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I Should Be So Lucky, Vancouver, Canada travel blog

I Should Be So Lucky

A travel blog entry by philippajane86


... structures to keep me in one piece was the aim of the day on a camp excursion to Playland, an amusement park in Vancouver.  As I was back with senior campers by then the counsellors were free to enjoy the rides once the campers were safely inside, ...

Gastown and Quarter Finals UEFA Champions League, Vancouver, Canada travel blog

Gastown and Quarter Finals UEFA Champions League

A travel blog entry by ihf


... temprano de casa con destino al centro, acompañe a marcela a su trabajo en Gastown, la galería de arte de Vancouver fue fantastica en realidad, esqueletos de ballenas hechos con sillas de plastico de jardín, mascaras tribales de las "First Nations" ...

crunch time, Vancouver, Canada travel blog

crunch time

A travel blog entry by belize2008

well here we are, just two days left before we take off on the trip of a lifetime! after a year of exhasting planning, monthly and weekly meetings, and time-consuming fundraisers - we did it! Thanks to God, we raised above and beyond our goal, so we ...

Vancouver, Vancouver, Canada travel blog


A travel blog entry by vanessalekic


... Das "pure Leben" so würde ich es in zwei Worten ausdrücken. Bin mit dem Greyhoundbus 20 h von Edmonton nach Vancouver gefahren.. Eine Erfahrung wert, muss ich jedoch nicht umbedingt sobald wieder haben.. Hab nun zwei Tage im Hostel gepennt und erkunde ...

Back to the cities!!!!, Vancouver, Canada travel blog

Back to the cities!!!!

A travel blog entry by neilandamy

This is a top pick!

... to go to sleep to the annoying tones of guitar was that ir stay awake all night. First impressions of Vancouver....??? Not impressed yet! The next day we just had to go exploring to try and change my opinion of ...

Okay i've just thought of a few things that ..., Victoria, Canada travel blog

Okay i've just thought of a few things that ...

A travel blog entry by no_one119

... a properous society, with so many people who earn more money than they can spend, let alone need, these people have to suffer on the streets. Just a thought for you. I'm planning in staying in Victoria a couple more days before moving to Vancouver. ...

Day 143: Laughing Men and Digital Orcas, Vancouver, Canada travel blog

Day 143: Laughing Men and Digital Orcas

A travel blog entry by johnnyandamber


... -stop. I didn't want to feel completely worthless, so my parents and I did go out a little to see some more of downtown Vancouver. Amber's maybe getting a cold, so she stayed behind and rested some more. I did a quick search of what I wanted to see and a ...

Vancouver/Whistler - Gold for Canada!, Vancouver, Canada travel blog

Vancouver/Whistler - Gold for Canada!

A travel blog entry by tumbleweeds


... ), but Melissa didn't blink at these questions and we passed on through to the warm and luscious green land of Canada. That was what hit us as we passed Vancouver on our way up to Richmond: just how green and beautiful it all was this side of the ...

1 DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, Vancouver, Canada travel blog

1 DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A travel blog entry by shadylane91

I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I'm down to one day before we leave and am excited as ...

The lap of luxury at last!, Vancouver, Canada travel blog

The lap of luxury at last!

A travel blog entry by tan13_ocanada


... full day, and I walked right across town to the False Creek Ferry. Heading across to one of my favourite spots in Vancouver, Granville Island Markets. It actually had stopped raining for a change, and I loved exploring the markets just as much as the ...

Vancouver (The short visit), Vancouver, Canada travel blog

Vancouver (The short visit)

A travel blog entry by johnterry_oz


Vancouver (Round 1) 1st July to 3rd July For reasons too long to explain we flew from San Francisco to Vancouver for a few days before heading back to the USA and Phoenix. Gary and Jeff our good mates from New Westminster, (for those in the know thats ...

Tonasket here we come, Vancouver, Canada travel blog

Tonasket here we come

A travel blog entry by neenie60


Met up with Anita, Will and Margaret for breakie, said our goodbyes was a little sad, as we had spent 16 days with them. We were to disembark at 7.30 so we headed to the Rendezvous Lounge at about 7.20am and there was already a lineup of ...

Vancouver to Banff, Vancouver, Canada travel blog

Vancouver to Banff

A travel blog entry by chalmersfamily


Monday 5th May 2008 Alison: After an exhausting plane journey it was nice to arrive in Vancouver and discover our room was immediately available. We had intentions of getting out and about but were just too exhausted to do anything much. I managed to ...

Blinder Passagier mit Fahrkarte, Horseshoe Bay, Canada travel blog

Blinder Passagier mit Fahrkarte

A travel blog entry by toroamarillo


Da das Wetter ganz gut war, gab es die Entscheidung noch nach Vancouver Island zu fahren. Fahren geht ja eigentlich nicht, also die Fähre zu nehmen. Die sollte $ 45 plus nochmal 12 $ pro Nase kosten. Also haben wir uns überlegt, wie man da sparen kann. ...

First days in Vancouver, Vancouver, Canada travel blog

First days in Vancouver

A travel blog entry by mianda


... just some of the first things I got to experience in such a short time. Looking forward to getting to know more about Vancouver! Right now I’m gonna start reading a bit about what else this lively city offers! “We all become great explorers ...

