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Vancouver Airport, Vancouver, Canada travel blog

Vancouver Airport

A travel blog entry by elana


So, i didn't get the best start to my travels. I arrived at the Vancouver Airport...everything ready and great! I have learned lesson #1. Never trust anybody! I was told that in order to claim my luggage for my tansfer to Hawaii that I had to clear U.S. ...

Victoria to Vancouver City, Vancouver, Canada travel blog

Victoria to Vancouver City

A travel blog entry by louiseandblake


... of Vancouver City. The boat ride was enjoyable with great weather and good views of all the islands between Vancouver Island and the mainland. Once we reached the mainland we caught another bus to the train station. This was about a 30 ...

A touch of home in Vancouver, Vancouver, Canada travel blog

A touch of home in Vancouver

A travel blog entry by mattersdorff


... one thing Sydney doesn't, a glorious park right in the centre of town. Unlike Hyde Park and more like Centennial Park, Vancouver's Stanley Park is a magnificent sanctuary, not only for the people of Vancouver but also a considerable variety of flora and ...

Decided so far...., Vancouver, Canada travel blog

Decided so far....

A travel blog entry by aszliross


... hand... But enough of the "admin" details... This is what is known so far... Our flights are booked-- we leave Vancouver Oct 7th at 9am, flying through Montreal and Frankfurt before landing in Cairo somewhere around noon the next day. In ...

Last weeks in Vancouver (Part 1), Vancouver, Canada travel blog

Last weeks in Vancouver (Part 1)

A travel blog entry by mianda


... decided to hang on one of my paintings in my room back home. Svitlana’s house was beautifully positioned on a street above Vancouver from where one could admire the charm of the city and the multitude of lights! Her house looked like a real ...

walking...walking...walking...hurt feet and tired, Vancouver, Canada travel blog

walking...walking...walking...hurt feet and tired

A travel blog entry by biancanada


... man auf der straße läuft, dann gibt es viele die sitzen. und zwar in hauseingängen und auf bürgersteigen - in vancouver gibt es wahnsinnig viele obdachlose, was auf eine frühere fehlpolitik zurückzuführen ist. das ist wohl das einzige manko der ...

Things I like/don't like about Canada -part 2, Vancouver, Canada travel blog

Things I like/don't like about Canada -part 2

A travel blog entry by mianda


... you!) Things that I don’t like: 1.       What happens after 9 months of rainfall in Vancouver? It's summer!!! 2.       truthfully, there's nothing I don't like that comes to my mind right ...

A visit to mumma bear and Frank!!, Victoria, Canada travel blog

A visit to mumma bear and Frank!!

A travel blog entry by amanda.gwillim


Headed off to the island got dropped off by Mark! Missed the ferryt 7am by a few minutes so had to wait two hours for the next one but that's okay because I didn't get much sleep the night before so I got to have a few hours of sleep before seeing mum! ...

Vancouver Day 2. More gorgeous weather!, Vancouver, Canada travel blog

Vancouver Day 2. More gorgeous weather!

A travel blog entry by tan13_ocanada


... all, I'd passed a challenging driving test last week, I'd earnt this treat! After this I walked over to Robson street, Vancouver's version of LAs Rodeo Drive, and found the first Starbucks that had opened in Canada. It stays open until midnight ...

Sail into Vancouver Transfer to Airport, Vancouver, Canada travel blog

Sail into Vancouver Transfer to Airport

A travel blog entry by murphy1171

Day 19  Sail into Vancouver  Transfer to Vancouver airport Flight to San ...

My new university and courses, Vancouver, Canada travel blog

My new university and courses

A travel blog entry by vaidoshia


... and have loads of fun while trying to manage both studying and enjoying being young. I am happy to spend my exchange semester in Vancouver. Will it be wild? A bit uncomfortable and strange at the beginning? Fun or full of hard work? It is going to be ...

Sidney (the Canadian town), Sidney, Canada travel blog

Sidney (the Canadian town)

A travel blog entry by marcelo.heather


... ferry over to Vancouver Island. One of the most scenic ferry routes you can imagine.  We took the skytrain from Vancouver to Bridgeport and then the city bus to Tsawwassen Ferry terminal. We bought walk on passenger tickets which wasn't expensive. ...

Dark side of the desk, Vancouver, Canada travel blog

Dark side of the desk

A travel blog entry by clintos

... but I made the effort.  After, the lady introduced me to her husband, and I was invited to take a drive with them around Vancouver for some site seeing.  I was bored and agreed to the tour. After some driving, they asked if I would like to ...

Fish and game club, Courtenay, Canada travel blog

Fish and game club

A travel blog entry by james-hamid


hi, so this entry is about the video below so watch that. the first thing that i'm doing is shooting a sniper at a skeet if you don't know what a skeet is it's orange about the size of your hand and has a black rim it's really hard to hit them because ...

Goodbye Vancouver!, Vancouver, Canada travel blog

Goodbye Vancouver!

A travel blog entry by amyleigh

Amanda and Laurin see me off... I didn`t cry.  Okay, well not until I was on the ...

