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Pantanal and Chapada Birding Tour, Cuiaba, Brazil travel blog

Pantanal and Chapada Birding Tour

A travel blog entry by randmfernandes


What an amazing place. The Pantanal is similar to the Okavango of Southern Africa. It is a lowland in Brazil located south of the Brazilian Amazon forest. It is almost entirely flat and floods completely in the wet season. There are isolated spots which ...

São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil travel blog

São Paulo

A travel blog entry by woodgeandfidge

Only here for 1 night for a connection onto Iguazu falls This is Brazil's largest city. We had a morning stroll to Ibirapuera park which is in the city centre and watched a bit of the marathon that was taking place. We have loved Brazil and now very ...

Falling for Iguazu, Foz de Iguacu, Brazil travel blog

Falling for Iguazu

A travel blog entry by andrewjerome


... Ted and I crossed from Russia to Mongolia, the crossing took six hours. This one took six minutes. Before you knew it, we were in Brazil! Rack up country number 53 for me and 49 for Ted. We arrived in the town of Cataratas and dismounted the bus, and were ...

Rio - siste stopp, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil travel blog

Rio - siste stopp

A travel blog entry by inghel


Da har vi kommet til Rio de Janeiro, turens siste stopp... Vaar status for oyeblikket er.... Antall reisedager: 114 Antall netter paa hotell: 4 Antall timer paa buss/tog/fly: Maaaange Antall nye bekjentskaper: Har ikke telling... ...

Christ the Redeemer, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil travel blog

Christ the Redeemer

A travel blog entry by lpringle


... in our mini dorm so all our hostel mares seemed to sort themselves out! We got up and headed out for our first day in Brazil and Lou and Kath's first day of their trip! We followed a Lonely Planet recommended route for a walking tour of the city and got ...

Copacabana and Favela Party, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil travel blog

Copacabana and Favela Party

A travel blog entry by lpringle


Today we went to Copacabana beach for the day. We started off sunbathing on Ipanama beach and then wandered along to Copacabana when the sun went in a bit. The beach is huge and really long, with a whole lane closed on the weekend for rollerblading and ...

Pipa, Natal, Brazil travel blog


A travel blog entry by kias


After almost missing the bus in Recife, and paying waaaaaay to much for a cab ride(stupid tourists...) we made it to Praia da Pipa, a "global village" about 3 hours north of Olinda/Recife. At this point I am getting rather sick of being jostled with ...

Natural Wonder? Oh yeah., Foz de Iguacu, Brazil travel blog

Natural Wonder? Oh yeah.

A travel blog entry by meganfisher


... Argentina. My sick day made me rearrange my itinerary, so I went to Buenos Aires on a night bus (20 hours) and missed Florianopolis, Brazil. Another time perhaps, but it wasn't meant to be on this trip. I hope my pictures did justice to the falls. If ...

Serra dos Tucano's, Cachoeiras de Macacu, Brazil travel blog

Serra dos Tucano's

A travel blog entry by randmfernandes


... quick birding trip in the Atlantic Rainforest. A quick scan of our budget and considering the fact that we may not be back in Brazil super soon made the decision to rather go birding quite easy. This lodge was recommended by fellow birders who were in the ...

Brazil, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil travel blog


A travel blog entry by filly


... once we got wet from swimming. We changed our travel plans a few times since we arrived (due to time and the cost of Brazil) we are now heading south rather than north in Brazil. We took a 18 hr bus ride frim Rio to Florianopolis (a big enough ...

The Mighty Falls, Foz de Iguacu, Brazil travel blog

The Mighty Falls

A travel blog entry by conoromahony


... 16 hour, overnight bus journey from Sao Paulo. Not the best bus I've ever been on. Foz do Iguazu is a small city in Brazil, situated where the borders of Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay meet. The reason why so many tourists flock to this spot is that ...

The crystal clear waters of Bonito, Bonito, Brazil travel blog

The crystal clear waters of Bonito

A travel blog entry by clarasudamerica


I arrived in Bonito late Wednesday night and checked into the HI hostel, which I highly recommend.  I had two days to enjoy the myriad activities that Bonito had to offer. Unfortunately, they were all quite expensive - the government fixes all prices ...

Luxury..........., Praia do Forte, Brazil travel blog


A travel blog entry by claireandross


... - Thursday 5th November Treated ourselves to 5 nights in a luxury ecoresort (with spa!) in Praia do Forte, Bahia, Brazil.    (Claire has been promised this since trekking in the andes, mountain biking in Bolivia and surviving the ...

Goodbye from Rio, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil travel blog

Goodbye from Rio

A travel blog entry by claireandross


Friday 9th November - Sunday 11th November Flew back to Rio for our final weekend.  Need to cram in the beach, a visit to sugar loaf mountain, a spot of shopping and a coctail in the Copacabana Palace! This is therefore the final blog! Thank ...