Encounter with seals, Nanaimo, Canada travel blog

Encounter with seals

A travel blog entry by travelingdiva


... trip? Dad picked us up on the other side. He is the unofficial taxi driver on our tour. We are running out of time, our trip is coming to its end. We had an amazing trip on Vancouver Island and will certainly make the most of our last two days in ...

Day 19 Cruise Vancouver, Vancouver , Canada travel blog

Day 19 Cruise Vancouver

A travel blog entry by jas20j

Disembarked ms Zuiderdam early this morning and headed to Vancouver Airport for our flight to Toronto. This has been our first overcast day on land .Flight leaves at 1:30 pm and with the 3 hour time difference we arrive into Toronto tonight at 9 ...

Grouse Mountain here I come - Bears Bears woohoo, Vancouver, Canada travel blog

Grouse Mountain here I come - Bears Bears woohoo

A travel blog entry by neenie60


Heading out on tour with Will, Margaret, Anita and a few others from our bus group to Grouse Mountain and the Capilano Suspension Bridge, those who know me well know I am scared shitless of heights so this is a big day for me. I am definitely going up ...

Vancouver Day 2, Vancouver, Canada travel blog

Vancouver Day 2

A travel blog entry by whernside

... Mountain, Vancouver's Peak and visit the Capilano Suspension Bridge. We got these tickets and a day transit pass, which covered most Vancouver transport.We headed for the Sea bus terminal on Water Street, bout 15 minutes wait before we got on, bout 10-15 ...

Hanging out on Lesqueit Is., False Bay, Canada travel blog

Hanging out on Lesqueit Is.

A travel blog entry by erickandrachel


We decided to slow down our pace and just hang out at Lesqueit Island for the day. We went ashore about noon and checked out the Saturday market. It was a hodge-podge of random booths. Some folks selling fresh veggies from their farm and other random ...

Vancouver is neat, they ought to host the Olympics, Vancouver, Canada travel blog

Vancouver is neat, they ought to host the Olympics

A travel blog entry by captnoindustry


... !  I have bored Sandy stiff praising this device, I love it!  It saved my marriage 11 times, and that's just today! Vancouver was wonderful.  Tomorrow we leave for a 1-hour wait at the border, then a short-distance day so we can visit ...

Its Raining (gay) Men, Vancouver, Canada travel blog

Its Raining (gay) Men

A travel blog entry by lucycain


August 1st 2010 Priiiiiiiiiide! Haha oh my goodness we need a pride parade on the Isle of Man! Can you imagine? No probably not, the poor paraders would probably freeze their nips off in the rain! As you might be able to guess from the opening paragraph, ...

Home sweet home, Vancouver, Canada travel blog

Home sweet home

A travel blog entry by iainabroad


Back in Vancouver after three months abroad.  Not really sure how to settle back into my life here, but I'm sure I'll find a way.  Time to start planning my next trip I ...

Two wheels and two wings, Vancouver, Canada travel blog

Two wheels and two wings

A travel blog entry by paulleck1975


As promised in my last entry we headed straight oot in to the Vancouver sunshine to make the most of it. The hostel had a deal with a bike rental place near Stanley park so we got ourselves some cheap wheels for a few hours and did some riding. There's ...

It's December in our town!, Vancouver, Canada travel blog

It's December in our town!

A travel blog entry by mianda


... actions allowed me to work a bit longer for the projects and presentations that I had to make. I’d say that here in Canada the educational requirements are much more higher than in Denmark so I ended up finishing projects of 100, 77, 27 pages in a ...

How the Term

How the Term "Hooker" Came About

A travel blog entry by lobo


... street is a sparkling example of what free enterprise can achieve, but we have never been to Shanghai. From our next Vancouver destination, we took the Millennium Line of the Sky Train, east from the Burrard Street station to the E. Broadway Station. ...

Vancouver und Victoria, Tofino, Canada travel blog

Vancouver und Victoria

A travel blog entry by pmarnitz


... abweichenden Meinung verkünde ich daher hiermit: auch für mich überraschend ist meine kanadische Lieblingsstadt nicht Vancouver, sondern Montreal! Eine Meinung, die mittlerweile ja auf einer recht breiten Erkenntnisgrundlage beruht - besuchte ich doch ...

Hurry up...and wait, Vancouver, Canada travel blog

Hurry up...and wait

A travel blog entry by 2bestfriends


... to some isn't much, but when you've never been on a trip as big as seemed like forever! Our flight to Vancouver, Canada was easy-peasy, and we've just been spending time eating and wandering the international terminal. We are LOVING the free ...

A Day is 24 Hours, Vancouver, Canada travel blog

A Day is 24 Hours

A travel blog entry by v1213


... trains that are over 1km long! It took us about an hour to get the short distance from the Canadian border into Vancouver's Pacific Central Station, where the driver even had to manually set the points to bring our train into the fenced platform for ...

Not a single cloud in the sky- Winter in Vancouver, Vancouver, Canada travel blog

Not a single cloud in the sky- Winter in Vancouver

A travel blog entry by biancanada


... Verschneiten Berge mit den Beleuchteten Skigebieten an den Northshore Mountains. Nicht gerade wie ich es mir im Winter hier in Vancouver vorgestellt hatte, und auch nicht wie es normalerweise sein sollte - kalt, grau und verregnet. Nein viel besser. Ich ...

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