Vancouver Lookout, Vancouver, Canada travel blog

Vancouver Lookout

A travel blog entry by amyfisher


... is mostly outdoors, much to our excitement, and Mum’s alarm.  The view from the observatory showcased the best parts of Vancouver.  The mountains were clearly visible, as well as the busy harbour, and the main city. We had lunch back in ...

Let the Adventure Begin....., Comox, Canada travel blog

Let the Adventure Begin.....

A travel blog entry by jacquieanddave

After saying goodbye to Dave's folks, we boarded our plane in Comox. After a very brief stop in Vancouver we were flying north over the Arctic Circle heading for Amsterdam. We only had to wait a little while before we were again, airborn and before we ...

Still In a Holding Pattern, Vancouver, Canada travel blog

Still In a Holding Pattern

A travel blog entry by paulandmel

Believe it or not, we are still without a computer or Internet access at home! Our move went smoothly and everything was steamrolling along and then ... kaput. We've been waiting for our new desk (so that we can set up our computer) for over a month ...

Canada, Vancouver, Canada travel blog


A travel blog entry by ppatterson13


... returning to a place that remains unchanged to find the ways in which you yourself have altered." - Nelson Mandela Landing in Vancouver was beautiful. The mountains, the city landscape, the ocean, the trees. Homecoming was sweet for me. Dad picked ...

Back in the Northland, Vancouver, Canada travel blog

Back in the Northland

A travel blog entry by angelaincanada

... back to Canada, I was so happy to be back in the country. Timmies! Scotiabank! Colourful Money! What more can you want, really? Vancouver is very beautiful, a lot more beautiful than Toronto. I can see why people always ask me why I don't go and live out ...

Vancouver International Airport, Vancouver, Canada travel blog

Vancouver International Airport

A travel blog entry by elias_jen_japan


Konichiwa! It didn't take much to repack our bags for Japan.. lose a few pairs of pants, add a few pairs of shorts and call it good.   Add more than a handful of hours for hotel and flight accommodation and we're off.  Honestly, Jen took ...

Vancouver brennt! - Beautiful British Columbia?, Vancouver, Canada travel blog

Vancouver brennt! - Beautiful British Columbia?

A travel blog entry by biancanada


... 200 Verletzte Das ist das Ergebnis der Hockey Niederlage Vancouvers im 7ten und entscheidenden Spiel des Stanley Cups. Vancouver im Ausnahmezustand - jeglicher öffentlicher Transport wurde abgebrochen. Polizei in dicken Schutzanzügen überall. Menschen ...

Granville Island, Vancouver, Canada travel blog

Granville Island

A travel blog entry by louiseandblake


We headed for a walk in the morning to have a look around Vancouver city. We first walked through the Yaletown area to the sports arenas. First we came acroos the BC centre which was quite impressive. This stadium is home to their soccer and football ...

Ava in Vancouver, Vancouver, Canada travel blog

Ava in Vancouver

A travel blog entry by pauloandab


Here are pics of my little niece Ava (9 months old) when she visted us recently in ...

Family vacation!, Port Renfrew, Vancouver Island, Canada travel blog

Family vacation!

A travel blog entry by csimpson


Vancouver Island is big - really big. From the southern port city of Victoria, we drive a bumpy, pot-hole-filled road for 2 hours north through dense conifer forest to Port Renfrew, a teeny-tiny end-of-the-road town where Vancouverites go to get away from ...

We was evicted!!!, Vancouver, Canada travel blog

We was evicted!!!

A travel blog entry by pandcjs_travels


... who was born in the same hospital I was... She felt the same about Irish drivers as I do about Toronto drivers.. Arrived Vancouver... Usual thing... sit and watch everybody elses luggage going round on the carousel... Taxi to hotel.. well nearly... got ...

Smuggler's Cove to Lesqueti Is., False Bay, Canada travel blog

Smuggler's Cove to Lesqueti Is.

A travel blog entry by erickandrachel


In the morning we took a walk in the marine park at Smuggler's Cove. There were some beautiful spots with great views. We then stopped by Secrete Cove to grab some basics and a few new fishing lures. (I'm becoming obsessed with fishing lures.) After a ...

Victoria, Vancouver Island, Victoria, Canada travel blog

Victoria, Vancouver Island

A travel blog entry by mtrm


... 269;eský překlad dole EN: Once we reached US westcoast we took a ferry from the port Anacortes to Vancouver Island, back to Canada. We arrived to Victoria, the biggest city in Vancouver Island and also the capital of British Columbia, in the ...

On my way home!, Vancouver, Canada travel blog

On my way home!

A travel blog entry by rjharper78


... nice beds that night, especially after taking a walk around part of Stanley Park in the fresh air!!! Our first day in Vancouver I went for a bracing walk along the seafront down to a tiny pier where tiny boats come and shuttle you across the bay to ...

Food glorious food., Victoria, Canada travel blog

Food glorious food.

A travel blog entry by burnsn


... having lots of coast line, artisan shops and some sun too! I said goodbye to my friend and boarded the ferry for Vancouver. I was a little concerned however when my phone beeped telling me ' welcome to America'! Was I on the wrong ferry? Victoria is so ...

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