Paraniguara with Gildomar and Mirian, Paranaiguara, Brazil travel blog

Paraniguara with Gildomar and Mirian

A travel blog entry by marcelo.heather


Gildomar is Marcelo's two half sisters cousin, but he is in truth Marcelo's cousin too. He moved to London shortly after Marcelo and married his sweetheart Mirian there. They worked very hard with a goal in mind to open a shop and build a house, which ...

Settling in, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil travel blog

Settling in

A travel blog entry by htwist


Settling in. The differences and the changes they make. It surprised me at first to find how much I was seeking a sense of familiarity in a place so completely disconnected from my sense of what is normal. I started to second guess myself, thinking that ...'s a Brazilian version of Panama City, FL, Porto Seguro, Brazil travel blog's a Brazilian version of Panama City, FL

A travel blog entry by big_red_truck


This was where we stayed at night.  We were in the Shalimar Praia hotel, which is affiliated with Best Western.  It was a clean hotel, was close to the city, and my room had an excellent view of the ocean.  This town is by far the best ...

Back to Porto Seguro, Porto Seguro, Brazil travel blog

Back to Porto Seguro

A travel blog entry by big_red_truck

11 ...

Trip Schedule and Invitation, South America, Brazil travel blog

Trip Schedule and Invitation

A travel blog entry by jen_and_andre

... 10 to December 8: Argentina Some of these Chile/Argentina weeks may overlap, because we hope to spend some time (maybe a couple of weeks) in Patagonia which is in both. Deceember 8 to December 13: Brazil again - Foz do Iquaçu and São Paulo ...

Christmas in São Paulo, Sao Paulo, Brazil travel blog

Christmas in São Paulo

A travel blog entry by 12_months_off


That São Paulo is the largest city in the southern hemisphere becomes clear when you arrive to the city and don't see anything but skyscrapers for more than an hour before reaching the centre. São Paulo appeared very modern to me, but ...

Bonito, Bonito, Brazil travel blog


A travel blog entry by mattandlou


We arrived in Bonito after a long, hot and uncomfortable journey. We're now getting out of the cities and into the more rural areas complete with very rough and bumpy roads. The scenery was beautiful though with lots of cattle farms - we even saw some ...

Aracaju, Aracaju, Brazil travel blog


A travel blog entry by missoesurbanas


Chequei em Aracaju e fui recebido pela Dona Sérvula. Uma pessoa fantástica e muito engraçada. Ela me mostrou sua cidade e falou da importancia de vivermos em busca da qualidade de vida. ...

Yesterday, Ilha Grande, Brazil travel blog


A travel blog entry by lizsgear


... to the hostel and coming across stray puppies, hopping over streams, wading through river and climbing over obstacles. I really hope Brazil doesn´t become too much of a tourist destination oneday. It has the mystery factor to it right now. To those who ...

Full moon Iguazu Falls experience!, Foz do Iguaçu, Brazil travel blog

Full moon Iguazu Falls experience!

A travel blog entry by momentsintime


Day 8 (night) Temperature:  25 degrees Weather:  Hot and humid ================== Brazil Tour:  Day 4 - Iguazu Falls Having booked from the Das Cataratas hotel's reception desk the 9:30pm "Full Moon Iguazu Falls Walking Experience Tour", ...

Just make the biting stop....please, Pantanal, Brazil travel blog

Just make the biting stop....please

A travel blog entry by davidandem

After the first of our truly long bus journeys (14 hours), we arrived in Campo Grande and booked ourselves onto a 4 day tour of the Pantanal wetlands. When we arrived at our lodge, we were immediately greeted by a large group of ...

Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil travel blog

Rio de Janeiro

A travel blog entry by robrucky



Salvador, Salvador, Brazil travel blog


A travel blog entry by pinkasey


there´s nothing interesting here to see. i even went to a church where the book says that the african artists who built it made the baby-angel´s penises extreamly large - to spit the Spanish - and guess what? they took the babies´ penises off! now ...

Beautiful, beautiful Iguassu, Iguassu, Brazil travel blog

Beautiful, beautiful Iguassu

A travel blog entry by juner

After the events of yesterday we were so pleased that Iguassu did not fail to impress. The falls are absolutely stunning. What more can I say?? Shame we couldn´t linger but we had to go to the airport in the afternoon for our FLIGHTS to Rio - yes, ...

Quick update from the beach, Parati, Brazil travel blog

Quick update from the beach

A travel blog entry by emmaanddave


This is just a quick entry, just wanted to say thanks for the many, many concerned emails - I think we´ve got more in the last few days than we did after we got engaged but that just goes to show how much everyone loves a good disaster story! If we ...

Beach bums, Christ and ladies of the night, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil travel blog

Beach bums, Christ and ladies of the night

A travel blog entry by samandpriya


Monday was glorious weather; tropical heat, clear blue skies and 30C. Sam and I checked out of our hotel and moved to a hostel (The mango tree) just around the corner and 1 block from Ipanema beach. It's a pretty charming hostel, only opened a few ...

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