem_and_sprack


... for this sort of rant-i'll tell you all about it when i get home (which is soon and i'm rather excited!) Anyway, back to Vancouver. It certainly is chilly, but that is rather nice after the hot temperatures in Fiji!! There wasn't any snow here, but thats ...

Malaysia Day, Vancouver, Canada travel blog

Malaysia Day

A travel blog entry by alanhopkins

... the more we see it, there are actually some areas that only have a small percentage of tra…homeless. One good thing about Vancouver is cheap eating is easy to find. We checked the local listings and found that there was a food market on out near ...

Our European Adventure (finally), North Vancouver, Canada travel blog

Our European Adventure (finally)

A travel blog entry by goseedokids


... was finding a transatlantic cruise that leaves end of April. Perfect timing with the kids hockey, Madi's musical and other North Vancouver Homeschool activities wrapping up beginning of April. From Lee:Time for these aliens to take off..... it has been ...

Vancouver, Vancouver, Canada travel blog


A travel blog entry by sophiestikated


Finally!!!! Some photos :) Check out some of the show ...

Back in Van, Vancouver, Canada travel blog

Back in Van

A travel blog entry by paulandmel

So we're back in Vancouver after the most interesting trip of our lives. Pictures, entries and maybe even some videos will be posted up, hopefully sometime over the next couple of weeks. It's just that we're suffering from massive jetlag, caught ...

Vancouver Again - 9th to 11th August 2007, Vancouver, Canada travel blog

Vancouver Again - 9th to 11th August 2007

A travel blog entry by knotty

Deails to ...

Transit to Bolivia, Vancouver, Canada travel blog

Transit to Bolivia

A travel blog entry by kat_mc


The more airports that I go through, the more I start to notice how similar they are. Even down down to the same drinking fountain taps. (The difference there is if I trust the country's water enough to drink outta them!) Sure there are subtle ...

Tofino - Having a whale of a time, Tofino, Canada travel blog

Tofino - Having a whale of a time

A travel blog entry by beaky


Tofino (25/07) Up early to be at ‘The Whale Centre’ for 8:30am for our tour to Hot Springs Cove. As part of the tour we were told that we’d do some whale watching on route to the island where the hot springs are, as we arrived they ...

Just like Christmas..., Vancouver, Canada travel blog

Just like Christmas...

A travel blog entry by aszliross

Anyone who knows me really well knows that there are only two occassions where I am a morning person: 1) If I have a plane to catch, 2) Christmas Eve. I didn't sleep a wink last night. When I nudged Ben this morning (because he takes a little ...

Wahnsinn und Frohsinn., Vancouver, Canada travel blog

Wahnsinn und Frohsinn.

A travel blog entry by peterpanda


... lassen um meine Local Area dort zu haben, d.h. ich werd sehr oft eine andre Nr. haben. Wahnsinn!! Jetzt zum Frohsinn. Vancouver Art Gallery fr schlappe 13$ dank der GoInternational-Student-ID. Ansonsten: Morgen gehts nach Prince George. Dann in die ...

Go Time, Vancouver, Canada travel blog

Go Time

A travel blog entry by peteindira


Two days ago we closed down the apartment and moved in with Indira's parents.  We've been unemployed for almost a week now.  Funemployed.  Well not really, not yet.  Closing out your life is busy work.   The time is here now, ...

Over Night on Victoria /Start Cruise, Victoria, Canada travel blog

Over Night on Victoria /Start Cruise

A travel blog entry by murphy1171


Day 12  Start of Cruise to Alaska Please click Titles below photo's for story ...

Reboot, Vancouver, Canada travel blog


A travel blog entry by peteindira


... wallets... The next steps are apartment hunting and putting our lives back together.  It's an exciting time, and it's summer in Vancouver.  It doesn't get much better than that!   'No one realizes how beautiful it is to travel until he ...

Set Sail, Vancouver, Canada travel blog

Set Sail

A travel blog entry by barbo

... much cheaper than our clothes in Australia.  Gastown, with its cobblestone streets, was the first official settlement of Vancouver.  "Gassy" Jack Deighton, an English sailor, arrived in 1867 at the little sawmilling settlement and paid the men ...

My first day of Orientation, Vancouver, Canada travel blog

My first day of Orientation

A travel blog entry by mianda


The first day of Orientation had a late start for me as I could only wake up an hour before I had to arrive at the university! It seems to me that my alarm clock is not my best friend and I always end up having Vaida to wake me up when I need it! Late ...

OMG... 2 more sleeps!!, Victoria, Canada travel blog

OMG... 2 more sleeps!!

A travel blog entry by beki


Becky here... on a beautiful sunny day on the West Coast.  I can't believe I fly out in only 2 days!  It's still a little surreal.  I've always wanted to travel, but never thought I'd actually get the chance!  I'm going to miss Dave ...

Prolouge, Vancouver, Canada travel blog


A travel blog entry by comeasyouare


It's happening! It's finally happening! I will be going to Toronto & NYC to see the Georgetown & Brooklyn Bethels! ( Insert happy dance here) I have always wanted to visit Bethel, and believe me I have tried numerous times to arrange it. Still, ...

Nanaimo, Nanaimo, Canada travel blog


A travel blog entry by kaos

See Where I am ...

Ferry to Vancouver Island, Duncan, Canada travel blog

Ferry to Vancouver Island

A travel blog entry by 29-ford-model-a


We boarded the MV COHO this morning to cross over to Vancouver Island.           Craigdarroch Castle built by Robert Dunsmuir a coal baron will be our first stop.  The home was completed in 1890 but Mr. Dunsmuir ...

Vancouver and Whistler, Vancouver, Canada travel blog

Vancouver and Whistler

A travel blog entry by rodandshannon


After a delightful train trip (would recommend it to anyone!) from Los Angeles to Vancouver, we arrived at Frank's place, where we spent about a week enjoying the wet BC winter. We were in a great location, right beside the water, looking over English ...

Grouse Mountain - Grizzly's and more!, Grouse Mountain, North Vancouver, Canada travel blog

Grouse Mountain - Grizzly's and more!

A travel blog entry by marcelo.heather


... ;grueling Grouse Grind up the side of the mountain.  I would recommend Grouse Mountain as a great day out for anyone visiting Vancouver. The cable car ride gives great views of the mountain ranges and the city. At the top of the mountain there are ...

The story so far...., Vancouver, Canada travel blog

The story so far....

A travel blog entry by brusa


Hello all, I made it!!!!! Not without significant drama though. After sitting my final exam on the morning that I flew out I was pretty tired by the time I hit the airport. It was seemingly all smooth sailing, every time someone requested to see my ...

Day 2 - Downtown Vancouver, Vancouver, Canada travel blog

Day 2 - Downtown Vancouver

A travel blog entry by thesullivans


... last night so a long night was had by all (except for Brett who slept like a baby)! Went for a stroll into Downtown Vancouver. Some clothes shopping at Gap. Beautiful sunny day.  Found a park to have a picnic lunch, however ...

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